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  1. I am not 100% certain of the legal situation but I do know of cases where exactly the same thing has happened and I didnt hear of there being any legal problems so my assumption is that they can do so. In the cases I know of it has only been people who were off sick for a few days but I would be surprised if it is much different for longish term sickness.   Betreibsbedingt kundigung is certainly a thing, and I cant see why your case is especially out of the ordinary so my guess is that there isnt much you can do about it.   I would add that it seems fairly common for germans to bring cases against employers who fire them and companies sometimes (in my experience often, but I dont have stats) settle but it is normally not huge amounts of money.  An insolvent company anyway probably doesnt have a lot of cash to hand to pay out with anyway.   But as with all of these things the advice normally comes down to: Ask a lawyer who specialises in employment law.
  2. Why are there no English recipe Cookbooks?

      Could be Sue Perkins, she is a lesbian who has a history with food shows and it strikes me as the kind of thing she would say.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      Im not sure thats right, his failure is that he is old labour in a country that isnt. His own party, and the people in general just dont agree with his politics, and his bumbling over brexit etc have only made matters worse.   And to be blunt, would you rather have him negotiating the brexit deal than May?  Honestly I wouldnt, and not just because he is anti EU.  The guy is an anachronism.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      Right, someone who was anti-brexit masterminded a cunning double bluff to somehow force through a result she was notionally against so that Boris would be forced out of power and she could lead the government in leaving europe.  Just so she could bring back fox hunting.
  5. Email addresses leaked

      Rule 1 of dealing with spam is never, *never*, click unsubscribe, because you are then proving to the sender that you are not only getting, but reading their mails.  Not surprisingly this increases your value and you will almost certainly get more spam.
  6. ARD payments in Befristet rent

    I dont get all the hate this guy is getting.  He rented an apartment "all in" and is now getting an extra, unexpected, bill from the GEZ (Rundfunk, whatever).  He thinks this should be included in the "all in" part of his rent.   I dont know where he stands legally (yeahyeah, check the contract...) but the question seems completely fair.  Id say he is in the right, but stands little to no chance of convincing the GEZ and worse than that he might get landed with bills going back 4 years simply because they cant find anyone else to pin them on.  All in all I think he is right to ask and I certainly wouldnt want to be in his situation.   My advice would be to pay, and send copies of the contract showing exactly when you moved in and when you will move out and make 100% sure that you dont get stiffed with anyone elses charges.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      Ive said it before but I enjoyed it so much Ill say it again.  Brexit is the making of corbyns labour, it was anti EU corbyn who fluffed the message during the referendum leading to the core of the northern working class labour vote voting out and its corbyn the unelectable twonk who is keeping labour out of power now.   If labour would get itsself out of the 60s and replace corbyn with someone Nu Labour (no, Im no fan of Bliar, but at least the guy was a good politician) then it might be a  different story.  But for now the tories are laughing all the way to the polls.
  8. A thought just came to my mind.

    You could just ask the greeks.  OK means no, whereas nee means yes.
  9. Another MPU Case

      As I understand it (having never been forced to do it myself, so this is from reading discussions not 1st hand) the whole thing is a charade with scripted questions and answers with no pretense at actually working out if the person in question is an alcoholic, regrets the decision or anything else.  It is simply I ask X you reply Y if you do we are grand, if not you fail.   So I presume the failure rate for those who dont "get coaching" ie get the questions and answers is approximately 100% and for those who do, and do what they are told to the letter the fail rate is probably fairly low.  The comments I have seen here on TT are mostly either I went and did what I was told and passed, it was humiliating but now its over, or I thought Id answer truthfully and got the book thrown at me.   Think of it as an unusual way to fine drinkers, you force them to pay for a pointless course.  It wont stop people drinking, it wont resolve pychological issues, but it will help you jump through an arbitrary hoop.  Add in the humiliation factor of making the people put on an act and grovel and all in all it is an innovative alternative to traditional punishments.
  10. Difficulty finding job in Germany as an engineer

      Especially not to a woman in her 40s.
  11. How to find a girlfriend in Munich 2017

      This is blindingly obvious.  Most men cant tell the difference between a 500 euro pair of shoes and one for 5 euros.  You only have to look at a couple shopping for shoes together to realise that womens fashion is almost 100% for the womans benefit.   Women wearing fashion because men like it about as silly as men buying a sports car because women like them. 
  12. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

      The thing is, you are talking about a paranoid conspiracy theory that quite aside from not bringing *any* evidence to the table, nor any motivation for why modern medicine is supoposedly poisoning so many people has undeniably caused a drop in vaccinations which has directly caused suffering and deaths.   Even if your paranoid ravings were true, we can tell from mortality rates that we would *still* be better off using the vaccines.  And they arent true, they are in some cases even proven to be lies done for personal gain (Mr Wakefield, Im looking at you but Im sure you arent alone).
  13. Turkey referendum predictions

      How are you defining popular? To the best of my knowledge AfD have polled as high as about 15% in the past year which if we think in UK terms is about as popular as the SNP, LibDems and the greens put together.
  14. Apart from the contract he signed which said exactly that?   What does your friend actually want?  Is he looking for a way to get the money instead of the holiday?
  15. Maybe you can explain the problem?  Your friend is leaving at lets say end of April and has 2 weeks untaken holiday.  His company presumably wants im to leave in the middle of April (ie to use the holiday before he leaves).  This is normal.   What am I missing?