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  1. Things to ponder

    That is a fine from-the- heart post, fraufruit. The mind was there - sure. It always interferes with the heart. But your heart is the winner. 🙏🏻
  2. I enjoy eloquence much more than dumb grunts.  Eloquence with humour ticks the right boxes for me!
  3. Why are you happy today?

    Whoever invented Voltaren--thank you! I had a sudden massive back spasm and pain along my back this evening.Simply awful. Gone!!!
  4.     I don‘t have an axe to grind against Mr Trudeau. My God, what dumb things ( which may or may not have been „ cool „ 20-30 years ago did anyone else do?  Didn‘t all of us do things we would regret later in life? ( And not only because we have been found out?🙏🏻)... casting the first stone etc. I read the other day that Speaker Bercow was an obnoxious right winger in his youth ( „ hang Mandela „ etc ) but is now seen as a kind of hero amongst the Liberal Left in the UK for standing up to the Tories re Prorogation.  I must say I like him now but would have found him distasteful in his youth. 
  5. What made you laugh today?

    So our 80 year old friend Pete managed to fall over the other day and is in hospital today. He is cheerful and hopes the op will be successful today.  That is not what made us laugh, of course! What did make us laugh? He pointed to a TV hanging next to his bed and said : „ all the Greeks in this room want to watch TV loudly the whole day but can‘t find the remote control/ console to switch it on and adjust the volume. The ward staff can‘t find it, either. I was the first to end up here the other day and hid it in my bedside table.“ 😜😂
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Same here, fraufruit. WTF
  7. Twat of the day

    I didn´t know that, Luke! Amazing!!! II will have to check my old diaries but I have a feeling one of my ex-mother-in-laws was in goal for Spain that day.
  8. Planning for retirement

    Heed Starshollow´s words, Paulo, and also consider what else is equally important. You can invest all you want and plan for retirement- but ( in case you haven´t ) also think about what can happen if you can´t afford to pay into  a pension plan because you have a terrible accident or are diagnosed with a horrible illness which may prevent you from actually working and being able to afford a pension plan. What then? Whoever you contact - and Starshollow is a great address - a serious broker will talk through this scenario  with you before you or along with addressing this issue. And I also hope you have private Haftpflichtversicherung/personal liability insurance. You may have it. If you don´t know what it is, you need to . It is cheap and essential. Really essential.
  9. Twat of the day

    There must be a fraud reason my mob Southend United in English football Division 1 haven´t won a game this season, hoops! You have nailed it--corruption!  
  10. Twat of the day

    I am not a rugby person, Clive, but I am totally against any hints of corruption within any sport.
  11. Nice person of the day award

    Instant karma, Clive!  He will get his rewards in life.
  12. Public vs. private health insurance

    At the moment, I don´t disagree with you re your last sentence! This is what I always point out to our clients! Nobody knows! I sometimes miss out on a business contract because of that. People want guarantees and i cannot offer them. Looking back: I never expected the fall of the Soviet Union in my lifetime, as an example. By the way, public health insurance prices are rising next January for higher earners.I am sure some private insurers will announce the same. ie higher prices.  
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    High steak chickens out?
  14. Odd news Only English county where you can´t buy a Big Mac! No riff raff, please!
  15. Riester Rente vs. other pension schemes

    Only reincarnation helps, Sepisto! So start believing🙏🏻👍🏼