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  1. Minimum age for executor

    Ya think?
  2. Minimum age for executor

    I don't think I'd use age as my criteria.  I don't know that a hologram would hold up in court as a will.  It may be instructions to the executor just as a piece of paper might be.
  3. Covid-19 Poll (UPDATE 9 Aug 2020: new poll questions)

      If you're that concerned about being in a group, then stay home.  The test becomes invalid the moment you come into contact with another person.  Do you think the guests will be tested at the door?
  4. Covid-19 Poll (UPDATE 9 Aug 2020: new poll questions)

      and the sanctimonious, self-righteous, mask-hysterics. 
  5. Why get Married?

    at the other end, if you're not married you can't get a divorce.
  6. In preparation of a legal battle, you should ask the contractor for a detailed list of the materials he purchased that went into your house.  You should then get a detailed list of the men who worked at your house and the hours they worked for each day.  I'm guessing german law will require the contractor to have these documents for tax purposes.  Compare what you receive to the work that was done.
  7. Is "social justice" a good idea?

    you have to possess fame to lose it.  sue me. 
  8. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      Don't worry, you've already been called a racist...because you are a racist.  You must have some magical ability to discern, identify and label ethnic groups.  Were you born with this ability or were you taught by your parents?  It's not taught in school, but I know the nazi's used that same ability to attempt to eradicate the Romani people.  They could have used your help.
  9. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      since  "Demographic information examples include: age, race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, income, education, and employment." just which of these are you able to regularly discern?  
  10. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      covid is more nuanced than that and you know it.   to your point, if you get hit by a car and get thrown into a street light and die, what killed you?  
  11. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      let's start with the basics..  
  12. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      In Illinois, 50% of the deaths ascribed to covid occurred in nursing homes.  While it wasn't defined as such, nursing homes may have included hospice.  If you have a terminal illness and also contract covid and die, I don't know what the regulations are that determine cause of death on the certificate.
  13. no sound on my computer

    from the info you've provided you could:   turn up the volume whack the side of the computer with the heel of your hand always worked for me
  14. Is "social justice" a good idea?

    that's what they do.
  15. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      that's what states do.