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  1. Politics Gen XYZ

    Baby bigot gets his ass handed to him on live TV. So embarrassing for him and his supporters. He sounds like he just learned all of those words.    
  2. ‘Congress is going to do what Congress does’: Biden administration confirms hands-off impeachment stance     As is correct and ethically sound, the Biden Administration is staying away from the fray.   It's such a refreshing feeling knowing that President Biden understand his role under the COTUS and doesn't overstep.
  3.       Of course, you're right. This group of power hungry, ass-kissing sycophants couldn't do what was best for the US if it would save their own children's lives.  Power means more to them than moral rectitude.
  4. Trump Pressed Justice Department to Go Directly to Supreme Court to Overturn Election Results     If the WSJ knows who they are, so do the Biden Administration and Speaker Pelosi. Expect this testimony at Trump's impeachment trial. Butch Bowers has not got a chance.
  5. The Non-Political get away thread

      I had a similar thing last week. I came out of our little grocery that opens directly onto a large swath of zebra-striped walk. A woman in an Audi sped into it and blocked my progress, so, I patiently waited. Then, she finally pulled off and began to park forward in a space only to quickly throw the car into reverse nearly hitting my cart. "Learn to drive!"I shouted and this poor unfortunate woman rolled down her window to yell at me. "You saw that I was waiting for you to go! Why didn't you go?" I laughed at her. She called me a name out the open window to which I replied in English, "Shut up before you get hurt. Really, shut dafuq up."    This shocked her so much that I heard the crunch as she backed into a light pole. I did not look back. She was still surveying the damage as I put my cart back. I did not say a word.
  6. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Judge Refuses To Reinstate Parler After Amazon Shut It Down    
  7. Conspiracy theorists

    As one of my friends said in response to an article about QAnutters freaking out about it all being a lie, "So, where you go away one, go you all away?"
  8. President Biden orders US to rejoin the WHO.    
  9. Biden rejoins Paris climate pact.     
  10.   It was a beautiful thing to wake up this morning and not wonder what horror Trump had visited upon us overnight.