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  1. or after everything was said and done the bus driver demanded to see an ID card and he complied. Occam's Razor*   *how many “normal” people actually run away from authority instead of showing the ID if for example caught without a ticket? I’d wager an insignificant number, it’s a matter of conditioning that resolves a quick and subconscious benefit/cost analysis. He also had no clue.
  2. What made you laugh today?

    Keg and bottle yes, canned beer is for people who secretly hate themselves 
  3. OK, then you had the balls to insult the driver and now you deal with the consequences. worst case you’ll be some thousand €€ poorer, that’s a low price to pay for having balls I imagine*   * though next time you can for example 1) write down his name 2) gather one witness if possible 3) deliver a formal complaint. That would also be ballsy and possibly money consuming, but you wouldn’t be obviously and one-sided in the crosshairs.
  4. Insulting someone in Germany is generally not a smart idea, in particular if you can’t get a clean get away. And it’s made worse if the target is someone with authority given the circumstances. In my -not a lawyer- opinion you’ll have to pay a fine for sure, and it won’t be insignificant.  
  5.   I feel you. At least we can have the satisfaction of doing the right thing regardless of whatever shenanigans and brilliant plans our government comes up with.
  6. Asked by the police to indicate car damage value

    Always get an independent appraisal (just google KFZ Gutachter and you’ll find a few close to you). And always have legal insurance in (the likely) case the car insurance company is reluctant to pay its due. It’s just how the system works in Germany.
  7. My natural gas rate doubled

    But the market price ist still at 19ct/kWh. The gas we‘re getting is expensive and will likely remain so for the next few years. If you want to see the glass as half full, consider that gas  has been much too cheap in the last decade at least, most people - myself included- just didn’t really think about it. That led to big savings from the consumer and also industry side.
  8.   We still haven't turn on the gas for heating, though at this point it is mostly due to spite.  And the Kachelofen, as it heats up the living room + kitchen areas nicely in the evening.  Our consumption year to date is 55% of last year‘s -> and we didn't really start saving on gas until the end of March. 
  9. Well, now we got the combo: after gas I just received a letter from SWM doubling our electricity price from January onwards. I had heard of others in Munich receiving it so not a huge surprise. I’m terribly satisfied right now to have signed the contract for the photovoltaic system two weeks ago, and to have designed it as big as possible. Hopefully I get it installed without problems - my rentability computations just received a significant adjustment.
  10. Landlord says there is no interest on our deposit

    where have you been living in the last ten years?? You’re lucky if your interest rate wasn’t negative.
  11. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      I’ll reply later, but sure! :-)
  12. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Are you going to buy the Model Y? I'm getting a Wallbox installed with my Photovoltaic System (we get a nice bonus for that) and I've calculated that I can drive at least 12000 km / year just with sun energy. The company promised that the PV will be installed and working sometime between April and July. I'll want a car at some point. In the meantime feel welcome to come over and charge your car over a beer 
  13. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    yep, they were well trained in the last decade. The way Ukrainians move and advance is recognizable as 100% NATO standard, not some guys with machine guns in a Jeep.
  14. Ask your boss for 3,000 euros tax free😂

    he can get a Porsche Taycan..
  15. How do some people get 3K tax returns?

    yes, we were in a privileged situation: enough income regardless and solid jobs. I have to add, though, that I know a couple families in our situation that had a bad surprise one year after changing tax classes with the wife in Elternzeit. The Elterngeld is tax free but counts for the income progression: they received an unexpected tax bill of €2000 or so.