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  1. The shitty law refers to the so-called Hausfrauentarif...her public insurance price is based on 50 per cent of your earnings as a privately insured person.   --from 2016 but there you are..quickest I could find this time of night and with one good eye!!!   The whole system is madness and overly complicated.
  2. An untold issue from a broker point of view. I deal mostly with expats..if we do private German health insurance, I am liable to repay commissions pro rata  if they cancel/leave the country/ go elsewhere and sign up for something else/get unemployed etc etc within FIVE years! Brexit is having an effect, too...I am asking around whether companies will accept applications from self-employed (mostly a possible problem ) case of a No Deal or whatever... Also with TK public insurance----they are not sure either!!! Last word was: NO DEAL...NO guaranteed acceptance of applications from newly-arriving self-employed Brits...
  3. You need to contact your private insurance company to ask them about the options re excess/deductible. (German word: Selbstbeteiligung ). Or do you also have  " extras " which you do not REALLY need? eg private hospital room ?  
  4. Major issue....expats not getting correct professional advice about health insurance and other insurances. A disclaimer: I´m an independent insurance broker and authorised advertiser on Toytown  and face these issues daily- as do the people who contact me.   
  5. Ok, Ashfra! If you can get your salary lowered, get everyone on your public insurance. If you later get more money from your job, you can still stay on public insurance
  6. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    I remember this back in the UK about 30 years ago! Very Guardian-esque and brilliant at the time!   AND I personally remember being on a street near London and saw a young skinhead guy go up to an old lady a few yards away from me..I was hesitant but watchful. You know what he said to the old lady? " Excuse me, please, can you tell me the way to the court? " Old lady: " yes, dear...go down the road, second on the left and you´ll find it! "    
  7. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    My bloody dog Max tried to bite me today when I was trying to dry him after a thunderstorm we got caught up in!! Sue your dog, alex! Offensive behaviour!!
  8. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Remind me to shave tomorrow! Forgot this whole week! By the way, the world has gone crazy...I may have mentioned that before..everybody offended by everything...
  9. correct!! By the way, Ashfra....OUR medical expenses??? Who else is on your plan?
  10. What made you laugh today?

    Winter visited us yesterday and today...snow up in the hills above our village and bloody freezing. Sleet, rain, storms in the streets --all of it. Back to 14 plus and sunshine tomorrow and the rest of the week. Bugger off Winter..this should be my Summer of Content. Bugger off!
  11. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

    Cheeky " Fruit bird ".. I AM the 66 year old on here!!!! (Fraufruit...please stop projecting!! ) Cartels do and have existed for a long doubt:
  12. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

    Are you not in Scotland? That´s what your profile says...
  13. Yes, Ashfra! Please see attached link to this issue on Toytown!   PS: salary under 60,750 euros a year is what counts in 2019
  14. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

    Write a letter of complaint to the EU when you have time? Maybe need to get writing soon ie before the end of March!
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Just thank yourself, HEM; if you are happy with your contribution and your family will thank you and understand you. Outsiders don´t count really...they don´t really know you or care.