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  1. Please Note: Consulate employees cannot function as witnesses; please bring any required witnesses to the appointment.   Not helpful at all. 
  2. Thank you for the input; the documents need to be indeed notarized with a refinance.   I will see if the embassy can speak to when and if a witness is required; ifi anyone has any more definite response on that in this community I appreciate the input. 
  3. I am currently living and working in Nuremberg and hoping to close a refinance for a property in LA within the next week. I found some 10 year old forum postings of other users saying the only way to sign mortgage papers in Germany is at the Embassy with horror stories of ppl having to pay up to 400 EUR for getting 5 pages notarized.   Question I would love to get input on: Does it still hold true that the only option to get (refinance) mortgage papers signed for a US bank is at the embassy? If anyone has gone through the process, do I need to bring a witness and does it need to be a US citizen? My US bank doesn't really know :|   Many thanks in advance.
  4. Single/M/41/no kids I've been talking to a large German organization about a Sr leadership position located in Germany. After some initial back and forth on what an Arbeitsvertrag would feature I have made a spreadsheet to try to compare competing offers. The comparison factors I am considering are: PTO (US 20 / DE 30) Paid holidays (US 10 / DE 31) Cost of living (US city 78.72 / DE city 72.83 using numbeo.com) Currency fluctuation Tax rates (US 38.6% / DE 44.5% using brutto-netto-rechner.info) Pension funds (still lots of questions for the employer) Severance Social security services (not all that applicable; I have good healthcare in the US, hardly ever get sick, and don't expect to have kids anytime soon) Qualitative factors (how much I would enjoy the job, home base, travel costs to get away etc) Job protection/safety Working hours/ working times/ overtime regulations (US/DE all inclusive; same 40hr baseline) Period of notice (US none, DE 3 months) My questions: Am I missing any critical aspects in the list above to make the "translation"? It seems there would be no yearly vesting of LTIs in my contract as I am used to in the US but everything vests after 3 years; is that common? How negotiable is PTO days typically in DE? it was a common negotiation item in my US contracts Does the tax rate seem about right on the DE side for a single male, no kids with a base of approx. $300k EUR Can I assume Bonus payments to be taxed at the same rate as my base income or progressively? Is it true that there are no severance constructs in DE? I had established 9-12mos in the US for leadership positions Thanks much for any input!