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  1. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      Yes, of course.  If you knew the first thing about the royals youd know that thats irrelevant. Its more of a concern whether or not she is a catholic.
  2. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      We dont in any meaningful way.  The royals gave up their power ages ago and are now essentially just a PR team helping to sell tourism to americans.
  3. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      Although the Windors are very much figureheads without real power, the other european royal families are even less powerful and in some cases are more or less indistinguishable from the plebs.  The get correspondingly less criticism, but of course they are still celebs so are under the spotlight.   Whether thats good or not is a matter of opinion.  The british royals have huge benefits, massive amounts of money etc but pay for that through the usual costs of fame (plus a bit of republican hatred for them based on their titles).   For the royals themselves there is an argument that this is foisted upon them and they dont get a chance to say thats not the life they want, but you can hardly claim that for people who marry in.
  4. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      He has chosen this for himself.  He didnt speak to the royals and say look guys I cant take it, Im taking a back seat how can we arrange for me to quietly retire.  Instead he went public saying Im off to be a hollywood celeb and live off the susex brand.  And he maximised the impact by not telling anyone it was coming so the reaction of the crown was "wtf, erm, no idea we arent prepared".   You can say its the right thing, but you can hardly feel sorry for the attention he (or they) get.  They arent idiots, they knew what would happen and in fact they are relying on it so they can squeeze the pennies from the publicity.
  5. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

      even if the Probezeit is set to 3 months?
  6. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      and money.
  7. The Singularity is near

      correct.   The driver isnt mad scientists, its mad consumers.
  8. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    Ask them yourself.  Dont trust the guy firing you to do it.   If the betreibsrat wont help then you are pretty much left needing a lawyer.
  9. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      They are celebs.  She is a (still active) actress, he is a literal prince. In a few year he will be the kings brother, how much do you think thats worth?  How many books can he sell, how much would a company give him to be the face of their product.   And lets say it all goes to shit, you think the royals will let him end up collecting bottles for Pfand?  He has a huge safety net, whatever he says or does he can always go back because his family cannot afford for him to end up needing money.    
  10. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

      Is there a betriebsrat?  Are you a union member?
  11. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

      Depends what your motivations are, how easy it will be to find another job...   Do you have legal insurance?
  12. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      They are hardly going to end up living under a bridge.  They are two of the most wealthy and privileged people in the world.
  13. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Dont know about for brits, but I know some people with other nationalities (Iranian for example) who have been waiting over a year and a few years ago an indian friend waited about a year.  I have no idea whats normal, but its definately measured in months rather than days or weeks.  Id expect its hugely dependant on area.
  14. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

      They can of course give warnings, but we dont know the details so we cant give much useful input.  Its actually fairly common, at least in some industies to not bother with warnings and actually firing people and simply make an offer (as they did with you).   Id guess they decided to fire you in the probezeit then realised the contract said something different to what they thought and are now in a difficult position.
  15. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      Its even weirder than that.  He did indeed invent a particular type of flushing toilet and it is true that his name is associated with toilets through him.  But by an odd quirk of history it turns our crap as slang predates him, and it is just a happy coincidence that a man whos name colloquially means shit ended up inventing toilet tech.
  16. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Guess who got a DNA genealogy test for xmas :D
  17. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      The problem is that the students are the customers of the universities, they are the people paying the bills.  Try running a business where a core part of your business model is telling your customers they arent good enough or need to work harder.
  18. Brexit: The fallout

      Trump is an 80s democrat (think Bill Clinton).  By UK standards thats far right, but by US standards its center left.
  19. President Donald J. Trump

      I make it about 3 and a half hours.
  20. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      The problem is that its a lose lose. If you think transwomen are women then you are considered anti woman (invading womens spaces etc).  We already had that argument here on Toytown.  But then if you dont think they are women you are transphobic.   FWIW In my view, people should be allowed to hold opinions without putting themselves, their families or their jobs at risk. But thats the far left for you, they will hound people down and destroy them for the smallest of thoughtcrimes.
  21. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      They have moved on from gender dysphoria being an illness.  The word illness has negative connotations and suggests that the person needs to be treated.  The current Zeitgeist is that transmen are not women with gender dysphoria but are actual men, end of story. 
  22. Brexit: The fallout

      Come on, get a grip, I know you have a massive chip on your shoulder because of what happened 40 years ago but the times and the parties have moved on.  Which pits do you think Boris is going to close.  Or while we are at it, which pits do you think anyone else is going to reopen if they get elected?  None.  Thats all in the past we live in a different world with different priorities, policies and priorities.   The Tories are now the party that speaks for the working classes, Labour are the middle classes and the libdems are the protest party.  Get over it.      
  23. Looking for a job as a Graphic Designer. Help!

      Its around the blue card minimum, if they earned less they wouldnt have got a work permit.  In fact for most people thats too low, €53600 pa is the minimum for most roles.    
  24. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      I dont get it. 
  25. About the employment situation in the city

      As you are in germany, you should probably be using Xing rather than linkedin anyway.