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  1. Is there anyone on this forum who has or has had split households, between two European countries? In other words, you have a place you live/work in two countries at the same time? Here's the deal. I am currently on a 10 month fellowship in the Netherlands, but we still have our apartment in Berlin, where my husband works. We thus have two apartments. I have registered locally in the Netherlands as well because that is what I am required to do after 5 days of being here. My husband remains registered in Berlin - that's still where he works - and I will occasionally travel between Berlin and here, and that's where I'll go back to next June.   This situation, however, is becoming increasingly messy in regards to taxes, residency issues, health insurance, etc... particularly because our daughter remains with me and is going to daycare here in the Netherlands. Thus I must register us both here for numerous reasons.   So if anyone has done something similar then could you please contact me here or through a PM and tell me how you deal with or have dealt in the past with residency, taxes, and health insurance. For example, does or should my husband continue to have us on his health insurance even though we are required to have it in the Netherlands after 4 months (apparently)? Or should he cancel our insurance so he doesn't keep paying extra for it? TK told me on the phone that we should get Dutch health insurance, but then that they also consider a temporary stay up to 365 days in another country, and we're here less than that. (I have other questions regarding taxes and residency with the Bürgeramt and Ausländerbehörde because I am not an EU citizen...)