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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Checking my diaries!😂
  2. What made you laugh today?

    My Nicole searching for a hotel in Leipzig for us in October, finds what looks perfect and is about to book it but checks with her son first ( he knows Leipzig ). He tells her " it's a brothel, mum." Nicole: " I'll book it then and leave John in there." 😂
  3. Queen Elizabeth Must have been confusing for tourists😟
  4. Queen Elizabeth

    I love rock, blues, jazz , folk music and yet- there's something about bagpipes which is something else..
  5. What made you laugh today?

    Just wondering when the cancel mob will want them destroyed!  Some googling: The oldest post box in Britain?
  6. Queen Elizabeth This is worth a read. I went from pro-Monarchy in my youth to radical fuck-you in my student days to basically indifference and anyway in somebody else's country ( and happily!). I have never bothered with reading Royal news. I did shed tears upon reading about the death of the Queen. Why? Now I understand more. 
  7. Queen Elizabeth

    It is indeed a bit of theatre! ( Loads of non-Brits I used to teach English to in London loved this bit of theatre! )😂 And we come from a country where surgical operations are carried out in a theatre!!
  8. What made you smile today?

    I was considering ordering the meat stew at the beach taverna today but decided to stay with orange juice! I ruled out roast stove as well!😂 Plus: I was with my Nicole and didn't want to be accompanied by anybody else!!
  9. Queen Elizabeth

    It has taken me over a week! I have just realised what made me laugh😂. Monarchs ascend TO the throne! Mere mortals ( athletes, vandals, amateur cathedral swallowers trying out their physical prowess ) ascend the throne! I personally would fail and probably damage the throne whilst falling and need to contact my private Haftpflicht provider!😂 ( Sly ending to this silly post, oder?)🤓😃
  10. Queen Elizabeth

    There is a strain of opinion that Charles might turn out to be fairly popular with young people because of his long-standing views on the environment.
  11. Queen Elizabeth

    I try hard to stay on topic!😂
  12. What made you laugh today?

    I visited an ageing friend in our Cretan village today. I saw a dead snake being visited by wasps on the footpath! First, I said hello to Pete and then he said " my cat was noisy in the night. Probably a mouse." " Pete, there's a dead snake out there."   So I put it in a bag and got rid of it. 😂 On the other hand, I am also a father and felt sorry for the snake. He/she/it/ ( and some modern gender stuff ) also has/had relatives...
  13. Queen Elizabeth

    Certainly possible!  i woke up on the beach in Rio as a 22/23 year old. Sleeping bag ok. No money. The cafe there was run by an old Portuguese man and his son said I could eat free when his dad wasn't around! I had an Instamatic camera. Guess who was in range? Who was on the street about 100 yards away? General Pinochet of Chile! I had been told he was a fascist arsehole. That area around Sugar Loaf was military families! So I looked around carefully and took two pictures of him from afar! Dollar signs! Maybe I can sell them to someone? Only problem was I had no money to develop the slides somewhere!  So I didn't cash in!😂 But I was there! Disclaimer: most  of those in the queue in London are probably genuinely in grief and respectful. And Queen Elizabeth was no Pinochet. I read the other day she refused to visit South Africa for 40 years because of apartheid and was later twice invited to visit by Nelson Mandela.
  14. Queen Elizabeth

    I wouldn't now get a child up at 2 am to go to London or anywhere else. But maybe I would have when I was younger. Or for extreme circumstances.   Just look at the world.   And I have been on enough flights early mornings with fellow tourists on cheap flights from Hamburg to eg Crete.I can't condemn this mother, though. Sure the child had heard of the Queen. Even I had when I was 7 and that way before the internet and SmartPhones and stuff!
  15. Queen Elizabeth

    Greek football fans had more reason to complain way back then!😂,vid:Fo5y3Ydyhtc,st:0