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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

      Speaking from experience, if one person in a family have lice, then the kids do, and the whole class does and all the friends do... If you didnt then thats great.   Most parents have surely had the experience that because one parent wont get treated they have to treat their kids (and themselves) over and over?     How would you not know?  Dont ask me, Im not the one refusing to get checked.
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

      Correction, it gets more fun when you dont bother to check yourself and reinfect not just your family but half the neighbourhood week in week out for months.
  3. Friday Night Drinks 5 Jan 2018 from 21:30 @ TBD

    Is this event now deceased?
  4. What is wrong with Essen?

      I believe the current thinking is that claiming ISIS to be islamic is islamophobic.   Seems wrong headed to me, but I dont make the rules of PC maybe you can refer this to someone like @Eupathic Impulse who can fill you in.   Edit: you arent allowed to call them ISIS any more, they are now daesh
  5. What is wrong with Essen?

      If I refuse to hire anyone that uses linux at home based on an irrational hatred of them, you assert that it is not discrimination?   Do you have an extended list of groups that you find it ok to hate?  Women are also not an ethnic or religious group, do you think it is possible to discriminate against them?  
  6. What is wrong with Essen?

      This is ridiculous.  If someone in florida thinks parts of germany are dangerous, you assume its because they are a Nazi?  What about the quite reasonable possibility that they are misinformed?   I know the stereotype redneck southern good ol boys with guns and Trump is en vogue at the moment, but to be honest the first actual real xenophobic thing I have seen on this thread.  
  7. What is wrong with Essen?

      Apparently this makes you xenophobic?
  8. Why Germans take their kitchens with them

    This is all backwards.   1) Work out the realistic market value of the kitchen, not with arithmetic and assumption, but by looking at similar kitchens that are for sale. 2) Tell the landlord and/or the potential future tenants the actual current value 3) either sell to them for this price or sell to someone else for the price.  Note that you might take a slightly lower offer from them as it saves you the effort of selling it elsewhere 4) go to ireland and forget about this part of your history, or working out which members of their family should have blame attached to them.
  9. What are the motivations?    As far as I can see you just want a cheap or free illustration tool and there are plenty of websites offering opinions on what is the best for the job.  Try a few and see what she likes.   This is one of the comparisons I found, and most of the entries are the same as suggested here and on other similar sites:  
  10. permanent residency or dual citizenship?

      When people talk about "having a british passport" they normally mean it informally as meaning being british.  I assumed that LeCheese was, considering the context of this thread, suggesting that maintaining 2 citizenships is unnecessary.    I cant imagine any need to actually have a physical british passport in addition to a german ID card and a german passport.  If thats what was meant then Id imagine we are all on the same page.  
  11. Ground surrounding building lowered - legal problem

    I tend towards agreeing with someones daugther, seems that as long as people as likely to be in the area from time to time that this area will also be covered by the rules.   What if there is a fire and someone dies in that area, who is going to be liable?  I dont think Id want to be the Beamter who decided that safety rules didnt need to be followed in this case.   I appreciate that this is an investmetn property and that it will cost you 6 months rent, but looking at it another way 100 grand split across what must be at least 10 apartments is less than 10 grand each -- that doesnt seem excessive to me for stopping the place from being a firetrap.  Maybe an alternative is to have the whole area on the top floor boarded up and prevent access, thats probably cheaper.
  12. permanent residency or dual citizenship?

      I only have one nationality so maybe Im not the best person to answer, but I believe the desire to keep british citizenship for some people relates to things like having family there and wanting to be able to go "home" in the future if they want or need to.
  13. Ground surrounding building lowered - legal problem

      Is the top floor properly sealed off to prevent anyone going up their and getting trapped by a fire below?
  14. As you found, gimp is the goto for "free photoshop".  Honesty as she isnt a pro (as in earning money from it) use gimp. It is excellent and has masses of tutorials etc.     Photoshop is a pain to license and if you arent using it as a business i wouldnt get involved.   There are student options but you are still looking at around 200 euros per year.
  15. After 2017 election: The center holds

      It always has been this way in the west, in the uk "the left" is largely the suburban champange socialists in islington and brighton.  Pretty much the furthest left you can get in the uk is student union politics which is made up of the richest and most spoilt kids talking about how the real work communist or socialist nations didnt go far enough and that Marxism will soon come to the uk.