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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    When I was a student I had a regular summer job in a fruit packing plant in Dundee. 12 hour night shift, 7 days a week, for about a month. For  £1 an hour or something. Yeah, yeah we used to eat grit, etc. Anyway. It was utterly, utterly as shit as it sounds. But after those 4 or 5 weeks I was loaded - I'd save about as much as one terms grant. Some kids would work the whole summer for that.   And I only got the job coz I dated a girl who got me in. The competition was immense. It was not something that British workers didn't want to do. No, no, no.   My role was lifting pallets of punnets up to the conveyor belt where 4 others would pour them out and the fruit would go through the sorter and then get frozen. That job probably doesn't even exist any more, I would hope it's been automated.   Much has changed since then.    Technology means there is less seasonality, so you can't rely on students as they just don't have enough free time.   And students don't want to do it anyway when they can just get a loan.   And the legal minimum wage means that to pay such shitty wages then as mentioned above, the owners have to make the workers live on site, and rip them off for accommodation.   The industry will change again to adapt to the new environment. Maybe cheap EU workers was the optimal solution, maybe not. 
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      No, I won't whoa. I'm Scottish and I know many English hating nats, including family members. And it's easy to find them online. Might not be the majority, but it's easily enough to qualify Remainers for "siding with nationalists and xenophobes" which is what the graphic was encouraging hatred of.   The "another referendum if we're taken out of the EU against our will" is an SNP policy that started immediately after the 2014 referendum and clearly one of the reasons the remain vote was higher in Scotland in the first place.   Boris/ The Tories got 25% of the Scottish vote and Brexit got 37%. You don't want to be ignored, but you would happily rearrange the UK so that you can ignore those people?    
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Wow, what pathetic hatred.    And just smell that hypocrisy.   If Brexiteers are disrespectful to the "half of England and Wales" that voted Remain (which is a lie, see your point 1), then you are equally being disrespectful to the Scots and Irish that voted Leave. And the ones that weren't arsed. Which is many. Scotland and NI had the lowest turnout of all the regions (67 and 62%). Never mind the implied lie that it is all of Scotland and NI being "disrespected", it wasn't even a majority that voted Remain. Lies and hypocrisy.   Add to that, that the higher Remain vote in Scotland was due to nationalists and anti-English xenophobes (many of whom had de facto voted to leave the EU in 2014). See your points 4 and 5.   The rest of it is simply bollocks.   Although, I've never said it till now but I'll give you your point 3 - shut up and get over it.
  4. Minimum income to buy property in Munich area

    As my bank explained it to me, if they repo the house then by law they can sell it for 80% of the value. Therefore any borrowing over that 80% they consider unsecured and will have correspondingly high rates of interest.   You can play around with various factors to reduce it to the magic 80% as quickly as possible ... more eigenkapital, higher monthly payment (tilgung) or regular additional payments (sondertilgung). 
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    No, it doesn't.   And I wouldn't normally be so pedantic but 'it implies, you infer'. It's a good little parallel to our discussion.    You accused me of wanting to start an argument but I really don't, I don't have the time. So I'll leave it there. It's all a bit too "Mhussus Bunfield" round here anyway.      
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    No I don't. Are you saying that accusing someone of victim blaming is worse than accusing them of being responsible for terrorism and having "blood on their hands"?   
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    This is the language of the wife-beater and the serial rapist. She was warned. She was asking for it.   It's called victim-blaming.   Nobody in a democracy is morally responsible for complying with the demands of terrorists, no matter how predictable the response. Any blood is on the hands of the terrorists and perhaps at a push those who enable them by victim-blaming.
  8. Buying property in Germany

      There's two different things   Getting the contract translated before the Notar's termin, vs having a translator with you in the Notar's termin.    I'm saying don't bother with the first. And you're right that anyway it won't spare you the second if that's what the Notar decides.   In my case they decided not, I turned up with my heavily annotated copy and said my lawyer had advised me on it (and had his letter with me too, but didn't show it). Then it's just a matter of turning the pages at the same time as everyone else.   As for being able to read it, that's only half the story.    To go back to my mietvertrag, a translator could have told me it said "you must repaint in white". My lawyer was able to tell me that they can't specify "white" so that whole clause was invalid and I didn't have to repaint at all. Same with a kaufvertrag, I would rather someone who knows their stuff interpret it from a legal perspective.  
  9. Buying property in Germany

    I would go against the advice to get the contract translated.   Run it through google translate to get the gist of what it says and spend what you saved on translation on getting a lawyer to tell you what it actually means and what changes you might want to make. I did this when I bought my place and not only did he help a lot with explaining the ins and outs of my kaufvertrag but he looked over my old mietvertrag, told me how to properly cancel that, drafted a letter for me, and nixed all the stuff about redecorating as being contrary to the law. All for about €100.    
  10. Coronavirus

    I understood the pharma cos are doing it on a non-profit basis. Where does bidding come into it?
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    You're deliberately ignoring the bit about the UK removing a whole extraneous layer of government and getting to be a speedboat instead of a tanker.
  12. Scam Property Advert?

    I just googled this sentence and got a good few hits "I have decided together with my husband to hire an international real estate agency that would manage the whole purchase agreement process of the property. "   So, definite scam.   Hopefully they can't do me much damage with my email address and handy number :(
  13. Scam Property Advert?

    Hi   I replied to an ad on for the sale of a house.    It was a very good offer: 400.000 € for a 7 room house in Reichertsheim, 1 hour east of Munich. Photos looked good, not erbpacht, not rented. Too good to be true, really. The seller was "von Privat" not a makler. A short time later the ad was taken down, and I forgot all about it.   Then a few days later I get an email from the seller asking if I am still interested, and can we talk in English. I replied yes to both.    Then I got this:    The seller's ID according to ImmoScout24 was a different name with an address in Schwabach.   I'm pretty sure now that it's a scam, but I suppose with all of these things there's room for doubt (or they wouldn't ever work).   I haven't opened the PDF of their passport, because why would I. I'm also not about to send them ID, but I'm interested to know what happens next.     What do you think?    Should I report it to ImmoScout24 or something?    Cheers Penchanski