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  1. Things to ponder

    To hyphenate or not to hyphenate...that is the question.
  2. Politics Gen XYZ

      Of course, your feelings are yours.
  3. Politics Gen XYZ

    Really, just no. Let it be far from us to subscribe to the participation trophyism of thought. All ideas are not equal; all ideas do not have equal value.
  4. Politics Gen XYZ

  5. Things to ponder

    Sanctioned abuse by an institution =/= radical sub-cults
  6. Tip of the day

    Do not use a raccoon (or any other small animal) to start your breathalyzer locked car.
  7. Things to ponder

  8. Things to ponder

    In the last 50 years, the Catholic and Anglican churches have sexually abused more children than people killed by radical Islamic terrorists.
  9. Politics Gen XYZ

    The breakdown is about the same on TT as it is in real life.
  10. The neighbour and the Hosepipe

  11. "Omarosa's deranged and lying her ass off, but we're going to go ahead and file for arbitration on an NDA violation anyway. She didn't say anything true or that really happened, but we're just gonna..." - Team Trump    
  12. Omarosa Manigault turned over an audiotape to CBS News last night of two staffers talking about Trump using the n-word.
  13. Taking an abandoned bike

    The legal thing that you are supposed to do with found items is to: 1) take the item to the FundBuero; 2) register with the bureaucrat there where you found the item and who you are; 3) wait six months to see if anyone reclaims the item; and, 4) if the item was not picked up by the owner, get it yourself.   I am the proud owner of two very serviceable "extra" bikes because of this. I put about €50 into each of them and share them with visiting friends and neighbors as needed.