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  1. Army taking over in Zimbabwe?

    Mugabe finally sacked by his party:
  2. Proof of insurance from the NHS

    Legally speaking, it´s up to TK to write to the UK to get the proof but they usually don´t know that! You can´t get the written proof from the social security people...What may work is if you get a short, written statement from your GP in the UK, confirming you have been his/her patient since...and until now!
  3. Only in America...

    Or maybe the cops couldn´t spell? Education these days!!!!
  4. Only in America...

    Nice one, fraufruit! Now I remember! Just thinking back..did those cops have the right to throw me out of town because I was hitchhiking in Denver in 1973? They drove me out of town and, not knowing it, did me a favour! The ride to LA came straight away!! I was peacefully assembling on my own!!!
  5. The Storm is Coming...

    Dunno what a white noise storm is, dear Metall..but I´ll have you know I fried up the Hackfleisch for the dogs tomorrow and took  a photo on my SmartPhone and tried to upload it (or is it download it? )..and the pic thing was too large and I gave up...
  6. Only in America...

    Please remind me, fraufruit, who exercised their 1st Amendment rights in Texas? And, being slightly less American than you, can you please remind me what the 1st Amendment is ? Free speech?
  7. Only in America...

    Why did they arrest him?
  8. The Storm is Coming...

  9. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Can´t remember how to start a new thread!
  10. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    4, 3...   Getting close to minus 1  
  11. The Storm is Coming...

    Everything gets hacked, fraufruit? Thanks for the reminder! I bought frozen Hackfleisch today for some local dogs, have thawed it and forgotten to fry it up for tomorrow...straight away!   Edit: just seen the name of THIS thread--the Storm is Coming! It is indeed over our area of Crete..oh, shit....heavy stuff expected in the night...
  12. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Actually, a good idea for a new, inspirational thread? What/who do you self-identify as? Given your computer skills and my lack of, how about starting that thread? Seriously!     Edit: 10, 9, 8 ..hellfire..please don´t force me to exploit my non-existing computer skills to start the new thread...7, 6, 5   
  13. Freiberuflich - how different is it from permanent

    Top post, SA...and a caveat for radual re  your point 8: it will/would be nigh impossible to get professional liability insurance in Germany if the client/s/contract offerer /are not in Germany.
  14. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Me, too, jaycool! The bugger has had it too easy since returning on here while the rest of us have been working hard!!!
  15. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    I was just about to self-identify you as a normal person (more or less!), hellfire..then I checked your profile (to see if you´d changed nationality again ) and I found out you are a mod here!!!