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  1. Online library for English books

    @ZA1234  Have a look at the DAZ Library - they have a library on-site here in Stuttgart, but the membership fee also allows you access to the eBooks USA platform.   I found this option when I was looking for an alternative myself, but didn't go further with it because I gained access to my hometown library's ebooks through my mum's library card, and I use the NetGalley platform to gain access to ARCs. The second is a mixed bag, but I have read some great titles that way I wouldn't otherwise heard about. You do need to commit to write a review though, with NetGalley.   I supplement with ordering books from (the re-sell wing of the site mentioned above), and also go by the Oxfam used bookshop here in Stuttgart from time to time. I used to also frequent the Anglican Church booksale, but have stopped my involvement there because I refuse to support the intolerant attitudes of the current vicar.   I don't have Amazon Prime, so can't comment on that - but surely you should be able to access English-languages titles in spite of being registered in Germany.
  2. Is this How Health Treatment Works in Germany?

    This page is quite handy - you can do a search for doctors in Chemnitz (or all of Sachsen), where you can search according to speciality and specifying language skills. Should the link take you to the actual homepage, rather than the search page for doctors, click on Suche nach Ärzten und Psychotherapeuten (in the border on the right), put in Chemnitz  under Ort and under Fachkriterien choose Facharzt. Then search for the speciality you are looking for. An orthopedist is called an Orthopäde in German, and a Trauma Surgeion an Unfallchirurg. Last step, under Zusatzangaben choose Fremdsprache "Englisch".   The page is set up by the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians), so basically all doctors in Sachsen are listed. When I searched for an orthopedist and trauma surgeon in Chemnitz with English skills, I got a list of 5 doctors.   HTH
  3. Legal insurance for landlords - recommendations?

    I would be very leery of any promises an agent makes regarding Eigenbedarf. Yes, you can invoke it - but there are myriad reasons why this can be refused, it can take years to get sitting tenants out, or you as landlord will end up paying to get them out (i.e. paying for their move etc.).
  4. High rent in sublet

    Sorry to put it like this, but you don't really have a leg to stand on. Yes, a deposit (Mietkaution) is only allowed - by law - to be a maximum of three months Kaltmiete, and should be noted in the contract. However, you've paid it and I think you'll have a hard time getting the extra you shouldn't have paid back.   However, regarding the amount of rent: He is free to charge a subletter whatever the market will bear, regardless of how much he himself pays in rent.   If you are set on taking action against him, then go to the Mieterverein and ask for their help. It will mean becoming a member, but the fee is minimal for the help you will get from them. Just make sure you cancel your membership in writing immediately, effective the next possible deadline (usually 2 years), otherwise you'll be back on here moaning about the automatic renewal that is standard for these type of subscriptions and memberships.
  5. Lack of a response is not something you should take personally - if you investigate a bit, then you will see that Freiburg is not a hotbed of activity as far as TT goes. IIRC then FB might be more helpful for you, I think Freiburg expats had several meetups going there.
  6. Canadian in Offenburg

    @GlobeTrotterBoy This is on Fuu's profile:   Joined: 15 Nov 2012 Last visited: 6 Feb 2013
  7. BBQ / Grill wood & coal or gas?

      I am an apartment dweller, so electric or gas are my only options. And no, I would not use the cooker in the kitchen to grill, because I don't want my entire flat to smell of grilled meat. For some, that may be an attractive olfactory option, not for me. Plus we grill a portion for each person, and eat, and then grill a bit more, and eat, so it's nice to be able to do that on the balcony without a lot of back and forth to the kitchen.
  8. The first thread I remember reading on Toytown Germany...

    I have one too, and I love it. But I can never look at it without remembering the sadness of the whole situation with Poppet... and then an urge to bake Franzbrötchen overcomes me, which is a recipe Poppet shared with me.   Bringing this back on topic: Sorry, cannot for the life of me remember the first thread I read on TT!