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  1. Brexit, New residence permits

    if anything the Brexit pass will not run no more than 10 years before having to be renewed.The rulings are all based on the German identity card rulings  
  2. Phone call from boss suggesting I should find a new job

    i would look at this from a different perspective.Looks like the O.P s boss has been told he has to cut his department costs down.Normally in a company if reduncies are to be made there is a social plan made.Meaning single people then single parents and double earners ( wife and husband working ) go first.To me it looks like your boss is cutting his department costs by trying to get rid of you without Redundancy pay but its always always worth getting a lawyer on the subject  
  3. Brexit, New residence permits

    even thugh i have been here for 38 years i only got 4 years validity on my Brexit card.Due to the fact my passport runs out next year  
  4. Arbeitslosengeld and how it's calculated

    According to my experience it would be 66% on your average of the last 3 months but it is also capped to € 5000
  5. Smuggling becoming a standard...

    Cadburys and curly wurrlies are all available in the supermarket HIT.As to my bacon and widening my circles.Having to get dry ice and then add the price of posting and packaging would make it too expensive for customers