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  1. Divorce and Sponsor second wife

      Depends on your cultural background and what your family/friends etc think of it.  Personally half the people I know are on their second divorce so its not like I think its a big deal.  But I do know people for whom divorce is a serious and, at least according to them, an extreme thing.  In the case of one Indian (now german) woman I know she claimed that being divorced in Germany put her life at risk.  I have no way to assess to what extent this was true, but she certainly perceived it to be.   All moralizing aside, what OP is trying to do, in my view, isnt going to work.  Germany is the land of paperwork and all things marriage and divorce are complex and I simply dont think hiding it is going to be doable.
  2. Business compliance: gifts from suppliers

    Im not a compliance office, but I am close to the process.  Generally the rules are simple, dont accept anything which might be considered a bribe and if you are placed into a difficult situation, report it to the compliance officer who will deal with it.   If you know there will be problems in the future (its the culture in X to bribe, what should I do?) then you state that to the compliance officer now up front.
  3. dependent visa query

    That kind of thing is faily common.  The company *could* write you a permanent contract with a clause that its only valid while you have a work permit (at least ours look like that, I dont know for sure if its legal but Id expect so), but they either dont know that or dont want to.   I dont think you have too much leverage, a lot of companies use limited contracts anyway so it doesnt surprise me that they dont see you as a priority.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      Why is this a surprise to anyone?    We have known since 2016 that it was the working classes that voted out (surely you remember the middle class sneering about how university towns voted remain whilst the uneducated peasants voted out?).  I know there was an age element too, but we cannot deny that the stereotypical working man in the north voted out.   And Corbyn is monumentally unpopular, except in the tory party where he is considered something of an insurance policy.  To the extent that it was widely reported (not sure if true) that it was tories joining labour to vote for him that got him the top job.  
  5. Solidarity Tax

    The tax is an unnecessary complexity.  The same amount could be simply added to other existing taxes and we could do away with the orwellian name.
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      The libdems bet the farm on proportional representation and agreed to everything the tories wanted as long as they got their vote.  They got it, and lost.  
  7. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

      Some people care about children dying or otherwise suffering, even when those children are not their own.    
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      I dont believe it.  You, like everyone else accept election results as being the will of the people except in certain key cases where you lie to yourself.   You dont have to like the result, but please dont BS.  The country voted to leave, and had it been any other election or any other result you would be 100% ok with it.
  9.     Thats the point, isnt it?  Are you willing to buy a house now and wait 10 years to move in?   Why do they want to sell?  It wouldnt surprise me if there were problems they dont want to pay for, but you (as landlord) will be expected to cover.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      Especially when the opposition is such a mess. If labour had an actual anti brexit leader who was popular then the whole thing would be a massive problem for BoJo. As it is corbyn is the ace up BoJos sleve -- if you bring me down then you get the racist grandad who hates jews and campaigned most of his life to leave the eu.  
  11. Brexit: The fallout

      It depends who you believe.  The actual options are:   * same deal * new deal * no deal * delay   Bojo has said no to same deal and has said we are leaving for sure, eu has said no to new deal, so assuming you believe both sides the only remaining option is no deal.  Whether thats true we will have to wait and see, it wouldnt be the first time red lines and final final promises and commitments had turned out to be nothing of the sort.
  12.   This is the key point.  At the 300k level arguments about church tax or mandatory pension are unlikely to be significant.  Much more important are things like where do you actually want to live, what is the work and company culture like etc.    Big question. does OP want to live there?  LA to Munich is going to be a big change.  
  13. Flat White coffee now available in Germany

      Its not that simple, though you are right that the milk texture (should) vary, a flat white has a high proportion of espresso, a capuccino more milk (or less coffee) and a latte (whether cafe latte or latte macchiato) tends to be the most milky.
  14. Brexit: The fallout

      Because the state of play as it is now is that May sold us down the river and uk parliament is apoplectic about stopping no deal so all the eu has to do (probably) is sit back and wait for the uk to bottle it.   Any movement towards rational discourse would help the uk to leave, so the eu simply says no sorry its all agreed.  That is exactly the right strategy for them, for exactly the same reason as Boris should also be saying bugger it then, its no deal and the day after its an end to free movement and everything else.   Not because thats what anyone wants but because anything else (from either side) moves the initiative which goes against their interests.
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

    You are thinking too deeply, this isnt some kind of illuminati conspiracy.  There is a company that matches up people with hotels, its "free" to the user and take commission from the hotel.   Payment is a bit complex because there are a few options and Id guess exactly how things are handled depends on the capabilities of the hotel.  Hilton Im sure have their own credit card processing and maybe do it themselves, Herr Mustermann with his 2 room guesthouse in Mustersdorf doesnt so booking takes a payment and pays it to Mustermann minus a handling charge.   FWIW many online shops dont actually do their own payments, they typically route everything through a "payment processor".