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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    There's a lllllong waiting list for eye-tests in Moscow, innit?
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Things have changed amazingly in Ireland! In my childhood, the standard cheese on everybody's tea table was Galtee processed cheese sold in a little box. Now there's a wonderful range of quality local cheeses to rival the French. Irish food is generally excellent. When I think of the poor, narrow-minded place I knew, that country has been transformed in every way over the last couple of decades, not least due to embracing EU membership.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Any European negotiator with a sense of history will be gloomily regretting they didn't listen to de Gaulle when Britain was desperately trying to get in to the then Common Market. "Non!"
  4. Closure of UK bank accounts to EU residents

    That I don't know, sorry.
  5. Closure of UK bank accounts to EU residents

    I just "chatted" to Nat West .  I have checked and would like to inform you that, your bank account will not be closed, There should be no change to how you make and receive payments to EU countries. And, of course, you can continue to access your bank account through the mobile app and online banking to conduct your everyday banking needs. Please click here , you can check on the link to get more information regarding the Brexit and how you can easily access your account and lates update as well  Hopefully this is the case. They need to make a public statement  to reassure people I think. Fingers crossed.
  6. Closure of UK bank accounts to EU residents

    I somehow didn't notice the similar thread over on Finance. Seems like HSBC should probably continue, if with some reduced services. Somebody is recommending looking at the Starling Bank which I have never heard of but comes out well in a Which report.  
  7. Closure of UK bank accounts to EU residents

    You're probably right, I fear. Theoretically we've tried transferring on the occasional day when the rate goes up a bit, but mostly we miss it and as non-savvy  people not glued to a fast computer and telephone we usually miss out on any fleeting increase. NatWest seems to be biding it's time but the outlook isn't good. I've been with them for 50 years! We are all victims of the turds at the top who are ruining the UK.  
  8. Closure of UK bank accounts to EU residents

    Oh, that's disappointing feedback! Was just lookibg at their website which says yes, you can open an acct from the EU, yes, you can carry on using an existing acct after Brexit, yes you can open savings accounts ... Still, if NatWest lets us down maybe just have to put up with grotty service ... 😐
  9. As reported in the newspapers, this seems to be an ever increasing possibilty if no deal Brexshit happens. I thought it might be useful to have a specific thread for updates. Knowledgeable and inventive people here may have ideas about what we can do. It seems that the biggest hurdle is being able to provide and prove a UK residential address, if I understand correctly.  Barclaycard for example will not accept a C/O address or a company address.   So far, for me, B'card has just shut down the cc account, even before the Nov 16th deadline.   Nat West has no information online or having spoken to the call centre. They seem to be doing wait and see.   I don't want to be caught out having to make arrangements for pension payments etc. at the last minute. I'll lose a lot of money with the crap exchange rate if I just transfer the balance here.    Any ideas? Open an account with an offshore bank? (expensive?) HSBC any good?   
  10. Herbstdeko - suggestions

    Kik stores are a good source of cheap but often surprisingly nice deco stuff. But the seasonal themes do sell out quickly.
  11. Herbstdeko - suggestions

    Edible things! Don't forget pumpkins! They come in an incredible range of colours and patterns. Plus apples and pears in all their hues. A shallow basket overbrimming with colurful healthy stuff and a few scattered leaves and nuts round it will instantly give you warm, Earth Mother feelings!
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Very big sigh. Everything still depends on those BoJo assholes agreeing some sort of deal.   https://www.ukfinance.org.uk/brexit/no-deal-brexit-faqs-customer-guide It's all still up in the air but prepare for the worse.
  13. Is German TV awful?

    I have "travelled" all over Germany watching the dozens of Tatorts! 
  14. Coronavirus

    Seems like some states allow it and others not: https://www.stuttgarter-nachrichten.de/inhalt.visier-alternative-mundschutz-mhsd.649f1595-76f3-421b-9f5d-7937f0b3b051.html
  15. Barclaycard writes to expat cardholders

    My OH phoned Bcard to ask for an explanation. After spending ages, he spoke to a helpful person, who told him the account was already closed! She tried to put him through to Complaints on his request and all that achieved was being put on hold for so long he gave up.  Fait accompli. F to the customer obviously.