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  1. Which one are you thinking Deebee? Juterbog is basically in Brandenburg, and it looks like the train goes through Lukenwalde too. Forecast is mixed which means that it'll be really fun trying to fight with weather:



    Occasional rain. High 63F (18C). Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 70%.


    *home with a migraine today - so hope to feel up to going tomorrow. We'll see...


  2. I am so up for a trip this weekend, you wouldn't believe. *pulling her hair out*


    Oh - maybe for future - there's some interesting stuff in Jüterbog - it's brandenburg - Wiki link and apparently has some of the towers from the old town walls and um a couple churches. Also, Kloister Zenna which if I understand correctly, offers tours through the old organ in the church. Not sure how to get there yet, but it's a thought...


  3. ahhh ok so I'm so behind - I don't have the photos up from May 1. I'll try to get those done tomorrow since it's "men's day" here in Brandenburg. For those of you who don't know what men's day is - well, from what I can tell, it's a day off where males go around on bicycles from house to house. They harass the housewife until she gives the men beer (to leave). Then, they are off on their bicycles again. If I understand the tale correctly, the "winning" guy is the first one to fall off his bike, park it, and never remember where he left it the next morning...


    Ahh... So - anyone going to try to photograph this local custom - good luck!


    Otherwise - June 1st is the Brandenburg "miller's day". They will have lots of old mills open and working, with displays. One of the guys I work with told me I should go, and apparently there's a website (no clue if it's true or not) but maybe someone with a better grasp of German will have a chance on finding it.


    **I work this weekend - but maybe up for something on Friday if all goes well. **


  4. Hi all - just saw this


    May 12, 2009 - at 2PM - The old closed Airport Templehof is opening again for one last tour - especially for flickr users. I've enjoyed photographing this airport very much, and for those of you who remember that this will be the 60th anniversary of the Berlin airlift, you may want to go see this piece of history - before it's more decrepit and damaged than it already is. More info at:



    Both are German, but perhaps you'll enjoy - if so, I can't wait to see the photos!





  5. Been to Magdaburg - it has a beautiful gothic cathedral with tons of gargoyles, a convent with a convent walk that dates from the Roman times, and some city walls left. It's really nice.


    Set on Magdaburg at:



    Set on Quedlinburg at:



    and if we go to Quedlinburg - we need to go to the Broken (highest point in northern germany) and/or Hexentanzplatz.



    I've got company this weekend - not sure if we'll do trip or if we'll hang out in city - yet to be decided. :)


  6. k so at this point -


    I've got Callie (prefers Sat but can do either), Me (doesn't care), Lolo (Saturday), Jade (saturday), DeeBee (Friday), Dunkin' Berliner (?)


    By my count, that's 2 saturday, 2 don't care, 1 friday.


    I think Saturday - since we've got 3 for Sat, and 1 that can do either day?


    So... I can change the title to Saturday - if all agree by Noon Tomorrow - I'd say we switch it to Sat, in favor of the Riots on May 1...


  7. hum... Maybe - not sure of the exact translation of:



    It says he has to have a leash and a muzzle (he won't wear it but I'll have it with me anyhow - he really hates it)... what I'm gathering is:



    if you carry a larger dog with you, which cannot be transported in the pet container as hand baggage, pay the same price of transportation as for price of children from 6 to under 15 years. This regulation is valid both for the standard price and for the savings prices.

    So, that might work.


  8. k for the record - I'm happy with Either Friday Or Saturday. Weather will be sunny and 24 or 25 on both days.


    Benefits of Friday:


    Possibly smaller crowds.

    (I have a dogsitter if we were to stay late)


    Drawback to Friday -

    Mayday Riots in Kreuzberg

    Two tickets - 58 Eur round trip for 5 people.


    Benefits of Saturday:


    5 people on a happy weekend ticket at 35 eur (cheaper)


    Potential Drawback:

    Deebee has a thing


    I would need to take dog (and he's a very big dog)


  9. 858 train was HBF I think.


    Yes, May 1 is a holiday, and yes, they go all Rioty in Kreuzberg on that day - though i'm not sure how/where/when that would happen. (ahh the joy of being young, stupid, and causing anarchy and chaos... or something).


    I have a dog sitter - for Friday, so if we switch to another day, The sooner I know, the better.


    Also talked to Johnny - he may go - he's running it past the S/O now.