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  1. The legal right is there, Engelchen but, what about if the person doesn´t have a visa anyway because they haven´t got health insurance sorted out!?? Catch 22   Added to the fact: there is no commission paid on Basis tariffs so weeks/months of fighting an insurance company can only maybe work if someone gets paid..hence, a Versicherungsberater, who gets a fee for it.
  2. Why are you happy today?

    That reminds me of a baby polar bear I once knew.. He goes  up to  his mum and says " mum, are you sure I´m a  polar bear? " Mum: " of course you are, my dear..go away and play "   Baby polar bear comes back a few minutes later and asks mum: " mum, are you really 100 % sure I´m a polar bear ? "   Mum: " of course you are, my darling..I´m a polar bear and your dad´s a polar bear..what´s the problem ? "   Baby polar bear: " Cos I´m fucking freezing "...    
  3. Why are you happy today?

    Sorry, my mistake...just the pacemaker! He´s just turned 79 and is always funny. And a brilliant pianist..knows 2,000 tunes off by heart (so to speak!! ) Who do you think Gerry and the Pacemakers were named after? of my favourite songs from my youth!! Totally off topic!
  4. Why are you happy today?

    How to be " cool " at a stressful moment:
  5. Why are you happy today?

    An elderly friend of mine, Peter, an accomplished pianist, has had a successful by-pass op here and reckons he´ll be playing again in two weeks... Dunno..but I liked what he said to the doc... " How long before I need to renew the battery ? " Doc: " thirteen years " Peter: " see you in 2031 then ".   Nice one, my friend!
  6. Ordinarily resident question

    Blimey, fraufruit! German husbands - like most men - are useless a helping their foreign spouses! I bet he doesn´t have a clue!! (opinion is  sarcastic but also based on my  business experience !!)
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    That sounds pretty mean, LeCheese! Even in pre-EU days, you could travel without paying a fee...I go back that far. The EU would not be doing itself any favours if they introduce that fee.  Irony...many Brexit voters probably voted as such because of the poor image of European border security at the height of the refugee crisis,
  8. Basically, this is a complex area and I reckon you would need the help of an experienced immigration lawyer, on the one hand, and of a so-called Versicherungsberater ( an insurance specialist with powers of attorney ) A Versicherungsberater does not sell insurances but can act legally to represent your position. They are paid a fee by the client and do not work on commission.   The Basistarif is very difficult to get into -even for EU citizens. Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail not to let people in´s a loss-making business..I mean, who tries to get into it? The sick and infirm who can´t get anything else. So, expensive for the insurance company from day one potentially.   Very tough all round and difficult for all those with loved ones who are frail and elderly...not necessarily good for such people to move countries, either...   I wish you well!   PS: the term Versicherungsberater in Germany can be confusing...everybody who sells insurance calls themselves something similar! Except Versicherungsmakler! But even then. most people don´t know what a Versicherungsmakler is, either...   Disclaimer: I´m an independent insurance broker (Versicherungsmakler ) and official advertiser on TT
  9. Why are you happy today?

    Mine was done the other day!!!! I look five years younger! I look only 60 (mind you, the hairdresser is a charming young man..I look 20, according to him)...( I wish..I wish!!! )   Hey! New glasses!!! And a sexy shirt.I try hard!!!!
  10. Beggars knocking on your door

    I´d like that world....source, though?
  11. Why are you happy today?

    What did she say then, Luke?
  12. For what are you grateful?

    I´m grateful to the universe that such creatures as dogs
  13. I don´t understand your thread, Smurf...I mean the thread you mean generally speaking in the world that lawyers muddle justice ?
  14. For what are you grateful?

    PandaMunich is a kind person. I will not maybe embarrass  her with the details but she has sent me practical gifts to help me through my current time with visual impairment. Thank you, dear Panda!