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  1. Getting an S1 for moving to another EU country

    According to the EU's official page on forms for social security rights, S1 is the current form that certifies one's entitlement to healthcare from another country.  The S1 replaces the E106, E109, and E121 forms, but some institutions still issue the old forms (which I presume remain valid).   I thought I'd post this information here because I'm in a similar situation.  I asked my Krankenkasse for an S1 and they gave me an application for an E106 instead.  It took me a while to figure out that the forms are supposed to be equivalent.
  2. Absolutely; it's only been six hours since I posted the ad.   I got your private message, and anyone else interested is welcome to contact me that way as well.
  3. We are seeking follow-on tenants for our 56 m² apartment in Darmstadt, located next to a park with a playground and just a 15-minute walk to downtown.  The apartment would be ideal for a couple or a small family.  It has a large balcony facing the southwest, a separate kitchen, a bathroom with a bathtub, two bedrooms, and a living room.  The kitchen and bathroom have tiled floors and the other rooms have laminate flooring.  The kitchen cabinets and appliances (washing machine, refrigerator, oven/stove, and microwave) can be taken over on agreement.  There is a large storage room in the basement and a covered, enclosed bicycle storage area.   The flat is in good condition, and the whole building was completely renovated in 2009.  The neighbours are friendly and quiet, and there are ample shopping facilities nearby.  Total rent is currently €784 (€554 Kaltmiete + €230 Nebenkosten).   Anyone interested can send me a private message here.
  4. Finanzamt - unknowing violation of visa

      Maybe. According to her profile, the OP has logged into Toytown in the past year.  If she's subscribed to this thread (which is the only one she's ever posted in) then maybe she'll respond.
  5. What's up with Hallesche? (No response to communication)

      I think the wording here leaves open the possibility that we can still be covered (albeit at a different tariff) even if we move abroad.   But if I'm wrong, or if the new tariff is too high, do you happen to know any dental insurance plans that will cover us regardless of where in the EU we live?  Occasional international moves are not uncommon in our professions, but we don't want to start over with zero coverage every time we move.
  6. Does anyone here have any recent experience with Hallesche—in particular, any experience getting hold of customer service?   A year or two ago we signed up online for their dental insurance (Zahnzusatzversicherung) on the strength of recommendations here and on other websites.  Apart from sending in reimbursement forms for teeth cleaning, we've never had any reason to contact them until now.  Basically, we're moving abroad and so need to discuss the possibility of keeping our policies, which we would generally prefer to do so that we can keep the coverage level we've accumulated.  (According to the fine print it is possible to keep the policies after moving abroad, but only at a different tariff, so we need to know what this tariff is, and to cancel the policies in case it is too high.)   The problem is that Hallesche aren't responding to our queries.  They never answer the phone and haven't responded to two queries using their online contact form we've sent in the past month.  I guess the next step is a registered letter.   I did some Googling and turned up a review site where people are posting similar complaints.  Almost all of the recent reviews say that, while the company had been very good in the past, recently they have become almost completely uncommunicative, even to letters sent Einschreiben/Rückschein.  Even requests for reimbursement or certificates of coverage are taking months to process.   Does anyone here know what's up with Hallesche, or have any recent success in getting them to respond to queries?
  7.   It does according to the European Parliament's summary of national electoral rules—in fact, voting abroad at embassies is listed as an option for the vast majority of EU states.  Even if the embassy is responsible only for collecting the ballot papers (as opposed to registering voters or distributing ballots), you would think that they should at least mention this on the website, and refer enquirers to the national election authority for other aspects of the voting process.   I was curious about this so I checked the websites of a few other countries' embassies to Germany just now and they all do contain instructions (or links to instructions) for citizens voting abroad.  My embassy seems to be the sole exception.  (Again, either that or I am dense and can't find the information there.)
  8.   Meanwhile, I can't find any information at all on my own country's embassy website about voting abroad.  Unless I'm overlooking something, I'd say that they are either they are too slow getting information out to voters, too incompetent to do it at all, or actively trying to prevent expats from voting.
  9. Some further digging turns up a schedule from the Bundeswahlleiter that says that postal ballots for the European Parliament elections will be available only from 15 March.  So it is looking increasingly likely that I will be able to vote in neither Germany nor Austria…   I also found out that my country of citizenship provides for voting by post or at the embassy, so I will look into that option.
  10. Sure, but that's not really relevant.  At least at my university, the band for (post)doctoral researchers is determined by whether or not you are leading an independent research group, and the level within the band is determined largely by the number of years of experience you have in the position (or in similar past positions).  Positions are advertised by band, not by band and level.
  11. I can only echo what others have already posted: you should be fine to start applying (and even start working) now, before you formally get your degree.  I work at a university research lab and we have occasionally hired ABDs (all-but-dissertations) for postdoc positions, with the understanding that the candidate will receive their degree within a few months of taking up the position.  If they don't have the degree before starting work, then we just list them on our staff web page under "doctoral researchers" and move them to the "postdoctoral researchers" section once they get their diploma.  There's never any difference in salary (all doctoral researchers and all junior postdocs are on E13; only senior postdocs leading their own research group get E14).
  12. I currently live in Darmstadt but will be moving to Vienna on 14 March.  I'm an EU citizen (of neither Germany nor Austria) and want to vote in the upcoming EU Parliament elections.   The problem is that in Vienna, the deadline for voter registration is 12 March, so I won't be able to register to vote as an Austrian resident.  Even though I won't be living in Germany on the date of the election, would I still be able to vote as a German resident, perhaps with an advance or postal ballot?  I tried looking online and while I found some information on postal ballots (Briefwahl), I didn't find out whether it would be possible to obtain and cast one after leaving the country, nor whether there was any way of voting early (i.e., before my 14 March moving date).   (In case anyone asks, voting in my country of citizenship is not an option as I've never been registered there and don't want to travel all the way there just to cast a ballot.)
  13. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

      "Die von Ihnen aufgerufene Seite wurde nicht gefunden."  Got a working link?
  14. Lol 😆 Mahnung to my alter ego.

      Did you subscribe to the magazine using an Internet connection that you, or someone in your household or workplace, pays for?  Did you create or check your e-mail account from such an Internet connection?  Did you pick up the magazines from the church address that you supplied?  If the answers to any of these questions is "yes", then of course they can identify you.  It might take a bit of work on their part, such as subpoenaing records from your ISP or e-mail provider, or calling your fellow congregants as witnesses, but it's very much doable.  Whether or not they'd be willing to go to the trouble is another matter.  
  15.   That may have been because the amount you paid into the UK state pension (£146) wasn't worth the hassle of refiling.  I paid the statutory maximum for overseas residents (£2880, IIRC) into a private UK pension for several years, so maybe this makes it worthwhile to amend my returns (if this is even possible).