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  1. Chocolate pudding recipe

      My MiL, who is from East Prussia and came to Germany as a refugee during WWII, does this - I find it very strange, but my GerMan grew up with it and likes it. 
  2. So on Sunday it will have been exactly a year since our last DUMB meetup - and what a year it's been.    Here's hoping we can meet up again at some point later this year. Missing you all, and our meetups, LOTS! Take care and stay safe, everybody. 
  3. Marriage registration for Non-EU citizens

      My husband lives in Westfalen, I live in Stuttgart and will stay here for a while yet, due to a great job (and little to no chance of finding something equivalent in Westfalen, let alone the perils of changing jobs at my age). Upon getting married, I changed my Hauptwohnsitz (main residence) to Westfalen, and registered Stuttgart as Zweitwohnsitz. Stuttgart promptly sent me a questionnaire to be able to assess the taxes for Zweitwohnsitz, which gave me quite a fright, as this hadn't occurred to me at all. However, if you can prove you require a Zweitwohnsitz due to working/studying, then you are exempt from tax for Zweitwohnsitz. Getting the required proof was no problem, and voilà, no taxes due.
  4. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

    Run-up to Christmas = Cheddar time at Lidl = great joy throughout the land. Well, at least the little part of it I inhabit. However, that Orkney stuff they had on offer in early October, which I have just got around to sampling (yes, cheese is my name, stockpiling is my game...) is worthless. The only way it might taste of something is if it's stored next to a decent piece of Cheddar or Gruyère.
  5. English Translator Requirement for German House Closing

    Just to add the missing note of pedantery here: If needed, you will need to look for an interpreter. Translators do written work, interpreters do verbal translation.
  6. Not to rain on your parade, but the title was "Christian churches in Karlsruhe".  AFAIK Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, the Angel Moroni and holy underwear go well beyond the accepted Protestant ecclesiological definition of the "Christian church". But hey, props to you for meeting during COVID - sure you'll be adding to the number of saints soon...