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  1. All things Tesla

    Tesla is up 26% since I bought (some of) it ❤️   *I probably just jinxed it though.
  2. All things Tesla

  3. All things Tesla

      If these are crunch times for you (personally) buy a cheap car and only if you really need it, that much is obvious. If you are doing good with little likelihood of that changing and really want some luxury then it doesn't matter if we're in a recession or not. I'd cancel the order and buy a new one ( the cheapest., as the price of the LR version didn't nudge much)  if that's what it takes (i.e., if talking with them doesn't work in your favour). Tesla didn't betray you, they just don't care enough about your personal feelings  
  4. All things Tesla

    you’re confusing netto with brutto. The way I understand it both models Y and 3 are now below €40,000 before tax and thus qualify for the 4.5k bonus.
  5. All things Tesla

    Yep, that’s my feeling as well. Companies increase and drop prices - as they should- all the time in response to supply and demand dynamics. Otherwise capitalism does not work and you have cartels, socialism, etc.   The Tesla Y for €41,000 (after subsidies) is basically the car I was waiting for.
  6. All things Tesla

    Do you think that the LR is now worth the extra €10,000? It seems like a lot of money for a range increase of WLTP range increase of only 78 km. Is the 4WD really worth the difference in terms of added security etc?
  7. All things Tesla

    Screw it, after a brief talk with my wife we bought some Tesla stock as a Christmas present. Now to ignore the noise for the next year or two. I don’t know where the bottom is, but I’m sure there’s one at least.
  8. All things Tesla

    I don’t have one. 95% of my financial investments are in index funds anyway (world and SP500) plus a bit of Berkshire Hathaway (which I treat as a well managed fund). The remaining 5% is play money - invested in one stock or another.
  9. they won’t tell him. They’ll just register the event and wait to be contacted by the landlord.
  10. That reads like normal wear and tear though. In that case the landlord should indeed replace it. In my case, for example, my tenants hit the sliding door with a piece of furniture and it bent the railings - their fault. I’m lucky they were honest and assumed it from start. In another occasion, one bathtub’s tap was so internally damaged by erosion that it wouldn’t stop dripping, and I replaced both of them.  
  11. no they’re not. Schönheitsreparaturen don’t include broken things. If the tenant breaks something by accident (not by wear and tear) or on purpose he is always liable. It doesn’t matter if it’s a window, a door or the kitchen sink.
  12. One problem (which I had) is that insurance companies as a rule don’t pay new for old. They’ll inquire about age, artificially compute the state of degradation etc and in the end if all works out they’ll offer you half of what it actually costs to replace the broken stuff. Hence the hassle (for us, for them it’s worth it).
  13. I don’t know if they’re more easy going as it’s a small amount of money, but your landlord will have to accompany the process, not you. You basically just give your landlord your insurance number and at most get a claim number. I don’t know how the insurance will react if the landlord sends them the material bill - in the couple cases I had a claim I’ve always needed a Handwerker. On the other hand, the worst that can happen is that they say no.
  14. yeah, I misread your question the first time. I’d just replace it as €80 is not worth the hassle. I like my current tenants much more than the previous ones: they never call me *   * which means I’m not inclined to increase their rent. Live and let live and all that.
  15. This doesn’t answer your question directly, but my tenant broke the garden door last year while moving some furniture out and it was regulated though his Haftpflicht. It caused me some bureaucratic hassle but I was happy that he compensated for that by paying up on his own initiative the difference between the actual repair costs and what the insurance offered to pay up in first instance -> otherwise I’d have been forced to sue the money out of the insurance company (more hassle).   honestly, it’s €80. I’d just repair it.