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  1. Antifa - Freedom fighters or fascists in disguise?

      You think it is ok to use violence against people because they are on a different part of the political spectrum to you?  All that talk of liberalism and even part of being liberal is being open to non liberal thoughts?   I never expected to hear you cheering for violence on the streets, I am honestly disappointed in you.
  2. Only in America...

      Im not certain if this is the exact point Kreig was making, but in normal parlance a goal is a point on the field but is always refered to as a goal.  A point normally refers to the points awarded for winning (3) or drawing (1) a game and are used for calculating position in the league.  So winning a game 2 goals to 1 is worth 3 points for example. 
  3. Post inaguration fall-out

      Well kind of.    In scenario A, which clearly isnt going to happen because its in the past, then scotland would pay for it leaving the uk.  They would then pay whatever part of brexit that lands on them, for example they would possibly anyway be kicked out of the EU (Note this is a contentious point and we will never know for sure), but in any case the whole loss of business, changes in investment etc would most likely somehow hit scotland due to brexit.  However as scotland would not be part of the uk it would in theory be isolated from the costs, just as other countries that are not UK shouldnt have to pick up costs.  Whether 1 year separation would really be enough time to get everything untangled I dont know, I suspect it would not have made much difference and scotland would still have suffered almost as much when brexit came along.    In scenario B the uk pays for brexit (of which scotland is a part) and then if the country subsequently exits the uk then scotland gets to pay most of the costs for that.  If scotland then wishes to rejoin the eu there will again be a large set of costs which I presume they will also have to pay, who else?   The key factors is that the uk is leaving europe, and as long as scotland is part of the uk they have their share of the costs and benefits.  This isnt just a logical ivory tower thing, it is practical. IWhen we talk of 60 billion in costs, its not like the uk is going to get a bill for the total and england cuts a cheque. It is various costs which will arise over the union some of which just plain simply will be in scotland.  Scotland has for example a whisky and an oil industry which will both need to negotiate trade deals, face trade barriers or taxes and probably lose business and its hard to imagine how those  costs would not be payed by scotland.  Scotland will also lose out on eu subsidy, Im not sure if that is factored into the 60 billion cost or not.   Another caveat is that had scotland decided to leave the uk before the brexit referendum they would have an argument for not being part of brexit and perhaps being insulated from the costs.  By the same logic, having decided not to be part of the uk perhaps they should also not have been entitled to vote on it.  But as it happens scotland didnt vote for independance and did, as part of the uk vote for brexit.  The uk voted as a block, those who say scotland voted to stay are in a sense lying, there was no scotish vote as such.   TL;DR  If a country or region is part of the uk then they have costs associated with Brexit.  Countries which are not part of the UK may end up with some costs but in theory they shouldnt and they will for sure be lower than those for the places which are part of the UK.
  4. Post inaguration fall-out

      If the uk devolves it will cost the full 60 billion plus a whole lot extra for the devolution.  If any scots (or welsh, but that doesnt seem likely) are hoping for independance as a way of saving money they are in for a nasty shock.  Not to mention there are several country like spain who are quite nervous about independance movements are are likely to do their best to torpedo the chances of such newly independant countries which will no doubt rack up more and more costs.   FWIW I am strongly pro scottish independance, but I expect scotland to carry the costs and I expect it to be painful at least as painful as brexit.  But that seems to be  what scotland has wanted for well over a century so I say get on and do it. 
  5. Disadvantage of Temporary Health Insurance?

    In fact the insurance brokers are likely to effectively have a negative cost, in that they not only do not charge the end user but they understand pricing and products and (with the exception of public KK where prices are fixed) can probably suggest better value options than one can find alone and can most certtainly avoid the notorious "oh, you have the wrong insurance, now pay X months backpayments pls".
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      We already have 2 ways through immigration.  The quick and easy one for UK/EU and the slow and annoying one for others.  I would imagine that will stay exactly as it is and any visas or whatever will be checked electronically for europeans in much the same way that whatever existing checks (I presume the scanned passports are somehow checked against police wated lists or something) already are.    It is hardly beyond our technical capabilities to check the date of last entry/exist and calculate if someone has overstayed their allowed time or if the computer says "sorry the visa associated with this passport has been withdrawn".   In the worst possible case the EU people would have to join what is currently the non-EU line and instead of clearing heathrow in about 15 minutes it will be 30.  Either way I cant see this as a big deal to anyone.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    I think people are speaking about slightly different things here.  An open border between the Uk and EU would be quite strange as that is more integration than we have now.  As many TT members will know, having a schengen visa is not enough for a visit to the uk and people working in the uk (Im thinking of indians personally but those are just the people I have known who get hit by this) cannot easily visit europe.   What we have had for a long time, and I expect will continue is that brits and europeans enjoy a bilateral deal that allows visa free travel and in the future *potentially* continue to work without a permit.  For those of us here and working now I confidently expect us all to be grandfathered into whatever work permit is required and my gut feeling is that there will anyway be some special allowance for us to work without a permit.
  8. Post inaguration fall-out

      Right connection but backwards.  Most religious morals are rather derrived from basic human empathy not the other way around.
  9. Are you a prepper?

      Get a grip on yourself.  In the unlikely event that it all turns nasty germans will still have money and even if it drops in value it is hard ot see them worse off than places like greece have been recently.  The problems germany might have would be more around not being able to pay people pensions or harz IV not some kind of post apocalyptic collapse where you will be trying to eek out survival by eating rats and drinking from rivers.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      This is true, but not because she met trump. It was because she said one thing to him and more or less exctly the opposite to Turkey and "Theresa the appeaser" was a jab at her being weak and agreeing with everyone instead of standing for one thing or the other. 
  11. Brexit: The fallout

      I dont have time to dredge up proper references, but her private letters which were published after her death make it pretty clear that she wanted to believe but could not do so.   Note that I dont hold religion or lack thereof against anyone (a few years ago I would have done but my views have mellowed significantly), it is just that her public persona is so far from the reality that I think it is worth mentioning.   See some discussion of it here.  Not the best, but it is the first hit on my search and Im at work :
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      And more generally, all this BS about trump being Hitler is completely stupid.  People might not like trump, but until he invades poland and kills 6 million jews he isnt hitler and anyone who thinks he is needs their head looking at.  For a bit of balance Ill say the same about Obama, anyone who thinks he is a crypto islamic kenyan sent by satan to overthrow the us is equally insane.
  13. Why do we like stress?

      No but overcoming all that is.   Think about sports, is it more fun watching an international team easily destroy a tiny amateur team or a really tight game where two equal teams battle it out to a last minutue victory?
  14. Daughter's boss watching porn

    As I said, I have experience of websence dating back about 10 years, but it is just the best known Im sure there are others and better.  At the time I was involved in content filtering most off the shelf solutions had a blacklist together with image recognition which could differentiate suprisingly well between body shapes etc and with normal porn (ie a picture of a couple of naked people or parts thereof) had as far as I could tell about 100% success and is at least good enough for casual browsing at work.    As I said, there are obviously issues with medical stuff (breast cancer websites are not porn for example) and a few other things but for the most part this is a solved problem.    I cannot speak for the home solutions that are supposed to protect children online at home, I have zero experience and it could well be that they suck.   YouTube and Facebook are playing an interesting game, for the most part everything is an automated response to items that are flagged by users with a few items where the poster complains being actually investigated by the guys you are talking about.  This cannot, obviously, be automated since it is the escalation point once the automated system fails. 
  15. Brexit: The fallout

      No, but it turned out she was an atheist and believed it was good for people to suffer so went out of her way to avoid making people comfortable while they died.  Which is almost exactly the opposite of what people think of her.