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  1. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      At least it would be over.
  2. Tool to calculate German state pension

      They are HR, not an investment or pensions advisor.  HR isnt normally very close to state pensions, details of krankenversicherung etc, they know about deducting payments from your salary and whatever they have personal experience with but not necesarily much more.
  3. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Not exactly a surprise, this has been widely reported for a couple of days.   Whoever takes over, assuming as expected that it will be a brexiteer, is between a rock and a hard place.  They cannot go to the people because they know the tories will be wiped out (who wins is unclear with labour also expected to lose seats) but without doing so they have a minority government and an unpopular policy.   The only out I see for them is to run down the clock and hope parliament doesnt torpedo no deal in oct.
  4. There are already services including glassdoor, kununu and others that do this. Honestly, I dont think its a good idea for everyone to post these details here.
  5. Brexit: The fallout

      Its almost as if you can like europe without liking the EU!
  6. Polite and courteous way of English expression

      Absolutely not, at least not in england. "I took the liberty of..." is a standard if slightly uncommon formulation in english.   Think of this form of speech as spice, we use small amounts to make communication more interesting but if you put too much in it ruins the whole dish.
  7. Polite and courteous way of English expression

      To be honest I dont see anything wrong with this, if its what you want to say it seems to fit your desire for overly floral language.  No doubt some language nerds will find things to rip apart, but to me its fine.   For the record, noone in their right mind would normally speak like that, but I think you know that and looking for something over the top.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

        Its a huge political win for brexit.  If you want hard brexit, this is how you get it. 
  9. Rental woes in Berlin

        The guy doesnt want to be back here in 6 months saying "I got this bargain deal in berlin, only 200 a month and everything covered but got screwed over" only to have us say "haha, idiot, you should have known it was a scam".   Honestly, I think this is a very real concern.
  10.   I dont know, it sounds to me like it could be one of those things with any number of names or possible meanings.  I appreciate that Sangrita Pikante is what it actually says on the bottle, but that isnt necessarily what he knows it as.  In Berlin I know it as Mexicana, and depending on how much context the guy had it wouldnt be unreasonable to think it was a question about wine, or even possibly some exotic cheese, pasta sauce... 
  11. Streaming Laws in 2019

      And how much does it ask you to pay for the latest Hollywood blockbuster?
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Are you talking mostly about people at the checkout who expect money after they "catch you shopping" ?
  13. Streaming Laws in 2019

      Tue only in as far as its up to your own moral standards whether or not you do anything illegal. Using the argument that you wont get caught is quite disturbing to me, would you say hey this shop has really bad security we can shoplift and probably never get caught? Id hope not.  And yes, I do understand that copyright "theft" isnt theft, its not about that, its about dubious morals you propose.
  14. Waldorf Frommer - fine for downloading taken to court? Please help

    Standard advice has always been to get a lawyer who will advise you.  Most likely they will prepare a modified document to send and assuming things go well "your friend" will probably end up paying their lawyer and a lower amount to WF and promising not to do it again (though not admitting that they did it this time).   Obviously there is an element of luck, depends on your lawyer, etc but generally this is a standard case that everyone has seem a million times before.   Dont try to do it yourself, let a pro handle it.
  15. Streaming Laws in 2019

      Actual legal cases are relatively rare, but letters from Fromage and Woolbagger or some such demanding cash with legal threats is absolutely the norm here, a good portion of the people I know (1 in 10 maybe) got such letters/fines and not just individuals, I even know of a church that got such a letter and decided after legal advice that they had to pay.