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  1. Hi all -


    Don't know if you saw, but it's JTW's last week in Berlin (if any of you know him). If you'd like, you're welcome to join several of us at Kaffee Burger for Daniel Kahn and the Painted Bird (music) and some drinks! I tossed an event on facebook - if you want to check it out.



    Otherwise, I'll try to meet up here in the next couple weeks. (Hooray for things maybe slowing down at work!)


  2. ugh. got home at 4am, slept a couple hours (dog woke me up) and hope to go back to sleep soon. I'll check back - if someone's still up to going to the exhibit today - that'd be groovy. Otherwise, This week is really bad since it's Thanksgiving in the states - which means here in Europe we'll be covering for lots of vacation. ... The weekend of the 6,7 Dec I work - but would be off the 5th of Dec (Friday) if we wanted to go then?


  3. Side idea - if there's really terrible weather on Sunday -


    There's an exhibition of photography by the famed Richard Avedon at Martin Gropus Bau - what better way to learn than by seeing what others do / how they do it?



    is the photographer - the exhibition:



    19. Oktober 2008 - 19. Januar 2009

    8 Eur Entry fee



    Niederkirchnerstraße 7/ Ecke Stresemannstr. 110

    10963 Berlin


  4. If you don't mind animals - what about posting to craigslist or kijiji that you're willing to walk (or sit) dogs for a fee? I know that there are alot of dogs in the city that would like to have an extra daily walk - and some of the walkers charge 7 - 10 per day to take the animals out...


  5. Hi all, sorry - I've been about but not really watching this topic too much. Maybe we should move it to the "events and meetups".


    Re Kummersdorf - I've been there. I highly recommend taking a tour but DO NOT go off on your own. That area used to be used to manufacture missiles and rockets - and as you wander around there are still old mines and unexploded mine shells in the undergrowth.


    I have some photos of Kummersdorf up here from my trip about a year and a half ago.


    Also - the pictures of the Festival of lights are very impressive folks - mine are at:


    Berlin Festival of Lights Photos


    One other suggestion I had - the Zitadelle. In winter, once the ponds and lakes freeze over - it can make for some very spooky black and white photos. Plus, if you go at the right time, the christmas market is open there in Spandau and also makes for nice "after dark" christmas holiday lights.


    Edit - apparently there's an old abandoned hospital at Beelitz that could be of interest if we could figure out how to get there too. here's someone else's photo set from flickr...; and there's also the beautiful cemetery here in stahnsdorf - which has all kind of statues, forests, and monuments from a little over 100 years. More information at: Sudwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf .


    Um... I think there's an abandoned brewery in Kreuzberg - Schültheissbrauerei too.


  6. There's also a party by ABBO (Americans in Berlin-Brandenburg for Obama) - I found out today. I haven't checked to see if there are tickets. It's downtown as well.




    Subject: Watching The U.S.Elections In Berlin At 40 Seconds' Penthouse Club



    for immediate release!


    11-04-2008 21H-open end

    U.S. Election Eve (Wahlabend) In Berlin

    @ 40 Seconds (Penthouse in The Sky)

    Live! Daddy Hemingway & Runaway Brides; DJ Schwarzfahrer

    Potsdamerstrasse 58, 8th floor, Berlin,

    Cost: 20,- Buffet, inclusive eintritt or

    6,- R.U.F. (ohne buffet)


    The Vote Countdown!

    Tuesday, 4 November!

    Election Eve In America!

    OBAMA vs. McCAIN!


    'Americans In Berlin-Brandenburg For Obama'

    throw the Election Eve party in Berlin that is a 'must-attend' !


    Dancing to live entertainment!


    Daddy Hemingway (usa)

    & the Runaway Brides (usa)

    Rashidii Graffiti (usa)

    Luscious Lloyd (usa)

    DJ Schwarzfahrer (usa)

    & special guests!


    PLUS! Large screens carry the


    vote results

    from the election in the United States;


    PLUS! An American Buffet

    (by America's Gourmet Chef, Joel Colacchia)

    BBQ ribs, chicken wings, corn-on-the-cob, coleslaw, hotdogs, All You

    Can Eat 15,-

    (from 9pm to 1am)

    PLUS! Get ready to party all night!

    The last election results come in at 3:30-4am!

    Celebrate a historic Presidential victory!


    Guests already rsvp'd represent a cross-section of Berlin;

    (from artist-sculptor Dieter Fincke & wife to

    Eva Maria Luise, Herzogin v. Sachsen;

    from playboy Rolf Eden to

    tv's Theo Baltz & Ula v. Brinck;

    from immobilien magnate Dr. Henrik Aldinger to

    DefJay's DJ Big Steve;


    40 Seconds, Potsdamerstr. 58

    (8th Floor Penthouse, overlooking the National Galerie)


    Table reservations:




    Press Contact--

    Robin Hemingway, Co-Chair


    Americans In Berlin-Brandenburg For Obama


  7. I saw last weekend that the Berlin Carre (next to alexanderplatz) was doing trick or treating and lantern walk. Don't know if this helps anyone out (don't remember if it was Friday or Saturday - maybe someone close to there can confirm) but it's an idea.


  8. Worst customer service - Any cell phone company in Germany. (Why should I pay for you to call me AND you pay to call me on the same call - at rates of 22 - 50 cents a minute ON THE SAME NETWORK?!? Talkabout racking it up and double charge for the same "connection"!! And don't even get me started on the 2 year contract thing.)


    Real Markt - I went to the grill and ordered a bratwurst without mustard (I wanted ketchup - then plain) when I first moved here. The guy behind the counter lectured me about how "germans" don't eat them with ketchup and how he would only sell it to me with mustard - no ketchup. All the Germans I know eat them with whatever the hell they like... but this guy was a real pisser. In the end, I took it how he wanted to sell it to me, politely asked for a second napkin and then dumped ALL The goop on the counter with the napkin right in front of him and walked away. Next time, maybe he'll get that selling it plain and/or how the customer wants it is a good idea... I will note that I didn't see him again after that week so maybe it wasn't just me...


    Max and Moritz - every time I've been there (Dem's abroad meeting place)... painfully long waits, wrong orders, lost /forgotten orders - and when you tell them you didn't get it or it was wrong (ex they bring you a cheeseburger instead of a salad) they get angry and insist you pay for the wrong item before they bring you the right one.


    Best customer service - amazingly - despite the fact that I had to wait for them to call me back and pay for the call back, Arcor. I had some problems when I with my internet connection to my computer. I explained it in simple German, and when we reached a point my German wasn't working - and the first rep didn't speak english - he offered me a phone call back with someone better in English. I got one - 48 hours later - from an English speaker who got it straightened out in 20 minutes. While I don't like that I had to pay for the call, I thought it impressive that I actually got assistance offered in English rather than the typical "call us back when you learn German, or get a friend to call us in German" that I was expecting.


    Also best customer service - Greek Restaurant Korfu in Stahnsdorf Waldshenke (sp?). Every time I go in - they're cheerful, happy, welcoming and just glad to have you there. The food is amazing - and they check on you with each course at least once to make sure you don't need anything else. Yes, they're Greek - and maybe have a different view of customer service.