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  1. New words or sayings

      "So we was ....  and she turned round and said, like,  ... and he turned round and went,  like, ... and she went ... back and said ...." (London core sentence structure.) Makes you dizzy, innit?  
  2. New words or sayings

    Instrumental pieces of music are not "songs." Please.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Oh well, much as I like John Lewis and M&S, I will simply be less tempted to shop with UK companies online.  As it is, I've been looking at the amount of plastic that online deliveries come wrapped in, and thinking about the environmental cost of transporting the stuff, and had already decided to buy in the traditional way where possible. So this might be a good incentive to be a tiny bit kinder to our Earth!
  4. Like Hamlet, "... sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought ..." Shakespeare had it all summed up a few hundred years ago. 
  5. Extendable limited rentals - is it not unfair for tenants?

    @Smaug Thank you for the clarification!
  6. Extendable limited rentals - is it not unfair for tenants?

    Ah, I think I'm puzzled because how then do people let furnished appartments on a short term basis e.g to people on short term business projects who definitely want just a few months rental? There are many agencies that offer this service to landlords/renters, so how is that done legally? What do the landlords then write into the lease to make it legal?  
  7. Schadenfreude

    Never mind the comedy, feel the width.
  8. Extendable limited rentals - is it not unfair for tenants?

    Are these furnished appartments, let under Wohnen auf Zeit arrangements? Then the law would indeed be different. Just to clarify.
  9. Schadenfreude

    You still don't get it. If I, saw you, a stranger, slip on a banana skin and laughed without helping, that's asshole behaviour. If I had just heard you being "funny" about the blind man and then saw you slip on said banana skin/bump into a lampost/insert equivalent mishap, I would feel a lot of Schadenfreude. Note; one can have Schadenfreude and still go to help the twit who's had their just comeuppance.   And how I hate these ignorant generalisations about supposed German behaviour.   
  10. Hopefully they will stand by their assurances of maintaining our residence rights.   Am I right in assuming we would get an Aufenthaltstitel (residence permit) that will then be periodically subject to renewal, rather than the NE (permanent residence)? That would be nice!   But let's see how soon Bojo & co. can muck it up for us all.
  11. Americans just moved to Stuttgart

    Stuttgart is one of the cities which applies the Zweckentfremdengsverbot so the landlord could indeed face very substantial fines if running the place as an airbnb let without official permission.
  12. @Engelchen, thank you, I just thought it wasn't quite clear for the OP!
  13. @Engelchen, you said "German Makler are evil. They are generally useless and charge 2 months cold rent (plus tax) and don't always do much. Maybe someone here can recommend a good one." Agreed about the evil bit, but hasn't the law changed about a year ago, so now the landlord has to pay the Makler commission? The Bestellerprinzip applies, ie he who engages the Makler pays the commision.  Are you perhaps confusing this with the Kaution?
  14. Buy a "Grundstück" and build your own flat/house

    The trouble is, to get on Zuhause im Glück you must at least be suffering from some dread disease, have a severely handicapped child and your OH has collapsed and died after having started major renovations to your mould-infested house. Or some other jolly combination of dreadful circumstances. No, Ab in die Ruine is the show to watch. Gung-ho would-be renovators buy a tumbledown place for nothing, and with a tiny budget and matching know-how attempt to turn it into a palace. However, a dose of watching these programmes is very good for developing one's German vocabulary of technical building/decorating terms. And the financial and legal surprises that are uncovered with every blow of the hammer!   All the best to the OP. After all, people do actually build their homes quite successfully all the time. But it's wise to factor in costs for the seemingly inevitable and unwelcome surprises ... (Raus aus den Schulden is the follow-up programme to learn from!)  
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Backed by Labour it seems. Rotten to the core, the lot of them.