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  1. Jokes

    What's the difference between an atheist and an evangelical Trump supporter?  An atheist is honest about not following Jesus.
  2. Scum of the Day

    Yes, thank god. Thank god for us all.
  3. Just another day in the Trump administration.    
  4. @balticus You just cannot get it done without the gratuitous ad hominem, can you. That in and of itself should tell you that your position is founded on weak (or absence of) facts. 
  5.   They're not Halloweenies? Who knew?
  6. It is more FAUX News hypocritical bullshit.    
  7. Trump tries to block Congressional subpoena of his financial records. Nothing to hide? Ahahahahaha! When you're president, nothing is private. Has he not yet figured that out?    
  8. What kind of American wouldn't report a hostile foreign power attacking the US to the responsible authorities? If you cannot answer this question and you have again failed to read the Mueller report, keep your opinions to yourself. You have failed as a patriot.     Even if impeachment hearings don't begin, think about how this line of questioning during every debate is going to affect Trump's standing. Oh, and trust me, this will be a question IN EVERY SINGLE DEBATE. (I've already talked with a showrunner at CNN; she says the questions are already being prepped.)
  9. Trump can't stop stepping on his own dick (metaphorically speaking of course) and he no longer has anyone smart enough in the White House to tell him no.    
  10. E-car tips

    One of the cars I owned as a broke college student was a 1973 Ford Pinto. An old lady in a Cadillac t-boned me leaving the passenger seat in my lap as I sat in the driver's seat. You'll likely survive many poor automotive buying decisions in your life, too.
  11. That's not what happened. I see you haven't bothered reading the actual report. Barr lied to you. Again.
  12. Yes, let's clear that up for everyone with a little analogy. Say you bought a used car  at a dealership. It looked good and drove pretty well, but you got a warranty anyway. After a little while, you noticed it wasn't running well, so you went back to the dealer. The dealer's mechanic said, "No, problems. It's just fine." Yet, you still had the problem. So, then you went to an independent mechanic and you asked him to tell you what was wrong. He came back to you with a laundry list of things, some major and some minor.  Do you expect the mechanic to sue the dealership for you?
  13. Definitions game

    Theatrical - the side of the heart muscle that opposes the ventrial   cor bovinum