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  1. From November 1st 2015 on the laws concerning registration  at the local Einwohner-Meldeamt/Bürgeramt will undergo important changes.   The main change is that you will need a confirmation of your landlord for registration. This confirmation has to include his/her name, address, the location of the apartment/house you are going to rent plus the names of the renter(s) who are going to register under this address.   This confirmation can be issued in written to you as well as per e-mail to the authorities. In that case the landlord will be given a code number which he has to pass to you and which you can use at the authorities when you show up for the registration process.   Same procedure applies for de-registration.   Another change which could turn out to be unpleasant for some is that the landlord now can get information about the persons registered under his rented apartment from the authorities. Subletting without the landlords permission will get more risky.