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  1. "Woher kommst du?"

    What an idiot. Not a German myself, but I've lived here longer than anywhere else in my life - El Jeffo is right, just tell him he's wrong. Sure-fire recipe for p!ssing him off.    Don't get me started on my frustration with "where do you come from", not just because there are so many ways I can and can't answer that question, but also because it became exponentially more difficult after having married my GerMan 1.5 years ago and acquired an extremely regional-specific German last name... isn't love grand! 
  2. Dating Scene of Germany: Emotionally Unavailable

    4+1.5 with my GerMan... we're both late bloomers 
  3. Problems with remaining balance with Alditalk

    I have been with AldiTalk for yonks, i.e. probably about 15 years. Never have I ever had any problems, and no, I highly doubt "the workers... stolen the small money".    Do what @LukeSkywalker said, and get in touch with Aldi about your problem. No one on here is going to be able to help you, particularly as your explanations are far from clear.