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  1. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

    I left Germany and worked for a company in Switzerland for 4 years and came back to Germany Nov 2016 as an Entreprenuer, and founded a company and sold my company to another company in Jan 2018, Feb & March job suchen visa and from April 2018 been working in Hamburg with a Blue card. 
  2. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

    Thanks, thats certainly helpful.  The people in the auslanderbehorde are the dumbest people. They cant work with anything other than square (defined straight forward cases).    I am also a German master graduate with more than 32 months of pension contribution and German level TELC B2 certificate. I can get a NE with just 24 months of residence and pension contributions. They bullshit me now that It would be considered only if applied straight 24 months of work after my graduation back in 2012. I left Germany to work for another Company in Switzerland and only to come back for this nightmare.    Cheers, K
  3. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

    Dear TurMech,  @TurMech I live in Hamburg and faced with a similar situation. can you let me know which Auslanderbehorde did you apply through ?  I was asked to come to the appointment last week and only to be informed that I dont satisfy the 21 months requirement after receiving the Blue card. The fact is that I have contributed to roughly 20 months during my time in 2011 & 2012, when I had my first blue card. I was informed by the employee in the Auslanderbehorde nord that my previous stay&contributions with blue card wont be counted. Is there any law which i can cite to them or any help would be appreciated. Thanks and regards,  K