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  1. Probably the most important task is Winter.  Before I leave my place, I drain the potable and heating water lines and turn off the boiler.  While I could get a smart wifi thermostat, I figure the power will go out on the coldest day of the year and then what?  Once a water line breaks and you're overseas, there's not much you can do in time.  I hire someone to shovel the snow, but I'm back in time for the lawn. I also call my ISP and go on "vacation mode" which reduces my rate considerably.  All my utilities are online.  Since you'll be in another country, mail will be an issue.  While I do have an outdoor and an indoor light on a timer, my neighbors are the best, so they keep an eye on things. As far as the "uninhabited" note, when you go on vacation your house is uninhabited or go to work or go shopping.  I've never called my insurance company to let them fact, the fewer who know, the better.
  2. Sharing Landlord’s email address/phone number?

      How do you know this?
  3. All things Tesla

    Tesla Heat Pump | More Range in Cold Weather
  4. All things Tesla

    Apparently, VW's adaptive cruise control problems aren't "staged".   Volkswagen's adaptive cruise control system attempted to accelerate one owner's car to 100 miles-per-hour in a 30 zone, report says   "I thought the car was trying to kill me," said one man, whose car tried to accelerate to 100 miles-per-hour. Volkswagen is currently facing a class-action lawsuit in Missouri, over complaints about its Front Assist feature. It was filed in 2020, and includes testimonies from 14 plaintiffs who say their cars suddenly put on the brakes.
  5. Darmspiegelung - colonoscopy

      I had a biopsy in the US.  It took 3 days.   I urge you to not get ahead of this and let the doctors come to a conclusion before you do.  As mentioned above, find a doctor who has many experiences with this procedure.  I'm surprised your doctor didn't make a recommendation instead of placing the burden on you. Bring all the questions you have when you meet your team.  If they push back, find a new team.  You must be your own advocate.
  6. Darmspiegelung - colonoscopy

    kinda surprised they didn't take a biopsy during the colonoscopy.  if positive for cancer, the operation might (probably) be more extensive.
  7. All things Tesla

      I'm remembering when big screen TVs came out $8k-$
  8. All things Tesla

    Deutsche Bank views Tesla cuts as 'bold offensive move';   Reiterates buy   " we believe this likely is a bold offensive move, which secures Tesla’s volume growth, puts its traditional and EV competitors in great difficulty, and showcases Tesla’s considerable pricing power and cost superiority.    " Deutsche Bank reiterated a Buy rating and $250.00 price target on Tesla
  9. All things Tesla

        It's way too time consuming to compare world-wide Tesla country pricing with discounts, rebates, offsets. model features and comparisons with hybrids vs true EVs.  Some of the commenters here are treating Tesla cars as a commodity, strategizing buying as though it was TSLA. Do they do that with BMW, VW, MB?
  10. All things Tesla

      Amazon's strategy too.  All the detractors said a company with no profits would fail....wait, there's someone at the door.  It's the Amazon driver delivering a package I ordered yesterday. Bezos was clueless.  Just like Musk, they know nothing about marketing.
  11. All things Tesla

    Tesla China: Price cuts lead to acceleration in sales as 30,000 Orders come in 3 days
  12. All things Tesla

    fill in the blank.  In my case, "entire portfolio".  Or, how about that " Montecito  house" I bought last week before the storm washed it away. Cry me a Yangtze....
  13.   I will be driving from Phoenix, Arizona to Chicago, Illinois....~1700 miles, 2700km, 3 days.  It sounds like when I get to 25% I should charge to 70% and when I stop for lunch, just eat while charging regardless of starting % and then use hotel charger until maxed at night.
  14. @MikeMelga @Krieg   Thanks for the reply.  I did a poor job of asking my question, but Krieg came close to the answer.   To put is another way, in an ICE the petro pump pumps at the same rate whether your tank is 1/2 full or a 1/4 doesn't matter.   Does an EV charge at the same rate whether you need 25% more to top off, or 50% or 75%?   From what you've both said, it sounds like there is some difference in total time if you have a series of short recharges vs one major recharge, but that the difference is insignificant.    
  15. Disclaimer: Just to keep things simple, I'll use numbers that may not be accurate.   For a long haul drive (let's say 800km) if I have an ICE with a range of 400km, it doesn't really matter whether I stop and fill the tank every 100km (8 times with just a few liters)  or just twice at 400km.  I know there's a difference, but it's just a few minutes. Using the same analogy, with an EV does it matter if you make more quick recharges or fewer full charges?