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  1. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Another crap article in a toe-rag paper, that.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Good on them for spotting a loophole. There is a link to the poll in this article. We have signed and sent the link to anyone we know will be interested.  
  3. Death in neighbour's family

    People give money in my village too, not so far from Berlin. It's a gesture to help out with all the expenses. I was surprised to be given some too on my mum's death, even though she was not buried here.
  4. Is this a Scam

    On their website you can find contact details for complaints. https://acnuk.org/about/administrationswebsite-terms-of-use/ Whether it's an honest mistake on their part or someone using them to scam they will want to know about it. My mum donated to them for years in her lifetime with no problems.
  5. Apart from the speaking tips, I would plead for read, read, read. To her and with her. You will naturally fall into conversing about the stories, ideas and information in the books. This way you will grow her vocabulary and enable the development of more abstract, academic English usage. In totally play/social settings she will naturally keep up the day-to-day language of social interaction, the "kitchen" language. And I would urge keeping English spelling drills up - I regretted not doing this with mine, mistakingly assuming they'd get enough in school English lessons and picking it up naturally through reading, as I did as a child. As totally competent bilinguals their spelling is appalling.
  6. Lost UK Expatriate Voting Rights

      "The 15-year limit on expats voting in general elections is to be lifted, allowing UK citizens living abroad to continue casting their ballots for the rest of their lives."   Does anyone else see a pack of escaped horses and wide-open stable doors?
  7. Spanish lottery scam via post

  8. Spanish lottery scam via post

    In case anyone else has got one, am reviving this thread as I've just received a very similar letter. Apparently I've won a million or so in the Euromillions UK draw, which to the best of my knowledge I have never entered. The security firm dealing it is, wait for it - Don Jose Bloggs!! The letter is in badly written German. Of course bank details are required.
  9. Bescherung

    Thanks Franklan, I somehow missed the Begriff section!
  10. Jahrgang

    Thanks Luke, our posts crossed. But isn't it confusing if Jahrgang can be both birth year and start of school?  (Oh yippee, I just realised I can suddenly be 5 years younger!! 🤗🤗)
  11. Bescherung

    Ah, thanks Marianne!  (I tried wiki but without success. Would you mind sharing a link?)  
  12. Jahrgang

    Baujahr?! I thought that was for inanimate objects, though that may also apply to some humans!  Perhaps it could apply to persons of, ahem, a certain vintage!  
  13. Bescherung

    A seasonal question! I believe "Bescherung" only applies to the distribution of Christmas presents, here usually on Christmas Eve. (Do correct if mistaken!) I'd like to know the origin of the word but I haven't got a dictionary showing roots and I can't find an online source of German etymology.. Advent cheers to all!
  14. Jahrgang

    I sometimes see e.g.  "... , Jahrgang 1970" translated as "..., born in 1970." But my feeling is, from the usual contexts I see it, that it means the year in which one entered school, i.e. one's school cohort. Which is correct from a native speaker's understanding?  
  15. My kids went to a Gesamtschule and had the opportunity to do the normal Abitur. It was not the same as a Berufskolleg.