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  1. Here´s a Glaswegian applicant:
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    We got to the beach this morning just as two characters arrived in a pick up with two dogs in the back. When they saw us, they turned around and drove off. Yep, an hour later, one of the dogs appeared and wandered around the remnants of food from a wedding party last night- abandoned😡
  3. 3rd party liability once again - Yes, you need it

    Just spotted this and bravo! I probably spotted it back then, too! But I cannot repeat enough how important this is. AND: people: please don´t think it´s only for tenants with possible hassle with a landlady/landlord. This is worldwide hassle. 24 hours a day and out in the streets, in the supermarkets, on the S-Bahn.  I couldn´t have put it better than Starshollow. Different in Greece: run away, close the wasn´t me. Personal experience and bags of it after more than 4 years here.
  4. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    Just invented: I am the menu card since 15 just screams German...
  5. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    " Menu card " is another false friend. It has been about 15 years since I last visited Airbus in Bremen and their canteen! There it was big and screamable on the wall!
  6. Wedding Rings

    How NOT to present a wedding ring...
  7. ..and the first is this lady:
  8. What made you smile today?

    Funnily enough, hooperski, I have difficulties with all Panagiotis! Young taverna owner with that name in the village forgot my order completely last week! Nicole got her food, our visitor, too. Me? Nada! I went inside to enquire ...young Panagiotis shouted at his cook , slapped his breast and said " free beers, John "!   By the way, the name means " all Holy " ! ( So is my din din!! )
  9. What made you smile today?

    Our taverna guy down at the beach, Panagiotis, is around 70 and very forgetful. He forgets every order, comes back a minute later.." did you want a tonic or gin? " etc. Tonight: a local wedding with about 50 seats outside, musicians rehearsing their songs and it´s nice and mild. My is he going to remember what people want? He´s got some dopey help--his wife prefers sitting down and smoking instead of cooking and he will be massively overburdened. A couple of young people are helping out but they don´t look very prepared--- We buggered off an hour or so ago--he will be up till about 3 or 4 in the morning. We´re back there tomorrow morning...the nicest time to go for a will be interesting to see the state of the place and whether Panagiotis will remember we want orange juice WITH ice! He forgets every time but we love the poor guy!
  10. It depends on the friend. Some you win, some you lose. I´ve experienced both. 
  11. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Bit tired, hoops. Might adopt you  ( if you are well.behaved ) but need to see your report cards´from school- doesn´t look good
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Feeling unwell already, hoops!
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Just back from a birthday party! Great oldie music and dancing! The woman in black danced happily. Hm, she became a widow last, she got the house? Hm...
  14. Worst jokes ever

    A woman walks into a bar and asks for a double entendre. So the barman gave her one.   ouch...🙏🏻
  15. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    True, dear rob...I reckon I´m gonna cave in in a few minutes. There´s a wake going on just outside for a dead neighbour..all very morbid.  I have paid my respects and don´t want to join the dead just yet...the living dead is ok...tired..night night!.