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  1. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Have you mentioned that to your wife, murphaph?😂 You two-timer you!!!
  2. Why are you unhappy today? Whilst we might be bitching about not being able to go to BurgerKing for a while, spare a thought for this poor woman.
  3. Why are you unhappy today?

    We are flying there in May to do due diligence! May! No snow, oder?😂
  4. US Presidential Election Fallout

    I beg your pardon?
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    “  I’ve been a wild roamer for many a year!” They don’t make songs like that anymore!!!
  6. President Donald J. Trump

    Just trying to make sure you are awake!😂
  7. President Donald J. Trump

    You missed the pun, Keleth😂
  8. President Donald J. Trump

    Is there a precedent for Trump?😂
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

  10. There  is some new thinking going on as we now have the corona-related boom in Home Office work and there will be more and more updates re insurance and liability etc, including  the role of public accident insurance amongst other issues.   Excellent post, by the way, Jeffo. Some personal liability tariffs now include employment- related incidents ( though mostly  for lower income jobs eg working in a kiosk on behalf of the owner)...   I did have a case a few years ago when I was happily surprised when an employee in an office job on her first day was asked to make coffee and she buggered up the coffee machine. I put in the claim with her personal liability provider  and the insurer DID pay for a new coffee machine.   I was surprised but anyway...
  11. Coronavirus

    One day in Hamburg in August sometime in the  next ten years! 25!! Luxury!!!
  12. Coronavirus

    Isn’t it also freezing and snowing and shit in the middle of the night right now?  So old folks could freeze to death on the way to a vac appointment???
  13. Worst jokes ever

    Ha😂 I got it from Nicole’s son in Hamburg today! My first time with that joke😂