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  1. It’s the little things in life that count, fressen!😂 Let me explain: tax, neighbours, more cops, your mum’s onion soup, your favourite sports team have just lost, you failed to take that great picture of the butterfly that just flew by. Oh, just got confused! Those are the important things! I can’t remember the little things!😜 Noblesse oblige ( a pleasant way to describe the situation!) 🙏🏻 Just philosophising...   Just one final point before I “ hit the sack.” You have mentioned a Mafia guy. Erm, that reminds me... what’s the difference between the Mafia in New York and the Mafia in Glasgow? The Mafia in New York make you an offer you cannot resist. The Mafia in Glasgow make you an offer you cannot understand.. just saying!👍🏼🐕
  2. Police Brutality in the USA

    That’s the way humans can be, Anna. Sometimes wonderful in adversity, sometimes horrible. Mostly somewhere in the middle.  If there is a middle. Maybe. Technology can also help us but it is can be massively abused. If psychopaths are running the show - including run-of-the-mill people, God only help us. And it is not only in the USA that police brutality is around. Bad enough. And it is not only in the USA that non- police are brutal. There’s a whole lot of brutality out there. Your neighbour? The sports teacher? And I don’t care if some will call this whataboutism or whatever the flavour of the month is re jargon.
  3. Lufthansa Strike

    Probably the same in Greece, Mike. It can be helpful to know people - the upside - but if people are not properly qualified- the downside.   And probably worldwide- it’s not what you know,  but who you know. I have personally benefitted from it. Mostly when I was younger...
  4. Or toilet paper?😎
  5. Lufthansa Strike

    It caused the bankruptcy, Luke! Own up!😂
  6. Australians wanting to move, travel and work in Europe.

    I know, engelchen.. I know..😟 It was just an old-fashioned hint! “ Old-fashioned “ used to mean years, decades.. rather than a few months..😠
  7. Australians wanting to move, travel and work in Europe.

    Australians and New Zealanders used to do a 4 year stint, starting in the UK ( usually ) and then moving on elsewhere in Europe, USA, Latin America. 12 months!🙏🏻 Whatever happened?😟 The most viable way now in Germany - but POST- Corona - MIGHT be to apply to language schools ( from Australia ) as English teachers. Some crappy language schools, poor pay etc ( often short in- house training and then get-on-with-it ) but a way around the EU-citizens-first-rule). But a way to get a work permit.    However, corona...😠😟 An Australian couple I know from my business life were happily living in Germany, went back to Australia on holiday in March and cannot come back. They have deregistered from Germany online.
  8. Lufthansa Strike

    Do you remember the collapse of Swissair in 2001? No one back then could have conceived it! A Swiss company like that?   I know the link is to an old-fashioned revolutionary source!😂 My reading habits have changed a bit!
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Led Zep.. Since I’ve been loving you.  I think the Universe was created a long time ago to allow enough  time to pass to enable this musical creation to be written and performed! If you’re too young to know this masterpiece, click onto it! 🙏🏻
  10. Why are you unhappy today?   3 year old girl murdered by an Erzieherin at a German Kita. And it looks like the Erzieherin may have “form.” Bloody sickening.😟
  11. Get a German there on New Year’s Eve and make it Dinner for One!
  12. What made you smile today?

    Return of the Ministry of Silly Walks!
  13. What made you smile today?

    1987! I was in Jakarta and had a TV I used to put on at home  sometimes to listen to the language. Most of the programmes were religion- based but late one evening I was having a beer at home with a couple of mates and, suddenly, some programme or other was suddenly interrupted and it was announced they were going live to London for the FA Cup Final! That was the match!👍🏼
  14. Why are you happy today?

    It was just nice in town today. Hardly any masks around. Most shops open. People mostly looking more relaxed. Had a haircut! You are supposed to have an appointment but my guy waved me in.. “ call me next time.” Ah well, unless the rules change. They probably will. The paranoia is waning.    
  15. My current reputation on this site

    I wonder if there is a “ lockdown “ number, Luke!😂 Hm, 747 might work right now! Not many flights!