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  1. The phone has 64 GB
  2. You can stop looking now, because you've found the perfect Christmas present!   I'm selling my beloved iPhone 6s. Top condition. Original packaging. Includes charger and headset (which was only used once). No SIM lock.   All for only 200€ !!!   It's in almost perfect condition, but the screen does have some very fine, almost invisible scratches and scuffs from going in and out of pockets for a couple of years. I tried to get a decent photo but you no luck. Apart from that, it's never been dropped or had any other major damage. I also had the battery replaced a few weeks ago (see attachments), because Apple was offering a deal to replace it for 29€ instead of the normal 79€ before 31st of December.    So it's almost like a brand new one!   Viewing/Pickup on the weekends or evenings after 6PM Location: near Herkomerplatz Call James: +49 172 486 9521 Or send me a message