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  1. I know desu ka ( isn‘t it/ am I not or whatever) but no idea what ogenki is!   oh, and anzu is correct about the Indonesian! As a foreigner walking the streets, I was asked many times daily!
  2. " planning on shooting my husband and will the insurance pay out on his life insurance? " That sort of thing!
  3. Thanks, dj! I´m in insurance and I go through insurance scenarios with existing or potential clients
  4. Jeremy! I just want to know if Skype is unsafe and if Hangout is safer! I don´t want to install anything else unnecessarily!
  5. He´s ok,jeremy! Young, IT expert sort  of guy! But ME? Total fail!!!
  6. I skype a lot with clients and potential clients. The other week, a new client didn´t want to Skype but preferred " Hangout ", saying it was safer.. Ok, we did it (took me a while to understand it but that´s me! )..   Erm, any opinions on this for a lay person from someone in the know?
  7. Who‘s „ your ilk?“🙂
  8. ..and here´s one I heard several times a day for 18 months!   kemana kamu pergi
  9. Liesje lured Lotje´s open lungs into his long rhythm stick?
  10. You got it, 2b! Personal: it was my first full sentence in Spanish! I had no money in Mexico in 1973 and someone said his nephew was  a volunteer in a fire station ( which meant free kipping for the nephew ) so I went along and it worked.It worked by word of mouth from town to even worked a long time later in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia! A whole continent... Many in the street said " ah, hotel, senor " " no, estación de bomberos ", Free kipping! I was a gringo without money ...not the gringo with dollars...   Those were the days , my friend.. Ok, who else with wonderful, strange languages?
  11. Wrong...but that´s why I posted " bomberos "!
  12. Oxi, fraufruit ( Greek for " no " without google! )
  13. Chiropractors and German insurance companies

    14 years later