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  1. Urban Gardening: Where to find scrap wood and soil

    I was thinking about doing a raised bed and also mulling over the possible alternatives for the sides. I read that wooden sides are also a favoured place for slugs to hang out.  Anyway, somehow research led me to the No Dig gardening method, which sounded like a very good idea indeed! This would also cut out having to get topsoil as the method should bring the existing soil into use, even if it's weedy or grass covered. Which mine is - typical hard-packed, grassed over sandy Brandenburg soil. Thought I'd give it a go, and have prepared the bed which is about 3×2m. It really didn't take long (me, petite woman heading for the 3-score and ten years.) Am intrigued to see what develops! Here's a link: https://www.growveg.co.uk/guides/no-dig-gardening-create-new-beds-the-easy-way/  
  2. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Maybe he's the husband of this lady!    
  3. What are you cooking today?

    I still love baked beans! As a child I wanted them every lunchtime, on a doorstep of freshly baked white bread, with an orange for afterwards. Quite a well balanced meal for an active kiddy! I see baked beans, gebackene Bohnen; in most supermarkets here, not just Heinz which I think are very expensive.
  4. Thanks everyone...

    Last time I was in Ireland, every time we'd decide to set off for a walk, the dog from the next house down would wander out of his gate and follow us, same procedure as we passed every dog residence til we had a little procession down to the sea. On the way back they'd peel off one by one to their homes. All very relaxed! 😊
  5. Krankenkasse contributions from UK state pension

    Yes, you pay this amount for Kranken and Pflege from the UK state pension. It is worse when you also have a company pension, (Betriebsrente) where the contributions more or less double, off the top of my head. (Though I think they have now introduced a new threshold since January. Am still waiting for my final reckoning. They keep sending me recalculations - worse than following Satnav directions ...!)
  6. The Guardian online has heaps of articles. She could use the search function for specific aspects e.g  brexit racism, brexit weekly, brexit Erasmus etc. - the kind of topics that might come up in that level of exam. "Discuss the possible implications of Brexit on x."
  7. Poo Pourri! I have just learnt of the existence of this intriguing product, but only see it advertised online. Anyone sighted it in a shop?
  8. Stay at home mom, married, health insurance

    Re.Minijob/heath insurance summary in German: https://krankenkassen.net/gesetzliche-krankenversicherung/450-euro-job-wer-zahlt-die-krankenkasse.html   No, a minijob doesn't cover you. You are expected to be covered by other means if you don't have another main job and this is normally Familenversicherung. Or private if you have it. It says that exceptionally the Arbeitsamt will cover this but only if you're claiming ALG 2 which is probably why the lady made the having enough to make ends meet comment.   And definitely follow EJ's advice.
  9. Handling inheritance - do I need an Erbschein?

    https://www.hausgold.de/nicht-jeder-erbe-benoetigt-einen-erbschein/ This explains some of the situations where an Erbschein may not be needed, and Vollmacht can be one of them, e.g. for access to bank accounts. But I would be amazed if that applied to property inheritance (Layperson opinion.)
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Spotted a mistake - shouldn't it be Disunited Kingdom ...?
  11. You are not alone. It's the same in Brandenburg, not a peep yet. There's a list somewhere of the states that have got procedures in place, but I can't remember where.
  12. Distance learning for High Schoolers

    Googling threw up this http://www.fernschulstrasse.de/NewFiles/fragen.html  
  13. Brexit, New residence permits

    Cheers, good to know it's not just B'burg.
  14. Hello, just wondering if  anyone has yet had any instructions for applying for the new permit from Brandenburg, as the affected amongst us are required to do? I'm sure I read that the local Ausländerbehörde would actively contact UK people already resident once the transition phase began. So far nota peep. We are in LDS  district and their Brexit info. page hasn't been updated for ages. (Apparently there are only about 70 of us in the area. Berlin with many many more got it's procedure up and running last year.) Perhaps they are waiting on finalised government guidelines?
  15. Inheritance laws - Family of different nationalities

    No simple answers. See: https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/family/inheritances/planning-inheritance/index_en.htm