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  1.   And whos fault is it that in 8 years they have not got the basic understanding of the languge required?   I know dozens of people whos first language is from a completely different language family that managed it just fine, if anyone with a germanic language as a first language cant learn B1 in nearly a decade they have no excuse.  Sorry I know that applies to many of the people here, but really!
  2.   Indeed, so why dont you take the german citizenship now and keep the british?  Seems like a non issue to me.
  3. Got stuck with two Student public health insurances in Germany

      I dont disagree, customer service is a bugbear for many expats.   To be honest they probably wont "reach out" if you cancel the DD they will just write to you saying you have a fine and then get a debt collector on the case. Utterly ridiculous but thats the german way.
  4.   This whole thing is only an issue for those of us (not me and not your husband) who care strongly about remaining british.
  5.   Im a brit, single nationality.  Working since the day I arrived about 8 years ago and I intend to stay here, working and british.  Not that I am especially attached to my britishness, if I were then Id take german nationality now so I didnt risk losing it.   I will be entitled to permanent residency if and when it becomes relevant, and I will be able to become german should the need arise.  If I do become German I think i will do so in such a way as to lose my british citizenship, for me psycologically I either want to embrace being german or not.   This is similar to most of the brits I see on Toytown, except that I dont fear the future.  As I have said before that might be a huge mistake on my part, but then I can always jump horses later if needs must.
  6. What irritated you today?

      Thats not true, the catholic church under ratty did indeed try fairly sucessfully to sweep it all under the carpet but many of the people involved have been charged and it has cost the church at least $4 billion so far. No exactly off scott free.   That doesnt make it ok. In no way is it ok.  And what the church is doing since is too late, they should have stepped in earlier, they could and should have done more.  And tens of thousands of people suffered because of that inactivity or even proactive hiding of evidence.   But you attacked a guy for saying sorry.  
  7.   As far as I understand no you dont, you can leave for up to 6 months.  If that concerns you, you can become german.  You in this context being anyone to which that applies, not kiplette necessarily.   Lets also not forget that the question for the vast majority of us is not whether we will be able to become german but whether we can also remain british.  ie this is a bunch of spoilt brits sulking because our special status *might* get taken away.  boohoo.  We can still get a DE passport in the future.
  8. Need legal advice on domestic violence

      You think women who are the victims of domestic violence are not in control of their own will but men are?
  9. Capital gains before moving to Germany

      Again, Im not an accountant but stocks are capital gainst where i come from.
  10. What irritated you today?

      How about the people who did it, rather than the guy who came along after, apologised and challenged centuries of homophobia in the catholic church by saying god approves?
  11. Need legal advice on domestic violence

        This is your advice for dealing with domestic violence?  
  12. What irritated you today?

        That sounds remarkably like you think Saville and the others somehow got treated unjustly.  Im sure thats not what you meant.   I have no end of problems with the catholic church, and Ratty got off lightly being allowed to retire.  But you are attacking the wrong people here.  
  13.   quite so, and as we have discussed no end almost all of us will be eligable at least for permanent residency so it ought in some ways be a non issue.  But the pages and pages of comments show that there is deep concern, and yet a lack of interest in actually pushing for a result.   I just said its odd, and i stand by that.
  14.   yes ok we did need a visa for the eastern block, but that isnt most of europe and the old ddr is no longer like it was.
  15.   I voted in the brexit referendum (to remain, as if that needs to be said). Other than that I think Im now just about at the end of the period in which I am allowed to vote so asuming no significant changes I wont get to vote again.