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  1. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

    A new lock locked?
  2. legality of unpaid temporary layoffs at work?

    You can contact the law firm: Ben Dover and C. Howitt Feals.
  3. what would be a "small automobile Tier 2"?
  4. Is living at Potsdamer Platz that bad?

    I lived down Stresemannstr  for over a year and really liked its proximity to everything Berlin.  K-berg and Mitte and Ku-dam are a nice walk and because of the tourists there was always something happening...movies being filmed,  festivals, street performers.   Kiez is where you make it.
  5. Air Berlin and now Germania

    Hundreds stranded as British airline Flybmi collapses
  6. Air Berlin and now Germania

    not always the airlines, but the result is the same.. Berlin's Tegel airport tells passengers to walk amid strike
  7. Are cafeterias obliged to follow their menu plans?

    I'm standing in the hauptbahnhof looking at the yellow schedule and my train is not on the time it shows... I'm in REWE and the shelf has a tag for my favorite cereal, but it's empty... My ISP says I'm to get 100mb, but I'm only getting 85... My life is a continuous nightmare.  I can't stop screaming.  Please, help.
  8. java(-10)....I've fired enough of your parasitic kind to know one when I read one.  
  9.   aka Lazy.  Who do you get to do your job at work?
  10. Self-employed: client refuses to pay invoice

    Will wait for the "Carpenter does a lousy job and now wants payment" thread.
  11. IT career "golden cage"

    As an exercise, take one of the other salary offers you've received and try living off of that salary for a couple of months and see if you like the new, adjusted lifestyle.  Would you have to move?  Get a cheaper mode of transportation?  Fewer nights out?  Shorter/no holidays?   How wide is your job search net?
  12. Lasagne recipes

    100 Layer Lasagna I've had this and it was excellent.  Even if you make your typical lasagna, making your own pasta (as thin as possible) removes this dish from "heavy" to "light".
  13. Air Berlin and now Germania

      Lufthansa Cancels Over 400 Flights on Airport-Security Strike January 14, 2019,   Lufthansa cancels 800 flights amid strike action      9 April 2018   Lufthansa canceled 18,000 flights up to August this year (2018)  
  14. Air Berlin and now Germania

      My ticket was with AB...where they get their funding is irrelevant.  AB's creditors will go after AB, not "the german govenment".
  15. Air Berlin and now Germania

    today's news: Düsseldorf airport staff strikes Thursday, causing 56 cancelled flights