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  1. Mik Dickinson's British-style bacon and gammon

    still here same old same old.Well i am old ha ha.
  2. Bacon Bacon Bacon!

    i can only say i have been having my full English every Sunday for the last 14 years get my butcher to make it  
  3.   My wife brought a flyer home today and next week it's British week at the Lidl from Thursday June 5, 2008.  Specialities like steak pies, baked beans, cheddar cheese, shortbread biscuits, malt vinegar and porridge.   All from a firm called Hatherwood.   Including also fish and chips, vinegar, pickle and CRISPS THAT AREN'T PAPRIKA FLAVOUR!!!   Click to find your nearest Lidl store.   Info about Lidl from Wikipedia:   Lidl is a European discount supermarket chain of German origin that operates 7,000 stores. In Germany it is Aldi's main competitor. Lidl has established itself in over 17 countries. It was founded in the 1930s by a member of the Schwarz family. In the 1970s, the first Lidl stores of today's incarnation opened. Lidl is not an abbreviation, but the last name of Ludwig Lidl, a retired teacher. It has become an iconic shop for low earners (pikeys) because of its mainly low pricing and as such is sometimes joked about.
  4.   I can get fresh proper bacon like back home in the UK. None of the streaky stuff, but real proper bacon. See product photo attached.  I have found a farmyard butcher, registered and legal. The meat is laid in brine for three weeks and then hung to dry in the cooler for a week. There are are no forced water or salt injections used. This makes the bacon comparable to a "bio" product.   Then I cut and vacuum pack the meat to customers' specifications. All freezable.   Costs are €13 per kilo. To be fair, a minimum order of one kilo is required. An order takes four weeks to go through the process.   So if anyone is interested, please get in touch. Click to send me a personal message.   A big thank you to all existing and new customers. Mik   Related topic: Other sources of British-style bacon in Munich   This is a paid placement posting.