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  1. Moving together with german girlfriend

      Ive said that in the past and its still, I think, how I would like things to be ideally.  But to be honest, things like visas for spouses are a big deal to a lot of people, Im not sure if we can avoid marriage recognition for the near future.
  2. Moving together with german girlfriend

      Personally I would prefer that there were 2 types of people, single or married and whatever relationships they chose to form outside of that have neither rights nor costs.   But that isnt the way things are, partly, I guess, because people often dont get married anymore.
  3. My colleague does not speak

      Question answered.  That is pretty much normal for that role
  4. Moving together with german girlfriend

    Yes it makes sense.    Look at it another way, as you are a couple you can support her, but the state doesnt (yet) want to get into checking if people are in relationships, so they use cohabitation as a kind of proxy.     Be happy that they arent checking up sd it is and cutting her benefits because of you.
  5. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

      Sooner or later they will find you and you will have to pay, and pay what you have missed. Whether you proactively tell them or wait for them to find you probably doesnt make too much difference but since you dont mind paying its probably better to start paying now than to build up more and more missed payments.
  6. Which past members do you miss the most?

    Anyone know what happened to @yourkeau ?
  7.   You have a couple of options, you ignore it, you run away or you return it.  People use a mix of those strategies.   Id say that the most common is to wait until the person in question has left, possibly still within earshot, and then complain about them
  8.   For real? Hitler is recognised as having been charismatic but seriously lacking in intellegence.  
  9. Scum of the Day

      Australia and new zealand tend to be put on the austrolasia contienent rather than asia, but it is true that the dividing up of where is where is a bit arbitrary.  But to say that they are as much asia as south korea is a bit weird, korea is part of the mainland.   If we were to follow the eurovision song contest then australia apparently has a claim to being part of europe.  Which is nonsense of course.
  10. Taking an abandoned bike

  11. Only in America...

      Ask the family of a civilian who has been accidentally harmed by such a bomb and noone has any idea what to do about it because you decided research is wrong.   I understand the knee jerk reaction that this is macabre and wrong, but you must see that this isnt done for fun.  If it werent an effective way of reasearching bombs, car crashes and other such events it wouldnt be done.
  12. Kleinunternehmer "ruhen lassen"

    Your profile says you are british why are you writing in German on an english speaking forum?
  13. Go to alexanderplatz and talk to the bvg info centre people.  They know the facts and will happily advise you.
  14.   Speaking as someone who works with dozens of people who need a work permit I would say that the blue card is the default "general work visa".   As a filmmaker, you are potentially able to get an artist visa (in berlin only, as far as I understand) or maybe a freelance visa.   I dont know much about your industry, but I believe that you are more likely to get work freelance and this might be your best option.  Honestly, I tihnk you need to talk to someone in the industry who can tell you how all this works.    
  15. I haven't read all your posts so sorry if this is covered elsewhere.   It strikes me that whether or not you get a job seeker permit isn't the big question.  Can you seriously expect to get a job paying over 50k in a couple of months?   If you cannot then the whole thing will be an expensive mistake.   It strikes me that with an arts degree (What exactly?) and b2 German the odds are low, and if you have no experience the odds are approximately zero.   You say that you know it will be hard. Do you appreciate that you are likely to burn well over 5000 euro and after 6 months leave with nothing?