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  1. I am in the process of replacing all of our analog thermostatic radiator valves with programmable digital ones. I am hoping that this will correct our tendency to: 1) forget to turn the damn things off at night; and, 2) bump the heat up because we feel cold. We agreed that we will set them at 20 and that is the temperature the room will be. We do not use the radiators in our bedroom, the kitchen, or the guest room. I am conceding on the closed door battle and we will keep all doors inside closed in the winter. I really hate this because it makes some rooms into caves.     I saw the original post and know there is no fresh meat there. The recommended temperature for refrigerating fresh meat and milk products is 4 degrees Celsius. If those items aren't there, all other food items types that should be chilled can survive at anything under 8 degrees Celsius. My buddies at supply corps taught me that.
  2. Hey, errbody! Thanks for missing me. We went on a very extended vacation in northern Italy and Southern France (cool beaches, great snorkeling) that culminated in a culinary week in Lyon. I learned to make oeuf meurette and proper baguette. Now, we're back home and I have a backlog of work.   Go vote, Americans. Death to the orange imbecile...well, at least loss of $ and prestige...maybe jail.
  3. The War in Ukraine

      OWG disorder.
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

      You know what they say...Fuellmich once shame on you; Fuellmich twice shame on me. But...Fuellmich three times and I must be an idiot who gets his news from unvetted sources on social media and entertainment shows.   I am only here for laughs.
  5. January 6th Select Committee

     So, now we know that Top Secret/SCI documents were found in the search.   We know that there was a confidential human informant inside the Trump camp.   We know Trump was told by his lawyers at least seven days before the search warrant was served (that's how you say that; there was no "raid") to cease communications with Mark Meadows.   And we know that Trump was provided a copy of the warrant and the inventory of seized items.   Now, we also know that Trump's Lawyer Told Justice Dept. That Classified Material Had Been Returned     Now this lawyer has their own legal jeopardy to defend. If Trump lied to them, privilege is out the window. If they helped Trump commit a crime, privilege is out the window.   Nobody loves Trump.
  6. Hey Toytown...Please Fix Your Software

    Okay, I'll give it a go.   ETA: And that's how that works.
  7. Hey Toytown...Please Fix Your Software

    Okay, I'll give it a go.
  8. Telc B1 exam experience(Horrible)

      But did he pass?
  9. Telc B1 exam experience(Horrible)

      There are a lot of complaints about inconsistent rating of the written exam, but the predominant problem is the utter failure of customer service. On that item, let us be completely honest and say that the people involved do not give a good gotdam about caring for the process.
  10. 3G in Restaurants?

      You assume this so-called job is real and not merely a figment of PaulyG's ample imagination. I mean, he's such a joy here, can you really believe he's better in real life?  
  11. Telc B1 exam experience(Horrible)

    I was an oral examiner and a written rater for telc. Long story short is that 85% of people will pass the oral exam because this is the least standardized standardized test I have ever encountered in educational testing and measurement. The testers may not be interested in the answers in the oral exam, but make sure your roommate hits all the relevant points in the written exam. Do not expect good customer service. They really just do not GAF. Please make sure your friend holds their testing center responsible for performance and not telc. Doing that would only end in disappointment.,6.6583801,6z/data=!3m1!5s0x47bd0ebb17b57e53:0x5af7711a035410ca!4m11!1m2!2m1!1stelc+reviews!3m7!1s0x47bd0ebb140113bd:0xec58d6e9fa91b204!8m2!3d50.1177069!4d8.6875478!9m1!1b1!15sCgx0ZWxjIHJldmlld3MiAjgBkgEWYWR1bHRfZWR1Y2F0aW9uX3NjaG9vbA