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  1. Also, there's the ones that are hung out by alot of people here - ex. Erdbeer, Hairy Mary's. Then, there's also the Hostel ones - ex. Belushi's, Carousel, and so on. Might also check the "touristy" bars around Potsdamer Platz, Alexanderplatz, Zoo... they might want English speakers as they go toward the tourist season.


  2. I doubt we could do all three because of where the cemetery is located, oh - and it's huge. Really really big. Think get lost big, and easily a half to full day (at least) spent in here. (I've spent 1/2 a day back in the fall and didn't even see 1/4 of it.)


    Stahnsdorf Sudwestkirchhof


    Is the link to the Cemetery with the history and dimensions.


    Oh - and it's technically NOT in the city. Per the website Significant Cemeteries in Europe getting here may be difficult for some. (I can just ride my bike... lucky me.)


    Arriving from the centre:

    Metropolitan train S-Bahn Zehlendorf

    Bus 623 to Bahnhofstrasse

    500 m on foot;


    Metropolitan train S-Bahn Potsdam

    Bus 601 and 602 to Bahnhofstrasse

    500 m on foot


    I'm not saying it's out - I'm just providing more info for those interested :)


  3. Not shooting you down here - I think this is a great idea. I guess I'm curious as to why everyone feels the need to put so much on Thursday nights? It seems that there's 7 nights a week, why aren't one of these "weekly meetups" not grabbing a weekend one or maybe a Monday or Tuesday?


    Just a thought from the edge.


  4. That was a lovely exhibit - lots of great ideas out of it.


    Any suggestions for this Sunday?


    If the weather's nice, here's a few ideas:


    1. next to Sbahn Preisterweg, there's some kind of nature park. I thought maybe we could go in there (I've not been) but there's a water tower (now turned theater) and perhaps some other cool ideas we can photograph in there.


    2. over behind the Mendelssohn Bartholdy Park U2 stop there's a weird bunch of sculptures that we could go check out, and maybe see what else is in the area.


    3. suggested before - but there's the cemetery in Stahnsdorf which has lots of statues and things...


  5. Hi!

    Checked the forecast and tomorrow it's supposed to be intermittent snow/sleet showers. I did, however, have an idea if it continues to snow - that might be worth attempting. There's the gas lamps in the tiergarten that are turned on after dark. In the snow, they might make some beautiful black and whites... also, we could try to stage a snowball fight if it is snow - and get some action shots.


    If not, then we could always do the photography exhibition.




  6. if it's cold and/or we don't find a place to do a portrait type sesson, what about another photography exhibit and then off for coffee?


    Robert Lebeck. Photographs 1955–2005


    Venue: Martin-Gropius-Bau 28 November 2008 to 23 March 2009



    € 6.00 | € 4.50 reduced

    Groups (from 10 pers.) € 4.50 p.p.

    Student Groups (from 5 pers.)

    € 3.00 p.p.

    Free admission for visitors under 16 years.


    More Info including biography of Robert Lebeck at: Berliner Festspiele


  7. k if we do go into the party at the Gate/Siegersaule -


    a) it usually is about 1 million people;

    B) expect to be dodging fireworks in addition to people (every time I've been there they are shooting them at each other instead of in the sky) and

    c) They don't usually let you bring in your own drinks (no glass bottles, etc.)


    It's lots of fun - but be aware that there's lots of people with open cups/etc that aren't very sober so you could run the risk of having it dumped on the camera... and the later it gets, the more chance of that.


  8. Agreed that that is annoying, and that some energy costs have gone up. However, during negotiations, the striking workers kept saying that the pay increases haven't translated to them, but that management kept getting them and lining their pockets, and that the energy increases weren't so much to prevent mgt from getting a larger than expected portion of the profits.


    Of course, I still don't agree with the 11% that they got (5% maybe but...) I guess the hike in prices was expected somehow.


  9. Well, here it is. After all of last year's strikes, the leadership at the Deutsch Bahn have raised their prices. No big surprise. The guys at the top want to make more money to line their pockets, the guys with the Union don't get the fact that the upper crust won't take the cuts - but that we, the consumer will have to pay more to support their strikes and their "wanted" pay increase.


    Bad economic times? Inflation? Nope - they're blaming energy costs going up (they've dropped since summer) - instead of being honest and saying "it's due to the strike and the new contract price negotiations from the people who were on strike..."



    Travelling by train in Germany became more expensive again on Sunday, with Deutsche Bahn announcing a 3.9 percent increase in ticket prices. From this week, not only will the tickets themselves be more expensive – the discount cards will cost more too.



    The Welt Online newspaper website calculated that a second class ticket on the ICE from Frankfurt to Munich now costs €89 rather than €85, and from Hamburg to Hannover €40 rather than €39 while the 50 percent reduction Bahn card will cost €225 rather than €220, meanwhile the 25 percent card will cost €57 rather than €55.

    More info here from The Local: Deutsche Bahn increases prices on tickets and discount cards