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  1. Brexit: The fallout

        These assumptions are ridiculous.  If voters and voting patterns worked like that we wouldnt need to vote every few years we could just calculate the expected result and every generation or so do a full election to recalibrate the system.  Obviously we cant do that, because thats not how things work.
  2. Science is not decided in a law court. The actual science is clear on roundup, its safe, actually safe enough that though I wouldnt recommend it you can actually drink the stuff in small quantities. And thats saying something for a chemical that is litterally designed to kill (plants in this case).   The fact anti science wonks (where is J2?) think roundup is poisoning their tinfoil hats does not make it so.   And as we are on the subject vaccinations are not a lizard alien conspiracy to poison us either.   Your first grade science textbooks are in the post.
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Its worse than that.  People are multidimensional, and trying to pin them down as nice or asshats is doomed as everyone is a bit of both, with the amount varying depending on the situation.  
  4. Legal question about employment

      I hate to be pedantic, but they wont make up a reason, they will be completely silent on the why.  If they "make up some other reason" then they open themselves up to legal action.  If they just shrug and say "meh, sorry" then you have nothing to act upon, and this is why it is so frustrating for people who are kicked out (or indeed dont get offered a role after an interview) because it is next to impossible to find out what you did wrong or should learn from.  
  5. Exams

      People report different things, but the documentation I have seen says Goethe B1 (not some random exam from a german school, but a recognised Goethe Institut thing) or telc but you can be asked to do the "Deutsch für Zuwanderer" test if they for some reason want you to.  
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      If it were me Id allow a few more votes on the deal, each with cosmetic changes (which presumably all still fail) then tell the public that it isnt possible to do a deal, put it to a second referendum no deal vs remain vs vague option 3 new deal.  Split leave vote, referendum votes remain, stand down as a "failed" pm and retire into some nice consulting position at a bank earning my millions.   But what do I know, Im not Ms May and Im not PM.
  7. Amazon account created using my name/address

      Quite.  There is probably a trail to Herr Schmidt of Hauptstrasse 123 who either doesnt exist or knows nothing of this order and it was paid on a stolen credit card which has now been cancelled.  There are maybe a few orders on the account worth a couple of hundred euros which amazon will just cancel and write off as a loss.
  8. Smell of Origami paper

      You got your money back, throw it away and move on.
  9. Legal Responsibilities as Legal Father vs Biological Father?

      How do you fit into this?  
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      Some of us have been saying that for months, I have repeatedly posted that its Mays strategy.  We also now have reports that Blair has been advising the eu on how to force it.   Its not impossible that we will have a hard brexit in a couple of weeks, but it hasnt looked likely at least to me for about a year.    And its not just me, the brexosphere is alive with talk of "brexit betrayal".  Brexit is virtually dead, even farage and friends think its now a bridge too far.   Am I certain?  No, I fully appreciate that parliament is largely incompetant and they might fumble it and we may actually get hard brexit, though thats massively unpopular in westminster and they have explicitly "ruled it out".
  11. Brexit: The fallout

      Didnt I say as much a while back and you dismissed it as not possible?   Frankly whatever the rules say pragmatically borders simply are porous and we can kid ourselves that we can stop drugs, illegal immigrants or untaxed whatever coming into the country but for the most part its nothing more than lying to ourselves.  Sure, you can stick a bobby at a road crossing, stop the odd car and fine them a few quid for having too many cigarettes but thats all its ever going to be.    
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      Its simple, english stay, scots and welsh have to leave.  Sadly you are the wrong side of the border, so will be picked up and deported.
  13. Street checked by die Polizei

      What on earth makes you think all criminals are Südländer?  There are plenty that are white, indian and everything else.  You shouldnt let your bigotted views cloud your thoughts of who the police might be after.
  14.   Surely this would be correct?  
  15.   Not a citizen.