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  1. health

    Mea culpa!🙏🏻 ( talking about health- time to spank the dog -,trying to steal the cat food in the dog  kennel in the patio.. I know.. I know.. but there’s a reason it’s in the kennel.. it has been raining...)
  2. health

    Just remembered an old English saying to congratulate someone.. “ bully for you.” 😂
  3. Coronavirus

    Ah, folks! Plenty of people over the years have told me to wash my dirty mouth out!😂
  4. Coronavirus

    The Daily Express reports baby shampoo does the trick against Covid!😂  
  5. What made you smile today?

    I thought the same! Then I read this:    
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    The death of the peace process is always because some people don‘t want peace and are just arseholes. I was actually just looking for something else and came across this piece of shit. I was looking for an old IRA guy who died last year or so and who had no qualms about having killed children. This piece of shit is no different:   I don‘t care what political differences people have - we all have opinions. Speak them! But leave out the violence. And no soldiers back there.  
  7. Areas of Hamburg?

    Okey dokey! Just please remember the time difference! I am in Greece- two hours ahead of you!😂
  8. My earliest memory, Tor, was  when I was about 11 and my  asking a boy next to me an exam question  ( he  was 3 years or so older than me and  it was all deliberately arranged so we would have different exam papers!). I asked him what the capital of France was and got caught by the invigilator! And lost a couple of marks!😂   Another memory- this time at MA level. My tutor at the Uni in London returned my essay without a comment on it. I asked him why! He said: „ Gunn, at this level, if I have to make comments, you are on the wrong course.“   Ouch! He was „ old school „!!
  9. Areas of Hamburg?

    No! It is slightly to the South West of Harburg and is an attractive little town full of Airbus engineers working in Finkenwerder- so not cheap. I would live there anyday. I used to live in Harburg ( South of the river from Hamburg ) and there is now a direct metrotrain link to Harburg. HEM is joking, dknotty!   dknotty! If you would like a chat about Harburg and surrounding areas etc. feel free to Skype me tomorrow.  Skype ID is john.gunn3 I lived in the Harburg area for 25 years!      
  10. What made you smile today?

    Just read that Thomas Cook are laying on extra flights for Crete from the UK  as Italy is on the lurgy list and just minutes ago it has started raining for the first time in about 5 months.. and thunderclaps.. and expected to carry on like that for 4 days. I feel sorry for the tourists and the hospitality business here. So a sad smile...   Edit: ah wait! Flights are from the 24th! The rain will have buggered off by then!!!   Smile time!😊
  11. Coronavirus

    Wales set for almost complete shutdown for two weeks:  
  12. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    My partner Nicole is catching a 6 am flight from Hamburg back to Crete this coming Sunday. Hope she makes it in case the Greeks panic and close down Athens and Heraklion airports. Corona here .. corona there. Plus the air traffic controllers are doing daily strikes for several hours a day right now. And there‘s the clocks going back early Sunday morning to mess the metabolism about!😜
  13. Odd news

    Huge cat found on the Nazca lines!
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    That‘s why my mum divorced him, Hellfire!😂 So I started my own Brexit and - long story - left and went here and there..🙈
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    You can‘t get the staff, Hellfire.. you‘re fired!