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  1. And apparently how his crowd sizes are SOOO BIG when we know they are about the size of his little mushroom.    
  2. Carl Bernstein thinks Trump is poised to make his authoritarian move.     
  3. Well, at least now we know one of the reasons Ty Cobb is not Trump's lawyer any more.    
  4. To be completely accurate, Obama cut taxes on people earning under $400k and raised taxes proportionately for those earning over $400k, thereby placing the burden of the cut on the wealthiest who then benefited from the increased spending of the lower wage earners. You can call it "trickle up reality".
  5. Trump Promises a New Tax-Cut Vote After the Midterms. That’s News to Congress But it's not new for Trump. Lying to the American voting public is what he does.    
  6. Politics Gen XYZ

      Your fair question needs a fair answer from a woman. Here it is: We are conditioned as women from birth to give people the benefit of the doubt. We are told to be nice to people and to ascribe to them good motivations, even when they take horribly wrong actions or say terrible things. We are conditioned to forgive. So, this woman turned and saw a man and her conditioning told her to not make a fuss just yet.  There's this saying that has been going around for a long time now: Your first reaction is your conditioning; your second reaction is how you really feel.
  7. Gendered Pricing in Hairdressers

      That cut and color left a lot of chair down time for me (really, I sat for over half of it unattended). So at €120 it was about right. What I was commenting most on was the charge that German hairdressers are underpaid. If they turned their chairs over more quickly and worked more efficiently they would make more money.
  8. Demographische Wandel -What's your plan?

      He can't decide if he's more upset about Muslims entering his sphere or by Trump pushing an Iraq deal with GE over Siemens. Give him a break. Cognitive dissonance is tough on a guy.
  9. Gendered Pricing in Hairdressers

      I was raised in salons and my mom did runway hair forever. I spent 4 years having my cut and color done in a salon in Germany. I was in the chair for 4 hours every time. This entire process should take no more than 2.5 hours. I now color my and my wife's hair with pro color from esalon and we get our hair cut in half an hour. German salons are charging women too much for their own inefficiency.
  10. Politics Gen XYZ

    Look at Trump's sheeple. What a pack of gullibillies. What a bunch of morons.     When you voted for Trump, you approved this kind of behavior. Own it.
  11. Politics Gen XYZ

    More of the Proud Babies go to place for them...Gavin McInnes removes all cover from the lie that he does not control this violent horde of imbeciles.    
  12. Unerringly blind to the meaning of words, Trump declares himself a nationalist.    
  13. Demographische Wandel -What's your plan?

    Now don't get testerical.