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  1.   Well, at a minimum, they are more honest, more transparent,  and more law-abiding. 
  2. Brad Parscale hospitalized after suicide attempt.   Sad. But expect more of it since even Fox News is reporting that the Durham report is not coming out before the election.    
  3. President Donald J. Trump

    From Susie T's article.     To all the non-Americans who don't understand the significance, the American voting populace believes that rich people not paying any taxes at all seems wildly unfair. See Richard Nixon's tax revelations as evidence.
  4. Tom Ridge (R) endorses Biden.    
  5. Politics Gen XYZ

    I like Cheezit best.    
  6. Politics Gen XYZ

      So what do we call it? Swexit? Cheezit?     
  7.   My mother kept her gun. It was my old hammerless .38. I am not happy about it, but she feels she needs it for protection. Dad was proud that he was able to manage the sale of his collection and that he made a profit. He doesn't miss them, afaik.    ETA: I said "some" because I found small firearms in some of his old golf bags and about 1000 rounds of ammunition in his locker. He was in charge of the bulk of the sale before I even got there.
  8. @Keleth They weren't laying around. They were in the safe, which is actually an entire room. That part is weird.   ETA: And trust me, it is terrifying for me knowing the rate of concealed carry licensure in Georgia. I wonder every time I go home whether or not I'll be shot at or just plain shot.
  9.   Yeah, having my father, who recently showed what a dire condition he was in by posting QAnonsense on his FB feed, retain possession of his extensive gun collection was terrifying.    It never occurs to me that grown people don't have some experience with guns, especially people well-traveled in Central and South America. I would be really surprised if John has no experience with guns or doesn't know gun collectors. He speaks often of how well-traveled he is.
  10. TT 3M Thread

      Awesome joke, man! Worthy of an educated adult.   Which one is you?