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  1. Hi,

    Also - just fyi, if you make over 500 euro for 3 consecutive months on eBay as a "private" seller, you will be prompted to upgrade the eBay account to being a business seller. While you don't have to be "vat" exempt, you would then need to be able to do the required things related to business and taxes. You'll also be required to comply with the return policy (14 days return on all items no questions asked) that is standard for the internet business. This means no more selling items "as is" and "no returns."


  2. Provide paypal the DHL tracking number and offer a copy of the reciept from DHL showing the address that it was shipped to. Also provide a screenshot of the eBay website where you received the shipping address to show where it was provided by the buyer, and a screenshot from DHL that shows DHL saying it was delivered.


    Most likely, Paypal will find in your favor as a seller - being that you've done what you could.


  3. Thanks for that - I had only kept reading that they were "X-ray" not how potent they are - and kept asking now why would we do this - health risks and all. I still say that it's a bit concerning anyhow - any extra radiation you add can up your risks (yah yah I know).


    Otherwise, I wonder if we can ask which type of scanner it is and then say no, I want to use the non backscatter one? :-P.


  4. Ok so here's the question no one else is asking... yes, yes, it's all about seeing you nekkid and privacy concerns - I get that.


    But has anyone thought about health ramifications?


    These are X-Ray machines for gosh sakes. Too much radiation can cause cancer, this is why they typically cover you in lead when you go for x-rays for a broken bone. So, now, the airports are subjecting their passengers (their CUSTOMERS) to xray radiation to scan them as if we're all potential terrorists.


    If you're a frequent flyer - and are scanned repeatedly over time, this mini dose of radiation does add up. This can have negative impact on health - so, in 20 years, does that mean that the people with jobs that require them to fly will have a reason to sue the TSA / Airport / government for endangering their health through multiple un-necessary doses of x-ray radiation? I'd say someone may have a pretty good case there... hard to prove, but I'm waiting...


  5. I'd have to say it's Cat Stevens - The Wind of My Soul - because we're all listening to the beat of our own "drummer" living abroad:




    it's simple, but I think it sort of fits everyone with a bit of wanderlust...


  6. There's a mailboxes etc over by Alexanderplatz that may have the size you need. You can check their website to see if there's one closer to you too:



    Also, you could check with Hermes, UPS, Fed Ex and see what they price for your shipping as well.


    Good Luck!


  7. I'm facing a similar situation myself, only it's several hundred people that will be laid off. We've not been told when / no notice yet other than sometime in 2010. Works council and Management are still in negotiations. I'm pretty sure I'll want / need a lawyer at some point - so, anyone have any suggestions on either the type of lawyer or one in /near Berlin that they have used in the past? (they'll need to be english speaking).




  8. Clear, sunny and cold south of Berlin (brandenburg) here today. Only a couple 2-3 cm on the ground outside from earlier in the week. Maybe we'll get more later on, but for now, I'm inside, working remote, and enjoying my hot chocolate and warm slippers... :ph34r:


  9. Unfortunately - Not. I want to, but got scheduled for a long week at work, have this weekend, and then work 7 days straight next week (before getting 2 weeks off). The first I could even think of trying to organize this would be after New Year's.


    If you're interested, however, I would encourage you to go to the first link and see if anyone else is doing something in the meantime (before we can get to it?).




  10. Hi Rachel - Sorry - I thought it was the link to the main site that explained it all, but it looks like I posted the link to the Specific Berlin group.


    More information is here:



    I was sort of asking for suggestions - like maybe one of the homeless shelters or something that we could co-ordinate with for the people.. and then I think we'd need either a way to get the portraits printed and/or if we print them on site - then supplies...


    The Berlin group appears to have attempted something yesterday, but with only 2 photographers and no advertising / etc, I thought hum.. if we as a photo group were interested - we might have better luck... because we have several people, and in general, we're all pretty good at networking / advertising...




  11. So, Berlin Photo Group... it's been a few weeks and no meet up. I propose that we meet up - and do something good for our community... I saw this in a paper back in the US, and discovered that the group has a Berlin group here - volunteering their time and skills doing portraits of less fortunate.



    I think we could / should organize something similar to this (and/or participate with the group above?) - to take some nice portraits of those less fortunate during the holiday season. What are your thoughts / ideas on this?


    I'd love to hear them.




  12. Hi,


    If it wasn't small doggie, I might consider it. Unfortunately, with my Husky, I don't think yours would get along.


    However, have you checked with the link mentioned above?



    and so is





    Also, you might try what seems to be the "local" board at:



    to see if you can find one there too.


    are a couple more - though I don't know if they speak English.


    Otherwise, be sure to try posting to the "services wanted" here at Toytown and also on Craigslist - you might be surprised as sometimes people will do this for you to have some extra holiday money. Being that the chihuahua is smaller, you might just have better luck than I do with finding a place for mine.


    Good Luck!


  13. Oh honey. If you're getting the "dump him" vibe, and you're this far in, I say dump him. Generally speaking, that vibe - well, it's right. :blink:


    If he's the one, well, even small arguments/etc - you won't feel that way. You'll realize that it's an argument and that in the grand scale of things it doesn't matter. In your case, if you're not feeling confident, or questioning yourself - well, time to make a change.


    There's other guys out there - a huge expat community - and well, even lots of German guys - who speak both English AND German - who would all love to have a great girl. So, even though we women tend to not want to hurt someone's feelings - in the end, we're just hurting ourselves. Get on with it, do yourself a favor, and well, you'll be happy (in the long run) you did.


  14. I'm working the weekend. Dresden is cool, but plan on spending the night at the Christopher Hostel if you can - because there are 3-4 markets all within the area and lots of places in town to see.


    Having been there - I would say that you shouldn't plan on alot of pictures of the Christmas markets - it's really full of people on the weekend - and basically becomes a "push" festival to get through. Of the ones I've been through - to me, the best one was in the old castle - you have to pay an entry fee to get in - but it has smaller crowds and nicer items.


    Hope you enjoy...


  15. Well, Looks like we're facing another series of layoffs where I work, and my group in particular is for sure "being eliminated". Luckily where I work has given us a few months notice and there are lots of negotations going on between the employer and the works council which means it may take longer.


    Since I was moved here by the company and only have a high school (and a couple years of college) education (I was just luckily in the right place at the right time), I have a feeling I should take the chance to go back to school and try to finish my degree. So, that being said, I don't have time to work my job, hunt for another one, and commute back and forth nightly to go to school.


    The result is, I wanted to see about enrolling in a few online classes for potential university / college credit that I'll eventually (maybe) be able to use somewhere else. I'd prefer classes in English (if possible).


    Can you recommend a few online schools that you have experience with? What is your experience with them and transferring credit?





  16. as much as I would love to do this, I'm out too. Back to dr's tomorrow to see why the sinus headaches aren't gone. Hopefully they'll get me fixed up, but as being outside/in the cold seems to make it worse - I think I'm best seeing doc and then staying inside. UGH!!


  17. Hi,

    I believe that under EU laws you have 14 business days to cancel any internet transaction. Check your calendar and see if it's within 14 business days. If so, then I think you are pretty much within your rights.


    As far as the seller goes - if you didn't pay for the items, he can go through the eBay unpaid item process - and get a refund of his final value fees. He will also be able to relist the items on the site for sale. If he's gone through the UPI (unpaid item) process, then you're no longer obligated to pay for the items anyhow, as far as eBay is concerned.


    I would suggest contacting eBay directly and asking them for their technical advise - especially if the seller is still suspended. (Just because a seller is suspended - only prevents them from further selling - but they can still contact previous buyers/use the mail system in case they are trying to resolve things with previous buyers - that means his being able to email you isn't necessarily that he's been reinstated to the site.) To see if the seller is actually suspended, go look up the item and/or the seller and click on the feedback. If it says he's no longer a registered user - then he may still be suspended.


    Good Luck.