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  1. Recycling in NRW

    I have a question regarding recycling, I live in a dorm near the Uni where I study at, and they do not provide bins for recycling/separating waste. And because of that, I would separate garbage that are recyclable (paper and boxes, plastic bottles, and metal containers like hairspray cans) and dispose them at supermarkets and drugstores like dm where recycling bins are provided, and I have done this for the past one year I have lived here in Germany. Everything else would go into the dumpster at the dorm.   Until today. I was at dm sorting out my plastic bottles and spray cans for recycling, as I would normally do when I shop there. The cashier who was in charge suddenly rudely yelled at me to not throw my rubbish there and that those bins were only for products bought from the store. So I told her that some of these products were actually bought from the store and some of them aren´t, so am I supposed to bring my receipt with me to prove this to you? And she replied Well, you are only allowed to dispose products purchased from the store, anything else can't be disposed here. Pretty much dumbfounded by her rudeness and her yelling at me in front of the other customers, I just left the store and went over to Edeka where such bins are also provided for recycling.   This got me wondering whether the woman at dm was right about the garbage, because where I come from, one can just recycle rubbish at ANY recycling bin. I just thought that those recycling bins were like those glass recycling bins that are on the street where anybody can just use them to recycle glass. And if she is right about this, does this mean that I am also not allowed to use the recycling bins provided at supermarkets? How then can I recycle?