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  1. Hiya am interested but only have my CV in German is that ok?  
  2. House owner refuses to return deposit

    well well well another landlord looking for trouble.Of course the landlord in question will not have relayed his and his brother in laws earnings to the Finanzamt.This will make it Schwarzgeld which we all know is illegal.If you did lawyer up and won the case then said landlord would have cover your legal costs.Wait and see what happens with the Mietverein.If they can do nothing for you then lawyer up its a simple clear cut case in my eyes.Also i would want a receipt off the landlord tht the furniture had been legally scrapped.Of course a receipt for work encurred.He wont do this because he woud have to pay VAT and krankenkasse geld for his brother in law or anyone that helped him.If hey says he has one it on € 450 basis then he will have to pay the krankenkasse €180.Looks like said landlord has opened a can of worms especially if the Finanzamt threat comes in to play