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  1.   Die wrong. Do you change monikers because you get so humiliated here that even your fake personas are embarrassed to the point of having to leave? Well, at least you get points for consistency: You consistently fabricate "facts" that are false. You consistently invent in the absence of any discernible knowledge. You are consistently found to be either wrong or lying or both.           
  2.     Why would you say such a glaringly idiotic thing? Having another rich white guy on a stage does not make Trump progressive on LGBTQ rights. You do understand that, right? Ahahaha! You are so dumb.
  3.   You mean like white Southerners having to drink from the same water fountain as black people? Yes, sure as shit, I am good with forcing people to do that. If you are the one with the hang up, then opt out of the system that offends your hang up. Amish people do it all the time. Here's the thing: No one forced that guy to open a bakery. No one forced that guy to open a bakery in a place where the commercial code prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. White separatism is a choice, not a birth trait. That Muslim baker should have considered that before going into business, or, like Walgreens Plan B policy, have a non-Muslim on staff to handle the offensive cake. Yes, you are damn right that I think people should be legally prohibited from discriminating. It's an asinine question on its face.   @2B_orNot2B Thank god you got to it first. The stupidity of confusing Grenell with Thiel, and the even more monstrous stupidity of thinking an ultra-rich, white gay guy is somehow even passingly intersectional in his views on rights was so fucking idiotic that I did not know how to begin to address the unrestrained stupidity.
  4. NJ Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns       Ahahahaha!
  5.   Dershowitz's Israel position is immaterial. Yet another straw man? Pitiful. You truly suck at this. Do better.
  6.   No, but as I said, Dershowitz has been shilling for Trump and Acosta is his man in the Labor Dept. You brought in Bill Clinton, so you get the added bonus of having to learn (likely for the first time) that Trump was also jet-riding buddies with Epstein. You do also know that Epstein took the fifth when asked if Trump was ever with him when sex with underage girls was happening, right? If you want to zetz with the big boys, you have to do better.
  7.   No, it is not the right outcome (a vigorous defense a la defense of anti-miscegenation laws). Greetings from the lunch counter.
  8.   Only one of them is currently POTUS. Or is that new information to you?
  9.   Probably about the same number of times Trump did. If you want to play this game, let's go.
  10. Another Trump cabinet member gets nailed for doing the unthinkable and will likely be disbarred. There is also talk of jail time.     Maybe folks can understand now why Dershowitz has been shilling for Trump.
  11. Random pointless comments

    Every time I see the Shemima Begum thread I think Jemima Puddleduck and smile. Can't help it.
  12. Hang on, folks. This is all just getting to the fun part. With Judge Amy Berman Jackson setting a pretty heavy gag order on Stone, the legal system is reminding the Trump camp that they will not get the chance to play this out in the court of propaganda and nutters. Speaking of nutters, has Trump mentioned the man he helped to radicalize, Christopher Hasson, even once yet? I guess not. That doesn't make his fear-mongering and bigoted statements seem normal or prudent, does it? Oh, and has anyone here mentioned that Congressional Quarterly has discovered that  more than 1/3 of the money Trump claims he will reappropriate has already been spent?   Nothing like trying to rob an empty bank, is there?
  13.   And none of them received any condemnation from members of Congress. Go figure.
  14. Odd news

    Texas: Hold my beer. Father spinning gun on finger accidentally shoots self at daughter's birthday party     He's stupid. He's doing just stupid.
  15. I don't know where you're from, but this map explains why my sinuses are painful.