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  1. There is a long thread on this subject already: This is illegal but I expect there are plenty of sharks out there willing to fleece you for a high price to do it. Why won't the current landlord supply the rental confirmation? They are legally obliged to ... unless you're already in some dodgy situation there...
  2. Studying Law in Germany

    Um, don't assume tuition will be free for you post Brexit. Some (all?) unis are reintroducing fees for non EU students. http://www.studying-in-germany.org/germany-will-reintroduce-tuition-fees-non-eu-students/   But perhaps you have Polish nationality?
  3. Oooohh, with my -14 maybe I should get two pairs!!
  4. will i go to jail ? Prescription drugs

    Isn't Advil just Ibuprofen? Maybe if you asked for that it'd be cheaper and is, I think, prescription free up to a certain dosage.
  5. Maximum age for apprenticeships?

    Here's a link explaining the outlook for older apprentices and the legal rights (age-discrimination is in principle not allowed) https://www.azubi.de/beruf/tipps/ausbildung-ueber-30   I was listening to a news programme yesterday saying that there is a huge surplus of apprenticeship places in Berlin. Some employers are very welcoming of older starters who bring experience and life skills to the table. (Siemens were mentioned as offering top quality training) I get the impression that Germany has become more flexible in recent years.  Of course functional German is important, as there is the school side of the qualfication to cover as well as the practical training.
  6. Aphantasia - people who cannot visualize

    Thank you for your reply, books. Isn't it interesting how we humans vary and assume things about each other as being "normal." And that you've only recently discovered this!  It's a bit like people who hear music in colours and are stunned when they find out that this is rare. Perfumiers can blend smells in their imagination, some musicians can read the black dots of a new orchestral score and hear it playing,  rare people can see a complex ornamented building and come home and draw it, and so on. All imaginative skills that few have. I agree a better term is needed, as it implies a lack of something that does not seem to have impeded you in any way, and actually doesn't reflect what you describe. 
  7. Aphantasia - people who cannot visualize

    What happens when you read books, books? (not being sarky!) I can't read a novel, or a description of something, without automatically visualising and sensing the scene, in someway as if I 'm there. Does the printed word just come over to you as written facts? How do you recall places you've been, meals you have eaten? Or is it only imaginary situations you can't visualise? I can't imagine not being able to do this, fascinating!
  8. Claiming back UK state pension contributions

    Hi again!  They won't let you onto the online service if you live overseas.    Thanks also HEM, he will speak to the RV anyway, since he already receives a small German pension. Maybe that will be the easiest in the end. We've just been looking at the international claim form and it's horrendous, e.g.list every UK address you've ever had, times when you were on holiday there .... ! Perhaps by (still!) being EU citizens it short circuits a lot of that?
  9. Claiming back UK state pension contributions

    Thank you very much, I wasn't aware of that service. He's registering right now.   Happy Easter weekend !
  10. Claiming back UK state pension contributions

    @arunadasi Hi, would you mind telling me how you applied? The UK gov site says: To claim your pension, you can either: contact the International Pension Centre send the international claim form to the International Pension Centre (the address is on the form)   My husband, who wants to apply now, contacted the Pension Centre, who told him he should contact the Rentenversicherung in Hamburg. But wouldn't it be easier for him to use the claim form, which at least is all in English? Or does it make any difference? (His German skills in officialese are somewhat uncertain!)
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Cheer up everybody! Today is World Piano Day (88th day - 88 keys, for those slow on the uptake like me!) Listen to some beautiful music!!
  12. Me: "Would you like a cup of tea?"   German friends, male or female, "Ja, gern!" or "Danke."   British OH, "I might do."   Irish family, "Would you be making one for yourself?"
  13. Been and gone and done it!

    (Generally sounds like bin and gorn and dunnit in London!) Apart from the rather neutral "gesagt, getan," is there an equivalent lively translation?
  14. Troublemaker Makler - Work around possible?

      Renting and buying are different. Landlords now have to pay the Makler fee, but that doesn't apply to house purchase: the buyer still pays (unless there's some agreement to split the commission between buyer and seller, not likely in hot markets) Most of the properties for sale von Privat or that look cheap have sitting tenants. There's generally no advantage to the seller to not use a  Makler it would seem.
  15. A level requirement

    German Abi students have to do 2 foreign languages plus German!