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  1. My sister is looking for a Gymnasium for her 14 year old son in Munich. He went to Maria Theresia and it wasn't a good experience so she wants another one than that. As I went to an all-girls school and my brother's Gymnasium wasn't all that my parents hoped for (Werner von Siemens), I am turning to you Toytowners for help, because I figured there are probably a bunch of you who have kids in public schools in Munich.   My nephew is a German native speaker (though of 3/4 immigrant background) and in 7th grade. He has ADD and has behavioral problems (takes ritalin) but he does well in school (better than I did at his age!).   My sister would prefer a school that has an afternoon program (i.e. where the kids do their homework and study) or an all-day school that will give him a good structure. He is taking English as his first foreign language and French as his second foreign language and is in the naturwissenschaftliche Zweig. Preferably the Gymnasium should be centrally located.   I realize that a lot of a child's experience in school is down to their teachers, not the school per se, but I hope to get some advice/tips from you guys anyway.   Thanks a lot in advance, I really appreciate it.