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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    That woman is obnoxious, uncouth and arrogant. 
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Far Left is the same as the Far Right. The twain will always meet. Hate and thuggery. I do not know if Farage said anything about Jo Cox. I have come across thuggery on all sides in my life. So-called Left, so-called Right.  I even remember meeting a self-styled Maoist , who told me he would kill his wife is she betrayed him with another man. Yeah, power to the people, man. My view- ignore and avoid anyone who has psychopathic/sociopathic tendencies. Avoid and avoid.  Tip: avoid. Hang around people you don‘t feel worse about the time you spend with them every time you meet.
  3. What about „ kommentarlos „ jokes about grammar?😂 ( you welcome )... Hugely ignored in China! Shame really.. there must be money to be made! 🤪 ( I love you really, kommentarlos! )...
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Just think about that Labour MP lassie, hoops, who got murdered by a neo-Nazi. She was in the public eye. That thug disagreed with her politics.  It is NOT ok in my view to attack ANYONE in the street.  Is it ok to attack anyone you disagree with? Where does it all end? Remainers attacking Brexiters and vice versa? Not acceptable.   Black football players, in the public eye,  sometimes get bananas thrown at them by idiots. A “ cool „ black footballer will pick the banana up and eat it! Many will respect that and applaud! „ I am not intimidated by you idiots.“ But is throwing a banana at a black player right? Not in my book.
  5. - and the experience of being abroad and at the doc‘s office and waiting your turn and a voice says „ yongun „ and you ignore it and read a fashion magazine and time goes by and you think „ bloody hell “ .. hope the doc hasn‘t forgotten me „. And you are alone with your illness! So alone!🙏🏻😂   Alex- relax and don‘t make a mole out of a mountain. By the way, I once fell in love with a Brazilian woman who suggested, for our first date, „ let’s meet ON the post office”! ( instead of “ at “ ). We got married at some stage.💋😂👍🏼 Ok, we got divorced at some stage and we agreed to meet ON the court! 😂
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    Isn’t there some twitter thing going on where someone wrote it should gave been acid? In this case, it’s a politician.. maybe not the Labour MP who got murdered. But the principle in a democratic society- don‘t use any violence to anyone canvassing. It destroys the validity of an argument.  If it were not about a politician- if it were your wife, hoops, out in the street and some hustler chucked something at her- and your wife were upset - would you say to her: „ you wimp, you, you snowflake?“
  7. Happened to me once, Clive , during telephone sex. I didn’t want to foot the bill. ( gets his coat )...
  8. You‘re the best, Panda!😍😍😍 It‘s easier here in Greece! Cash!!!
  9. Nothing wrong with spending money on two insurance plans!😂 Less money for your vices and you‘ ll live longer!😁
  10. Fair enough but you ain‘t out of gaol yet!😂 What about the absurd „ versicherungsfrei „ word? 😂😂🙏🏻
  11. Quote system blues😟   Crispy- I have to call the legal dept of a major public insurer tomorrow anyway. You can save yourself the hassle of forking out money for a lawyer or whatever. If you want- just shoot me a PM message. I will have only one question re income. I can ask anonymously on your behalf - NO names - how they see the transition from private to public in such a case.  NO fees or any obligations from me. 
  12. What  confuses many is, of course , the wording of (1) 3. where it mentions „ erstmals eine Beschäftigung im Inland aufnehmen. „ The average self-employed person reckons he/she IS already working😂! Why  doesn‘t the law just say „ EMPLOYEE „ for the first time? AND another moan from me: the word „ versicherungsfrei.“ That gives some the impression they are freed from the need to have health insurance.“ 😟😟
  13. You get the Welcome Letter from the public provider and send it to your current private insurer with your written cancellation.
  14. The employees don‘t always know that, Panda😟😂! This is often the issue. And there are sometimes issues about a new job and whether the whole of eg 2019 is the relevant income level for public v private.
  15.       What MIGHT work is: you pop into a local public insurer office, tell them you are privately insured as a freelancer but have your FIRST ever EMPLOYEE position. You might get lucky. MIGHT...👍🏼   Is your current provider German or international?