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  1. President Donald J. Trump

    There’s stuff to read about narcissists. Most of us have such tendencies- some aspects are ok- it is when it harms others that you/we:I need to reflect. Apparently.
  2. Divagar is the Portuguese word for “ ramble “, Red! It gets a bit difficult in the subjunctive but life is too short!💋  Unpaid help but happy to do so!🙏🏻   Si eu tivesse divagado- if I had rambled. But I might be wrong- 40 years ago... But that was long ago.. I no longer ramble!😂
  3. Corona, vodkaPT.. things are a bit unusual at the moment... Your link is from April 2019... But maybe vodka is a cure! Dunno, I am not the President or Prime Minister of any particular country😂!
  4. President Donald J. Trump

    I didn’t read the quote! I just liked your sentence at the end! Less is more😂!
  5. Hm, nursing homes/ old people’s homes are not exactly the flavour of the month because of corona and its impact on the elderly/ infirm right now but I read today about a court ruling:   The Oberlandsgericht Celle has ruled that even savings by a grandmother ( in a Sparbuch thingy ) for her grandchild can be grabbed back to help cover the costs of the old people’s home. In this case, the grandmother had paid in 25 euros a month for her grandchild’s future but then she became infirm and had to move to an old folks’ home. Her personal savings/ pension didn’t cover the costs of the home so the authorities wanted the money she had paid into her grandchild’s savings plan.   The ruling? The savings plan was not compulsory so not covered by  Verarmung des Schenkens ( Paragraf 528 BGB ) .. so that savings plan money is grabbable. 🙁 Sad.    
  6. Good point, engelchen! Just wondering whether corona might also be a point- risk of getting infected etc in another country.
  7. Police brutality in the USA

    There already is hell on the streets. Brutality by those paid and sworn to uphold the law is worldwide. I don’t want to be accused of distracting from this particular case but it is a fact ie - enormous numbers of people killed by the police and other legally armed groups every year. Jeez, Brazil, man, as an example. But the difference is- the US is “ high profile” and prides itself on being the “ Land of the Free.” And stuff like that...
  8. Police brutality in the USA

    If they were calm, that is also worrying in my opinion. It would appear they were indifferent to the man’s plight - ie unable to breathe. Murder is murder whether personal or not and killing someone is sometimes justifiable but only  if in extreme distress/ self-defence. Example- someone is trying to kill you and you defend yourself and, to be frank, someone in a dangerous partnership who is frequently being viciously abused may just snap. That happens and I can understand that.
  9. Police brutality in the USA

    I agree, fraufruit. And let the legal system with all due procedures decide what next. I am not saying the legal system is necessarily wonderful, either , but if no immediate danger to police lives is apparent- no need or justification to “ help “ someone die.
  10. Police brutality in the USA

    I can’t stomach watching it, balticus. Four policemen against one on the ground and the man on the ground says he can’t breathe.That sounds just callous and cold- blooded to me re the cops’ behaviour. Three of the cops were just there and the “ main culprit “ was just ignoring the guy’s plight.   Did you see rage or anger on the video? What did you see?   Basically, and all due fairness , were the cops in danger?  
  11. Police brutality in the USA

    More on the Mr Arbery killing.. just read this.
  12. Police brutality in the USA

    But wasn´t he handcuffed anyway and on his back? The policemen are not the judge and jury. All due precautions - yes. But no need to kill someone for an unrelated incident.
  13. Police brutality in the USA

    No excuses for that in my book, Keleth. Those cops involved can only be described as callous psychopaths who shouldn’t be in law enforcement.
  14. Police brutality in the USA

    Gambian diplomat’s son shot dead in the US:
  15. President Donald J. Trump

    Most Trump haters know precious little about politics? Dunno. Most Trump lovers? Dunno, either. What I DO know is power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. A bloke with a long beard and with a Sir title said that about a hundred years ago. Whether a Pinochet or a Stalin or a Hitler or a Stroessner or your next door neighbour with a grudge- watch out.