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  1. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    I do hope they replace the 9€ ticket with some deal country wide, hopefully without an Abo. All this blah about encouraging people to get off the roads becomes meaningless without a good public transport deal, and we've seen huge numbers of people are prepared to put up with a bit less convenience. When I look at UK prices the people there would probably collapse with shock if offered a 30-40 euro equivalent card. I'm visiting London next week and a return train journey to see a friend in the country will cost me approx  €32 off peak (tube + train). If I had to go in a peak time it'd be over €40 at least, even more depending on the exact time. Here an almost identical return journey from my place in the sticks, train + bus costs about €16,50 at any time, €13,40 with my Bahnkarte. 
  2. Queen Elizabeth

    I vote for King Zorba I to honour his Greek royal ancestry. Quite a dashing title that's be!
  3. Queen Elizabeth

    Bramble, 1977 would have been the Queen's Silver Jubilee. I was teaching in London and we all got a crown coin. Still have it!
  4. Queen Elizabeth

    Yes, it doesn't sound good. I'm not a monarchist but I feel surprisingly sad. 
  5. Train Fine

    One would think Germany was the only place in the world with ticket regulations. I flew with my  mum, then in her eighties, to Krakow, and we bought our tickets  into the city from the bus driver at the airport. We were the only two passengers on board. A couple of stops further, on get 2 ticket inspectors  who demanded a fine because we hadn't stamped the ticket. Fairly obvious that we grey haired foreigners weren't trying to evade the fare. The bus driver said nothing to help, even to confirm that it was a newly issued ticket. It way quite a hefty sum too. Mum  loudly called the wrath of the Pope on their heads and that they should be ashamed of themselves. They did look slightly alarmed ...
  6. I looked in detail at our gas bills and discovered we saved over 11% energy last year.  This was simply by lowering the water temperature a bit, and resetting the boiler timer. Our system is old and doesn't do fancy timing combinations. For the last 2 months we have been simply switching the water on and off manually for long enough for a shower and cleaning. Will do the same for the heating when the cold sets in. Usually a couple  of hours is sufficient for reasonable warmth. I remind myself that I was in my twenties before I first lived in a house with the luxury of central heating/constant hot water and survived very healthily despite freezing bedrooms and draughty windows. Woolly jumpers and blankets ruled!
  7. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    I think it's easy to blame the cheap ticket for train overcrowding, but it was operating in the peak holiday months June to August. Were proper comparisons made with former peak season usage? Also the past two years weren't exactly typical  travel figures. Then there are also the ever-changing Baustellen and line diversions/cancellations adding to crowding. I used it unexpectedly more for mundane things like grocery shopping. Although my village is a couple of km from the station, it ended up being just as quick to nip into town for a couple of bags of groceries  and I could be back in less time and pollution than doing the 25km journey each way by car. I also got to know multiple train and bus routes. Had several anxious moments when a late night train would be cancelled, but there was always some route back to my place in the sticks.   
  8. Dijon Mustard taste set

    There's normally Dijon mustard in Rewe et al around here but none to be found over the last two or three weeks.  
  9. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    I went to the Kulturforum galleries, which were cool, spacious and very quiet. It was nice to be able to go into more than one, and just look at the exhibits you find most interesting, without feeling  obliged to look at everything to make the most of the normal entrance price. Also, having saved let's say 25 yo yos on travel and tickets, you're perhaps more likely to splurge a bit on a meal out so other businesses benefit.
  10. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Today it's the first Sunday of the month and in Berlin entrance to most museums/art galleries is free. A very good value day combined with the 9 euro ticket!
  11. Paysafe Card for Customs duty

    OH was sent an e-mail ostensibly from the Zoll informing him that tax was due on a book from outside the EU, and the only way of paying it in order to receive the item was to buy a Paysafe card for €50. The mail had a believable "official" look and address. And he is expecting a book. Anyway, to be ignored if you get one. The Verbraucherzentral says the Zoll do not communicate by e-mail. Bin it.    
  12. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    I travel by a busy train line which often looks overcrowded, with people sitting on the stairs. However, dozens of seats are actually occupied by bags, rucksacks etc. I politely insist on sitting down and always find a seat. The carriages unfortunately are not designed for storage of actual luggage/suitcases, causing many other seats to be blocked.
  13. Roe v Wade

    Why are you requoting an inaccurate post? It was already explained above that abortion is now legal in the Irish Republic, albeit it took a shocking death to ultimately swing the change.
  14. BREXIT positives and negatives

    So the people who choose to post on the Tesla thread are representative of the forum population as a whole? Not a very good statistical sample. Maybe read  the Cheddar Cheese thread too to get a bit of balance.
  15. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Where on earth, or on this forum, is your evidence for this statement?