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  1. According to my situation - and per the person who contacted me to complain, fines start at 5000 Eur, and go up from there, depending on the situation. Let's just say Ouch... and enough to make me really think hard about photographing things like events (think Karnival of Culture, Christopher street parade, etc.). There are some interesting thoughts and ways around this -


    a) Photograph as normal, but blur the face.

    B) Chop off heads / just get the bodies

    c) Use rediculously long exposures - like this artist guy did - in very busy places:



    I also agree with Callie just to be on the safe side, take some forms.


  2. Hi all - :D


    Re photographing strangers - Ive gotten in trouble for this before - yes, even in public places here in Germany. From what I understand - Any pictures made of random people can't be put on the internet (or published anywhere) without the subject's permission here in Germany (even if that person is in a public place) if that person is recognizable. (eg. Take the back of them, take the top of their head - but if you can tell who they are from their face - you can't use it.)


    German "privacy" laws are really tightly controlled ... so be careful. Reason - what that means is if someone chooses to complain or sue you, they will try.


    Otherwise, I look forward to seeing the photos from today, and also seeing everyone next week for the listening post. :)


  3. Yeah No worries that - I'm not really sure I want to go but was more pointing out it was an idea for someone who might not know it was there. Agreed re the Cem - it's cool from the perspective of the sculpture and history - but the concentration camp is no place I'd want to have been then or now necessarily.


    Other thought because I just saw the post - the Berlinale film festival is coming up - maybe we could use our cameras for Celebs or crowds B) We'd have two weekends - the 7&8 Feb, and the 14/15th.


  4. sounds like it could be a pinched siatic (sp) nerve. I'd suggest that you do try a different doctor, and perhaps also see about a chiropractor (depending on diagnosis). Tell them that you prefer to NOT have pain medication again.


    Also, you may want to check and see if you now need some kind of special shoe inserts - one injury can mean you've changed how you walk - and they could be needed to help correct the problem. I'm no doctor though - so start with that and go from there.


  5. I agree Callie, that the graveyard will be a hard fit. And, being that it closes at 5 - and is easily an hour - it could be an extra challenge. I know how to get there though from the S25 - but it is easily an ABC ticket. :-P.


    I guess we hope for great weather, and see everyone at 11 am tomorrow at the sculpture park. :)


  6. Also - here's another Exhibit:


    Brenna Youngblood Exhibition - The Los Angeles artist combines her photographs with found frames, spray paint, acrylics, and gouache to create collages of extraordinary depth and texture. Go and see kind of affect her multi-layered imagery has on you.


    Price: Free

    Location: Susanne Vielmetter Berlin Projects, Holzmarktstrasse 15/18

    Times: Opening Friday, January 16, 6pm-8pm; Regular hours Tuesday - Saturday, 11am-6pm; through February 14

    Phone: 030 247 8115

    More Information: