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  1. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Gives your meal Boris appeal! (For those ancient enough to remember the ad!)
  2. Johnson begging Brazil for Christmas turkey

    Interesting map. Which of these measurements would be regarded as within normal safe limits?
  3. What are you cooking today?

    Tryna get a rise, oder?!
  4. What are you cooking today?

    Thanks, I'll pop in tomorrow when I'm in town.
  5. What are you cooking today?

    Hi Tap, what are they calling it? Like you I just sieve in baking powder but self-raising would sometimes be convenient. I've sometimes seen Fertigmehl which I thought  might be it, but it doesn't contain any raising agent.
  6. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    The logic? The day 2 test is a great money spinner, innit?
  7. German women and femininity

    Disaster! The salon my hairdresser worked in has just shut down. It took a few goes to find one who understood that after a certain age one doesn't automatically want a style à la Queen/Margaret Thatcher. They'd do an okayish cut and then start backcombing .. aaarrrgh! I've been with this one for 20 years and we've worked our way through various bobs and I now sport a pixy cut, think Judi Dench, with my own silvery grey colour!  Be yourselves, everyone!
  8. German women and femininity

       I put a cheap plasic sieve thingy over the plughole. Works well. Even with my short fine hair it's surprising how much comes out over a couple of washes.
  9. BREXIT positives and negatives

    I heard about the German licence thingy on the BBC news. Perhaps they'll offer milk float drivers the job next?!
  10. No, the two I know both had C1 and had studied previously in German. And if I remember rightly, the course included maths at what to me looked quite a high level, even though their 2 specialist subjects were non- mathematical.
  11. Stamping Passports post-Brexit

    Because the UK is no longer an EU member and its citizens are now third country  nationals restricted to a 90 day stay in the Schengen area.  You have a German passport = EU citizen = you aren't going to get triggered and face legal overstaying conseqences. Presumably Cyprus also has its own immigration formalites which perhaps include stamping all passports?  
  12. Stamping Passports post-Brexit

    We were in the vicinity of the airport yesterday so OH popped in to the Bundespolizei office there. They overstamped it with lines and did some computer stuff. No scolding occurred!    
  13. Stamping Passports post-Brexit

    He rang a helpline that told him to contact the Bundespolizei at the arrival airport. They said he can call to the office there when in the vicinity to have the stamp cancelled if he was concerned.
  14. Stamping Passports post-Brexit

    OH just checked his passport, he got back from the UK yesterday. It was stamped. But then he realised he presented his driving licence by mistake instead of the residence card (they look similar) ... now wondering if he should take some preemtive action ...
  15. German Einschulung vs. American 1st day of school

    In some schools the children in the 2nd class are very involved, responsible for a little entertainment, telling the new ones their experiences, making 'welcome' decorations etc. They are now the ones 'in the know'. It's a little rite of passage for everyone.