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  1. Coronavirus   Trump considering quarantine for New York.   By the way, as I’m not American - can any American on here advise me which powers a State has re the powers of an American President in a “ state of emergency.” To what extent can any of the 50 States invoke a “ state of emergency?” Or reject a President’s orders?
  2. Corona

    Still paying German tax - even after last night!😂
  3. Corona

    This thread is rather quiet..I wonder why?
  4. Hi Rob! You are a kind soul🙏🏻 I personally would thank them and say it is not necessary and we are all in this together.  And Gott schuetze Dich or something like that. I don’t think they would be offended! Or say “ when this is all over, let’s go to the cinema together!” 💋
  5. Corona

    Legal insurers are currently all busy setting up hotlines re this issue of corona and eg Kurzarbeit, getting laid off, implications/ rights/ pitfalls of working from home etc.    Private health insurers doing the same eg the possibility of delaying premiums for a while etc.if you are going to be financially stressed. If you are affected, contact your broker if you have one or your agent or your insurance company directly.   Oh, and check with your tax accountant re help concerning tax pre- payment reductions and emergency financial help for self-employed.   Tough times ...but you may get the help you need.
  6. They should do that thugs in the UK who slash ambulance tyres etc.
  7. Giving TT’s very own knitting specialist, BethAnn , the credit for inspiring this: 😆  
  8. I shouldn’t be reading anything now! Fraufruit scolded me a few minutes ago ( bless her soul😂) somewhere else but I am happy about this! Yeah, we are tin openers and lose cats and get some more and . yeah , they are a pain in the neck sometimes and will they please stop bringing us rats as a thank you ( RATS .. not mice😷😟) and , yeah, one of ours. Adi, died painfully the other week ( poison laid by some arsehole ) and I understand how relieved you are, arunadasi.   Sleep tight now!
  9. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Off to the doc in the morning. Can he finish the lasering or is the blood vessel still misbehaving? I think the latter😟   Eyesight ok for the SmartPhone but tough on the regular computer screen.. I will be equipped with my Emergency Movement Document with details of why I/we will be in town. There is an English version but I have to fill in and carry the Greek version plus passport.   Word has it the police have been imposing the first on-the-spot fines for non-compliance. Fair enough , as far as I’m concerned. Greeks don’t like following rules but this one , as far as I can tell from chatting to people, they understand. 😂   Apart from their own health issues, of course, the sooner this terrible situation is   resolved, the sooner the tourist season can begin ( hopefully ). This is devastating for them. ( I know - not only for them here but here is where we are and are feeling the pulse...)     Edit-   Just got this from my partner Nicole. Young German University Professor dies of corona infection at the hospital in Heraklion.
  10. Orange juice😀
  11. Coronavirus

    No idea about the press conference - not watched  - but how do you know the two medical experts are also buffoons? I am not a doctor and you are not, either? Polite British query! 😂
  12. Funnily enough, arunadasi, I had a Skype call today, 9 am German time, with a new client and I did all the right things- brushed a couple of teeth, combed my unwashed hair etc. The client was lovely and told me he was not an early riser. I could see only his face. It was a great, friendly chat. Only when I tried to finish the call- and struggling to find the stop button - did I realise HE was still in bed and naked torso- wise. Dunno about the rest! 😂
  13. Odd news

    My apologies for putting this in “ odd news”. Don’t know where it belongs.. but this remarkable lady’s story:  
  14. You have just given away my professional secret of Skype chats with clients, Tap! Professional above, naked below!😂   Damn!😟  
  15. Why are you happy today?

    ---moments before Mandy agreed to sign a petition " Fick Dich corona."