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  1. Relocating to Germany from the UK

    Hi Chris, I've heard anecdotally that companies are generally a bit shy of hiring UK citizens without a resident's permit because it means they have to get into the visa sponsorship thing. An acquaintance was due to start a job last year but the whole project was put on pause because of the pandemic and by the time they started up again, the brexit window had closed and the company readvertised her position asking for an 'English speaking engineer with an EU passport,' which was heartbreaking for her.  I'm sure plenty of companies would be willing to do a visa for an employee they really, really wanted but you'd have to have to be in that position first. The Irish passport route really seems the simplest way to do it.  Good luck. 
  2.   God, yes, I was seriously acutely unwell once (you don't need the details), went to the doctor and she gave me a 'prescription' which I took which didn't help at all! Ended up in hospital and the doctor told me the 'medicine' I'd been given was homeopathic. I couldn't believe it. I went back to the doctor and told her and she blew up. 'You're blaming me for you being ill? That's my fault is it?' I suspect she didn't believe I was ill or needed treatment and wanted to prescribe me something to shut me up. But, yes, I had to pay for that. 
  3. Hi there,    I'm a British/American woman married to a German guy, and mum to a 7 year old boy looking for any other English speaking mums or dads of school-aged kids in the general area for garden hang-outs and days out, park days, biergarten, coffees etc. I do have German friends here but would love to get to know some other English speakers to widen my circle here and for a bit of shared cultural reference. I'm definitely missing the homelands and missing chatting in English right now! Please get in touch!