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  1. Not sure where to get your 120 film developed. I'd say check around to most places - but there is only 1 or 2 actual "send it in" printers here - that service the entire country. If they don't do it, you may need to send the film overseas and wait for return.


    Otherwise, For those going tomorrow, The Commemoration of the berlin wall begins at 1030 am. I heard that there will be many dignitaries there including Gorbachev, Hillary Clinton, and several other leaders. I'd anticipate it will be a very large event - so my thoughts are toward going VERY early tomorrow morning, planing on leaving my house around 7:30 or 8am.


  2. Sounds great.


    The easiest way to say the old traffic light is when you come out of the Potsdamer Platz Train station go toward the Christmas Market - look for the green traffic light/clock. I believe that's the one Callie means - and if the setup of the Christmas market is the same as last year...



    is the google map, if you see the green 'S'- I think the old green stop light is kind of in the block down and to the left....


  3. Hi,


    Yes, I want to see the domino fall and also the people lined up.


    more info on the domino fall:



    Festival of Freedom

    The Festival of Freedom will begin with an open-air concert at Pariser Platz by the Staatskapelle Berlin conducted by Daniel Barenboim. After the concert, the fall of the Berlin Wall will be symbolised by knocking over designed dominos in a live performance, which will include the designers of the Domino Action, politicians, contemporary witnesses and guests from all over the world. The former German Foreign Minister, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, and the Nobel Peace Laureates Kofi Annan, Muhammad Yunus and Mikhail Gorbachev will be among the guests. The event will be broadcast live in ZDF from 19.25 until 20.15. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend this extraordinary event.


    Already on 7 and 8 November, the Domino Gallery made up of around 1000 over-sized dominos will cover a route of around two kilometres from the Reichstagsufer via the Brandenburg Gate to Potsdamer Platz and will create unique images and impressions close to where the Berlin Wall once stood.

  - There's a photography exhibition - the one at Max Lieberman haus that you mentioned that I'd like to go see as well.


    Otherwise, there's the festival without borders that's over by me -



    and on the morning of the 9th of November, at 10 AM, the actual commemoration ceremony itself -



    (I'm off on the 9th and absolutely will be here.)


    ** and this will be awesome for photographs - if we can catch them - "living Angels" at the tops of buildings all along the wall on November 9th, between 12 noon and 3pm and 7 pm - for an hour each time.


  is the official site.


    Otherwise - for others who might be interested in LOTS of walking - there's an anniversary walk between the first two crossings - from Bornholmer str to the Brandenburg gate.



  4. Didn't make it to Stahnsdorf - wound up not being able to leave early that day. Left early yesterday, but wound up with several other things to do. STILL NO HOME INTERNET/PHONE. mad.gif Trying to stay in touch with what I can from work. Company still owes me 3.5 hours, so might try to go early tonight and early Friday - (been going in at 8am to get some extra time on the net).


    Re eBay - I've bought almost everything off eBay and have been quite pleased. The only thing that I ever had a problem with camera wise was a flash - and that was just defective. No problems returning or getting a refund. As always, check the seller, and what's being offered. Buying "used" lenses and filters and stuff I don't mind. The Camera body itself / maybe the actual electronic stuff - well, that I would do my homework before I bought and ask a lot of questions. Remember - if it looks too good to be true, it probabally is.


  5. Sunday sounds Great Callie. I'll plan on being there with tripod.


    Also thinking to do something tonight/tomorrow as the colors on the trees really popped over night - at least where I am. Hoping to get off work a bit early - and if the weather holds, head into the Stahnsdorf Cemetery or somewhere for a bit of wandering in the autumn splendor. I went about a week to late last year (november 1) and got some lovely pictures:



    but am hoping that this works out better - as the colors will be a bit more intense rather than fading. Now, if only the SUN will co-operate.


    Hamster - I'd be glad to try light painting as well - not sure how to do it - but yes... lets. smile.gif


    Unilynth - welcome. Looks like it's going to be Sunday. smile.gif.


    Oh - just a reminder - November 7-9 will have the big "fall of the wall" celebrations in and around Berlin. Mark your calendars for the photo opportunities.


  6. Sorry all - my home phone/internet is completely dead - and I'm having a time trying to get it back up and running. Posting from work at the moment. Callie - let's pick a time/place and go. I don't care much about the lights festival either, but am loving the new tripod - though I've run out of subjects near where I live. (small town and all). The one place I want to get at night is around the technology museum/anhalter bahnhof. I've also thought a bit about kulturebrewerai and maybe some street shots up and around wedding. Wouldn't mind shoeneburg either - that rathhaus is really pretty. Hampster, Hampster, you're welcome, as always to join.


    I've been testing, and it feels like the best time (before time change) is the 30-45 minutes (to me at least) between about 5:45 and 6:30 ish. When the sky kind of turns that nice deep blue purple and the lights look warm and inviting. Of course, the fog where I live has been rather intriguing too, but... BRR! ;)


    Seattle101 - nope, not yet, just because of some of the "getting people to sign releases" stuff that's involved. If it doesn't bother you, you could try posting here in the models wanted (make sure you state what kind of model and what kind of photography) and you could even try some of the Berlin flickr groups (and/or craigslist/


  7. Callie - I want to do some of the festival of lights - especially now that I have a nice tripod. :).


    Re Sunday excursion - maybe. I'm a bit under the weather after getting soaked in 2 different rainshowers this week and being out in the fog. If the weather seems a bit "ok" I may be there but if it's iffy, cold/wet I'm gonna stay home I think - just don't want to make this any worse.


  8. Hey Justin - sorry I missed everyone yesterday. Got Delayed at Brunch and then wound up late for the train. Hope LOLO met up with everyone and did the big Beelitz tour.


    Wound up seeing the puppets instead, then hanging around. Got some nice twilight and night shots of the city - and wound up SOAKED in the rain. Luckily the camera stayed dry.


    Sander - can you tell us a bit more specifically what you're looking for? I'm sure one of us can accomodate you!


  9. for those not interested in going to Beelitz today, the giant marionettes are on parade between the Brandenburg gate (Parisier Platz) over toward the bridge near HBF where they will load onto a ship (Alt Moabit) starting at about 2pm today. Full map below:



  10. Re d) Yeah, maybe I'm a bit paranoid for the TB thing - but the mold/mildew/dust/etc that I don't know what's in it - there were a couple places last time (Climbing around in one of the basements and in one of the buildings where the ceiling had collapsed and the entire place smelled like mold/mildew and you could SEE the crap in the air) that I wished I'd have had one.


  11. I've been before as well - and would recommend a couple things for beelitz -


    a) good boots (lots of glass, wonky uneven floors, and debris inside.)

    B) gloves (you may not want to touch things.)

    c) Flashlight (s) (there are some very very dark places that require this - because of holes in the floor that you can't see... also helps with illuminating objects properly.)

    d) face mask (this was a turbulosis hospital and these buildings are rotting - so there's lots of mold, dust, asbestos floating around that you maybe don't want to breathe in)

    e) Tripod


    I will note that it's supposed to rain all weekend - and the last time I was there - the surgery rooms had been destroyed (they used to be the neatest ones to go into), and someone had hacked away at several of the pillars that supported ceilings to get at the old subway tiles - it means that the rooms are even more "unstable" than they were 2 weeks prior. Mostly this was because there was a tv program about it in between. Stupid vandals.


    What time are you thinking to go? Do you really want to go in the rain?






  12. ahh for those of you who didn't go - Goerlitz is lovely, and the food just across the polish border at the restaurant you recommended, Callie - well worth the trip. I think The 8am train is actually the better one - just because you have more time to explore the TWO cities. The later trains to make the 1744 train (sunset is around then) just don't give you enough time (about 2 hours per city minus getting lost, photo ops, and lunch is more like 1 hour) to explore and see the sites.


    This weekend is the puppet parade thing I mentioned earlier, and also - for those of you who know I live in Teltow, the annual Teltow "Harvest" festival. It's the only thing going on (EVER) in Teltow - and because I live 3 blocks away - if anyone wants to go, You'd be welcome. I'd be happy to give you a tour of the "old town" (the party is in the newer section) and some of the highlights of the area - including the "remnants of the wall". It's walkable but I'd suggest a bike (we can lock it up at my apartment where it's a bit safer and walk to the festival).


    My suggestion for that would be either Friday night (they have a Rolling stones impersonator & AC/DC tribute bands playing) or Sunday - when they have pop/jazz stuff going on. That being said, the festival is also running Saturday, but they have all country music... (and I'm figuring on the giant puppet parade in Berlin that day).


  13. k so I re-arranged the schedule a bit so we can go on Saturday to




    looks like the trains from Berlin HBF are


    Depart 8:03 am track 12 - train RE 38135 ; switching in cottbus to oe 82625 ; track 5 - 10:03. Arrive Gorlitz at 11:15 AM.

    Also goes through Fredrichstr -08:06 am track 1 - depending on where we want to meet.


    The next train would be 10:03 am, arriving at 13:15pm.


    Very early morning - this doesn't go through the south - but instead goes through Ostbahnhof...then to cottbus.




  14. Are we thinking saturday or sunday? For me, Sunday would be better - (and it's election day so... I think most germans won't be travelling if they have to vote...) Also - the lovely state department (US) has us on high alert for those of us in germany :-P you know... pesky terrorists and all that.