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  1. Consequence of not paying German taxes

    yeh sure when i was working at the airport i was informed to take a piece of baggage belonging to the guy to an office.Inside was an american guy and he was well pissed off blasting is mouth off.The people inside the office were not impressed and i offered my service to translate.They thanked me for it.i told the guy he was being held as there he had forgotten to pay parking fines while borrowing someones car in Münich.The case was just about a year old.He said it was not him and he wanted his righta as an american citizen respected.The people in the office told him they respect the rights of everyone in Germany not just Americans.It was a  fine for €25 which he finally paid but only after e realised he had missed his connection flight
  2. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

  3. Self owned apartment renovation/structural changes

    why not just get a builder in for a quote and they will advise you.There are english speaking ones on Toytown
  4. Germany DB fine & police report for no train ticket

    if you paid the fine why worry you have proof???? but i must admit i guessed your nationality before i had finished reading the post
  5. Problem landlords and rental deposit returns

    Of course he is charging you could implant a threat that you need a bill for working time to claim on your tax.All legala nd then you could implant the threat that you will be informing the Finanzamt because i am damn sure that he is not paying tax on the earnings