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  1. Retiring due to ill-health

    Do you mean the UK Teachers Pension? If you were a normal employee in a state school you would have automatically paid into it. But if you were doing supply work, you would have had to opt into it. I don't think there's an equivalent here, just the normal Rentemversicherung. Maybe different if you had Beamter status? Good luck with your treatment x
  2. BBC World News retuning?

    Located the new position, thanks again!   (Had a big fight with the inneren Schweinhunds first!)
  3. BBC World News retuning?

    Thanks very much Spidey for taking the time. I'll do that later on when I'm feeling brave, maybe after Shopping Queen is over in case I manage to delete everything. Who needs news anyway!  
  4. BBC World News retuning?

    You see, even question 1 is like being faced with algebra at school! My telly's a Sony Bravia so integral satellite receiver (??) Satellite is Astra 19,2 On the zapper is an i-manual. I've looked through the bits about Einstellungen, Suchlauf etc. but can't see how to follow the retune message. If It's not something sensible for me to try without running the risk of detuning everything I will graciously accept any advice not to meddle and call in someone qualified!
  5. BBC World News retuning?

    Thanks Spidey, that was at least non-teccy  !   Next step is the how ... 
  6. BBC World News retuning?

    BBC World News disappeared from my satellite channel yesterday. The rolling message said retune to HD 11.229 MHz Vertical. Can any kind soul explain in non-tech language what to do?  hopefully!
  7. English for kids self-employment opportunities

    Wouldn't approaching your local Jugendamt for advice be a good first step? I can't imagine there wouldn't be a whole raft of child protection/insurance/health and safety etc. regulations required for running teaching out of your own or rented premises.  You don't say how old the children would be, whether parents would be present, how long you envisage sessions to be, all factors that would make a difference. There's plenty of demand for English tutoring, which is usually done either at the child's house or on the premises of a Nachhilfe company who would then be responsible for all the regulatory stuff. Beware of using job titles for which you are not officially qualified, e.g. Lehrerin. Professionally qualified teachers from the UK or USA are not necessarily regarded as qualified teachers here for example. Same goes for Erzieherin. And regulations vary from state to state.
  8. What to name your baby?

    Anne doesn't work in German. You get called Enn all the time 
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Bodicea is obviously going to sort it for us!
  10. Question for contact lens wearers...

    I have Menicon Z gas permeables (hard) which are excellent. Wear them all day and always soak at night, even though they are extended wear. I use any all in one solution from a drug store, e.g. at the moment it's Best Wear All in One Lösung from Rossmann.  I used Menicon's own brand at first, more expensive and I didn't find it better or worse.    Have worn contacts for nearly 50 years and they only start to feel scratchy as the surface begins to wear. I usually need new ones after about 18 months, and for the last few years have ordered them online with never a problem.   i don't think you should use cleaners for soft lenses with hard ones as far as I remember.
  11. Are power outages rare or common in Germany?

    We are notified of planned outages well in advance.   Surprise interruptions are not uncommon in my village, and we're not up a remote mountain somewhere. Maybe 2-3 times per year..
  12. Where are you a tax resident?

     @rodisi   Page 8-10 seemed to do the job!
  13. Thanks, just wondered!
  14. Wouldn't a person who is too young to receive a pension be classed as unemployed rather than retired, and therefore treated under the agreements for jobseekers?
  15. Rumtopf?

    Thanks, I'll get her on to that!