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  1. Smalltownboy: where does the figure 12% come in? Where precisely did you get it?


    Whitenoise, as a Scot in Berlin I have been many times without a good strong cheddar. I am tired of buying cheddar that conforms to the rubbery weak-tasting standards of Germany. Cheddar should not, in my opinion, be mild, coloured and outrageously expensive (I eat a lot of cheese).


    It also, I'm afraid to say, should not be almost exclusively Irish. The Dunlop recipe, like those of Cheshire and various other places in mainland Britain, are far, far superior.


    I want...


    Strong Arran Cheddar! :)


    Just realise this is not a mainland cheese. I don't care. I want some...


  2. OMG! I've just seen him! He was on Karl Lade Straße rescuing two girls from a bunch of Turkish men. There must have been about seven of them, and the guy basically rescued them in front of me. I have already contacted the police, but wondered if anyone here has seen him, or knows anything about him. Oh my exciting is that??