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About Me

I guess I always had a little (or a lot) of a dreamer in me. My mother is originally from Germany and emigrated to the US before my birth. I, however, have been trying to figure out how to do the reverse and move and live in Germany (Munich vs. Berlin...her place of birth and growing up).

I'm a little bit more motivated now as I have family living in Munich (Step Sister and family), so the family base helps a lot.

I've been trying to find out how best to meet my goal of living in Germany. The last few years I have been working as a tax professional with a major tax preparation company in the US. This has been a wonderful experience as it has allowed me to find a career that I love. I enjoy working with people with their taxes which can be a very confusing maze for some. I also get to constantly learn and improve my everyone knows, the myriad of tax laws can baffle people of all educational backgrounds.

Seeing the confusion that many people have when they are living abroad, I feel that I have found my way to spending more time in Germany. So I have been rethinking my approach to helping people with their taxes.

My new approach also includes the teaching aspect, and I may look to come over as an English teacher. With family and friends in Munich, I may be able to build a clientele for private lessons. To expand, of course, I will look at different English schools to teach in but again, focus on private lessons. I know from reading the posts that teaching is not the easiest of avenues, but I do believe doing something is better than doing nothing and regretting not at least trying. Besides, I still plan on being in the US for the busy tax season, so I will have other income.

So that is me...I am looking at getting to Germany in whatever means possible.