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  1. What's the German for "Blu-Tac"

    Yes, Patafix is widely available also in supermarkets on the stationery shelves or in school supplies places. It's white!
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Hard cheese, Liz! 
  3. Why get Married?

    Oh, me neither. In principle I feel people should be able to dispose of their hard-earned assets as they see fit. I think it's appalling that a "child" can claim it's Pflichtteil before the surviving spouse snuffs it, maybe forcing widow/er to sell their home as a consequence. And despite clauses to discourage offspring from claiming against the surviving spouse, they still have that right. I wonder how often it happens that kids claim their Pflichtteil?
  4. Why get Married?

    Yes, simple wills are very easy to do here, but any offspring are entitled to a compulsory share whether you like it or not.
  5. Street cleaning fine technicality

    In front of our house we have about 40m of public footpath and a 1.5m wide grass verge bordering the road. According to local bye-laws, we are obliged to sweep the footpath and road weekly, mow the verge and keep the drainage spaces free, sweep the kerbside of the road, clear snow and remove leaves and other fall from the trees, which are publicly owned, also not our property. (These are five tall mature Lindens, you can imagine the tons of stuff that drops throughout the year.) It seems that removing weeds from the tightly spaced path blocks also falls to our happy lot. The local council does unannounced spot checks now and then, we don't know how often. Anyway, we got a Werwarnungsgeld of €35 for  not having done this, though it was not specified exactly which bits we had failed to do. The grass wasn't mown I know, as our mower had clapped out, and the new one arrived literally on the day we got the letter. There was  no rubbish of any sort on the path or street. We made an appointment with the Amt to ask exactly what the accusations were in  detail,  which will be next Monday. In the intervening days a Bußgeld has arrived for €60+. We thought this would not happen until we had had the discussion to raise various objections.   Anyway, here is a little legal technicality that some legal beaver may be able to evaluate! My husband and I own the proprty jointly, but both letters came adressed to him alone as "Der Eigerntümer," which is strictly speaking not accurate - or is it, legally speaking? Would this make the fines invalid, which of course would be nice?! Just a thought. Any idea? 
  6. Street cleaning fine technicality

    Oh bad luck. Yes, these things are always very loaded against the individual, who ultimately has to make the decision to just cave in and pay up, if the money involved is quite small, or contest things, involving personal stress, time and up front costs with the risk of incurring even more costs if you do not win. The officials have the legal machinery ready and waiting, and if they lose, hey, it's ultimately we the taxpayers who foot the bill anyway. On the very few occasions I've had this sort of problem my instinct is to just pay up as I don't like my life being poisoned with ongoing stress. But I'd still like to hear an opinion about our legal wheeze! 
  7. Also be aware that the permitted "air corridors" may be closed without notice, as happened with Spain.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      Well, he'll turn round and say this. Then he'll turn round and say that. Then he'll turn round and claim he never did say this or that. Whatever this or that was. (He won't remember.)   At least you can be certain he'll blame the EU  for it all.
  9. Cities near forest or mountains

    It's hard to go  half an hour out of any city centre without tripping up over a forest!  Mountains a bit sparse on the north German plain though but therefore great for cycling. Lakes and rivers in abundance too. Not far out of Dresden are the mountains of the Sächsige Schweiz and the Erzgebirge.
  10. Is there a respectful way to request somebody who you know quite well but with whom you are on "Sie" terms, to use your first name? I loathe always being called 'Frau xxx'. (It's just somehow, well, so frowsty!) I would not expect to use their first name in return or want to be over-familiar in any way. Or is it just a big cultural no-no until you've reached the "du" level of friendship?
  11. Tax on house sales (capital gains)

    I think I am correct that if you sell your house before 10 years, you are liable for a 10% tax on any profit. I could just about , with gritted teeth, see some justification for it when you got a good tax subsidy on your mortgage, the Eigenheimzulage, but as this has now gone is there any political talk about removing this tax? (yes, I know, Santa might arrive in June this year ...)   No wonder people's feet get firmly stuck in the foundations of their houses, never to move again! When we first moved here, somebody practically suggested that we should now book our plot in the village cemetary, ther was total incomprehension when I suggested we may not necessarily stay forever!   Not that I want to see UK style property craziness take hold here, but personal circumstances may make it desirable to move within Germany a couple of times more before I turn my toes up. But the expense of moving here is a real off-putter, plus the idea of having to keep track of every tiny receipt or record of work on the house in order to minimize any apparent profit, if you should even be so lucky as to make a profit here!
  12. Looking for some English tea

    Sorry, didn't look closely.
  13. Looking for some English tea

    I saw it in Real yesterday, well over €6. I never particularly liked it even in the past. I generally buy Ostfriesen bags or leaves, nothing fancy. I drink tea black anyway and I think I've just got used to weaker tea over the years.  Can't beat a proper Irish made cuppa though!
  14. I  think Anwalt für Schulden should get you on the right track.
  15. Aok dental cleaning

    I'm with TK and they have a bonus programme that  gives you some discounts (eg on false teeth) but only if you go regularly for checkups. I think a simple scale and polish is free as is the checkup, but the more thorough professional clean not automatically. However, to my surprise I did get the full deep clean free a couple of years ago as I go regularly and had apparently built up the required number of visits . My dental practice seems to monitor stuff like this very well, and always lets me know how to lower the bills when poss. The cost of a full profi clean is around €70 with them, for the best part of an hour's work.  I've been very happy with TK over the years and the health care in general here in Germany.
  16. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      A pox on the Pox I say!!  
  17. President Donald J. Trump

    Just  noticed the spelling mistake, damn. Irritates the pedant in me.
  18. President Donald J. Trump

    Better title for this thread? Inspired by the latest addition to my German vocabulary: Evolutionsbremse. Someone who puts the breaks on evolution due to their very existence, which embodies so much stupidity that it slows the advancement of the species down. (Definition from The Local.)  
  19. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Aw, sweet! I thought it was going to be Berlin!  
  20. Coronavirus

    😊 I haven't read much Waugh!
  21. Newcomer - Sankt Blasien

    I only know St Blasien from a few hours visit when in the Schwarzwald quite a few years ago now. I still remember sitting in the empty Dom surrounded by that amazing white space and feeling a most overwhelming peace. Outside in nearby gardens we listened to a panpipe concert and then had a lovely dinner in a restaurant by the river. The then children and dog seemed to appreciate the special atmoshere too! Lovely area. Like all country areas you will be an exotic blow-in for a long time, same the world over, but it sounds like you'll be fine. Happy moving!  
  22. Coronavirus

    There's at least two trimmers in the house!!  
  23. Coronavirus

    Presumably this R arises out of the localised outbreak which hopefully can be restrained through localised measures.  So todays's figures for Güterslow in the last seven days are over 209 new infections per 100,000 population, in Berlin it's just under 9 per 100,000, in my district it's less than 2. Just looking at the R figure was probably helpful for people in understanding the urgency of the situation initially, but now decisions can hopefully made on a more refined balance of factors that are present locally; new infections, available treatment capacity etc. and a somewhat reasonably functìoning track and trace system. (I just wish there was a figure that allowed hairdressers to cut beards again. I'm currently living with Santa Claus' hermit twin brother ...)
  24. Hairfall clinic.

    I've never heard the term hair fall, sounds like a direct translation of German.The normal British English term is hair loss. 
  25. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Oh, Lorelei, the poor man probably can't see what clothes he chose. He had to do the drive to Barnard Castle to check his eyesight, don't you know?!  (As he claimed in the press conference he gave this afternoon.) The excuses get more and more surreal  ...