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  1. Just read on BBC that “Fast”Eddie Clarke, original member of Motorhead died today at age 67.  I’m sorry to say I don’t know any of this band’s music.  I do recall when another bandmate passed, named Lemmy, that this was on the same level as David Bowie, so they must be a significant band.  Without knowing anything of him, I do think 67 is dishearteningly young age die of pneumonia.  May he rest in peace.
  2. Walter Becker, musician and co-founder of the band Steeley Dan, died today at age 67.   RIP. This band currently is/was still working and in the middle of a tour.    "Are you reelin' in the years, stowin' away the time...".  Great lyrics, great guitar work on that song.
  3. Glenn Campbell, country singer known for "Rhinestone Cowboy",  died August 8th after a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease.  He died in a Nashville specialty care facility at age 81.  I honestly can't name anything he did apart from this one popular song, but since his diagnosis I have seen his daughter do an interview discussing the struggles of her father and what this disease does to the entire family.  Not that there's a better way than another to die, but this sounded particularly long and brutally slow.  May he RIP.
  4. Sam Shepherd, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and actor, died on Thursday, July 27th.