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  1. Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

    Yeh, official FPL. For some reason they launced it early at the end of June.   The more the merrier.
  2.   Love Beck. Seriously misunderstood and totally wacko. Top man.
  3. It used to exist on here but seems to have died a death.   If anyone's interested, say "Hi" and I'll set up a league.   Minimum 4 players I reckon to get some banter going.
  4. Being the outsider in a village

      Good call @lisa13   I'm reading back through her posting history and wondering if every post is just... Friday.   There's a shed-load of inconsistencies/divergences when you look at her narrative combined over different threads.
  5. Firefox browser problem

    Hmm... interesting @lisa13   I've always been a Firefoxer but have noticed over the past year it seems to have become bloated and failing in the basics I need/want.   Cheers for the heads up on Opera. I'll give it a whirl during the week and report back. Thanks again.
  6. Firefox browser problem

    Really annoying to see all the annoying adverts whichever site I browse on Firefox. Even here on TT.   I never quite realised what a good job ABP did... until it was gone.   Question: Are there really people who browse the Internet and are quite happy to be bombarded with all these ads?
  7. Anyone flying British Airways from 1st May? Need a favour!

      Yes, Von... I did. And I, like many other loyal fans have stopped.      
  8. What is your hobby?

      Mine is FPL. Been playing for 10 years, but could take it or leave it until 4 years ago when I was fortunate enough to be drafted in a team through FFS. I've never looked back.   We've won 3 FFS community tournaments out of 4. We're a very good team of 11 players. None of us will personally finish outside the top 50K this season.   We live in Scotland, England, Germany, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi and India. But somehow that mix of strangers/cultures worked.   We've had a Whatsapp group for 4 years. Swapping tips, news and advice on a daily basis.   Even births, deaths and marriages.   We're all very different but also, all very close. Despite the global distance.   My advice to anyone with a 'hobby' is to find some kindred spirits to add extra enjoyment to your obsession.  
  9. Anyone flying British Airways from 1st May? Need a favour!

    Off topic:   Wow! A rare sighting of a Sisters fan. Thought to be almost extinct since 2008. I'm sure David Attenborough is already lining up a documentary on their gradual disappearance.   Not quite sure about your profile pic. It's a bit pouty. Or possibly the early beginnings of Shut.The.Fuck.Up. I had a problem with Von when he went all shaved chest/baby oil during This Corrosion. The birth of midget porn perhaps. It doesnt matter how high your cuban heels are.   On topic:   Mrs Chelski (reading this thread) just showed me a mini, single-portion, heart-shaped Marmite. Happy to pop it in the post if it's missing from your daughter's collection.   FALAA.