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  1.   Hops can be radically different, and whilst the barley as such is pretty similar the way it is processed is not and again has massive effects (think guinenes compared to a pils).   Water and yeast I am dubious whether most people can taste a difference but brewers claim so. To the extent that British beers are often made from burtonised water.   Alcohol isn't in my view a significant flavour of beer but it is very important for mouth feel 
  2. Daueraufenthalt for the 1000th time

    No. No one can confirm or deny it just isn't clear.    Sorry, but you have to wait and see.
  3. I cannot find any evidence that they are religious, they seem to be a collection mostly of lawyers and none of their partner organisations seem to be religious.   The only vaguely religious indication I can see anywhere is their logo which could, if you are suitably biased, take to look rather like an angel.  
  4. Internships for experienced professionals

    OP profile says you are from India.  I suspect the biggest question is the work permit situation.  As far as I understand (though Im not an employment lawyer) it is not normally possible to do an internship on a blue card.   Edited to add: The company I work for sees internships as a route to recruiting staff, a student or recent graduate who wants or needs an internship could be tomorrows star employee.  Someone who is already long since graduated with experience and only wants 6 months in a role doesn't really make sense for us.  I don't know for sure, but Id guess that quite common.     On the other hand I also know of companies that use interns as cheap labour, so Id imagine some companies would be delighted to get an experienced team member for 10 bucks an hour.  After all it essentially the same as a freelancer but at a fraction of the cost.
  5. Quite so, Bill Clinton also dodged the draft. And most other presidents (bush for example) and candidates seem to have either botched it or not served, required or otherwise. Maybe it's time for the US presidential system to take a leaf out of the royal family playbook and send all potential future leaders to do a tour or so of military service? Reminds me of the phrase: Service guarantees citizenship.
  6. Its a stupid thing to say. Presumably what he meant before making a mess of it was something along the lines of education negatively correlating with family size, which it does. Not as an absolute rule but as a trend it is true.
  7. deduction

      There are loads of standard deductions, for example tax etc.  You might also have an arrangement in place such as a loan where repayments are deducted or under some conditions people who leave after training have the training costs deducted.  I personally have had a situation where the company mistakenly overpaid me, and the excess was deducted from future salary payments.   Can you give us a more precise question about what kind of deduction you mean?
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      I think you overestimate political knowedge and engagement in the uk.  Im pretty sure there are basically 2 camps   * Camp 1 (remain voters): Look at this mess I told you it would happen. * Camp 2 (leave voters) Back off Brussels, this mess is why we need to leave.   A lot of this is simply gut reaction pro or anti eu sentiment, virtually noone reads more than the headlines or the 5 second soundbites.  Tragic that this is the way we decide significant issues in the uk, but thats the way it is.   In theory this is why we dont really do referendums in the uk, we elect people to look into the facts and make rational and informed choices for us.  We can however see how well that works :(
  9. Seems like you are an underemployed developer who would be better off in a diffferent company.   What exactly are you asking?  The best solution is probably to find another job and put it all behind you, which without seeing your CV but based on what you have written probably isnt too hard.   The responsible advice to give is probably to see a lawyer (which I know you already said is too expensive).    
  10. Stores for woodworking / hobby supplies?

      You might think so but there are different types of wood etc.   As it happens I was for a time in my past loosely connected to a company that did a roaring trade selling sand to saudi arabia, literally selling sand to the arabs as the now rather tired old expression used to go.
  11. Per diem rates / daily expense allowances

      Although I have travelled to the uk several times (on expenses I mean) I dont remember the exact numbers, but the bottom line is the same everywhere.   There is a set per diem (which is tiny in my opinion) intended to cover your food.  As I said I dont remember the numbers for the uk but its probably around 30 euros per day.  Any meals provided (such as breakfast in the hotel) are deducted from the per diem, meaning that the miserly amount is further reduced to almost zero. The hotel is on top of that and normally paid for directly by the company.  Taxi, train, and other incidental expenses are paid for by you, and claimed with receipts.  I dont know of any hard rules, but expenses must be reasonable and must have receipts to keep the tax man happy.  
  12. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

      You question was about how many people have ruined their lives, I thought I was clear in my answer but apparently not.  Ill gladly clarify as you wish.  I dont know who actually has ruined their lives, but as I tried to clarify I was talking about people who are willing to, not those who actually have (yet).   Hope that helps.
  13. Pleeeze help me - I have some question for the clever forum people

      Have you tried a vpn?  I hear they are easy to set up on a fritzbox.
  14.   On paper, yes there is a risk that you will have to leave Germany and apply for a family reunification visa.  Hard to believe that it will actually get to that, but in principle its possible I guess.   Should you worry? No idea, the thinking here seems to mostly be that it will be apocalyptic and you might have to ask for asylum as the uk will turn into a kind of pre industrial feudal hellhole and Germany will have trucks of jackbooted thugs rounding us up and deporting us.  Personally Im rather more optimistic, but who knows.   I wouldn't bother asking the Rathaus as all they can tell you is "er... no deal is done, we don't know.  sorry.  Come back end of march".
  15. Problem with android bug

    That is quite clearly malware.  If you cannot fix it any other way, you may need to do a factory reset, which is the nuclear option and Id try everything else first but is a last line of attack.