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  1. Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 (aka FPL)

    It is a crazy weekend with game cancellations here, there and everywhere!   I hope you all managed to make some savvy transfer deals like Harry Redknapp would have done on deadline day. 
  2. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Boris had (in my opinion) a clever tale to tell as to why. He put it down to a shortage of Truckers across the EU. Basically there aren't any truckers to apply! Of course his 'followers' will accept that and not attribute it to Brexit. 
  3. Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 (aka FPL)

    Lukaku scored on his debut for the last 4 clubs that he played for, can he keep it up and score against Arsenal on Sunday? I hope so!   @sluzup Welcome to the league. I hope your husband is the only Yorkshire man you beat this season!