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  1. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

      And at the same shop you can get pork for around 4 euro per kilo, whereas at tesco in the uk its about double that (around 7 pounds a kilo).   I know you sincerely think that Herr von Lidl is sitting in his secret biscuit encrusted underground lair stroking his white cat and cunningly adding 10 cents to the price of chocolate hobnobs, but this isnt a confectionary conspiracy. 
  2. Electric and Gas without "Standing charges"

    Lack of a supplier existing doesnt prove a cartel.  There are no laptop companies in Germany that will sell you laptop with a 50" screen, but thta doesnt mean its anti competative behaviour, just that no supplers think there is significant demand for such a (admittedly strange) device.   Food in germany is amongst the cheapest in Europe, so if there is a cartel it is spectacularly unsucessful in its price fixing.   Noone is interested in selling 5 kWH of electric per year, it just doesnt make sense.  So suppliers either have a standing charge or a minimum, which in both cases more or less approximates to a minimum charge per month.     Overall it isnt clear to me exactly what you are asking, there are both zero standing charge and zero minimum use contracts, but there are apparently no contracts you can find with both.    What are you trying to do?  Are you looking to genreate your own power and need a low cost backup when there is no wind/sun?  Or what exactly are you planning that needs such a contract? FWIW the 1000kWH minimum is anyway about a third of the average german useage, so unless you have a somewhat exotic usecase Id guess it isnt a problem.    If you really just want enough electric to charge your iphone but not run a household, perhaps a neighbour would let you use their electric on a "pay as you go" basis?
  3.   I dont think you have much choice.  You can legally go to spain, Id suggest doing that and talking to the german embassy there.  It may or may not be possible to apply from somewhere other than Brazil, but practically you know that it isnt going to be possible in Berlin within the timeframe you have.
  4. Church tax questionnaire

       fair enough, thanks
  5. Church tax questionnaire

      Is this true? I was under the impression from other posts on TT, that it was standard to write to your church back home and tell them you are persona non grata and that you should expect to recieve any benefits (access to church schools etc) aftre an Austritt.   That said, to me one is either a catholic or is not.  And people that are not should leave.  Yes I know it isnt that easy for some people, family pressure etc, but thats still my view.
  6. Tweet about gender neutral toilets stirs controversy

      Dude, you dont get it, if she has a hard-on, then its a womans hard-on.  Calling her a bloke is a hate crime.
  7. Odd news

      Nah its just like the knobs with laser pointers that were (maybe still are) a constant threat around some airports.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      The MPs are trying to force a last minute remain.  Whether or not its wise is hard to say, its brinksmanship at its best. The logic, in case you are wondering is simple, vote against the deal, which everyone whether remain or leave thinks is terrible, then also make no deal impossible and what happens, either an utter disaster (yes, I know some people think its that anyway, bear with me) or you back out and remain.  And the MPs are banking on people chosing to remain rather than dive into the abys.   Problems with this strategy: * Both labour and the conservatives are (at least in public) committed to seeing it through whatever * Many leavers dont actually want a deal * It might have the effect of annoying people and making them more stuborn on leaving   So, like I say, its a brave move but it might just work.
  9. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      It makes you sound like a hipster.
  10. Tweet about gender neutral toilets stirs controversy

      This phrase could literally be a copy and paste from a discussion of muslims.  I wonder if the subject was changed from gender to religion how many people would change sides?
  11. Tweet about gender neutral toilets stirs controversy

    The odd thing about the bathroom discussion is that it is framed as two opposing sides: One that hates women and the other that hates trans people.  My gut feeling is that neither is true, it is rather people who dont want men in womens toilets on the one side and people who doint want trans people excluded on the other.
  12. What's left for me in Germany after Chemnitz incident?

    Can we please stop conflating capitalism, The West and christianity. They are not the same thing.   As much as christians love to take credit for everything in the world and claim that without them the rest of the world would still be in the stoneage, it just simply isnt true.    Anyone who thinks the chinese are somehow unable to think up capitalism on their own and need some dude in a purple frock to do it for them needs to have a little quiet time to reflect on their ideas of other cultures.   From the point of view of modern liberal secular democracies of the west, the most important thing christianity has done is to die off quietly allowing people to build a society with exactly the features it is trying to claim for itself.   
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      Seems like an odd place to go, why not the horses mouth?   None of this is especially hard to find, he has been publicly anti EU since at least 1975:
  14. Brexit: The fallout

      Not really, Corbyn has always been anti EU. Its nothing to do with being in opposition, its about protectionism which is completely rational for someone with his political views. I dont personally agree that shutting down free trade and using tarifs to protect british jobs is a sound economic strategy, but as John says as an old fashioned lefty its exactly what Corbyn should be fighting for.
  15. Making money off the Brexit - where to invest

      That ought to be an ominous warning to anyone who thinks anything is easy money.   At the end of the day, assuming brexit happens (likely) then some things are likely to follow.  Pound drops, etc. This gives a fairly high chance of some money being made by playing those probabilities, but the proverbial black swans can really mess you up.