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  1. Hi. Sorry I do not regularly check on to town. I have a kid in 8th grade and has been attending the school since 1st grade. Extremely happy to go to school and normally counting the days to the end of the summer holidays (I consider this a very good sign). In terms of tuition the program is the same as the Bavarian school so no much of difference in the curricula. However the school is not "annerkant" so for tbr switch to state school, a test is required. I know few people that did it (mostly changed after 4th grade) and their kids made it to gymnasium no problem. For more parent reference, you can read comments/ask one of the Italian parents grroup.


  2. In case of interest, the bilingual Italian-German school located in Obersendling will host its "Tag der offenen Tür" this Saturday November 11, from 3pm to 6pm.

    the school has  elementary classes and Gymnasium (2018-19 up to the 7th grow in the next years up to Abitur)


    The school is opened to all nationalities and follows the Bavarian curriculum


    if interested,  you can find more info on their website



  3. Hi

    we live in Solln. It is a very quite area, and there are kindergardens, also bilingual as already stated. Plenty of supermarkets, but no real shopping centres...which is fine with us, but might be a problem for someone.

    Schools in the area are mainly German public, with exception for the Italian-German one.

    there are also some German private like Isarschule and St Anna.

    If you stay closer to Aidenbachstrasse, you can get to the city centre also via subway (U3).

    There are new houses/apartment recently constructed.

    We like there, is quite being not far from the city centre.

    Happy to help further. Just PM me


  4. HI I had considered PremiumSIM, and applied including Number carry over. As I needed to pay my current provider, I had to check with PremiumSIM and had the misfortune to deal with their service. I waited for 29 min on the phone till somebody picked up the phone, to then been treated rudly and being hanged up on my face!

    I was not yet their client and they have treated me like this, imagine if you are a customer already! normally they are friendly and helpful when come to customer acquisition.

    Their misbehaviour made me decide to stay with my current provider and search another alternative!

    FYI my current provider is also using O2 network and in the last months I had several issues and had to call them. As the network is O2 also with PremiumSIM there would be plenty of occasion to call them...and wait on the line for 29 min!


  5.  @ Akilles there is a info evening on the gymnasium next week on April 14 at 1830

    See quote from LDV website"  14. April 2016 um 18.30 Uhr im Multifunktionsraum der Schule Baierbrunner Str. 28 statt. Eine Kinderbetreuung ist organisiert. "

    here the link


    might be worth going there, collect all info needed and can ask any question you still have




  6. 4 hours ago, Akilles said:

    Dear Italianmum and PandaMunich,


    Thank you for your reply! So you confirm that Leonardo da Vinci school is a staatlich anerkannt? So pupils can change whenever they like to a state school without exams? And is the same for the Gymnasium?


    Have a nice day,



    If this is true for the elementary, it is not true fr the gymnasium. But I would say that best is to call the school. they are always very open and helpful


  7. Hi Akilles,

    I can help if you want. My daughter attends the Leonardo da Vinci and will continue through the gymnasium there. We are extremely happy and so is she.

    Her class is quite small, but she feels at home. Tuition is according to the Bavarian curricula, as follows the same rule as for the Montessori or Waldrfschule with regards to continuing throught he gymnasium and Abitur exams.


    The kids learn both languages every day, doing both grammar, reading, maths etc. The primary language gets the priority in tuitition.


    If interested, I can share my email and tel no






  8. Dear all,

    the school as just started and for some it is not yet time to think about next year, but in case you are thinking ahead and collecting info,  I just wanted to share this one.


    I thought of sharing a good news to us in case helpful to others.



    The German Italian bilingual school in Obersendling, named Leonardo da Vinci, that my daughter is happily attending since 2 years, will continue through the Gymnasium as of next year.


    On October 8 at 18.30, the school will publically present the program.


    In case of interest,here the info (sorry in German) I have copied from the website


    Infoabend Donnerstag 8. Oktober 2015, 18.30

    Infoabend für das bilinguale deutsch-italienische Ganztagsgymnasium Leonardo da Vinci

    Eine Betreuung für die Kinder ist organisiert

    U-Bahn-Station Obersendling

    Wir freuen uns auf Sie und beatworten gerne Ihre Fragen!


    Baierbrunnerstrasse 28 – 81379 München (Obersendling) – Tel: 089 78749383 –



    Hope the info is useful to someone.




  9. The bilingual Italian-German school Leonardo da Vinci will host an info evening for parents interested.


    the event has been scheduled on Jan 22, 2015 at 18,30.

    the school is located in Obersendling at Baierbrunnerstrasse (U3 Obersendling or S7/20/27 Siemenswerke)

    here the link to their homepage where flyer can also be downloaded



    FYI classes are small, and kids do not need necessarily to speak both languages, but of course will learn both


  10. the Kindergarten/hort Doppiomondo is offering some activities (some in Italian, some in German) for kids aged 4-8 yo as of Sept.



    Worth checking if you are leaving not far from Obersendling (U3 Aidenbachstrasse) or you are looking for a Hort place.





    (!! please do not send me any enquiry to me or write here but contact directly is fine)





  11. This Saturday great stuff at Italian-German fleamarket

    Sat 24 3pm-6pm @ Murnauerstrasse 265 81379 Munich

    (U3 aidenbachstrasse or bus line 63 Murnauestrasse) by the Doppiomondo kidnerkrippe/kindergarten


    Clothes, shoes, toys, books (German and Italian mainly), bicycles, bike trailers, laufrad, nursing items, pregnancy dresses, etc

    Mainly kids related, but other things might also be offered.


    The flea market will be indoor and outdoor. Come and shop!





  12. As mum I always look for interesting classes for my child to attend.


    Here some classes offered by the Kindergarten Doppiomondo

    A way for your kids to socialize, learn, move, get inspired.


    Here some nice afternoon activities for kids aged 3-4 and 5+ in Obersendling


    Kids 3-4 yo:

    - Bewegungsart Tuesday15.30-16.15 - 10 classes 100 euro. 11 March to 27 May. In German


    Kids 5+ yo:

    - Bewegungsart Tuesday1516.30-17.30 - 10 classes 100 euro. 11 March to 27 May. In German


    - Riciclarte - the art of recycling Thursday 15.45 - 16.45. 12 classes 110 euro. 13 March to 13 July. In Italian.

    - Learn Italian "la Linguaccia". Fridays 15.00 - 16.00. 120 euro. (kids 6+ yo) . 14 March to 18 July. In Italian.


    For more info and application , please write to







  13. Pizza, I like very much the one at Oliveto. In Italy there are different type of pizzas depending on the region (in Rome and Milan is very thin, whilst in Naples - where the pizza was officially born- is thicker). Also ingredients are important.

    Try the Orginale be Oliveto (near Goetheplatz) is with buffallo mozzarella


    a small tip from an Italian biggrin.gif


    PS otherwise try out something different like a tigella (typical of modena area) at ladytigella near isartor...this to show that if you search authentic italian food you have a chance here, but would need to test


  14. Hi all,


    I have just discovered your group and would like to attend it especially if meeting on Sundays.

    Please keep me informed with a PM.Thanks


    (who has an old digital camera and is far from being a professional photographer)


  15. This might be of interest to those looking for more German classes for their 4+ kids.


    The kindergarten Doppiomondo (U3 line - Aidenbachstrasse) is about to organize a Theater course in German for kids 4+.

    Is open also to external (to the kiga) kids.


    Classes will be run by a professional experience Theater teacher for kids and will take place on Friday's afternoon (around 4pm, time to be confirmed).


    There are not many spots available (I guess around 5, but needs to be checked).


    for more info, please contact directly the kindergarten @




  16. Do you have a 4+yo child and looking for some funny way to improve his/her German?


    The Doppiomondo kindergarten (U3 Aidenbachstrasse) will offer art and theatre classes in German open to extrnal kids.


    All classes are afternoon classes (starting after 3.30pm, time and day depending on the specific course).


    For more info please write to info@doppiomondo. de.

    Please mention in the subject: "Info on activities in German for external kids"


    The kiga offers the same classes also in Italian (defferent time/day of course)


    Do not PM me as I know very little about this, I just heard and want to share


  17. Hi Kiter


    our daughter is still to young, but we decided to live in Solln as she will go to the MIS. There is a school bus arranged from the MIS leaving at the corner.

    We wanted to be well connected to the city centre but yet have a garden and be close to MIS.


    I personally know other families living in Gruenwald or by Goetheplatz. All their kids take the school bus and do not seem to be bothered with the travelling.


    So my advice is checked the area served by the bus and then make sure you are well connected to the public transport.


    Good luck




  18. If any of you is interested in a thermomix, I would be more than happy to show you how great this is and how life becomes easier, expecially if you are a full time working person, not a great cook but still like to have people over for dinner or feed your family in a nice and healthy way...with a bit of creativity.


    PM me if you are in Munich and wants a demonstration or partecipate to one evening cooking session!