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  1.   The same people who have been buying Hertz and who trade in penny stocks in general. Speculators out to profit from the greater Fool.
  2.   Basically you're right. Tidibits from the conversation:   - He and I'm sure some others had a bad feeling since some time, but nothing specific, and nothing as bad as this. - The inflating or invention of profits has for sure been going on for a long time - The missing Vorstand has run away. Both of them should rot in jail. - The core business has a steady flow of costumers, is profitable, and it even improved with Corona. The core technology is however nothing that the competition doesn't have. Wirecard would have been just fine if not for the growth al all costs mentality.  
  3. I’ve just shared a couple beers with the  CEO of a daughter company of Wirecard with 600 employees. He was so blindsided as the rest and is extremely angry and upset to say the least. I’ll write a bit more later. 
  4. Why would I care about flash crashes if I own a physical assets based index Fond than owns bits of thousands of companies? Investing in Index Fonds is for the long term. In any case it’s irrelevant because: - those managed Fonds mostly buy the indexes as well - for self protection if nothing else, as no manager wants to underperform the indexes. -in the long term all of them have a very hard time beating the SP500, Dow Jones, etc, even before the extra costs are taken into consideration. Past performance has been proven irrelevant in that matter in study after study.
  5. you’d be buying a bit of an insolvent, bankrupt company. There are smarter ways of speculating and definitely much smarter ways of investing. But hey, I’m sure that more than a few speculators made money with Herz in the last days.. obviously more than a few lost money as well.
  6. Wirecard is really a holy crap moment for me, not because I own any of their stock except maybe small amounts though DAX etfs (sorry for your loss RF et al), but because more than a couple German friends of mine do in very substantial amounts and also didn’t sell. I was with them on Tuesday and we talked again at length about it.. their hope/expectation on Tuesday still being of a recovery to 80 eur or so this year. diversifying and buying the wide market is boring but safe. I haven’t sold anything. I believe in Mikemelga that a downturn is coming but selling would mean paying a lot in taxes so blah. I’ll be dumping a lot of money into the stock market during the downturn anyway.
  7. Buying property in Germany

    If you’re asking me in April 2020 how come a family with small children has a better quality of life in a house with garden than in a two rooms apartment then I wonder if we’re even living on the same planet.
  8. Buying property in Germany

    That’s irrelevant to his point and this discussion, since his €750/month place can be bought for much less than a million euro. Such a place is valued at roughly around €370,000, which at nowadays interest rate is not beyond reach for loads of people. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy a house.
  9. Buying property in Germany

    that doesn’t make any sense. If you’re living in an apartment or small rowhouse you’re not having the same life quality as you’d have living in a €1000,000 house in the same street, as your home is obviously a factor in your life quality. You continue to wildly exaggerate the rental to purchase price ratio in order to make a point. Take MikeMelga, he’s renting by choice and makes basically the same arguments as you, but he doesn’t try to hide that his rent is high.
  10. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

      That place is rented, not a good buy specially if you want to move in yourself. Besides, it's very far away from Rosenheim.
  11. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

      You shouldn't buy a home without enough capital to either lower the amount of the loan or offer as collateral and the more the better. That said, with good conditions you can now finance 800k for 20 years fixed interest at around 1% rate, which means that with 2.5% tilgung you'd be paying €2370/ month, of which €700 is interest in month one.  For comparison, I was paying more interest than that for my €180,000 loan when I first bought in Munich.  A major burden is the circa €70,000 in fees.. That's money thrown away.   Nearing/above forty and with children is in most cases too late to get into real estate IMHO. By that stage people may as well be content with renting and possibly buy a small condo for their retirement if so desired.
  12. Buying property in Germany

      Please, please give examples of €1,000,000 with a €750 rent. I'm genuinely interested as all €1,000,000 houses I've ever encountered have rents of at least €2000/month. 
  13. Buying property in Germany

    We're in agreement there. In 10 or 20 years the stock price of 2020 will look very cheap, just like the stock of 2000 or 2010 looks now.
  14. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

      Maybe he's honestly concerned? I guess it depends how often he asked. More than once or twice does show panic. I did ask my tenants if everything is OK, and I didn't do it out of being scared - I could perfectly stomach a few months with reduced or without rental income if they were in real trouble. 
  15. Buying property in Germany

      Berkshire Hathaway has been selling although it already has a formidable cash position. Warren and associates seem to think that people still aren’t fearful enough.