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  1. Right, as I said Ive been lending on a not for profit basis and looking (on and off) at the for profit options since way before I came to germany, so it must be over a decade since companies like mintos have been around.   I like the idea of supporting small business and I think small loans are in many ways far better than charity (better to help someone start a farm than to give him free food, make him dependant upon you and put his neighbour out of business). But as investments go the return doesnt seem in reality to be especially high nor the risks especially low.   If you think about P2P lending, what we are really talking about is privately funding the loans that the banks (ie professional money lenders) dont want to make.  Think about that.
  2.   Thats true, but the same basics hold as for other investments. A 5% loan should, generally have a high probability of repaying. A bit like a bond, low return, low risk.  A 15% loan has a higher return, but also a higher risk of default, like a tech stock for example.   Personally Ive only lent P2P on a not for profit basis (Kiva), whatever attitude people have of that platform I can say in my experience most people pay back but enough dont that much of your notional profit would get eaten (as I say, I dont take a profit, so for me its a few percent loss due to non payment).   FWIW having read about P2P, my impression is that over a longer period the returns tend to even out at no better than you would expect from equity.  Thats not to say it isnt a rewarding way to invest, just that (suprise suprise) its not a magic get rich quick plan.  
  3. How to start modelling in Germany

      Contact @Blue Cow
  4. Tropical Islands Resort in Brandenburg

      I have seen people being asked to open bags and told to put them back in their car, but at least in my experience it's people with obvious picnic hampers etc not just a bar of chocolate in a handbag
  5. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      Im sure Ive told this story before, but years ago I was on business in Hong Kong and as I was on expenses had a nice bottle of wine with dinner in Wan Chai.  The reciept (in chinese of course) had a rather large line item apparently listed as "miscellaneous drinks" and when I showed it to one of the guys I was working with his jaw dropped.  Apparently "misc drinks" is a euphemism used for fees due to questionable nocturnal adventures, and long story short he thought I was submitting a trip to a brothel as expenses.   All in all the expenses were paid without question, but I did get a rather unwanted (and unwarranted) reputation in the team.
  6.   Looks like text to speech screwed up.  For example "appointed" is clearly an error, should say "a point at"
  7. E-car tips

      I dont know about Telsa as such, but I know that many cars which have a waiting list often cost more newish than they do new simply because people dont like waiting.
  8. Salary negotiation post job interview?

      I dont think you can read to much into it.  If they normally pay juniors say 2500 and you said you are on 2700 they may have decided its worth matching it but they cannot justify giving you more.   The fact another company in another city pays more doesnt tell you much about the current salaries for your preferd job.   Have you checked ? It seems junior architects in Berlin (not sure if thats where you want to work?) can expect to earn between about 20k-35k.
  9.   Broadly speaking, yes. But it depends on a lot of things.  As cities grow they may relocate power stations, further out, build better public transport etc and may end up with higher air quality. And generally over time rules tend to get more strict -- less poluting vehicles and industry etc.
  10. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

      This is true but not really helpful, as it isn't the isp that is of concern.  The lawyer will track the uploads and then go to the isp to ask for a real person who matches the ip address.   So the correct question is how long does the lawyer store the upload data and how long does the isp store the IP address assignments.   Answer: long enough.
  11. Do you believe in telepathy

      You obviously missed my point which was excactly that.  The bit you are responding to is simply a disucssion on what if. My assertion was simply that it wouldnt necessarily be a bad thing.  Which I stand by, I think a world without secrets would, in eneral, be a better one. But that doesnt mean I think it exists, in fact quite the reverse, it clearly does not.   Just to be clear on my stance, telephathy (remote viewing etc) is woo.  It has been extensively researched and as far as is it ever possible to prove a negative, been proven not to exist.  
  12. Gender neutral toilets.

    The only country in the world that the women stand and the men sit to piss.
  13. Do you believe in telepathy

        Maybe, maybe not.  Like anything else, there would be advantages and disadvantages. Think of the changes in empathy we would have. Think how much more effective the police could be, they wouldnt even need to wait for a criminal to act.   
  14. Do you believe in telepathy

    The thing is, there has been extensive research, both military and civilian trying to show evidence of mind reading, remote viewing etc for about 50 years. This is of course where the idea of tinfoil hats comes from, a kind of shield to stop people reading your mind.   For telepathy to be possible there would need to be a whole new type of particle or wave that we havent discovered yet, and it would have to be produced *and* detected effectively by the brain, which is mostly a kind of fatty mush -- it isnt electrical coils etc which is what you would expect to be needed.    So far there is no evidence at all that it works, nor any proposed mechanism suggesting how it could work.  That isnt to say its impossible, but its currently at about the same level of credibility as leprechauns living in your garden -- might exist, but we looked pretty hard and it seems not to be.   There are also some logic problems with telepathy -- if people could communicate brain to brain, it is hard to see why this would not have been a significant evolutionary advantage.  Those who could communicate silently and effectively should have outlived/outbred the muggles.  Whereas even if we accept some people do have these powers, they are in a tiny tiny minority.  Which makes no sense.