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  1. Have you tried the Levis Store on the Ku'damm? I think you can order "odd" sizes in there, as one of my german colleagues suggested it for me.


    Levis Store Germany GmbH


    Kurfürstendamm 237

    10719 Berlin, Germany


    030 88553898 - Tel

    030 88553899 - Fax


    Opening times: Mo-Sa 10-20 Uhr




  2. Re - Central park in NYC v/s Berlin - I think we already have one, called the Tiergarten.


    Re - Templehof's new park - I love love love the idea. I think that properly done, it can use the runways as walking paths, interspurse the areas for people to relax, children to play, and maybe a running / biking path around the outside and it will be an invaluable addition to the local area - including allowing for property values of those buildings nearby to go up (nothing kills those like an airport, let me tell you!). Drug dealers and smashed bottle dissenters aside (we have those in every park, I"m afraid) I can totally see this as a positive thing for the south side of the city. I can hardly wait to use it!




  3. Got this in my "in" box today - thought someone might be interested/able to go.



    staatsoper für alle




    Samstag, 29. August


    17 Uhr TRISTAN UND ISOLDE mit Live-Übertragung aus der Staatsoper auf den Bebelplatz, Eintritt frei. Anschließend werden sich die Künstler auch auf dem Bebelplatz verbeugen. mehr Infos zur Besetzung und Inhaltsangabe


    Sonntag, 30. August


    Open-Air-Konzert live auf dem Bebelplatz, Eintritt frei

    Peter I. Tschaikowsky, »Romeo und Julia« Fantasie-Ouvertüre nach Shakespeare, Sinfonie Nr. 5 e-Moll op. 64 mehr Infos


    Hier sehen Sie einen Film zu STAATSOPER FÜR ALLE.


    Unsere Tipps für ein gelungenes Open-Air-Erlebnis:

    Lassen Sie sich von der einzigartigen Atmosphäre bei dem Sommer-Ereignis »Staatsoper für alle« auf dem Bebelplatz faszinieren. Sie sind herzlich eingeladen, Ihren Picknickkorb mitzubringen oder Speisen und Getränke an den zahlreichen Ständen auf dem Bebelplatz zu erwerben. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Bebelplatz nicht bestuhlt ist. Klappstühle werden an unseren Infoständen für 10 Euro zum Verkauf angeboten oder können mitgebracht werden.


    Laut Wettervorhersage erwartet uns warmes, sonniges Wetter mit kleinen Wolken.


    STAATSOPER FÜR ALLE ist eine Veranstaltung Dank BMW Berlin. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch BIONADE.




    The City Opera at Unter Den Linden is proud to present:


    Saturday, 29 August 17 o'clock TRISTAN AND ISOLDE with Live transmission from the state opera on the Bebelplatz, FREE ENTRY.

    Please welcome the artists performing at this this live, open air concert at Babelplatz brought to you by BMW Berlin. More Information:




    Sunday, 30 August 16 o'clock DANIEL BARENBOIM | City Opera OF BERLIN Open air concert live on the Bebelplatz, entrance free!


    Peter Ith Tschaikowsky,” Romeo and Juliet “Fantasy overture" after Shakespeare, symphony No. 5 e-Moll OI. 64 . More information


    In addition, there will be a film - STATE OPERA FOR ALL.


    Our hints for a successful open air experience: Enjoyment of the singular atmosphere with the summer event” state opera unter den linden for all “on the Bebelplatz" fascinates in itself. All visitors are cordially invited to bring along your picnic basket or to purchase meals and beverages at the numerous vendors on Bebelplatz. Please note that the Bebelplatz is not seated.

    Folding chairs are offered at our information stands for 10 euros for the sale or can be bring along.


    According to weather forecast we are expecting warm, sunny weather with small clouds. STATE OPERA Unter Den Linden especially would like to thank BMW Berlin and BIONADE for their support.


  4. LOL - yeah and I texted him too - so yeah - more than once that he checked the thread AND got a personal text message to HBF!! Lolo, I think all that drinking/late night activity is rotting your brain! biggrin.gif Of course, it could be old age too - your birthday being this week and all...


    Callie - yes, that would be great.


  5. Depends - ex. I know what's wrong with me - and the chiropractor is actually the right place to go - and not the normal doctor (who just wants to dose me on pain meds or fuse my spine.) A chiropracter actually helps - and keeps me from major surgery or being doped up all the time.


    eg. maybe the person asking knows what's wrong with them already - and knows that they need a chiropractor / osteopath.


  6. I think for now we're looking at Sunday since I have a concert on Saturday night to go to. Sunday also looks to be the better of the days weather wise - 21 and sunny, 10% chance of rain.


    I checked the train details -


    Berlin HBF -> Lutherstadt Wittenberg goes at:


    09:17 from Platform 4, arrives 10:29 AM. It's RE 33103 (next train would be 11:17AM)


    If we took the ICE, it would depart 09:52 and arrive at 10:33 but I don't think we can do that on the happy weekend ticket.


  7. Yeah - I was there for 3 days during the christmas festivals and the place was packed. The only way I got good photos was getting up and leaving the hostel at about 7:30 in the morning, just as they turned on the lights on the buildings. I also had some luck around 11 PM, when it was so cold that everyone was indoors - except the hearty - and those selling gluwein at the market stalls. I found after 3 days I really wasn't to interested in going back.


    Today is going to be another beautiful day. Anyone for brunch then wandering the city?


  8. Ok so for this weekend's Rostock trip -


    What day - Saturday or Sunday?


    Forecast at:


    Personally, I'd prefer Saturday mostly because the weather looks to be better and there's a higher likelyhood that they'll have full sails out as the ships come and go from the harbor (the winds pick up in the afternoon). Sunday looks to be a bit more gray and blustery - which means that like last year - if they have sails out it's a bit more unpredictable as they come into the harbor. Last year they came in on minimal top sails (some with no sails at all) because of unpredictable weather.


    For a little taste - here's some of last years photos are at: Hansesail 2008


    Thoughts? :)


  9. Hi all - re Rostock - I think Paul will drive up on the weekend, and I'm most likely riding with him (and taking the dog.)


    As far as train goes - I think there are a couple options - going to Seebad Warnemunde gets you right on the harbor or you could go to Rostock HBF and then go to the Stadthafen and walk around the harbor from there I think.


    Map of their suggested Public transport info:



    Best way to get there & around:



    Train that I found on Saturday - leaves Berlin HBF at 8:14 from Platform 6 (RE 38590) - to Rostock HBF and takes 2.21 hours. Gets in at 10:35 - from there you'd need the Sbahn to one of 3 or 4 places along the harbor. (see the map above).


    Going Back - looks like Saturday night is at 18:37, 20:33, or 22:56. (there are other trips but they involve changes of train.)