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  1. We had a wonderful discussion today of „Weil wir längst woanders sind.“    The next meeting will be on Sunday, 22 March from 12 to 2 pm to discuss „Isabel“ by Feridun Zaimoglu (Germany). We meet every two months, so you have plenty of time to read the book and to practice your German   As always, information about joining the group and attending meetings is here:
  2. I definitely recommend the site and app for this. You can filter results by location and by OmU and OV (in the browser menu on the left, just scroll down). The selection will be significantly smaller with the removal of all of Cinestar screens at Potsdamer Platz but all is not lost.
  3. We have some great lists this year! Thanks for the note and happy reading!
  4. My book group has a German subgroup that meets every two months on the 4th Sunday of the month to discuss books from the German-speaking countries and to discuss those books in German. Native German speakers and German language learners with good skills or a high desire to learn are welcome to attend!   Details are on the page below. Please feel free to pass this along to readers in Berlin who might be interested in joining us!