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  1. Buying a house without realtor

    How did you find out the sold price? Trying to work out possible market values of properties around here seems to need personal access to the Top Secret Grundbuchamt!  
  2. The trouble is, from the point of view of the owner, that he has to give a legally recognised reason for ending the rental contract. As far as I understand it, wanting to sell the property is not per se an adequate reason. So what is he to do?  Even if you want to let an apartment for a limited term, say a year or two, you still have to give a reason in advance. Whereas the tenant can leave having given the correct notice. I would be very chary indeed about letting out a place, knowing that if I did need to sell it might be a nightmare to get the place back empty, even having given a tenant a generous notice period, or alternatively having to sell the place tenanted, maybe at a loss. (I'm not defending big money grabbing property developers here, just thinking of the point of view of a small private owner.) 
  3. Coronavirus

    People are good about wearing masks in at least the required places where I am, and I think more are wearing them in the street than before
  4. Coronavirus

      " ... he will do  As he do do And there's no doing anything about it!" T.S Eliot, "The Rum Tum Tugger."
  5. Pardon?? The roll out doesn't start til Dec 27th and then to front line carers and the 80+ age.  https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen/coronavirus/coronavirus-impfung-faq-1788988   Have I missed something?
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      Oh, the joys of the First Past the Post system!
  7. Of course they look for mutations! It has been known for a long time that viruses can and do mutate - change/adapt very rapidly. Flu vaccines have to change every year.  Any virologist worth their salt will have been looking for and tracking mutations from day 1 with this one.
  8. Hours of suspenseful pleasure reading Le Carré's books. I especially remember the wonderful BBC series of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and the marvellous Nunc Dimittis theme music  https://youtu.be/Y3suBkZ1aIg   How strange to be living freely and safely with family and friends in those once frightening places of the cold war ... it's all so fragile  ...   edit spelling
  9. Coronavirus

    Something I didn't realise and apparently many people are unaware; today I spotted an item in the local paper that since 1st December there is Maskenpflicht in car parks belonging to supermarkets/retailers.  I think this is Germany-wide but not certain.
  10. Closure of UK bank accounts to EU residents

    I am so sorry to hear that Keefy. Sending a big hug.
  11. Has anyone applied for an Irish passport?

    About a year after the referendum, an English colleague asked me "What's this Brexit thing?"!   
  12. Has anyone applied for an Irish passport?

    Yes, it's no problem. Just follow the steps on the website. https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/moving_country/irish_citizenship/#  
  13.   I shall insist son invites us to a plate-warming ceremony!
  14.   Good to know of other possibilites Mackle. I found Wayfair.de has denby and have ordered the plates I wanted as a present for someone. That Imperial Blue design has really stood the test of time!    
  15. Brexit, New residence permits

    DIABOLICAL LAUGHTER!! Thank you ☺☺☺