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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      the problem is that the UK government, as a major power that operates advanced weapons systems, does need an independent system, just like the EU countries, China and Russia, or face having their navigation capability shut off whenever the US disagrees with their course of action. But maybe Boris and the rest UK relish the role of defenseless lapdog.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    you are mostly forgetting why the EU decided on an independent system: national security reasons. That Joe the Consumer uses Galileo or GPS is irrelevant for the German government, the Americans have however the capability and proven intention to block the system for every nation but them whenever they judge it convenient. Guided weapon systems, the military and civilian emergency and government services of other nations but the US are left to dry when that happens. This has happened in the past and no major government can live with that.    .. and neither can the UK. So, either they endear themselves to the Americans to the point they’re basically a colony for military purposes or they need a backup independent system. It should have been Galileo, now it’s a clusterfuck.
  3. Necessary Income

    selling everything and moving to Portugal is part of my early retirement and disability insurance plan ☀️🍷
  4. Coronavirus

    Yesterday I received the  news that a child in our kindergarten tested positive and that his group + family + teachers are in quarantine. Thanks to the separation in groups the kindergarten is still open, now I'm anxious to know 1) how many (if at all) other children in the group and respective families got infected 2) how well does the separation in groups work. The familiies in quarantine are mostly neighbours of ours.
  5. Coronavirus

      You're right.
  6. Coronavirus

    This shit is very depressing, specially because it would have been easy to avoid: Less of the Dolce Vita (Oberbayern is very italian in that regard), much less private parties and much less vacations abroad for no good reason except "it's my God given right to go to Croatia or Süd-Tirol, damnit".     
  7. yay. Even if it saves me some money (I'm still not sure whether it does and how much) I'm very sure they'll increase other taxes soon to pay for the Corona-benefits bonanza. A Corona-Soli for the "rich" - read the usual taxpaying Piñatas-  is in the hearts and minds of a lot of politicians.
  8. Interesting. I’ll probably come to in the next months: my wife is joining a praxis and she’ll overtake a quarter of it in the next months after the doctor she’s replacing retires. Health insurance is one of the many things we have to figure out until then, until now we’re both public insured though we talked about going private a couple times in the past.
  9. Can a landlord give apt only to German speaking people

    No only contractual (signing a contract is easy, I signed my first ones here without understanding a word 🤨) ,  when dealing with problems or emergencies it is critical to understand each other. And wait long enough there will be some.  
  10. I think you’re forgetting the many selbständig, Unternehmern and Beamter that by law have to go private.
  11. Can a landlord give apt only to German speaking people

      Would you be eager to enter a prolonged, binding business partnership with someone you can't communicate with?  The last time I put a place for rent I got an email written in Arabic.. Guess who didn't get the place.
  12. Can a landlord give apt only to German speaking people

      Why would it be? He'll obviously only consider Mieter he can communicate with, as in any other business partnership, and he's not forced to learn english for your sake: i.e. in my case they'd need to be able to talk either German, English or Portuguese. If not they can look somewhere else. It would be discriminatory had he said only pure blooded Germans allowed in my rental properties, or something like that.
  13. Save down payment vs pay off debt

      What's the interest rate of the debt you hold, and what was the reason to take it? In almost any case the only right answer to your question is to pay off your debt. Living with debt is no way to live, a mortgage you can afford being the only exception. From the looks of it you can pay it off today. Do it and start saving afterward. You'll do it much more easily without debt dragging you down.    PS: Banks take into account your liabilities when computing your net worth, so for them you'd have only €10,000 Eigenkapital anyway.
  14.   I hope you're right, as we keep on automatically investing a substancial amount of our earnings every second week and I like to buy cheap. Otherwise, I'm not going to do much besides waiting unless valuations get so low (30% loss) as to be irresistable, and then I'll throw some extra money at it if wife is on board. We're currently around 75% invested in the stock market when counting only with our financial assets, significantly less overall as the bulk of what we have is in rental properties.