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  1. Census 2022, surveys in person

    Thank you both, it seems straightforward enough!
  2. Census 2022, surveys in person

    OH has to do the online census,  good to know that it can be done in a variety of languages. Can one see somewhere what the questions are before logging in? I can't find a list of  the specific information required anywhere in case one needs to have any specific documents at hand for correct information. 
  3. Driving permit as opposed to driving licence

    In my understanding they are legally different terms. The Führerschein is the documentary proof  of your Fahrerlaubnis, ie your legal right to drive and obtain the document by virtue of driver training, passing a recognised test etc  If you haven't got your  Führerschein with you when asked to produce it, you get a fine and keep your licence. For more serious offences eg drink driving, your Fahrerlaubnis may be rescinded along with your document being confiscated, and only reinstated after certain conditions are fulfilled. If you drive without the legal right to, ie with no Fahrerlaubnis you may meet severe penalties such as imprisonment.  
  4. Property Tax Reform and New Tax Returns

    Grundsteuerreform: https://www.grundsteuererklaerung-fuer-privateigentum.de/ It seems that the required info must be entered digitally, starting July, and the process is intended to be as stress free as possible for the simple minded such as me ... That'd be a historical first if true! 
  5. OH had one of these yesterday, quite agressive and threatening. Supposedly your ID is being used for criminal purposes. Ignore. https://www.sir-apfelot.de/betrug-telefonanruf-von-europol-wegen-missbrauch-meines-personalausweises-41359/  
  6. Passanger Locator Form Dublin to Berlin

    From the stuff I've read, you only need ro do the registration now if you're travelling from a Hochrisikogebiet or a variant area, neither of which is Ireland. But remember the regulations can still change very  quickly ...
  7. What made you laugh today?

    I loved Tommy Cooper! Gloriously gormless!
  8. What's your current Ohrwurm?

    I think you can hum to google and it might recognise the tune!
  9. German citizenship after 6 years

    Well, my passport says place of Birth London, but my Birth Cert says Metropolitan District of Battersea (a district of London.) My kids have a similar 'mismatch.' I have always filled out p.o.b. on official forms here in Germany and elsewhere as Battersea, London with no problems or questions asked.  
  10. Just boot out your teenage kids. Power consumption goes down massively!
  11. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Maybe if they kick a few googlies from silly mid onside.      
  12. BREXIT positives and negatives

    The current chaos built up before the weekend, due to a combination of ongoing post-Brexit IT customs glitches, the cancellation of P&O ferries due to them blithely sacking their workforce en masse, huge Easterholiday maker demand plus a bit of bad weather causing even more ferry cancellations. Jolly.
  13. Passport renewal situation (UK)

    My last memory of crossing the choppy Channel by hovercraft many many moons ago was suffering violently from the fragrance of of the posh stinky cheese I'd stowed under the seat ... no cool bag in my student days!
  14. Du vs Sie culture in office

    Now that is very naïve Keleth, to think that people might actually stick to the original point of any thread here!!  I think we should start a "Guess the Topic" quiz thread.  Post the last reply to a topic without the writer's name and we try to guess - or the avid forum readers may even remember - what the topic was. Inventive types might alternatively dream up a topic title that fits the reply... 
  15. Du vs Sie culture in office

    Didn't know they did, so was trying to work out whether it sounded like a swear word or something but ended up googling: https://www.stil.de/kommunikations-knigge/sind-abkuerzungen-unhoeflich/ In a nutshell, think of your reader, keep abbreviations to those you know are understandable to all (even German abbreviations), confine English language terms in work to where you know your audience understands. (I suppose to someone who doesn't get its function as a request, it could come over as a "get a move on" command.)