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  1. Starting list for 1st of May in Schwerin (I have a dogsitter that day - so all is good for me if we stay late or whatever)









    (lolo/Dunkin/Callie - are your SO's going?; Jade - you riding up with us or meeting there?)


    Ok - according to:






    You are a tourist or you are travelling within a certain region or at the weekends? Here you find information about the Happy-Weekend-Ticket


    Valid for up to 5 persons travelling together and for parents travelling with their children aged 14 or younger on Saturdays or Sundays between 0:00 a.m. (midnight) until 3 a.m. of the following day for only 37 EUR if you buy your ticket online.

    so, we can't use a happy weekend ticket on Friday.


    However - Regional tickets :





    You would like to travel for a whole day during the week?

    In that case one of our Länder-Ticket is your best choice. You can use the ticket with up to five people and you can book the ticket online.


    Travel in the Bundesland (federal state) of your choice. Most Länder-Tickets are valid also on Saturday and Sunday. They are valid from Monday to Friday for one day of your choice from 9 a.m. until 3 a.m. of the following day (on bank holidays for the whole day). Some tickets can also be used for nighttime travel, they are valid from 7 p.m. until 6 a.m. the next morning.


    For up to 5 persons traveling together or for parents (or one parent or grandparent) traveling with any number of their children or grandchildren under 15. The ticket is only valid for one day in 2nd class.


    It can be used on all local trains (Interregio-Express, Regional-Express, Regionalbahn, S-Bahn) and the entire transport system of the Verkehrsverbünde. In some Bundesländer you can buy a supplement of 13 EUR to be able to take IR- or D-trains. Tariffs, terms and conditons can vary.

    the price for a Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Ticket (Mecklenburg-West-Pommerania-Ticket) -


    Package price: 26 EUR if you buy online or at the ticket machine. 28 EUR if you purchase at the Reisezentrum.


    Someone with better German (lolo maybe?) than I have should check with the DB and make sure we can just buy that "state" ticket - and that the ABC Berlin ticket would be ok for the "in between" or what exactly we need for the "in between" part of Brandenburg, outside the ring.


  2. Ok I was thinking Friday for Schwerin, but i'm not sure how's easiest- if we do a brandenburg/berlin regional and then meklenburg regional, then it'd be 5 for ~58 bucks, and we could go anywhere in either/both states.


    Otherwise, I'm not sure how the happy weekend works - but if that's cheaper for same thing, I'd say we do that.


  3. Callie, those came out really well - I haven't had time to look at mine yet - wound up on the coast all day on Monday (Weismar, Poel Island and near Rostock.) Def. want to go back to Poel Island - 3 lighthouses there and great views... maybe when it's a little warmer though. :)


    Deebee - wow almost 30 eur a ticket?!? maybe I'm missing something, but it seems they're a few cards short of a deck. I'll add it to the list anyhow - someone else might want to go :). Re FlohMarkt - that's more likely now that it's started up again. :)


    Other suggestions?


  4. Ok so looks like nothing happened other than those who went on Friday to Cottbus, and the few who went to Spreewald on Saturday. (looks like a busy weekend folks!)


    Anyone got suggestions/ideas for this week -


    Re my suggestion of Potsdam / Babelsburg - I saw that the river water cruises are running again too. Most of them start at about 10 AM and go for a few hours up the canals for river views. I'll try and find their website if we're interested.


  5. Hi all,

    There was enough for a day trip and wandering around. We wound up seeing the university library, the old town square (where we had lunch) the city walls, and the outside of a few churches. Then, we went over to Branitz park (it's huge - best for bicycles and could be a cool place to go camping) and wandered about. It was a nice day to be outside and get photographs.


    As others said - the town/ park combo is worth a day trip - and wouldn't keep you entertained much beyond. All told, though, it was 6.50 Eur each round trip with 8 people going - so you couldn't beat the price to get out of Berlin for a few hours and get into a bit of the "countryside".


  6. We ended up with 8 - or a total of 6.50 eur each. Really great day trip, and I'm sure we'll be sharing the photos. Oh - and for the record, Yes, Michael was right on where the pyramids were. LOL apparently the maps are once again, terrible here.


    I work on Easter, I can't organise anything for Sunday. (my vote is take the day off anyhow - it's Easter, after all!) It's up to the others if they want to organise.


    The following week, well, anything's game. I'll suggest Potsdam / Babelsburg - because I think the flowers will be in bloom and the schloss will be lovely (If there's good weather, I'll also treat whoever goes to a gelatto at a really great Italian place on the way.)


  7. YES! Train is 10:06.


    The returns are at 16 after each hour. SORRY!


    Otherwise, I did ping Drew - he's back, but no word if he's going to Krakow or staying here. With 4 days off I figure he'll go to Krakow.


    Callie, yeah I'm cool with that freaky library building too. Did you happen to check out the Park Michael recommended? There's a 3d part to the park, a pyramid built in the middle of a lake and on a hill, and a few other buildings in there that might be kind of cool.


  8. phoenix-rose








    Maybes are Kate and Johnny's friend.


    Otherwise, we should meet at 9:30 AM at Fredrichstrasse (with the exception of Michael - he'll be at Koenigs Wusterhausen). Train departs 10:16 AM from Track 1.


    I'll try to get there a little early to get the tickets - unless someone else wants to get them. We should only need 2 regional tickets.


    I'm bringing a backpack, I know we want to wander town a little bit - and Michael (he lived near here) suggested a park that we can find here:



    with some interesting sculptures. Bus #19 to get there.


  9. Lolo - Micha will be going - meeting us in Konug wusterhausen he says since it's closer to him.


    one of Johnny's friends may go - we're waiting on confirmation if she has to work.


    If Dunkin's girlfriend goes - that would be 4 for your group. You might try Drew and see if he decided to go now that he's back in Berlin. ;)


  10. Too Funny Paul.


    I don't know if there can be reservations on regional express. I know the more advance you buy them, the better DB plans for seats. That being said, however, I've been packed like a sardine on many of the trains to places previously. My favorite was the one to Leipzig - where the parents had decided that their kids HAD to sit in a seat, leaving the stroller in the aisles (empty) for two hours - instead of leaving the kid in the stroller or on their lap. (no, it wasn't just one - there were 4 parent/kids like that) The same was said of the kids who each had to have their own seat - yet were young enough to have sat 3 to a seat (which they eventually did when an elderly man who obviously was unable to stand yelled at them.)


    All in all, it's a fun and interesting experience...


  11. Ok so then


    Berlin Friedrichstr Fr, 10.04.09 depart 10:06 Track 1 RE 92077 Regional-Express Arrives in Cottbus at 11:44AM


    is the train we want (I think I'll email about the osterfeuer thing to see if we can find out if it's Good Friday or Easter night - it's such a local custom I would like to see it if it's Friday...)


    And time to meet - let's say 9:30 AM at Fredrichstrasse?


    *Others are still welcome to join - we can still start another sign up page.*


  12. Hum - If we can't take that one since it's a EuroCity - there's also some from Fredrichstr. I would rather go on the 10 AM I think than the 9AM - just b/c it takes me at least 45 minutes to get into the city.


    Berlin Friedrichstr Fr, 10.04.09 depart 09:06 Track 1 RE 92107 Regional-Express Arrives Cottbus 10:44 AM


    Berlin Friedrichstr Fr, 10.04.09 depart 10:06 Track 1 RE 92077 Regional-Express Arrives in Cottbus at 11:44AM


    There's another from Fredrichstr -


    Berlin Friedrichstr Fr, 10.04.09 Track 1 11:06 1 RE 92077 Regional-Express Arrives Cottbus 12:44 PM.


    As far as coming back - if we go on the 9:06 or 10:06 am train, then maybe leave no later than 5 or 6pm? Just because I have to let the doggie out. Otherwise, if we leave later for the easter fires, we can get back later on.


    What I found on OsterFeuer is at:,40000243.html


    There's also a nice PDF file on that site (it's in german and english) that has alot of things to see there,and some history info.


  13. So that's 5 by my count:








    which means ~5 each.


    I'm trying to find out if this is the region of Germany that does the "easter fires". Since it's Good Friday, there's a tradition that Catholics - I think from this region of Germany - go to Good Friday Services and eat boiled eggs at the altar as part of the service. Then, they go out and have a large bonfire to ward off evil spirits. If this is the region, then we may want to go later in the day (around noon ish?) and stay until after dark to see the fires... but just trying to find something if this is the area and where/when these would be.


  14. Ok - so the list of suggestions is now in a topic on Flickr.


    So that makes 4 so far - I think we're a go. I believe we can just spring for a Brandenburg regional ticket - which should be as follows:



    26 EUR if you buy your ticket online or at the ticket machine. 28 EUR if you purchase your ticket at the Reisezentrum.


    This ticket is valid from Monday to Sunday for one day of your choice from 9 a.m. until 3 a.m. of the following day (on bank holidays for the whole day). It can be used on all local trains (Regional-Express, Regionalbahn, S-Bahn Berlin) and the transport systems in Brandenburg and Berlin, and many more. Valid for up to 5 people.

    First Train from Berlin HBF looks to be:


    depart 09:41 Track 11 EC 341 Eurocity arrives in Cottbus -- 11:11 AM


    Note that it says that there's expected to be High occupancy (duh!) reservations suggested.