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  1. I currently live in Darmstadt but will be moving to Vienna on 14 March.  I'm an EU citizen (of neither Germany nor Austria) and want to vote in the upcoming EU Parliament elections.   The problem is that in Vienna, the deadline for voter registration is 12 March, so I won't be able to register to vote as an Austrian resident.  Even though I won't be living in Germany on the date of the election, would I still be able to vote as a German resident, perhaps with an advance or postal ballot?  I tried looking online and while I found some information on postal ballots (Briefwahl), I didn't find out whether it would be possible to obtain and cast one after leaving the country, nor whether there was any way of voting early (i.e., before my 14 March moving date).   (In case anyone asks, voting in my country of citizenship is not an option as I've never been registered there and don't want to travel all the way there just to cast a ballot.)