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  1. Or you could spend 3 days in the Harz Mountains e.g. using Wernigerode or Quedlinburg as a base. Picturesque, wild,  historic, half-timbered houses and crooked streets galore, probably snow ...
  2. Registering at GP (family doctor)

    Just turn up at a GP (Hausartz) surgery with your insurance card. You don 't register as such here so you can change docs without fuss if you want to. At mine I can always see a doc at short notice if I'm prepared to hang around.
  3. How to appeal a Finanzamt income tax judgement

    THM; basically yes, but it's not straightforward. (Is it ever!)   Panda, warm thanks again!
  4. How to appeal a Finanzamt income tax judgement

    Thank you Panda. We, (normally generous minded people!) wouldn't feel too many pangs of sympathy giving the particular Beamter a bit of extra work, given the levels of anxiety and anger he's caused us. It would seem silly to sign away the right to appeal to court, should we decide to do so.   I've been reading as best as I can in German about going to law, and I think I understood that we would have to file the case within one month of receiving the Fa decision. Would that be the present letter, in which they do present their reasons? It is not titled " Ablehnungsbescheid" but simply starts,  "Ihre Einsprüche sind nach meinen Festellungen unbegründet" and then gives his reasons. (Sorry if it's blindly obvious but I gather that if one goes to court there are extremely strict deadlines and procedures to be observed.) Cheers.
  5. How to appeal a Finanzamt income tax judgement

    Old thread but the topic title fits.   We have been objecting to a Finanzamt decision which required us to repay quite a large amount, previously granted as tax rebates. We have repaid the sum, but with strong objections. Our Steuerberater has submitted the appeals against their decision, but to no avail. Today's letter from the Fa reiterates their decision and wants us to withdraw the appeal by the end of this month, and has sent a prepared form for this.  The (simple ?!) question is , what happens if we do not reply by their deadline? Will they just close the case automatically? Or will we start to incur costs with them? Morally we do not want to withdraw in writing an objection to a decision that we feel is wrong, and that even the Steuerberater says is very harsh.    ( The next legal step as I understand it would be to present the case to the Finanzgericht, but obviously this would be where legal expenses can escalate fast and the risks of failure carrying court costs... shiver...) I'll of course speak to the Sb. on Monday but would be grateful for any helpful food for thought. Thanks.
  6. It's rather annoying for the Brandenburgers this year, as normally they can head up to Berlin for a day's shopping!
  7. Janx and Vronchen are correct. Tuesday, Reformationstag, is normally a public holiday only in certain states. This year it is a one-off nationwide holiday. Wednesday, All Saints, continues as a normal holiday only in certain states. Bridging days are discretionary. Great if some of you get the  five days!
  8. End of roaming charges in the EU

    I was unable to get mobile data while in Scotland in the summer; use Vodafone prepaid Smartphone Special. Had loaded up with plenty of cash, no problems with phoning.
  9. African intellectuals heading world orginisations

    Maybe there's a God in heaven. Maybe worms turn. No further comment, sorry! 🤐
  10. African intellectuals heading world orginisations

    Reminds me of my feelings when I heard years ago that former Provisional IRA leader Martin Mc Guinness had been appointed to be Northern Ireland's Minister of Education.
  11. Need competent foot doctor ASAP

    A few years ago I had both big toenails removed from the root as they were ingrowing and subject to fungal infection. The op was carried out under general anaesthetic just as a day procedure by an orthopedic surgeon. I seem to remember I needed at least three weeks before returning to work. (would recommend wearing steel-capped work shoes if anywhere in the vicinity of children and dogs careering around ...)
  12. Retiring due to ill-health

    Do you mean the UK Teachers Pension? If you were a normal employee in a state school you would have automatically paid into it. But if you were doing supply work, you would have had to opt into it. I don't think there's an equivalent here, just the normal Rentemversicherung. Maybe different if you had Beamter status? Good luck with your treatment x
  13. BBC World News retuning?

    Located the new position, thanks again!   (Had a big fight with the inneren Schweinhunds first!)
  14. BBC World News retuning?

    Thanks very much Spidey for taking the time. I'll do that later on when I'm feeling brave, maybe after Shopping Queen is over in case I manage to delete everything. Who needs news anyway!  
  15. BBC World News retuning?

    You see, even question 1 is like being faced with algebra at school! My telly's a Sony Bravia so integral satellite receiver (??) Satellite is Astra 19,2 On the zapper is an i-manual. I've looked through the bits about Einstellungen, Suchlauf etc. but can't see how to follow the retune message. If It's not something sensible for me to try without running the risk of detuning everything I will graciously accept any advice not to meddle and call in someone qualified!