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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Great to see you back here, Keefy! I hope you are keeping well! I share your sentiments..possibly a generational thing but definitely a trueism. PS: please mention the mighty Southend United next time! 
  2. Hello venomman! There certainly used to be a database for insurance rejections but, to be honest, I don´t know if this is still the case. And I don´t know if that is legal anyway with all the changes in privacy laws over the years. It is unwise - if someone has pre-existing conditions - to have your personal details mentioned straight away by a broker. It is better, in my experience, just to say " ,male or female, 40 years old ( or whatever ) has had this or that " Vorerkrankung " insurance company can send along a questionnaire which may or may not be a self-assessment - which is ok -  but I leave the name out of the questionnaire,  It is important to answer the health questions on an application form as precisely and honestly as possible ( though, of course, most clients are NOT doctors and can make mistakes or simply don´t remember ) . Most application forms re the health questions now include a warning such as " wir verweisen an dieser Stelle auf die Ihnen gesondert ausgehändigte Mitteilung nach §19 Abs.5 Versicherungsvertragsgesetz (VVG " ie tell the truth or else it´s a Verletzung der gesetzlichen Anzeigepflicht. But usually there ´s a time frame of eg the previous three years or 5 years ( the latter especially asking you about hospital stays and psychological therapy ). Sometimes, the problem  is " what is meant by psychological therapy ? "...seeing a  marriage counsellor? Having some sessions with a therapist  because of eg bereavement? etc etc. An insurer can interpret these differently depending on their own risk assessment people.   Psychological illnesses, blood issues, heart issues, a highly negative BMI are all examples of reasons for a client to be rejected or, sometimes, to be insured with a premium hike.   So what can you do if you have been rejected for private health insurance by a company in the German system?  You can try elsewhere ,bearing in mind the time frame you were rejected at and where we are now. Health questions and assessments are not always 100% the same from insurer to insurer,   I was dealing a few weeks ago with a potential client in the public system who wanted private insurance to save money. One company agreed to take him because his sessions at a psychologist were 16 months ago (more or less ) and by the time the switch would have occurred to private insurance, 18 months would have gone by and, in this case, the consultant there managed to get the ok for the contract--but with a risk surcharge, which meant, in this case, there wasn´t any money to really save. So we didn´t do the contract.   So no 100% answer except to try elsewhere. By the way, another common reason to be rejected is a negative Schufa--the insurers check that really quickly and are allowed to.. So good for a potential private insuree in any doubt to check theirs first to see if the Schufa is outdated or wrong...   Another common reason to be rejected, by the by: you have been uninsured in Germany for a few years or even a few months and then apply for private insurance!! That makes life very is possible with help to solve this problem..if you are healthy and with an ok Schufa...     PPS: just checked a couple of appl forms by private insurers out of interest...HanseMerkur don´t ask if you have been rejected elsewhere on their 2018 appl form but company B DO! But this might be negotiable depending on the time frame and seriousness of the reason for rejection.   I will check the legal position with a legal department on Monday re " who is allowed to know what about a client´s rejection elsewhere "...
  3. Odd news

    Darts farts:
  4. Looking for Call Assistants

    Does this involve cold calling people who have not asked for insurance advice, dbinmunich?
  5. Why are you happy today?

    Winter is on its way..even what? 
  6. Good evening, Kommentarlos! I am not flogging my own wares. I do not make cold calls,,send " cold " emails , make " cold " phone calls to anyone. Unlike many people who send me unsolicited emails every day re insurance/finance etc.   So what should someone do to make a living in the insurance/finance world? Advertise: right! Answer emails from strangers and referrals re those topics: right! Give comments on a public forum re those issues - right! Post relevant threads on a public forum - right - and with a disclaimer.   So what if someone, often in their naivety, posts an insurance-related thread but without a proper disclaimer, without proper details about how they can make you  a serious insurance quote?   Liability? Qualifications? etc etc. If you had bothered to read my post carefully, you would have noted I am NOT against the OP and the young team but constructive in my criticism/warning. I am 66, won´t be around for ever, have a daughter of that team´s age and into her career and wish young people luck..and, WARN against mistakes that can be crucial in their professional existence--many of which I have made myself and probably continue to make--because nobody  is perfect.   9 days later and the OP who advertised has not responded...why not? You have responded: why? Where are YOUR constructive comments re the household insurance insurance they are offering?   Take your time... .  
  7. Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance)

    Good evening, nwogeorge! Haftpflichtversicherung is essential in Germany. In Italy it is known as assicurazione di responsabilità personale. It is NOT compulsory in Germany but essential. More and more, German property owners renting out to foreigners want proof you have insurance in case you damage their property. But this insurance also covers you 24 hours a day in case you mess up elsewhere eg accidentally poke someone in the eye with your umbrella on a rainy evening and the person ends up in hospital. Their health insurance will pay the hospital bill BUT then look for you to reimburse them that hospital bill!   How does the landlord know what it should cost?   Just contact one of the insurance brokers advertising on Toytown, all of whom are specialised in dealing with expats, are English-speaking and can outline what the insurance is for ( and what it is not for ) and quote you/help you etc.
  8. Kicking the bucket, are you prepared?

    Hey, babe! You´re too young for this thread! Bugger off! Oh, and belated birthday greetings! Next time in Hamburg, please let me drink you under the table.I never win!
  9. Things to ponder

    Dunno what you mean, Ebeneezer...   Edit: Oh, THAT why was he born so beautiful!! You had me confused for 75 seconds..naughty you!
  10. Things to ponder

    Because I wanted to be born again, Ebeneezer! I wanted sunshine, I wanted clouds, I wanted the ocean, I wanted to want! Greedy bugger! And because it´s great to be a part of it ALL! Yep! And YOU were born so beautiful because you wanted to be!
  11. Income and Health Insurance Calculation

    Again, thanks to Panda and someonesdaughter for inspiring me to update the website! The resonance is there already in the emails I´m getting.  Someone had to inspire me..I´m a lazy bugger at heart! (or better put: tired...bloody tired..)...these changes in laws ..but this one is useful for many people.
  12. Things to ponder

    How I feel  these days and summarised by a great Brazilian poet:    
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

    We found an abandoned dog with a bad wound and limping...we reckon chucked out of a car...first will take a while but we will get him! First contact and he´s shy.
  14. Odd news

    This is really odd!
  15. Illogical stuff of the German language

    I have just been curious...Dutch does the numbers 21, 22 etc  " back to front " as well! Anyone know if any other  languages do that?