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  1. Where are you a tax resident?

     @rodisi   Page 8-10 seemed to do the job!
  2. Thanks, just wondered!
  3. Wouldn't a person who is too young to receive a pension be classed as unemployed rather than retired, and therefore treated under the agreements for jobseekers?
  4. Rumtopf?

    Thanks, I'll get her on to that!
  5. Rumtopf?

    Hi 2B,  "A Rumtopf may not be what your visitor is wanting to buy, unless she is unusually keen on high strength sugar-cane alcohol-preserved fruit concoctions."  This is exactly what she wants!!.   Kathelitz, those are very discreet looking rumtopfs (Rumtöpfe?) The ones we remember seeing are much kitschier, with fruity ceramic motifs. We didn't find any in Berlin today, she'll probably have more luck back in London!
  6. Rumtopf?

    Thanks for the idea Fraufruit. (With a hat like yours you should be expert on the subject!) We were chatting to a German woman today who said you can use any ceramic pot with a lid; it doesn't need to be a complete seal. But she wants to buy something that looks like a Rumtopf!
  7. Rumtopf?

    Hello, has anyone seen these for sale in Berlin? My visitor wants to buy one tomorrow if possible! I've only seen them advertised secondhand or online. 
  8. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Found this article, and there are lots more if you google http://www.swp.de/ulm/nachrichten/politik/die-butter-schmeckt-wieder-15455484.html   Demand has increased, people are less worried about exaggerated cholestrol scares, they like the taste, spreadable from the fridge butter very popular, people less prepared to swallow oil based artificial spreads Dairy farmers have decreased milk production due to the very low, virtually uneconomic prices they were getting for their milk.  A dry period in the grass growing season in some areas has produced poor feed quality leading to decreased fat content of the milk
  9. Patient: Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking that there's two of me! Doctor: One at a time please!   I'm always reminded of the ultimately mediocre character Major Major Major Major in "Catch 22" when I hear these Professor Dr. Dr. people introduced on serious talk shows ...
  10. Totally confused about schooling and choices in Germany

    It's not surprising you are confused, as someone mentioned it varies from state to state, then add in politicians meddling with, oh sorry,  I must have meant improving, things at regular intervals.     Have you discovered this information in English from the NWR education ministry about their school system? https://broschueren.nordrheinwestfalendirekt.de/herunterladen/der/datei/150126-flyer-schulsystem-210x358-englisch-internet-pdf/von/eng-das-schulsystem-in-nordrhein-westfalen-einfach-und-schnell-erklaert/vom/msb/1826   My tuppenceworth: The 9 year old goes to Grundschule for an extra year, and you pay for intensive private German tuition after school.(Nachhilfe) Then see which is the most appropriate form of secondary school. International school for the 13 yr old, plus do lots of after school stuff with local clubs/teams to integrate with the normal kid population and get the spoken language fluent. The 11 yr old seems the most problematic to me, don't know if the Grundchule extra year would be available. Possibly consider Gesamtschule which are theoretically comprehensive schools where the educational path is not so set in stone at the beginning. Both of my kids went to Geamtschule in our area and had the option of doing Abitur. (Bear in mind to do Abi, two foreign languages are required, German will not be counted as a foreign language for yours.)   Good luck, Germany is a great place, and from the little I know it, Dd is an open sort of city. So much will depend on everyone's resilience in the family once the initial excitment is over and the day to day problems over the long haul set in.  A lot of loin-girding required!
  11. As far as I understand it, as long as you have solely occupied the house, it is free from "speculation tax." If at some period since the purchase of the house it has been let out, then you can escape it by occupying it for the two and a bit year period before the sale. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong!
  12. Favourite British foods not available in Germany

    Irish Wheatmeal flour anyone? This is a coarse ground wholemeal flour, with extra bran added. The texture is rough and the taste wonderfully nutty. I generally improvise with German wholemeal and add oatflakes to coarsen it, but it's just not as good! I brought back a bag of this last time I was in Ireland and made brown soda bread today for German friends. They couldn't get enough of it!  I've googled various German flour information sites but can't find an equivalent and it's certainly not in any shops I know. Can't find any online source that delivers to Germany. 
  13. And how is all this extra power to be generated cleanly?
  14. Its not just the UK pressing for this. e.g. see this short article. http://www.autobild.de/artikel/diskussion-europa-ohne-verbrennungsmotoren--4352137.html   e.g. the Greens here are demanding a 2030 limit for new registrations.
  15. Save baby Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans

    Yes, and definitely read the detailed pdf of their position statement. http://www.gosh.nhs.uk/file/23731/download?token=TWJkSxZu