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  1. This is California Friend.

    I live in Eching. I need some

    One 2 hours a day. From 5

    Oclock until 7 o'clock. Too

    Feed my dog and me.

    Simple cooking. Keeping

    Apartment neat. I am in bed

    And washing of small amount. This job is quite

    Long. Not a week








  2. Pet and property sitting in Munich

    Are you in Munich? I am looking for house sitting and my dog. 089 90181331
  3. ALL my electronics for sale

    Is the washer sold?
  4. Mail

    I asked this question because of the corona virus. Do the planes still carry the mail or does it go by ship. Normally when things go by ship it is about 6 weeks. They wait for enough stuff to ship.
  5. Mail

    I sent a letter air mail on April 17th and it hasn’t arrived. Has anyone else had this problem?