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  1. Coronavirus

      I'd get AZ today if I could. 
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

      They already forced retired the manager and depromoted all the group leaders of this department.. but with that I'll still get me a beer. Good that I'm at home. 
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Maybe a bit of both  It's a critical department for the company and I'm one of a couple who understand the work that is done there, what is required in the future and what's been going for the last years. Of those few I'm the one with the technical/professional background most suited for the role, this I know, so it was either me or someone new from outside. I'm also promised 100% support by the human resources head and my own division head (who is the same as before).. so we'll see. I won't be alone there in any case.
  4. Not really missing alcohol

    I also don't like drinking alone.. that's why I made sure to marry a proper woman and not some abstinence freak. We were actually both a bit drunk already when we first met  
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

      The problem here is German work laws and worker rights. I did get promised that if the team building doesn't work out there will be other consequences besides the restructuring. Too late IMO (at least one good guy got sick and was forced to quit because of the mobbing) but I didn't get to decide.
  6. Coronavirus

      Let's forget about electric cars and make fossile fuels great again   
  7. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Presumably as a reward for my work performance I've just been assigned leader in one of the worst performing departments of my company (lots of ongoing personal conflicts and mobbing there) with the stated goals of changing things for the better and build up the competency  (by a lot). The department is being completely reestructured but all the bad apples are still there (and they're sour, bad apples now who will be forced to do a year long team building event with performance evaluation) - I hope to get a few new good apples to throw in the mix   
  8. well, if you get married at Mar de Lago, presumably on purpose, then you’re quite literally asking for it and may even enjoy it.
  9. Relocating nearby to Munich

      yeah, but that doesn’t change the math. If you’re paying say €2100 for a €1800,000 house, then your landlord gets 1.4% bruttorendite. That’s too low for Munich, he should sell and I would. If he doesn’t then that’s obviously good for you! Usually those houses are sold and the new owner offers a compensation to the Mieter to get out sooner than later with Eigenbedarf.
  10. Relocating nearby to Munich

    This period of time can and should be 20 years or more. So, decades.
  11. Relocating nearby to Munich

    only if the big cities in southern Germany lose international  attractiveness as a place to live and work in the world and specially within the EU - almost no one posting here is the child of German baby  boomers. I don’t see the forces driving  people to Germany slowing down, global warming refugees from Southern Europe and beyond will be one of them I fear. Have you seen the expected  impact of climate change on southern Mediterranean countries?
  12. Relocating nearby to Munich

    i think I said it already, you have an exceedingly nice landlord bordering on naive or something. His mietzins is extremely low, even for here and honestly, in his shoes I’d sell right away. In comparison, I’m getting almost double rendite for my property in Munich even without increasing the rent in the last four years. It could be more if I wanted. People wanting to rent a house costing 1.5 or more million usually pay over €3000/month for the privilege.
  13. Old criminal matter

      It seems that the police found it rude that he left without saying goodbye after so nicely admitting to a couple of punishable offenses, and inquired about his whereabouts. IA definitely NAL, but my google  Kungfu says that he has little to fear and that commmon offenses like his prescribe after three (the smaller ones) or five years.  
  14. Salary of Breeder's Assistant

    you’d be surprised, there are PhD’s with that jobtitle. No idea how much one earns here, but I’d guess the average beginners salary for an academic in technical fields, so 55 to 60 thousand a year. Just a wild guess.
  15. Relocating nearby to Munich

    Buying didn’t tie me to a home or even a country nearly as much as my children do. Leaving and renting out previous homes: all according to plan, also with small children no problem. Leaving my current home with the kids in a good school, engaged in local clubs and with their best friends: it would be a huge headache. Really don’t want to and I’m glad no third party can force us. My wife is German but loves Portugal (who wouldn’t) so we half plan to move there in our fifties after the kids grow up, that’s over a decade from now though.