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  1. British Classic Car Fan

    Absolutely no offence taken. 👍🏻
  2. British Classic Car Fan

      Many thanks Silty for the helpful suggestion. I didn't know about this garage and will get in touch with them. Looks very promising.
  3. British Classic Car Fan

    Purely a matter of taste. And for me, an Imp is a fantastic looking classic. I've loved these cars since I was a kid. Pretty advanced for its time too with the aluminium engine.
  4. British Classic Car Fan

      Having lived and worked here for 14 years my German is actually pretty good. However, technical German is a whole different ball game. I struggle enough to understand mechanical terms in English, but as it says above I'm willing to learn. Having to learn about the inner workings of a car and do so in German, however, adds a whole new level of complexity.
  5. British Classic Car Fan

    Yes, I've seen the car. The previous owner is a mechanic who is retiring, so it has been very well looked after. No rust in all the usual places such as the arches, lower rear quarters, sills etc. Now looking for someone I can get advice from and learn from in my native tongue.  German is difficult enough without having to speak technically about cars.
  6. British Classic Car Fan

    Hello all, So, I've reached the age where it's time to invest in a classic British car.  I've managed to find the car I love in the Netherlands, a LHD Hillman Imp!! I'll be picking the car up once the lockdowns are over and it's safe to do so. The only problem I have is an absolute lack of knowledge about mechanics.  The car runs perfectly, but I'm sure from time to time it will need work and I'd like to be able to do this myself. I've heard that the Imp is quite a simple car to work on and so a good one to start with. However, I also thought there might be someone in Hamburg who has an affinity with the Imp, or other old British classics, who would be willing to take me under their wing. I'm based in Wandsbek in Hamburg. So, if anyone fancies sharing their knowledge, or can point me in the right direction, please let me know below. Thanks in advance, Mat