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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    No, but of course it's complicated. Here's a reasonable summary, I think: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-55411621.amp
  2. Coronavirus

      Is it different from state to state? We got the forms online and just handed them in ready filled in. Also an airport terminal! Whole procedure very slick.
  3. What are you cooking today?

    Yes of course, but we don't all live in the vicinity of such wonderful markets!
  4. What are you cooking today?

    Am heading to the fridge right now to rescue my coriander from its pack!
  5. What are you cooking today?

    I usually can find pathetically small packs of coriander leaves in REWE, in the cool cabinet with the various bags of salads. Horribly overpriced and it goes mushy if you don't eat it soon. Must try growing the stuff, I love it!
  6. Tea stains on kitchen counter

    No immediate plans for moving though would like to downsize eventually. I'd just like to have it looking nice for me; it was so smart when it was new only about 3 years ago! Am just fearful of doing a botched job, as I tend to be impatient! Have managed to do small items of softwood furniture acceptably, but this material seems so different ...
  7. Tea stains on kitchen counter

    Well, the Putzstein won't break the bank and can be used elsewhere if it doesn't work, thanks! I suspect I have tried so many methods on the stains that they are probably now chemically bound in to the surface!      
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    On his way into Narnia was he?
  9. Number 66 at least shows some insight!! 66. “I have never been noticeably reticent about talking on subjects about which I know nothing.” To a group of industrialists in 1961
  10. Tea stains on kitchen counter

    I tried the oxy-action stuff on the problem zones, no use.   I'm toying with trying paint on the end section by the sink where the staining is bad, before giving up and getting it replaced. Any ideas of what kind of suitable primer and paint that would be available here I might try? Ideally would do a bit of arty blending to produce a sort of cloudy charcoal grey!
  11. Tea stains on kitchen counter

    Oh, I have the same problem, but on my really nice  deep charcoal-grey laminate. Several water rings and tea stains which really show up. I've tried all the baking soda and other suggestions googling comes up with, even stainless steel cleaner was one. No success. (Had a quick go with black shoe polish too!!) I'll have a look at the wax pen idea but am pretty resigned to eventually replacing the whole work surface.
  12. What are you cooking today?

    I made two batches of hot cross buns. Somehow four large-ish ones survived but had dried up a bit so I converted them into bread-and-butter pudding. Simple food always the best!
  13. Coronavirus

    It seems like wait and see at the moment. From an articles in the Berliner Morgenpost: Die Stiko soll zudem bis Ende April eine Empfehlung dazu abgeben. Offen ist zum Beispiel auch noch, ob man einen anderen Impfstoff für die Zweitimpfung nehmen kann, ohne die Wirksamkeit der Impfung zu verringern. Die EU-Arzneimittelbehörde EMA kündigte an, dass auch sie – voraussichtlich bis zum 9. April – ihre Impfempfehlung überarbeiten werde.
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Oh the Sun, sure. Of course they will have fact-checked everything, oder?!!! Is it clear that the couple has lived there legally before the cut off date, otherwise 3rd national rules apply. On that Spanish forum I referred to above, posters point out many avenues of advice that are open to people with problems. Probably the Sun isn't the most reliable source fot international law, unless it pertains to bodily dangly bits.
  15. German pension after a divorce

    I agree people should just say if they don't know, but how many of us can quote the detailed thinking behind every law and regulation even in our own job when put on the spot? Ultimately you have your answer in the detailed court ruling. If it bothers you that much then get it translated! Otherwise you just end up with half-baked or uninformed opinions about the reasons.