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  1. Problem landlords and rental deposit returns

    @ Elgris.Your landlord is talking pure bullshit.For any material to soak up a smell it has to be permeable.i.e. clothes or like a carpet.How in Gods name can a laminate floor soak up a smell.Its physically impossible if the floor has been washed.Just a way of trying to keep your deposit..I remember a case years ago where a landlod wanted new carpets after a tenant moved out as the carpet was ruined.It came to court and the judge decided in favour of the rentee not the landlord.The person who rented had lived there for 20 years and the judge deemed that after 20 years new carpets should be re layed anyway.
  2. Could have made it easier and just gone to his local cop shop and asked them
  3. Left you a message as to your enquiry