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  1. Thing is, @Philippha , the things @lisa13 describes are not typically German: they are typical for larger organisations, no matter where you are. The claims of "flat hierarchy" and "developer freedom" should be ranked with "the man month" as mythical, at least the moment a company gets more than 50 or so staff, and for that the country is immaterial.


    Oh, and @franklan : Sometimes people need to change, or they will be exchanged. We're not talking about changing someone's character here, but about how people perform the tasks they are set. And even in Germany there are people that are interested in using the experience of others to improve their own skills and methods


  2. I understand your frustration, lisa13. It took me good 6 or 7 years in this job until people started trusting my judgement on certain things, and I kept having to remind them that *I* am the one that worked in a large enterprise for a decade, not them -- and I worked there as a business analyst, not as a bookkeeper or motherboard solderer: I think that's just the local equivalent of the NIH syndrome.


    And if you fancy working on shrinkwrap enterprise software, in a tiny team with loads of freedom to shape the project using your experience (and no, that's not a Floskel) and fancy moving to Hamburg (ok, big list of IFs, I know), PM me. Oh, and for a pittance :)



  3. Well, maybe if just to show the world that not everybody earning relative shitloads in IT is unhappy with their jobs: I love my relatively crappily paid programming job, and I intend to annoy my colleagues with my arrogant Klugscheisserei until I'm well into my 80s


  4. There can never be an equivalent of Jimmy Hill!


    And there really aren't any Brookings or even Linekers in Germany; yeah, the occasional talking head appearance, but ex-players rarely get to commentate or pundit over here, at least, not in the way you get in the UK


  5. You cannot pick a football team to support; it picks you. No point in me trying to persuade you there's really only the FC St Pauli that's worth supporting (even though it is); you'll have to discover that for yourself.


    Just get over here, follow football on the tv and maybe in person and then see what team draws you in.


  6. Who cares what the rules of the road for cyclists are? None of them seem to be paying any attention to whatever they might be. And then complain they get rammed by lorries (or in the face by me)!

    As soon as those cycling morons stop riding through a red pedestrian crossing light on the wrong side of the road in the dark without lights and with a mobile phone on their ear, they might have a chance to get some sympathy from me. (oh and for anyone that thinks that only rarely happens, I invite to join me on a lovely rainy November evening at the junction of the Stresemannstrasse and the Ruhrstrasse in Hamburg.)



  7. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. If that comes in, I can either buy a shoebox or forget property ownership entirely. Sometimes I really detest how politicians prefer to pander to their electorate (or those of other parties they think they can scrounge away), all to be paid for by people they are then excluding.


  8. @Janx Spirit I remember listening to this moment of history live. My favorite moments of my student days were to lie there early in the morning listening to Brian Johnston, Fred Trueman, Trevor Boiley commentating on cricket from somewhere in India (for some reason I remember Chris Lewis hitting a 6 to end a test as though I've actually seen it :-) )




  9. @dstanners You know your cricket :) I'd be shocked and stunned though if you were able to identify the others :D And I just remembered there were at least three Scottish internationals, a Scotland coach and the aforementioned Kiwi... Hobnobbing. But full disclosure: It was all in practice as the three senior sides trained together, and I think they never bowled at me in anger... or only rarely.


    Oh, yeah, Grant Flower was a great fielder; both brothers played in the Dutch league as player-coaches in the early 90s, before they then broke through in county sides (Essex both if memory serves). Grant played at Quick Hague, Andy at Voorburg.


    Ok, I played at Greenock CC when they were at their peak (Scottish champs etc); not mentioning names for privacy reasons, and to stop any of them coming on here telling yous they don't remember me or they do and remember how useless I was :D



  10. I really struggle to find acceptable ways of taking in cricket at the moment; the ICC and the big federations are ruining the game by their insistence on geoblocking coverage to countries where cricket is unknown. I don't see what they lose by allowing broadcasts to Germany, NL, Denmark etc. No channel in these countries carries cricket, so they're not losing out on anything, and they would help the development of the sport by getting any TV coverage. But the way cricket's governing bodies are organised is ridiculous anyway.


    Anyway, I will have to make do with memories of cricket, which are (for a rubbish former player like me are a bit weird): My first season (aged 20) I was coached by a future Zimbabwe test player and future England coach (same person). Then, when I moved to Scotland, I played with two Scottish internationals (one since retired, one then up-and-coming) and we lost our coach because he had to go open the NZ batting. Loads of cricket-based namedroppery :)