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  1. How to quit the job on the spot?

    Legally it isnt possible unless the company agrees.  But there is the question of what would actually happen, and thats hard to predict.  I have never seen companies suing ex employees but I have heard people claim that its common.  Obviously it might be hard or impossible to get a Zeugniss and if/when he does get it he wont be able to expect much.   If it were me I would go talk to my boss, tell him whats wrong, why I want to leave and try to agree mutually that I just leave.  If its that bad that he never wants to go back then there is a good chance the feeling is mutual.
  2. The real estate market doesn't make sense to me.

      on the other hand anyone under 30 has been completely shafted in the uk with their only hope of ever owning a property being to inherit.
  3. The real estate market doesn't make sense to me.

      Share an apartment, vast numbers of people flatshare.  Or you commute, although it has to be said that the distance from london you have to go to avoid the high cost is now so far that it isnt really an option anymore.
  4. The real estate market doesn't make sense to me.

    I tihnk you misunderstood.  Jack meant (I believe) that germans tend to *only* buy if they want to live in whereas other countries have a private landlord culture.
  5. The real estate market doesn't make sense to me.

    Compared to places like London the purchase price is cheap, but its the ratio between buy and rent that is being discussed.  I havent looked into it but I believe that outsode of Berlin and Munich the purchase prices are fairly stable too and not inflating wildly.     I think the thing here is that owners are not doing buy to let so have a different expectation.  An apartment here does not have to pay for itself the way it would elsewhere.
  6. The real estate market doesn't make sense to me.

    Cheap is relative, if you look at the OP you will see that rent in stuttgart is "cheap" and more to the point people sit on ancient contracts and are still paying rents from decades back so although it might all seem expensive now a lot of people are indeed still paying very cheap rates.
  7. The real estate market doesn't make sense to me.

    I tihnk it is as simple as looking at rental vs purchase culture.  For example in the uk renters have relatively few rights and owning a place is a part of the standard plan for life.  This drives people to buy, pushing up prices and a because prices rise everyone wants to buy now (before the price goes up) driving rises further up.  A kind of upward spiral which attracts investors driving it even more.  It is also a classic recipe for a bubble and people regularly predict a huge crash.    In contrast, someone buying a property in germany knows that kicking out the tennant or even significantly increasing rental price is difficult or imposssible.  Which means people rent, and rent cheaply.  So there is no incentive to buy, neither to live in (its cheap to rent) nor as an investment. So the upward spiral doesnt really exist.  Add in that for whatever reasons many germans prefer build over buy and you just dont have a hot market. Not to mention the eye watering fees, maklers and so on which pour more cold water on the whole thing.    Yes in all cases there are exceptions, and nothing is 100% black or white, but the basic economic principles here I tihnk explain why property in germany doesnt behave like it does in other countries.
  8. Dressing for a job interview

    Hmm, depends on the role.  In Berlin (where OP is) wearing a suit to an interview for a software role is certainly a negative.  Not a deal breaker, but it is taken by the people I interview with to imply a lack of social awareness and that they probably dont have a "good fit" in a creative environment.  And pretty much all software companies see themselves as creative here, even if they arent.   If its a customer facing role, management or whatever then a suit is acceptable and maybe expected.  But a lot comes down to how the person presents themselves.  It is way better to be comfortable in smart casual than look stilted in a suit.   All that said, OP seems from other posts to be a teacher, so Id say a suit or at least smart casual is a safe bet.
  9. Is climate change a myth?

    we could wear clogs!
  10. Is climate change a myth?

  11. Is climate change a myth?

      To be honest that has turned out to be pretty much true.  There has been a reduction of smoking, very approximately half the proportion of people smoke now compared to the 1970s.  But to get that we have had to have massive price increases, banning in many public areas, a concerted effort to demonise smoking, making it socially unacceptable and even pictures of cancers etc printed on the boxes.   I think we can now see a possibility of a smoke free future, but it has taken nearly half a century for that to even look achievable, and it is far from certain that it will happen.   True smoking is addictive in a way that meat isnt, but there are still some strong cultural connections to meat (think turkey at christmas for example) that make me think it is going to be extraordinarily difficult to make it happen.   Even india which is often thought of as a vegetarian country only has about 1 in 3 people being vegetarian.    
  12. Green vs black olives: which are best?

    This is true, but its not an especially german phenomenon it is common as far as I know across europe and the usa and I presume worldwide.
  13. Is climate change a myth?

      This is the key part.  As much as I hate to agree with EI he has a good point, a few hipsters in the west changing beef for tofu isnt going to make a dent in the worldwide picture, and isnt going to save any bangladeshis.  If you could get a significant worldwide movement then it would make a big difference, but the change required is massive.  Even just reversing the growth of meat consumption is wildly unrealistic in much of the world.   Its like saying we could get the same change if everyone just stopped driving their cars. Or having less children, if the whole world adopted the old chinese one child policy we might also meet the targets. Well yes, probably also true, but it also isnt going to happen.
  14. Is climate change a myth?

      Air travel reprersents around 2% of global CO2 output.  There isnt much point freaking out about it, anyone who see this as an existential thread should be looking at electricity generation instead.  Yes thats a medium to long term thing but it actually could make a difference, unlike not flying which is pure ego feelgood bs in the grand scheme of things.
  15. Is climate change a myth?

      It is true.   Of course the truth is that this is slight of hand, using someone else fitting energy saving bulbs or planting trees or whatever and claiming their saving as a reduction (offset) of your usage.  But assuming you are cool with this form of being lied to, then yes google is carbon neutral.