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  1. Mik Dickinson's British-style bacon and gammon

    Metall, the butcher has to slughter the animals them selves.I have tried a few butchers but they said orders are inconsistent and not really worth the hassle.Ideally the butcher would need to be around 84405 Dorfen + or - 10 km  
  2. Mik Dickinson's British-style bacon and gammon

    well guys its finally happened.I was informed yesterday by the butchers where i order they are finally giving up.2 of their butchers quit leaving one.They took on additional help for December to get christmas orders out but with only one butcher left ,their son, they have informed me they are folding the business.Been doing this for 15 years and it was nice to meet a lot of new people but its come to and end now   Regards to every one   Mik
  3.   I can get fresh proper bacon like back home in the UK. None of the streaky stuff, but real proper bacon. See product photo attached.   I have found a farmyard butcher, registered and legal. The meat is laid in brine for three weeks and then hung to dry in the cooler for a week. There are are no forced water or salt injections used. This makes the bacon comparable to a "bio" product.   Then I cut and vacuum pack the meat to customers' specifications. All freezable.   Costs are €13 per kilo. To be fair, a minimum order of one kilo is required. An order takes four weeks to go through the process.   So if anyone is interested, please get in touch. Click to send me a personal message.   A big thank you to all existing and new customers. Mik   Related topic: Other sources of British-style bacon in Munich