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  1. Buying property in Germany

      Hey, you're the one who said " many people that have made a lot of money out of this, ".  
  2. Buying property in Germany

      Reasons?  Examples?
  3. Buying property in Germany

    Pure coincidental timing.  My real estate broker in USA responding to my "How's business?"   "Dead!!  3 listings with no activity.  I have buyers that have decided to hold off right now.  Not a good time to buy or sell right now. "
  4. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

      So the lease is open ended?  There must be language about who and under what circumstances it can be ended by you or the landlord.
  5. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

      Did you note the price a year ago?  Is there a time limit on the lease?
  6. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      Just out of curiosity, I wonder what signaled that three hours was the limit and not 15 minutes or 4-5-6 hours.
  7. My dog escaped...

    Dogs have been known to travel long distances to get back to their "home".  You might post your notice at the towns along the route back to Hamburg if that's the dog's "home".  
  8. You do realize that hundreds of thousands of shops in the world have shut down and millions are out of work and not just those who sell comics?
  9. Coronavirus

    A more in depth page for coronavirus (and other) statistics:              
  10. Italy will renationalize the struggling Alitalia airline after the coronavirus pandemic brought the carrier to its knees
  11. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      It's probably not the car; it's the driver.
  12. Coronavirus

    " Influenza dies back in the summer, but scientists have yet to see evidence that the coronavirus will go away as temperatures rise. Coronavirus infections have been spreading in equatorial climates like Singapore’s and in the Southern Hemisphere, now in the middle of summer. "  NYT.
  13. Coronavirus

    US Perspective this season: " but as of now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more 34 million people have been sickened by the flu, from 350,000 to 620,000 people have been hospitalized, and from 20,000 to 52,000 people have died from it."   Corona Contrast:  2572 confirmed, 51 deaths.