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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Naja, BJs single market for NI isn't quite the full blown EU Single Market is it? As far as I understand, for NI it is just the market in goods, and not services or free movement of labour as envisioned in the EU. (Free movement of capital never seems to be a problem for the rich. Cynical me) Strange how every concept BJ touches goes all blurry and confused round the edges ...   The situation for NI? A bit like the Grand Old Duke of York's army; And when they were out they were out And when they were in they were in But now that they're only halfway in They are neither out nor in.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      I suggest the Marianas Trench.
  3. Stabmatten fences

    Thank you very much! ?
  4. Stabmatten fences

    Hello, what are Stabmatten or Doppelstabmatten fences in English? They are very common here but I don't recall seeing them in the UK. 
  5. WT absolute F?

    Tell your company to sack the lawyer, who is obviously not up to date. Even with a crash-out Brexit we have 3 months to apply for the permit, during which period we are legal residents. https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en/aussenpolitik/europa/Brexit/brexit-preparedness?openAccordionId=item-2208980-3-panel
  6. I think you are wrong. I looked into this and read the Gernan govt. information on this as the Brexit shitstorm gathered and we were looking for our options. It was pretty clear that only non-EU citizens were eligible to apply. After Brexit, we have been assured of the right to apply and receive it. (This also includes a waiver of the language proof requirement, a big stumbling step for some.) Some states have already implemented and are processing applications, eg Berlin. One of my sons has just got his, no problem. We live in Brandenburg state which up to now has not issued a tad of information or help. Whether you have any particular rights as a spouse I don't know.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      In this context it's the likelihood of the UK state pension being frozen that's being talked about. Other pensions - company/private whatever, have their own conditions.
  8. Fawlty Towers quotes - What's your favourite?

      This is not a dormant thread. 'E's just resting.
  9. Is it a good moment to buy an apartment ?

    It seems that the population of Berlin is increasing much faster than predicted, but the picture is very varied according to area and age-distribution. http://www.sowirdberlin.de/so-viele/  
  10. is a secondary income double taxed?

    My understanding (as a non-expert) is that as a resident you must declare your worldwide income. Whether you are taxed on it directly depends on if the country in question has a double taxation agreement with Germany. If it is not taxable here directly, it may still put you into a higher tax bracket here.  I expect a bit of googling will quickly find more specific info. for the country.
  11. Perfectly good German! As Mark Twain so lucidly explained: "In the German it is true that by some oversight of the inventor of the language, a Woman is a female; but a Wife (Weib) is not -- which is unfortunate. A Wife, here, has no sex; she is neuter; so, according to the grammar, a fish is he, his scales are she, but a fishwife is neither."   (From "The Awful German Language.")
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Centurions for border duties thrown in at no extra cost!
  13. Running a bed and breakfast business in Germany

    I was in two Airbnbs recently; they each offered a basic breakfast if wanted, but not the choice that you'd get in a normal bnb.
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    This thread is up to date: The first page is all you need for information. Followed by several pages of  bickering