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  1. What made you smile today?

    Dinner at friends´ place...uninvited friends a couple of hours ago:        
  2. The Vent - No Chat!

    Dog wasn´t there the other hour or so...and the son must have seen/heard our presence. I moved the tarmac cover to take pics and someone has placed it back!!! I moved it again with my hand to have a look! He got a bone, by the way, earlier today...Nicole aimed well! Near enough so he could grab it.   Will look again tomorrow morning, bramble.   Just before the bone throw:    
  3. Three-word story

    moved to Poland
  4. Three-word story

    moved to England!
  5. I phoned the England manager that day, Leon, and warned him about non-tractor-driving Icelandic players on their team..but he didn´t listen...
  6. Complete FAIL

    I have a struggle with them now...they´re called " moobs "!!!
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    David and David!
  8. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    An expensive hot dog?
  9. Songs that make you cry

    Just how far do you go back? We were in a tiles shop this week and my Nicole told the saleslady Greek women are too subordinate and should tell Greek men to grow up!!! And she got the woman to find Eartha Kitt on YouTube! It wasn´t this song, mind you!!!   If you love cats, you love Eartha Kitt! If a cat were a singer, it would be Eartha!
  10. Well, your national soccer team " ploughed " through the England defence last time!!
  11. My mum had never been to an airport..let alone flown anywhere. Around 1997 or so, my daughter flew unaccompanied to London and I took my mum and Auntie Alwyn to Heathrow Airport to wait for her. We waited at Arrivals and my mum got bored. " I´m going in there to look for her ". Me: " Mum: you are not allowed to go in, ok? "   Mum:  "well, I wanna go in there and buy some Duty Free then. " Me: " Mum, you´re not allowed´re not flying. "   Mum: " well, alright, I wanna go in there and wait for her anyway and have a cup of tea. "   Me: " you´re not allowed to´re not flying. "   Mum: " I fucking hate this airport! "   Yep, my mum. ( she´d get lost in Iceland at the airport if she were still alive !! )
  12. In 1973, I wanted the cheapest way to get across the close to South America as possible! There were two possibilities back then which were affordable: London/Reykjavik/New York  with  Loftleider (spelling? ) or Luxemburg-Nassau (Bahamas ).with Laker Airlines. I was 20 and chose the latter! Still never been anywhere near an an airport in Iceland!
  13. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    Lonnie Donegan was a singer in the UK in the 60s and once sang a song in which he quipped: " My dog don't eat meat. "   "Why not? "   " I don't give him any. " QED, hellfire! 😀
  14. Songs that make you cry

    YOU´RE showing your age? You baby you! This is showing age!!!!
  15. Songs that make you cry

    Especially for you, cybil!