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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    John Bercow has been the one golden nugget amongst the steaming pile of dog poo that Brexit has shat upon the nation.
  2. Curtain supplies - any suggestions for shops or websites?

     I don't live in Hamburg but have found header tapes in any shop that sells curtain fabric,  e.g. Höffner, which I think is everywhere. I 've also used Curtains, curtains, curtains in the UK for ready mades in "proper" lined curtain fabric and not the ubiquitous nets. https://www.curtainscurtainscurtains.co.uk/fabric-sitemap.html  
  3. This thread should help you understand what the role of the notary is here, which is very different to the UK for example. You would be very ill advised to sign a contract on the advice of a Makler getting 50% commission supported by his pet lawyer. You as the buyer have the greater say in the choice of Notar. It would not be a waste of time and money to search for an English speaking lawyer or Notar to advise you independently, and may save you a packet of future heartache. If you are being pressured to complete, run.  
  4. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

    I have always had good, fair and painless treatment by my German dentist. Lots of emphasis on prophylaxis and parodontosis prevention.  A couple of ancient amalgam fillings were replaced by ceramic at my choice when said fillings cracked. My kids grew up mostly here and have no fillings. (Unlike my mouthful of NHS vintage dentistry!)
  5. Registering a new passport with Einwohnermeldeamt

    Sorry, was trying to respond to john_b (How do you properly get rid of a wrong quote?)   Anyway, I live in the sticks so you just pop into the Amt and the friendly lady remembers you!  
  6. Registering a new passport with Einwohnermeldeamt

    I brought my Irish passport to the Einwohnermmeldeamt a couple of weeks ago. They just entered in all the details and took a copy. They also asked to check my UK one, so bring that along too. No hassle. Didn't see the point of waiting until we're over the cliff edge, despite all the reassurances.
  7. The irish ctizenship website is actually amazingly clear on what is required, depending on the relationship through which you are applying, and also, depending on where you were born.    If your parent was born in Ireland, and you also, you would of course already have an Irish birth cert. However, if you were born outside the island of Ireland, you do need to be put on the register of foreign births before you can apply for the passport. (Even though you have always been an Irish citizen by right, by virtue of your Irish parent.) I did this recently here and it was quite quick and painless. But I did not get a nice shiny cert, just a boring reference number which you send in with your passport application!   If for any reason you need to resort to the grandparent line, obtaining acceptable copies is not difficult or expensive.   When you get your passport, bring it along to your Einwohnermeldeamt. They will copy it and add the details to their files. No charge.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      Oh, must've got too excited and missed out on the UK bit! Well, one is a niece, resident in the UK. So I don't count, again, sigh!   (P..S. My profile doesn't "claim" anything, just states a fact.)
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Well, three of us have added to the numbers! Only my poor husband is marooned in his pure English descent 
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      Just about sums up the whole mess doesn't it? Remember all those Brexit Bonuses for Britain? Drum roll .... "And the latest Save our Freight contracts are awarded to .... France, Denmark, oh, and our very own British shipping company (with no ships or timetables or staff ) 'Coming soon!' says the website .... 
  11. HD takeover

    Update: All efforts with the TV failed so came to the conclusion it must be a hardware issue. The nice telly man came today at an hour's notice and found the LNB thingy had a crack and was open to the weather. And it is HD as you said! 👍 Thanks for help and good wishes to everyone for the New Year.
  12. HD takeover

    Thanks again Spider, I thought I'd done a full scan but will have a go at the chart when not under the influence of high % Rumtopf etc!
  13. HD takeover

    Thank you for replying; have been busy feeding and "watering" family in the meanwhile so didn't get back!  It's a Sony Bravia KDL32EX707, own house, dish on roof, number of cables keine Ahnung, think 1, neighbours away, nobody fiddled with zapper! Limit of my tech know-how! I fear that the case is lost to get zdf back according to this article that I just found, as we haven't got an HD set: https://www.chip.de/news/ARD-ZDF-schalten-SD-Signal-ab-Das-muessen-Sat-Zuschauer-jetzt-wissen_121495578.html   So if we don't want to buy a whole new telly, we have to buy some box ... Most annoying is that BBC world news has vanished.  Oh well, more time for reading and playing music!! Cheers all!
  14. HD takeover

    Sorry to be gormless Spider, but what info would be useful?
  15. HD takeover

    Thanks Spider but the SDs (not all) have gone into hiding here!