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  1. A requirement for public school entry in Mass.? Jeez, the mind boggles.
  2. I think I have a scar behind my right ear lobe, Leon! I have never seen it!😂 Apparently, my mum called the doc to our house and he said I was fine.. nothing serious. She didn’t believe him and phoned another doc, who came and said “ ambulance, hospital, NOW.”
  3. Interesting, kiplette/BethAnnBitt! Any one else ever had mastoiditis as a child? Apparently it was all the rage in the UK around 1957 when I was 5. I ended up in hospital. Operation of some kind and I remember the ward being full of other children with bloodied bandana-type coverings on their faces.    I don’t know about early innoculations for flu for children. Is there any kind of jab or whatever kids get offered these days to protect them from mastoiditis? Is it recommended?   Heavy shit back then, apparently. Potentially fatal? Serious side effects of that illness? No wonder I ended up a nutcase!😀 
  4. Why are you unhappy today?

    And didn’t Man Utd withdraw from the FA Cup completely some years ago to play a meaningless friendly somewhere?  Football fans - but not plastic ones - love their traditions and their clubs. And, though relegation is dreaded , ( and my team Southend United could go out of the league maybe even tomorrow evening after 100 years ) a league without relegation is absurd.    What angers me most- nobody has asked the fans of the clubs involved.
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    I totally disagree with UEFA’s attempt to revamp the Champions League as well. Hypocritical of them - yes. But I bet the average footie punter is really angry. The fans themselves. 
  6. Why are you unhappy today? More on this disgrace. I suppose I may be venting alone on this here.. maybe LukeSkywalker is also shaking his head...
  7. Today I did something stupid

    You don’t know our cats , Rajesh!😂 But thank you for your kind thoughts! ❤️
  8. Odd news

    I love these stories as well, BethAnn! My wonderful American friend Armenio had great genes. Mum made 100. Dad ( I think ) 97. Unfortunately, Armenio himself ( and we had phoned a few weeks before and he said “ hey John. I am in glorious health and can you make it over here?) “ passed away at the age of around 75. )   His wife sent me a message , having listened to my Voicemail  ( or Handy message ) or whatever it was called to Armenio about 7 or 8 years ago.  And  we both had reason to cry. A wonderful man and friend.
  9. Today I did something stupid

    Oh, RedMidge!❤️ Can’t resist! I find this so beautiful:
  10. Today I did something stupid

    Thanks, snowingagain and Luke❤️ At the moment, Voltaren is my best friend just underneath the kneecap on both sides. Have not applied it to to my middle finger on the right hand ( worried in case one of the dogs decides to go on a licking tour!) 😒   Meanwhile:
  11. Why are you unhappy today?   No bloody way should footie fans accept this greed. Don’t destroy  the point of the game - tears, laughter, banter, annoyance at the ref - all part and parcel of the game.  NO closed shop for billionaire owners , most of whom have no affiliation with the supporters of their clubs.
  12. Today I did something stupid

    Yep! Before I fall over again😂 It was a close shave and I landed on the hard floor in front of Nicole, who was shocked. She had just gone down the stairs because she had heard a couple of cats “ arguing “  in the patio and I followed her, clumsily.   By the way, this ageing process... takes courage. And better eyesight...😒
  13. Only in America... Yes, fraufruit. A nation in the grip of insanity, unfortunately. 
  14. Politics Gen XYZ

    “ Geplodden.”😂 Beautiful!❤️I want to beg, borrow or steal that word from now on and I will disrespect your patent on it!😀
  15. Today I did something stupid

    Going down the stairs about an hour ago, I misjudged where the next step was and was sent flying, narrowly missing bashing my head against the open door.   Funnily enough, I had just listened to Going Home by a piper ( which is a funeral song!)   Message to myself- take care, babe.😂 And stop listening to self-prophesysing tunes!!