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  1. Hi

    My husband works at Holzirchen as well and our daughter (now 2yrs) she'll be going to starnberg.

    We decided to live in Solln which is about 30' drive to work for my husband, and has very good connection to downtown (U3 line 8 stops to main square Marienplatz) and Sbahn. both lines are 10' walk from where we live or 2 ' by bus


    as for the school, Starneberg is 15' drive and there is a school bus that picks them in this area and your children should be just fine with it.


    In Solln there are not so many shops as in the other area, so for clothing etc you might want to go to other area or downtown, but is very quite.


    there are sport clubs.


    We enjoy here.


    Grunwald although closer to Holzkirchen through small roads, is a bit far from the city and you would always need the car

    Pullach is just few km away from Solln but as no U-line (underground)


    There are also many people living in Starnberg but I guess it would be too far from Holzkirchen then




  2. Hi all


    I'm back from holidays and I'll concentrate on the projects in the next weeks.

    Hope to get all details sorted out by the end of the month and i'm still aiming for sept.




    To Ralitsa,

    I do not have connection in Dusseldorf, but I would be willing to share with you my experience on this project


  3. Hi to all

    the course will most probably take place in Pasing, just off the S-bahn.

    If we start as I planned, it will be in September when most of us are back from holidays and can have a group that does not fall apart after a couple of lesson (new comers would impact on the learning process).


    you can also contact me on italianmum@fastmailfm so that I can create a list and communicate will all of you in a more personal way




  4. Hi


    I have been discussing with some other mums on setting up a "learn German" course for mums with kids and no kindergarten or kindergrippe.


    We would have a German teacher twice a week and at the same time music&play classes for our kids next door.


    This means not only avoid learning from non-native German speaking, but proper German (including grammar) and at the same time meet new mums and having somebody looking after our kids, and for them having fun.


    Of course is not a for free program.


    Would you be interested in participating. Class would be of no more than 6 students




  5. Hi to all

    we recently moved to Munich and immediatly realized that a bike carrier for kids is a must here.

    We surfed on internet and prices range from 70 euro up to 1000 euro.


    We will not heavly use it, as I have a car, and mostly in the city.


    We have a 2 yrs old kid, but planning to have a 2nd one: the 2 seats is definetly the option.


    How can I choose one? What should i look at?

    Where best to buy


    Many thanks




  6. Hi Sarah


    As for the kidnergarten you really have to hurry up as it seems is the most difficult task in Germany. Once you've decided in which area you'll be living, you can have a look at that contains a list of kindergarten in the area. On the same site (in the German part only unfortunately) you can find also the list of international schools/kindergarten.


    As for German, I have a private teacher and she's very nice. If you are interested, I can check with her. I normally go to her place in the area of Starnberg, but I know that she is also availble to come over.


    BTW we live in Solln. if you want you can email me directly on


    Good luck




  7. Hi KitBunPup


    we are trying to set up a playgroup in Solln (U3 Aidenbakstrasse or S-bahn Solln).

    If you are interested in joining, please send a PM to

    we've got a discussion forum as well called Playgroups in Solln

    We all have kids around 2 yrs




  8. We very recently arrived in Solln with our 2 yrs old girl.

    if you decide to be in the neighbourhood, just PM and we'll be happy to be your first "friends" and share the info we'll collect meanwhile.


    PS We liked Solln since is easy to commute by underground, bus or car,and still have a nice house with a garden