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  1. Questions on Arbeitslosengeld 1 (ALG)

      1. Every 3 months you will get called in for an interview to discuss how your job searching has been going and is there any prospects of work soon. There's no real pressure involved, just an informal chat. As long as you show some signs you are looking for work that will keep them happy (see spreadsheet info below). You get notified by letter a number of weeks before the interview, and get a text reminder the day before. So efficient! It is possible to reschedule the interview but you'll need a good reason. A form comes with the original interview request a change of date. 2. I was never made to attend any interviews for jobs, that responsibility was all mine. No suggestions or any kind were given. Maybe this depends on your skillset and also the temperament of the the person you are dealing with. 3. No demands are made. Maybe after a long time (> 8 months) that might happen. 4. Not sure. You can actually work a small amount and still get ALG I, not sure the exact amount, like one day a week, or might depend how much you earn at that job. You can ask them, I only found this out later. Questions like that also make them happy  They like to see that you are pro-active in attempting to rejoin the workforce. 5. Again, not sure. If you are already getting ALG I just send an email. If it makes you more employable and is short term they might go for it, though I have no actual experience of this situation. 6. Whether they ask you or not its a good idea to send them an email every month. I used to send a spreadsheet showing what jobs I was applying for; dates, location, position applied for, outcome, interview yes/no, etc. As long as there is >10 per month they should be happy with that.   You are also allowed to take holidays, I think max. 3 weeks, but you need to notify them in advance.
  2. Abmeldung from Berlin

    There's some useful info on this page.   https://www.buergeramt-termine.de/single-post/Abmeldung-Deregister-Berlin