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  1.   Pics or it didn't happen.
  2.   Yeah, it's funny and all here, but this guy has misogyny written all over his figurative face.
  3.   He suffers RACISM everytime a woman refuses to bow to his superior intelect and salary and for once sleep with him. A few computer scientists are like that.
  4.     Do tell us which jobs, how are the men doing them prejudiced against and, in particular,how you really feel about women.  
  5.   And they pay more taxes because of it. RACISM!   (Friday came early?)
  6.   I'd recommend you to get laid, but I suspect you can't.    
  7.   It's entirely surprising to know that you are single.   .. I'm actually astounded that you manage to reference the gender pay gap -by definition less pay for women than for men with equal education and work- and at the same time say that societies discriminate against men.
  8.   Maybe? Maybe you shouldn't be spreading erroneous information that somehow implies that the german tax code is prejudiced against men.
  9.   Hmm, a single young woman pays exactly as much taxes as a single young man. And if you're marrying someone with an income equal to yours or (God forbid?) higher than yours your tax load stays exactly the same or increases.   I do think your definition of racism needs adjusting.  
  10. Demographische Wandel -What's your plan?

      Swimmer, a salary of €80000 in the nineties is the equivalent to approximately €150000 now considering an inflation of 2.5% pa. That’s a lot of money, more than a lot if you were earning it in your 20’s, so congratulations. Almost no one earned or earns as much as that in Germany, though.. With that kind of income at that age you can even now buy a condo in a nice location in Munich and still go on vacations as much as you desire. When you’re basically a one percenter in terms of income and still in your 20s, barring accident, disease or overdose the world is your oyster.   In Germany education is still free, and many other costs have gone down significantly: computers, traveling -a two way ticket between Lisbon and London used to cost my father a months income-, cars (you can nowadays buy a good used one for little money and not have to worry about reliability) to name a few. Average salaries are not as high as they could be, true, and with the globalization and digitalization double whammy I don’t see the situation changing much.   as far as property prices go, real estate is indifferent to digitalization or globalization price downward pressures while the number of prime locations to live -safe, green, wealthy, fun- is decreasing while the global population is increasing. It’s difficult for it to end well.
  11. Demographische Wandel -What's your plan?

      You could do the math for them. Tell them to reduce their spending drastically, pay off their debts ASAP and afterward invest the extra money they now have instead of artificially elevating their lifestyle again. Or if they’re not good friends just ignore them, there are a lot more people in this world deserving of commiseration than 1st worlders with consumer debt.
  12. Demographische Wandel -What's your plan?

      I agree with you on everything, I’ll go even a bit further and say that someone  at the start of the career should have as a goal barebones financial independence at the age of forty, this meaning investing as much as possible instead of traveling around the world and buying expensive crap that seemingly is part of a certain “young professional” lifestyle.    I do believe in Germany’s capacity to solve problems, work efficiently and  progress, maybe because I’ve always work here with admittedly very good engineers and technicians.  Their mentality combined with Germany’s geographical centrality in Europe (and the effect of global warming) leads me to think that in the long term cities like Berlin or Munich are a safe bet, even though in the near future I predict wobbly times due to the auto industry’s failure to adapt. I also own rental property in Lisbon, I wish I was so sure about the future there.
  13.   Yayy, it’s sales day on the stock markets.
  14. Hospitals in  Munich generally don't have AC. That's a reason why obese, old patients tend to suffer and even die a lot at the hospitals in Munich during heat waves.
  15.   No, I rent “as it is” for a price I deem adequate. If something breaks afterward  of course I’ll fix it.