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  1.   Is it so unreasonable to expect aids tests to be free?  I for one am on his side on this.  Id much prefer it if people who think they might be infected were not put off getting tested by being told they have to pay.  Not least as I have heard of (no idea if its true) people giving blood because apparently the blood is aids tested and so its a free way to be tested. True or not, that for me is the end of discussion, aids tests should be free for all, no questions asked.
  2. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

      Fair point, maybe we are in a bubble, or maybe property in germany has historically been underpriced and is currently correcting.  Id say its a bit of both, especially in Berlin (I realise that isnt where you are, but its where I am).
  3. Why isn't Lower Saxony actually lower?

      Current thinking seems to be that Norsex would have been what was known as Mercia, but for some reason it considered itself more anglo than saxon so didnt use a saxon derived name.  As with many things historical the detail is open to plenty of argument.
  4. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

      Its understandable coming from the uk such things as not being able to work on your car on the street or even your driveway seems bizzare, as do all the posts about things like neighbours calling the police because someone used the toilet after 10pm or whatever.  I cant claim to know Turkey but I can imagine that it is (like the uk) a world apart from germany in these regards.   OP could be a little more humble in accepting our advice though.
  5. Food allergies - where to eat?

      This is true, but wasabi (not just served on the side but often also in the sushi) and soja sauce are often not gluten free.
  6. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

      Thats not how germany works.  You will be tied up in legal knots over noise etc.  If you are serious then you need to check out the location, see how well you can cover the noise and maybe even clear it with the neighbours *before* you commit to anything.
  7. Thats about the size of it.  The software market in berlin is super overheated at the moment. I would rather be worrying about how to keep the agents off your back rather than how to find contacts.   That said, there are tonnes of timewasters who just want to add you to databases and spam businesses that your skills dont fit, so you might be better getting out and about at some of the meetups and other events to make some more valuable contacts.
  8. Expats in Wonderland

      On the other hand, it might not be such a good idea to be known as the relocation service which sues expat businesses.
  9. I think you should talk to an insurance pro like johng or starshollow.  At the end of the day, a general question like this on TT will attract a load of anecdotes about what someone or other has done and it worked for them, but their circumstances are likely to be different and you might well end up getting screwed over with an expensive solution that doesnt even cover your needs.   In my personal experience TK is excellent and has so far covered all of my dental costs without a single question.  Is that true for you? probably not so you shouldnt listen to people like me, you should talk to a pro.
  10. AfD on the rise

    lets try again.  I doubt that AfD hates white christian americans.  You cant present Pegida as proof that they do, I just dont believe it.
  11. Low cost German/European airlines fly from Istanbul

      It is possible to travel from berlin to Leipzig cheaply.  I did it by bus (flixbus I think) and it was something like 40 euros return. Trains seem to be 48 euros each way (so like 96 return).  Im sure there are spartickets that are cheaper.
  12. AfD on the rise

      From my very limited encounters with AfD they dont hate foreigners per se.  When one guy canvassing spoke to me I was obvioulsy not german and I asked about "other foreigners" (he was talking about muslims) and he said that in his experience most people who come to study or work learn the language and make a fair go of integrating so he has no problem with them.  I specifically asked about koreans (I have korean friends here) and other asians.  He didnt seem in the least bit concerned that I was foreign, not even to the extent that I dont have a vote to offer him so he was wasting his time. If anything Id suspect they are actually quite fond of white europeans and anglophones (ie what I presume makes up a largish proportion of TT) but I admit I havent actually checked their literature.   Doesnt mean anyone should vote for them, I certinaly wont (not that I have a german vote anyway), but I wouldnt assume that they hate all foreigners. 
  13. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

      Sure.  As soon as you leave footprints that they can follow you are fair game.  One might hypothesize that those who only connect for a few seconds are actually the hardest of hardened torrentors who generally use a vpn and somehow messed up and for that reason such activity might even make you a more juicy target.  But I suspect not, I think they have a list of several million ip addresses and they simply work down it more or less in order raking in the cash as they go.
  14. AfD on the rise

      SOP in these cases is for the person in question to be locked up as a suspected traitor until the end of the war.  To be honest 2 passports probably dont help (or hinder), having once had the other passport or having lived for an extended period in the country is enough to make you suspect.
  15. Hurricane season 2010, now 2017

      Sigh, its that massive vegetarian chip on your shoulder again, isnt it.  We are not threatened by your eating carrots. Get over it.