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  1.     And not getting divorced. Keep her happy and satisfied. 
  2.   oh pá that one was low 😉   I maintain that is not efficient to pay off a mortgage with a fixed interest rate lower than 2% per year for 20 years by selling off assets that cost money to acquire and provide you in dividends alone more than that. Yes, there’s some risk involved, but it can be stemmed by 1) having an adequate monthly income/monthly payments ratio 2)  Having a conservative net worth / total worth ratio.    
  3.   Either they have around €300,000 in assets or they don't. If they don't, then buying a €900,000 house on €6000/month is somewhat borderline (insane). If they do, I hope they're fully invested and not lazily parked in some bank account, in which case they should really be used as security and keep generating wealth instead of sold off to pay a hypothetical house faster in an age of historically low interest rates.  
  4.   Yep. But you can actually use your income generating stocks and properties as collateral, there's really no need to put upfront 300k€ provided you have the assets.
  5.   Oh, I agree with you. We have a substantial amount of money invested in Munich (and Lisbon and elsewhere). Like Mikemelga I did the math and bought neverthless, but we're in Munich to stay and I'm optimistic about the city's long term future. I'm also of the opinion (a bit inspired in the writings of Warren Buffet) that if a bank is willing to loan good money to buy an income generator, apreciating asset with a fixed interest rate of less than 2% per year for a couple decades and use as collateral other apreciating assets I don't see much wrong with it.
  6.   Not buying property in Munich only because the prices are too high is entirely reasonable from an investment perspective - investing the same amount in a MSCI World ETF will almost certainly have higher returns in a 30 year time period and bring less headaches - but a price cut is unlikely to happen in the long term. Yes, the prices are very high, but Munich is one of the very best places to live and to work, a sort of Eliseum when seen from most other locations on Earth. With globalization, climate change and worldwide population and life expectation growth adding pressure to the prices it would take a lot to change this in the long run, short term crisis notwithstanding.
  7.   I don't know how the world will be like, but I can tell you that €2500 in 10 or 25 years will be akin to €2000 or €1500 now with a historically low  2% Inflation rate.
  8. There are six DAX-Companies headquartered in Munich (Kreis), of which only one (BMW) directly in the car industry. Maybe I'm too optimistic, time will tell, but I don't see the current worker inflow to Munich changing drastically any time soon.   I also know from direct experience how high are the incomes of a substantial percent of the households here. €6000/month is really nothing special around this parts. Not to mention that for good reason is the current Generation nicknamed "Generation Erbe".
  9. Mortgage, Rent, income, taxes...

    Where can you find an apartment in Munich for €100,000 no Makler, that you can immediatly rent out for €700 (Bruttorendite 8.4%)?  That's what I need to know.
  10. Living around the Ostpark area of Munich

      No, not anything specific, sorry. We moved out before having to worry about it.  
  11. Living around the Ostpark area of Munich

    I've lived there for a while and since then moved to Neubiberg. Neubiberg/Ottobrunn is much better, to be honest (but not cheaper), specially if you intend on having (or have) children. There are a lot of social housing around which make kindergarten and schools not as good as elsewhere. That said, we never had problems of any kind there, it's still quite central and the Ostpark is perfect for jogging or a walk. If we hadn't had children we'd probably still be there - moving to a larger house played a big role. Plus the biergarten has improved a lot with the renovation a couple years ago. All of that and more is available in Ottobrunn, though.   The swimming pool is very full on weekends but I never found it too loud.     
  12. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Bah, it's all about left or right swipes nowadays, anyway.  
  13.   Pics or it didn't happen.
  14.   Yeah, it's funny and all here, but this guy has misogyny written all over his figurative face.
  15.   He suffers RACISM everytime a woman refuses to bow to his superior intelect and salary and for once sleep with him. A few computer scientists are like that.