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  1. you could also try some ammonia - that supposedly breaks down some of it - otherwise I don't know what to tell you. Note that no amount of vacuuming or professional cleaning can get rid of the cat's "dander" in the carpets. once it's in there, it's in there. If you're highly allergic you might consider replacing them, and replacing with some kind of hard floors (wood? vinyl? etc). This will allow for easy clean up next time - and hopefully less reactions.


  2. I'd have to say walk around the entire outside of the monestery. Also, if you go into the churches (some may be open) climb up to the pipe organs - and look closely. All along the walkways and on the organs themselves are signatures and dates of the years the people played them. Otherwise, there's lots of hidden "nooks" and crannys that look like alleys but open into crazy little coves.


  3. Hi all,

    Ok so I'd say plan for Saturday then - if I can make it to the post office tomorrow night, then I'll let you know. (post office here doesn't open until 9am and it'd be pushing it to make it to wansee by 9:30) If I didn't make it tomorrow night, then I'd rather get the package than have it sent back to the US, unfortunately, and since I've been to Quedlinburg - it's not a "have to" see.


  4. Yet another idea - go around and post some small "flyers" in the local grocery stores boards for "dog walking" or "pet sitting". The ones by me make 10-15 eur per walk, and ~20 per day to dog sit in the person's own place.


    If you align some of these well enough - you might not need a room to stay in?


    It is holiday season, after all - so people are looking for trustworthy individuals to take care of their animals (if they don't take them on holiday with them).


  5. I'm back if we want to do something on Saturday. The catch, however, is that my auto focus on the camera is on the fritz. Not sure what's wrong with it - still trying to figure that out.


    May need to have it serviced (the guy in Ireland didn't seem to have a clue) here now that i'm back. We'll see - haven't had a chance to "play" with it since I got it back from him the morning I flew out.


  6. I'm off to Ireland tomorrow, and will be back next tuesday.


    Niall - I think you're thinking of Wismar is a nice town (and Poel Island is 13 km from there and absolutely gorgeous - w/beach and 3 lighthouses) or Warnemumde also has a very nice beach(sp?). There's also Rostock, but I'd recommend waiting for the Hansesail before going to Rostock. Hansesail is the 6-9 August (I have those days off and am planning on going then).


  7. A lovely day tromping through abandoned buildings. However, they've been even more damaged between last week and this one - and you could see the difference just between the pictures lolo took and us walking around today. hope to get these up soon - this is one trip I've been waiting a long time to make.


  8. Is anyone still going? I'm up and looked out the window and it's very gray and looks like rain where I am. I don't mind climbing around in the abandoned buildings - but I think the light might not be great for photos - unless we want to make them extra "creepy".


    Weather says it'll be raining by mid-day too (I checked for where I am, because it's closer to Beelitz - with a 70% risk.


    I need to hop a bus at 11AM, so ... post if you're still going before then please. :)


  9. Why is it so shocking that the numbers are so high of people who admit it in South Africa? Because in the western world, for men, it's nothing to be proud of. However, in Africa, it's similar to saying "yeah, we went to the pub and got smashed and rowdy". It has somehow become a cultural norm among the males - who then are pushing that "norm" on the females. It's also become the "policy" of rebels, soldiers, and rival tribes - rape the women, breed that group out of existance.


    I heard once back in the US that it's estimated that approximately 1 in 10 women will be the victim of molestation or rape in their lifetimes. Most will never report it nor seek psychological council or support groups which are available. (I know of several women who have stated one/the other happened to them - and NEVER reported it - because they felt ashamed and like it didn't matter anyhow - no prosecution...).


    So, when it happens, what do the women do? They feel they can't go to the police - who are mostly men - and who they feel uncomfortable discussing such with after a traumatic event. If they do go, they get blamed, or worse, ridiculed that they're lying, and prosecution seems to be rare. Why put yourself through re-living the trauma multiple times when there is no "justice"? As a result they deal with it - just as their mothers, and their grandmothers back through time. Psychologically - the damage is done, and is comparable to PTSD in many ways. Most women wonder if there wasn't something done to deserve it, try to not let it happen again - and pray that they're lucky enough to not have caught a disease or unwanted pregnancy... and believe it or not - the psychology of the event changes them forever. They will always question themselves, wonder if they're good enough - and in many cases, feel that they're destined to be a victim. Not right, but it's what happens. On a side note - I'll also point out that in many countries the rape/crisis council isn't there - so it's even worse than in the western world - where this is available to help deal with it if the person seeks it.


    As I mentioned, western cultures aren't immune of this themselves - we've just changed how we view it and have shoved those actually raping underground (they won't admit it). In our own history, we have various evidences of cultures that conquered (vikings, saxons, germans, romans) and they thought it was fine to rape, pillage and plunder. (Where do we think the phrase came from?). It was a method used to "knock down" the pride of a people, make them subservient, encourage compliance - and... "breed them out" of existance.


    Is there a fix to the problem? I doubt it. As long as there are peoples who want to make themselves feel "stronger" and more "powerful", harbor feelings that one group of people is subserviant (based on gender or ethnicity), as we've seen, the best we can put out there is that the culture changes so it's not "we went out and gang raped 4 women" to "I got smashed at the pub" mentality of people admitting it. Instead, they do it anyway - and just don't admit it.


    Which is better? I don't know. Rape is Rape, whether admitted to or not.


  10. Sorry folks - haven't been around much.


    I'm interested in Beelitz for sure and - but Sunday is going to be tough.


    Was invited to the beach in Waremunde on Sunday - trying to decide if it'll be warm enough... and that train is at 8am from HBF... So I am leaning toward doing this this weekend...


    What time do you think we'd be back?