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  1. President Donald J. Trump

    After examining 14 indicators of economic prosperity, here are the best-to-worst performing presidents since 1976: 1. Clinton 2. Obama 3. Reagan 4. H.W. Bush 5. Carter 6. Trump 7. W. Bush   Here. Now please stop saying how great he's doing with the economy.  It's demonstrably false.
  2.   You start this with "I think" and automatically render your position debatable. Support any of that with verifiable facts and anyone might care.
  3. President Donald J. Trump

    Audio of Trump trying to 'get rid of' Yovanovitch. "Take her out" does not sound like a job termination, does it?    
  4. @SpiderPig We can't risk it. Once the fire hit the hairspray, all hell could break loose.
  5. @SpiderPig No, he should have the fair trial he deserves. He is no witch. Witches have better hair.
  6. @wien4ever Those are a lot of opinions. Could you back any of it up with facts? What are the reasons you think Biden, Warren, etc are not qualified to be POTUS?   Why is the current impeachment weak? Is it really a technicality to have a POTUS try to solicit political help for his campaign? What legal precedent do you have for declaring black letter law a 'technicality '?   I can't do much with your last paragraph. You seem very upset about this and I agree it is upsetting. A self-professed scam artist (in his book he talked about how he took loans with no intent to repay; at the case against Trump Univ. his company was forced to allocute; in the case regarding his fraudulent charity for veterans his representative admitted to the facts; his charity, the Trump Foundation, was shut down for self-dealing, I.e., taking money for himself; he took money from a children's cancer charity) sits in our White House, the people's house, and works to destroy the US for his own gain.
  7. Politics Gen XYZ

    So, remember all those neonazi numbnuts that got arrested last week?   Turns out, their fearful leader is directing this group from St. Petersburg, Russia. So much for Russian hoaxes, huh?   There is a rumor circulating on Twitter that significant numbers of US DOD and contractor personnel will be implicated in the next two months. That is just a rumor. I am not sure I believe it.
  8. The Vent - No Chat!

      Remember this asshole? Yeah, well, last time I saw him he bitched because his wife isn't earning now that she's on maternity leave as though it was sudden new information that had not occurred to him until it happened. The jerk had the nerve to send out Christmas cards with just the new baby on it. Your other kids will remember...even the one who barely knows you exist, loser. 
  9. The 75th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi extermination/concentration camp Auschwitz is on January 27th, 2020.   Without a doubt, this is a solemn and important historical moment. Join in commemorating the deaths and celebrating the lives of Auschwitz victims and survivors. Every day, the social media team at the Auschwitz Memorial curates an informative commemoration of the people murdered by the Nazis at Auschwitz on an individual basis. Please consider following this account on Twitter. It's hard to look at this part of human history, but it is more critical now than ever to          
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      Nigel Farage cares.
  11. President Donald J. Trump

      Really? The best defense Graham can come up with is:   "All I can tell you is from the president’s point of view, he did nothing wrong in his mind."   Come, now, pilot fish, Trump would first have to have a moral compass. 
  12. President Donald J. Trump

    Trump is aware that the truth, in this case, will certainly not allow him to remain free.    
  13.   Narrator: But RF knew that you can't be fired from a volunteer position.
  14.   I'm confused. Did your deportation hearing make national news?