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  1. Only in America...

    @MikeMelga You must not even be able to eat in German restaurants. Every single one of them has at least one dog inside. Must be awful.
  2. Only in America...

    @jeba Exuberance is a thing among Goldens. I'm sorry to hear that.   @LukeSkywalker The point is that breed specific legislation and the accompanying prejudices are predicated on issues related to owners and not dog. Furthermore, pit bull is not a breed. Not even a little bit. It is a phonied up classification that is less than meaningless. When you read that "pitbulls" are responsible for more deaths, what you are actually reading is that mixed breed dog of indeterminate breed background are responsible for more deaths.    These are the facts.
  3. Tax Evasion - Can spouse or children be held liable?

      If money is transferred to the spouse's name during the time while the crime is being investigated, then that money will be forfeit.   Anecdotally, I know of a case where the daughter of a wealthy family transferred some of her money to her father in order to get a tax benefit. Not only did the Finanzamt discover the transfer, it made her pay back all the money plus a penalty and a fine, and fined her father for participating.
  4. Only in America...

      Golden Retrievers bite more people in the US than any other breed. So why the selective, breed specific animus?
  5.   Your personal opinion notwithstanding, there's a measurable indication that contempt for Trump drives the currently poorer than ever (since 1949) relationship with Germany.
  6. @balticus Support that post with citations. Show your work.   It's easy. Like this: Merkel vows to work at 'under pressure' U.S. relationship   Or this: German-U.S. Ties Are Breaking Down   Or this: Americans and Germans Disagree on the State of Bilateral Relations, but Largely Align on Key International Issues   Maybe it's your circle of acquaintances that has gotten you confused.
  7. What's got you flummoxed today?

    @Kommentarlos I see hypocrisy grabbed you up by the short and curlies again.
  8. @balticus Party of one! Balticus, party of one! When one views dependency as a matter of dollars spent, one can be rightly seen as myopic and under-informed. When one views strategic goals as valuable currency, one would not be so dumb as to view Europe dependent on the US. However, first one must be able to think strategically.   I guess all these other presidents were also trying to buy Greenland?   Really. Do try harder.
  9.   Under the conditions in 1946, no.   Is Trump an idiot for proposing something publicly to a foreign government without so much as a by-your-leave and then not graciously accepting his well-deserved "No" upon wholly predictable rejection? Is Trump an idiot for thinking that "everything is for sale" like some latter day Gordon Gecko? Is Trump an idiot for not realizing that just because he gets an idea to buy something does not mean he can buy it? Is Trump an idiot for not recognizing the conditions in the world today and taking them into account, up to an including his own terrible reputation and universal loathing?   Yes.   And anyone who doesn't get that is also an idiot.
  10.   So, you think this was the rational result of a rational thought process. Do you also think the world operates in the same way it did in 1946?    Really, you could not do better than 70 plus years ago as a comparison. Do you know why?   Nice try, though.
  11. Tax Evasion - Can spouse or children be held liable?

      I had not seen that. Good eye!
  12. Are you dumb? Every American citizen with half a brain and any education knew about that base.   Just because you just learned something does not make it new information. Stop being ridiculous like Trump.