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  1. So I seem to have made a mistake, trusted some people too much, etc. I  registered one day ago in minijob Zentrale a cleaning lady who’s supposed to start on the first of March at a €225 salary, so half the maximum for a minijob. The problem is that she has a main job and already a half Minijob cleaning somewhere else, and I just now while doing some further research read that she can’t work for me (as the third employer) at a mini job Basis in this case, and I’ll be liable for a lot more payments.    It may well be she has no clue about this (she accompanied me through the process and it was her decision to work for me on a mini job basis), but if I’m reading the situation right I need to cancel the registration and not employ her. She still doesn’t have a signed contract, by the way. Or is there something I’m not getting? Any help would be greatly appreciated, me and my wife both like the woman and I’d be sorry to make her go. But if necessary, what is the best way to cancel the Minijob registration? Does anybody know?   PS: does the ducking German government have a hidden interest in high levels of Schwarzarbeit? It’s already difficult to find someone willing to work legally, and then this asinine rules come into play. Perfect. We had someone for years working on a receipt basis, but she retired.
  2. Strafbefehl (leaving the scene of an accident)

    That’s not enough of an answer, you need to be sure. Black on white sure.   The problem is that Germany is as much as a ruled by the book country as you get, and you absolutely need an expert to navigate the automata (beamter) responsible for your case. They expect you to have one, there is a reason after all why legal insurance, haftpflicht insurance etc are so popular here. Trust us on this, we have many years of experience that you seem to lack.
  3. Strafbefehl (leaving the scene of an accident)

    that’s for you to know. I just inferred it from what you wrote on page 1. What does the letter(s) you received say?
  4. Strafbefehl (leaving the scene of an accident)

    On page 1 you explained that €4800 was the total, which means that the fine is 4800-2200 = €2600 which is less than €3000. So in effect you want to dare them to make you pay more?    For your own sake get a lawyer. In the last 15 years I’ve had my fair share of disagreements with Amts and other entities, and in no case I said in the end “damn that was easy, I should have had a go at it alone”. Germany is a lawyer’s land.   or don’t and do tell us later what was their reply. If you’re very lucky it’s Monday and they’ll just ignore your letter.  
  5. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      Tesla has you covered: Sentinel mode (check) + autonomous drive (check) +  Berlin special  KInetic Avoidance EMergency OTA update from Tesla (KIA'EM Package, hopefully in progress) 
  6. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt   Yeah, I'll  have to buy one.. one of this days   
  7. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      On the other hand, you have to be all kinds of stupid to know there's a specific road your car's limited autopilot has problems handling, experience this more than once and still rely on the autopilot while surfing your phone on that same road. It's a Darwin award right there.
  8. Coronavirus

      Since my wife is a medical doctor with a couple specialities under her belt (are you?)  I defer to her opinion on such matters as long as she doesn't try to teach me how to program or engineer stuff. 
  9. Sufficient salary ranges in and around Munich

      Parents of young children don't have the time or energy to get entertained at a rate of €1000/month on a €3000 income so that's a non-issue. How do you do it? and more importantly why?  I mean, if you live by yourself and get €10,000 net a month I can see spending 10% of it on women and blow. Is that the case?
  10. Coronavirus

      No one here, but I've heard it from colleagues at work just a couple days ago.
  11. Coronavirus

        There's nothing to recommend at the moment besides that I agree with you in avoiding meetings in China. Personally, we always have medicine, food and water stocked up anyway. I'm saying that governments and health care professionals have reasons to be very concerned and it's not an act or giant training exercise going on.
  12. Coronavirus

      According to my wife:  - Doctors and experts in Germany and Europe in general do not trust at all what China is saying, giving the fact that experts in China have been threatened and arrested for speaking since day 1.   - the mortality rate seems to hold fast at 2% or more, 20 times higher than the common flue.  - While SARS had a mortality rate far higher than that, it was little contagious in comparison with this virus.   So, no reason to panic, which makes things worse anyway, but going on like nothing abnormal is happening or can ever happen seems to me naively optimistic. 
  13. I didn’t know he is 80, in that case I take it back. My own father is 70 and tendentially easier to confuse.
  14. Jeba, you keep saying you’re German while at the same time showing an inability to search and understand simple concepts. What you just said has marginally to do with December’s law taxing options, etc   and nothing with the question.  So if you want to do the guy a favor translate the following text from, 05.2019:   Teilfrei­stel­lungen entlasten Anleger Als Ausgleich für geringere Erträge hält das Investment­steuerreformgesetz für Anleger eine Entschädigung bereit. Sie müssen nicht mehr für die gesamten Erträge Abgeltung­steuer abführen, sondern nur noch auf einen Teil. Die Höhe dieser Teilfrei­stellung hängt von der Fonds­art ab: Bei einem Fonds, der fort­laufend mehr als 50 Prozent in Aktien anlegt, bekommt der Privat­anleger 30 Prozent der Ausschüttungen steuerfrei. Bei einem Misch­fonds mit wenigs­tens 25 Prozent Aktien­anteil sind es 15 Prozent. Besitzer von Immobilienfonds­anteilen bekommen eine Frei­stellung von 60 Prozent. Investiert der Fonds vor allem in ausländische Immobilien (zu mindestens 51 Prozent), sind sogar 80 Prozent steuerfrei. Die Teilfrei­stel­lungen gelten für alle Erträge, also Dividenden und Verkaufs­gewinne – egal ob inländisch oder ausländisch. Gleich­zeitig ersetzt die neue Methode die Anrechnung der im Ausland gezahlten ausländischen Quellen­steuern im Rahmen der Steuererklärung. Für viele Anleger erübrigt sich so eine Menge Papierkrieg.
  15. Climate change

    It’s all a matter of implementation. A larger than life 2D video or hologram plus as you said what people would infer from it can be a big hit. Inking distance f2f meetings must in general die. If the technology is not immersive enough to replace them most times than it must be improved.