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  1. Per NASN:


    Sun 3 Feb


    00:00 New England vs NY Giants - Super Bowl XLII - NFL


    Tom Brady and the Patriots (18-0) will be hoping to cap a perfect season with victory in Super Bowl XLII against Eli Manning and the Giants (13-6) at the University of Phoenix Stadium.


    I'm game for Belushi's - but wow that's late!


  2. Nope - I wanted to try the underground tour but when I posted it seemed no one was interested at the time. If you're still interested, I'd love to go.


    Re Crypts - the Berliner Dom has crypts under it that are open and you can wander through. It's one of the best parts to visit - and when the weather's nice - you can go to the top and walk around the cuppola for nice views of the city. (Although, the view from the top fo the Reichstag is free - after you go through security, and it's open regardless of weather from 10 AM until 10 PM.)


    Re Museums - It was an interesting night - once again, my recommendation is avoid Museum Island until after at least 10 PM unless you want to spend the time waiting in lines with no real entertainment.


    Also, this time around, the docents I encountered were rude. The weather was cold, wet, and rainy - they kept saying you had to check your coats and/or your bags - or wear the wet coat in the museum (nothing carried in). With as many people as there were, the garderobes were full - with lines waiting for someone to grab their stuff and lines waiting for you to pick it up. I wil note that they totally asses in a couple different cases - and that did put a damper on the evening. (I wanted to say HELLO - think a minute - but refrained, opting to leave instead and post a comment here as a warning.) Yes, the buses were packed - but I believe it was mostly because of the bad weather and everyone just wanting to get out of it where ever possible.


    The Moral of the story - a) plan ahead, B) bring your patience, and c) go to the one in the summer - despite being more people you have more transportation/walking options and don't generally have as much stuff (warm coat, hat, scarf, umbrella, etc.) to carry in the museum, so I think the docents don't get as rude.


  3. Yes, this is two different exhibits - but related to the same thing.


    a) the display in the bhfs that is stationary.


    B) the memorial train that is moving.


    Thanks for the post that the stationary one is supposed to be in Potsdamer Platz - I'll check tonight. Maybe it's in an obscure little corner somewhere - or, since it's supposed to really get going on the 27th of January - it's not fully up yet. I will note that tonight is Berlin's Long Night at the Museums and it starts/ends at the Kultureforum at potsdamer platz so maybe they'll have it on the map as a special exhibit. If so, I'll post again.


  4. I did this last fall, and it's back again - wondering if anyone wanted to go?


    Traditionally in the winter Berlins »LANGE NACHT DER MUSEEN« is covering the city on its largest scale.


    Theme of the 22. Long Night of Museums is: "Time"


    On almost 400 square kilometres – between Glienicke Palace, the Museum at the Waterplant Friedrichshagen and the Museum of Local History Reinickendorf – more than 100 museums and cultural institutions are giving access to their exhibitions, collections and art objects throughout the night, enriched by a variety of events.


    Kombiticket: valid in all participating institutions (from 6pm) as well as busses, suburban railways and undergrounds of the Berlin network (ABC) from Saturday, 26th January 2008, 3pm until Sunday, 27th January 2008, 5am


    * Pre-selling: 12 Euro, reduced 8 Euro

    Day of the event: 15 Euro, reduced 10 Euro

    Children until the age of 12 have free entrance.

    * Pre-selling: amongst others in participating museums, theatre box offices, Berlin info stores

    * Via Internet: www.museumsportal-berlin.delink_extern.gif


    More info at:


    English full program at:


  5. I saw this on the news this morning - and wondered where it's at - anyone have an idea since it's now in Berlin, maybe HBF?


    For video from the BBC: Exhibit on WWII death trains - An exhibition on the role of Germany's national railways during the holocaust has opened in Berlin.


    For more info - An old article from Deutsche Welle (02.12.2006): Deutsche Bahn Agrees to Exhibit Holocaust Photos



    Deutsche Bahn, Germany's state-owned national railway, bowed to government appeals on Friday and agreed to allow an exhibition on Nazi deportations to be shown at train stations across the country. Deutsche Bahn said in statement issued jointly with the transport ministry that the photos and papers on Jews sent to concentration camps could go on display at railway stations "and their immediate vicinity." The company's chief executive, Hartmut Mehdorn, had previously resisted the idea, arguing that railway stations were not the right place for such a serious topic "because they are too crowded and people are in too much of a hurry to concentrate."

    Also, apparently there is now a train that is travelling across Germany in commemoration of these same children too - called The Memory Train To Auschwitz. It started it's 6 month journey from Frankfurt am Main in November and will visit 30 cities in mostly southern and central Germany. The full route can be found at -


  6. Hi Guys -


    sorry it's been a really hectic couple of months. Dad left and then work picked up.


    I'm still interested - it's just a bit difficult to figure out when/what to do and organize when I'm on call and/or at work due to sick folks.


    Maybe an evening event this week? I'm waiting to hear - and will make it if I can. ;-)


  7. Ever since I was little and had long hair - I have to sleep with my hair up - and am obsessive about it. I can wear it down all day - then come home, brush and put it up so it stays out of my face when I sleep. If it falls down, the barette or whatever holding it up comes out - I'm awake and instantly putting it back.


    I count steps.


    I push all my doors closed twice when closing - to make sure they're really closed (front door, refrigerator, cabinets) - and lock all the outside doors behind me automatically. (I can't tell you how often I've locked myself out because of this one!)


  8. Humm... if you go that route, I'd say ban perfumed laundry detergent and fabric softener. I rarely buy any of the perfumed stuff, because I hate when I walk into a place and literally smell the clothes washing powder (5 or 6 different ones) from each of the people's different stuff. I want to say hey - go easy on it.. but I suppose it IS better than cigarette smoke but... only by a narrow margin. :P


  9. Sorry for not posting sooner - have guests until the end of next week so I'm not really "around" the computer much.


    Re roles - I'm agreeing with Good Grief - I have alot of interests - and am for alot of things - just have to find a time/place to go. I work alot (and am on call some of the time when I'm not at work.) I think just meeting up for coffee or something would be a good place - then we can chat figuring out what's of interest. I'd be willing to try and organize something once my family has left but it'll be a couple weeks until I've got time.




  10. Agreed with the "if you post it... they will come" idea. While I might not be up for the bike trips, I would be interested in travel and a few of the other things mentioned. (Hello - it's why I live where I do!) Don't forget to also check the posts for some of the interests in profiles - it might help you plan things too.