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  1. Decent hand car wash in/around MUC.

      Yeah, my next car will still be a Tesla (or possibly a german equivalent if Mercedes, VW, etc ever get their ducks in a row). Just not in a big rush specially as the resale value of my otherwise excellent Diesel gravitates toward zero nowadays. A couple of years are not worth the arguments with my wife
  2. Decent hand car wash in/around MUC.

      I realize you're stressed and hope you find a solution (my lust for a Tesla just dropped some significant points by reading that), but I can't help pointing out how german you're becoming  
  3.   .. that’s not the reason English is taught in schools. It’s a bit rich to have someone complaining that his native language is the world’s Lingua Franca. 
  4.   I managed to be invited into Trump’s private WhatsApp friends and family group and I’ll try to give  you a head’s up next time he’s about to tweet.   5% is not freefall. After the market crashes 30% and more it is time to start investing aggressively (i.e. rebalancing cash and bonds reserves into stock), until then I’m staying the course.
  5. I predict the prices will fall, and then rise, crash and rise in Munich and in the next 50 years, not necessarily in that order, and I’m willing to bet on it.
  6. Need legal advise on eigenbedarfskündigung

    Yeah, like some others you’ve had the brilliant idea of saving money by buying a rented apartment and at the same time want to avoid the inconvenience caused by someone already living there. Brilliant.   So, depending of whether your new mieter is young or old, pregnant or with small children, rich or poor, willing to be bothered or not, you may be heading into a world of trouble or not. Who knows? What we know is that in Germany renters have some rights and can’t be dumped at will. You can’t get that guaranteed from the Notary. The current seller could get that guaranteed for you by getting the renter to quit the contract before the sale, but why would he? He’s decided to sell as it is and not maximize the sell value by selling an empty apartment. In Munich the price difference is significant and I’d advise you to be prepared to offer a convincing part of the money you’re saving to your renter.
  7.   I'm very sure that he has a WhatsApp list of Family and Friends who he gives a heads up shortly in advance of tweeting. It's actually brilliant, if a CEO like Elon Musk tweets something that affects the market he'll run into problems, but Trump has been given no reason to believe he won't get away with it. the Republicans are such doormats that Trump may as well start screwing their women just for the fun of it.
  8.   The way to become wealthy is through investing income earned by of your hard work, either by expanding your business if you’re self employed or if you work for someone else by earning as much as possible, being frugal, and investing a substantial sum (€1000’s) per month in income producing assets which appreciate with time. If you proceed like this ETFs that represent the wide market will for sure make you rich. Other boring assets like real estate also work given time. Betting a few thousand in what you hope is the next amazon will almost certainly not work, a bit like playing the lottery is not a retirement plan.   Fraufruit has a diversified portfolio, she didn’t get wealthy by investing in one or two shares and hoping for the best (feel free to correct me, fraufruit.)    
  9.   Go with Onvista, it's rated Nr. 1 by Finanztest and it's also the cheapest.
  10.   Not even Warren Buffet could answer your question, and I presume he doesn't post here anyway. Long story short, dump the €10000 in a whole world low cost index fond (I'd recommend Vanguard FTSE All World because it's Vanguard, but others like Blackrock ishares MSCI world will do fine) and forget about it. Long term you'll be fine, which is something you can not be sure of if you start buying individual shares from sellers like Warren Buffet who know a lot more about the business than you do.    PS: My own Portfolio is around 90% index fonds and 10% individual stock. I consider the 10% in individual stock my playground. 
  11. Sufficient salary ranges in and around Munich

      Worst case the market may colapse and it will be a great time to invest even more. The stock market will in the long term continue to go up like it has always done since its invention. Or society colapses and never recovers in which case nothing really matters.
  12. Rules for increasing the rent

      That’s OK, I’m fine paying my due share of taxes. Otherwise I would move to the US or something where it’s much easier to be a slumlord. Good luck with your problems.    Although I might tell you that wishing she finds it too expensive and moves out contradicts her getting all the rental paid from the state. Just pick a lie and stick with it next time.
  13. Rules for increasing the rent

       What's the deal? did you renovate the place in the meantime? Are you financially distressed? Did you plan poorly? Increasing the rent 20% in one go for no obvious reason besides "I could be making more money" is anti-social. Even if you try to justify it with inflation, we didn't have an average inflation of 3.2% per year in the last 6 years in Germany. BTW, I'm a landlord too, but I like to sleep peacefully at night knowing my tenants don't hate/despise/fear my guts.    
  14.   You really must drive by my place for a beer, BBQ and to talk with my wife..
  15. Sufficient salary ranges in and around Munich

      In the nearby suburban areas it is a bit easier and your life can be even better than in Munich if you plan adequately your access to public transportation, time to work, etc. The towns to the south of Munich, for example,  offer a truly great quality of living for families: lots of green spaces, close to the florest and lakes and less populational density and polution.   You also have to plan your arrival. The time to apply for a Kindergarten place (presentially, not over the phone from wherever you are) is until March/April, in June they decide which and how many children to take and it's too late to apply. If you arrive in September or Dezember and ask for a place they'll most likely look at you funny.