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  1. Why are landlords so picky?

    So I am going through a seperation and am looking for a flat in Cologne, and because of kids school/kindergarten, proximity to ex, my job etc, it has to be close to where I am living now. Almost every flat I have shown interest in online has turned out to be a fake, scammer or even identity thief.   About a month ago I viewed the perfect flat for me. It's affordable and 5 mins walk from the old place. I would have signed the rent contract in a second.   I just called Immobilienmakler after seeing the flat was still online to ask if the landlord has decided on a renter yet, and was told that nobody who has viewed the property so far is suitable.   WTF??? I have a perfect Schufa rating, earn ok, have no animals, don't smoke and have never in my life paid my rent late.   I just don't understand why they don't think I'm suitable. The Makler wouldn't tell me of course, and I have no way to contact the owner.   Could it be because I'm not a German citizen? (although there were lots of Germans at the viewing that also wanted the flat so can't be that).   Maybe because I have 2 children?   Any ideas or tips, I need to move out soon!   Thanks,   Britgirl
  2. Hi All,   I recently mentioned to German friends that I don't have Haftpflichtversicherung or Hausratsversicherung, which was met by absolute horror by all present. I've since asked maybe 20 Germans, who have all reacted shocked when I said I don't have it.   In the UK I don't know anyone who has this type of insurance, other than of course for their car. It seems if we break something of a friends we would just replace it.   Do any non Germans here have it?, ever had to claim on it?