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  1. Hi there,

    I work with pregnant women and new parents to answer just such questions. I am a Feldenkrais teacher, specialising in infant development. I have a class for pregnant ladies starting next week and some workshops for young parents coming up soon. Care, handling and book tips ;-) to help you make infomed choices, find confidence in your parenting skills and relax with your baby. PM for more information.

    All the best,



  2. I might also like to come along - my daughter has been begging me to go to the snow. However neither she (5) nor I have ever skied and would probably want to take a lesson at that ski school that someone posted, then maybe walk through the woods and sledge a bit. But as we are not ourselves motorised, and have never been to the Hartz before I can't really imagine how that could work? Would love to take the opportunity of a ride, but how close is that ski school to the "skicenter " where you'd all (presumably) be wizzing down hills? Also, doesn't seem to be much of a bus full yet?

    The 8th would work for us...


  3. Hi there Hammonia -

    I believe you have one titel of mine - the sequel to Bridget Jones Diary?

    I'll be meeting Laurel at Cafe May sometime in Nov. as she also has books of mine to return - perhaps you can join us? (Time and day still to be arranged)


  4. Hi there,


    First of all, I can thoroughly recommend the preganancy Yoga at the Geburtshaus in Altona. Did it for more than 6 monhs of my pregnancy.

    The Geburtshaus is a natural birth center where you can also have your baby with all the "alternative" pain relief there is (acupuncture etc.) but no drugs. Some of the midwives speak English and the also have "open consultation hours" with no appointment.


    Just in case you change your mid about your gyn, Dr Hojabri in the mall next to Altona station spent many years in America, I think his wife's American too and he is constantly keeping up with the newest research - very competent and all the helpers are the sweetest in the world.


    Well, after a 30 hour marathon in the Geburtshaus I ended up in Altona Hospital where I didn't have to beg for drugs at all - immediate relief... and then my baby got into trouble so needed emergency c-section with full blown knockout ... But I was out of the hospital within 3 days... There's nothing to stop you leaving as long as there are no urgent medical complications - in which case you will surely wish to stay anyway :-)


    Despite my preliminary doubts and having chosen a different hospital beforehand, when it came to the crunch, Altona was great! And they do have the child care unit and the best possible baby facilities right there, so if for any reason your baby should need special care you'll be right there. You should know that in an emergency your baby would be taken there but you would not be transfered... So I reckon go with Altona :-)


    Good luck!


  5. Oh - what a bummer!

    I was so looking forward to Wednesday - didn't think that any of you would prioritise soccer over gaming :-)


    And my next two Wednesdays are also otherwise planned (school meeting and work meeting) - so much for getting "back in the game" ;-9


    oh well - one of these days...

    have fun!


  6. Yay!

    I 'm in again! I love the idea of a set day, time and location. And as Wednesdays is the only evening I can do, 7pm is perfect timing and both Cafe May and Friedas work for me, well - I couldn't be happier :-)

    Have been following the thread wishing one of the meets would work for me, so now at last... I'm in for next Wednesday.


  7. Unfortunately most of the so-called bilingual kindys in HH do not have native English speakers teaching, and sometimes actually quite appalling English is taught. I decided that that was not the support I needed for my daughter's English skills.


    However, there is a great kindy at the DESY science plant in Bahrenfeld which is not far from Altona and there is a bus which goes from Altona station, although it's a bit of a walk from there through the DESY site to the actual kindy building. They have a lovely playground, the director is English born and bred and they also have German teachers on site. All the books etc. are in English but all I heard being spoken in the playgound was German so there will also be plenty of opportunity for your child to learn German.


    They are a relatively small kindy with the downside that it's very hard to get a place, especially as it's really meant for the on-site DESY families, but they do take a certain quota of "external" children each year. I would contact them as soon as poss. and go and have a look.



    On the other hand, almost any kindy these days offers "english" classes too, often they need to be paid extra and the quality can vary drastically. Some of them have franchises like Lollipop or Helen Doron sending teachers in, some of them have native speakers offering classes privately etc. There's also plenty of English playgoups etc. that you could join to support your childs English.


    Good luck!


  8. how weird - I've done exactly the same thing and gone and committed to something else on the same day without realising it!

    we must be pyschically synched or something...

    well, don't know if that leaves anyone left this time around?


    How's about the 3rd or the 10th of May for a new date?


  9. I don't understand???

    How can 19% really be 16 comma something?


    As freelancers we are required to charge 19% and it's 19% written on any docket you get.

    I have never heard of this discrepancy, would be thrilled to hear it's less but cant believe that :-)


    @OP - you do know that you can deduct MWST that you yourself have paid on items or services relating to your work from the sum due - so maybe you did that and the program didn't accept some of your deductions???


  10. Friday, Feb. 15th at 8.30 PM


    Love is in the air

    An evening of love songs

    Singer/songwriter Jane O'Brien will sing her favorite love songs from the realms of jazz, pop, soul and Irish folk, accompanied by New Zealander Paul Baeyertz on piano.

    Join us on this journey through love in all it's facets, joys and pains; in the music of artists such as Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Freddy Mercury, Billie Holiday etc.


    In the Celtic Cellar/Rover Rep Theatre @ The Irish Rover

    Großneumarkt 8, 20459 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 317 31 41


  11. Oh, sorry Marymanu, wasn't online today so didn't see that.


    As Marymanu will have seen for herself this evening, there are some good spots for bikes and some not so good spots for bikes, but usually everyone manages to find a suitable spot.


    For those with cars, there are lots of parking spaces for Toulouse Institute behind the building.


    So the classes are now up and running. Classes run in terms of approximately 5 to 8 classes in a row. Each block is to be paid in advance at the equivalent of 11,- Euro per class. For exact dates and registration forms please contact me.


    For those who have missed the introductory month, you can still do two trial lessons at half price, ie pay 11,- Euro and come twice before you decide whether or not to commit for the rest of the term.


  12. so - last chance for a completely free try out class coming Monday, and an opportunity for me to post two more details:

    1) it's a good idea to bring a small towel for your head

    2) there's a cosy area up front where people can drink a cup of tea and chat after the class if they wish - giving you the opportunity to meet people, or relax before leaving...


    For all those who haven't been able to make it in January:

    I will post details of the course next week, but there will still be an ongoing possibilty of doing two trial classes at half price, even after the classes are officially up and running...


  13. sorry, I haven't been keeping up as usual :-(

    I'd be on for the 20th and Amy is always keen for a chance at cake :-)

    It sounds like it would be a long time otherwise...

    I'm for Hammonia's suggestion just to do it, maybe Matt (MMs) will come along even in her abscence and Bren will still "pop in", then we'd be sort of 5... ?

    And to already plan a next one is a good idea. The beginning of April would work better than the end of March for me.