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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Early in the night, the ghost of FDR appears. When Trump asks him how he can make America great again, FDR replies, “Think only of the people; do not make laws based on hatred, bigotry, or with the thought of lining your own pockets.” Trump’s face sours, and he yells, “FAKE NEWS!”   A few hours later, he is awakened by George Washington’s ghost. Trump asks, “How can I make America great again?” Washington replies, “I would suggest you never tell a lie.” This infuriates Trump.   Around three in the morning, he is visited by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Again, Trump asks, “How can I make America great again?” Lincoln responds, “Go to the theater"
  2. Coronavirus

      Do you notice that all the presidents that need a team of apologists are Republicans?
  3. Coronavirus

    @murphaph Only an absolute dumbass would equate anything you said with anti-americanism. Trump supporters are not the majority of Americans and hating Trump and his stupidity has nothing to do with anti-americanism.   People who support authoritarianism equate hating an official with hating a government. Isn't that sad?
  4. Odd news

    @El Jeffo FML if that is not just the dumbest thing I read today.
  5. Lockdown 2020 Movie Recommendations

    John Leguizamo-nfx
  6. Lockdown 2020 Movie Recommendations

      I hit submit too soon. I'll keep adding.
  7. Lockdown 2020 Movie Recommendations

    Okay, if you haven't watched these yet watch:   Tales of the City starting with the 1993 series-nfx Anything by Pedro Almodovar-AMZN and nfx Little Caesar-amzn On a Clear Day You Can See Forever-AMZN Wanda Sykes-nfx Friday-nfx The Highwaymen-nfx  
  8. Coronavirus

      Now be completely honest. That article says ONE official backtracked from his comments, not that the German government retracted.
  9. Coronavirus

      Thankfully, balticus has said that she is not an American citizen. I say 'thankfully' because it means we don't have to lay that level of ignorance about  the COTUS and US civics at the feet of the US educational system. She came by her ignorance through some other means.
  10. President Donald J. Trump

    Trump fires intelligence community watchdog who defied him on whistleblower complaint    
  11. @Keleth That is as bat ass crazy as the imbeciles that think Franklin Graham is part of a pedophile ring that is stealing adrenalin-based chemicals from the frightened children they have kidnapped.  Truly some wildly stupid people on the web.