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  1. Best IT Job Agencies

    I'm always baffled by the IT guy who needs internet technical help...meanwhile, the Art History graduate somehow finds a job without asking for "search" suggestions.
  2. Mold responsibility AFTER tenant moves out?

    do you think the mold appeared in the 1-3 months after you left?  while the apartment was vacant? Compare the cost of cleanup vs loss of deposit....choose the lesser. 
  3. BVG "3 strikes policy" - Question

    Between this and torrent downloading, the german courts must be filled to the rafters with cases.  Must be ruled by the Ministry of Silly Walks.
  4. House buying from private - I don't get it

    If it is, why do you want to buy it?
  5. House buying from private - I don't get it

    their ad is a makler's lead.  if I were selling privately, I wouldn't want to be hounded by maklers offering to sell for me.  if you're serious, comply and go look at the place.
  6. Pickpockets in Berlin

      Based on your threads, you seem to attract violence wherever you go.  Did you ever think it might be You and not Them?
  7. I was in Oxford (that's in England) Friday night and saw two drunk guys fighting on the sidewalk and into the street.  As a few young women walked past, the small crowd of guys made some obscene comments.  The girls gave them the finger and walked away.   All of the players were typical, pale, white English dudes....not even close to Arab or immigrant.   Is it just me or have English white males been acting rather aggressive lately?
  8. Removing apps from my PC

    also, goto:   windows administration tools>disk cleanup...check all the boxes   then go back to   ccleaner>tools>disk analyzer>analyze ...this will rank files by size and highlite the pigs
  9. Removing apps from my PC

    You can download ccleaner and run cleaner>analyse to see what might be the issue.
  10.   So NOT calling the police is your solution?  Or is grousing on TT the solution?  You've been in berlin too long...complain, complain.
  11. Car towing rules in private property?

      That's quite remarkable.  One would think that in a company with 20 spaces that before jumping to a conclusion, a simple note on the window would have been sufficient.  Nice owner.  
  12. assault is a the police.  if you see something; say something.     what do Swedes look like?
  13. I have to admit, I have no idea what you're talking about.
  14. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

    If you truly have a price fixing concern, you should contact the German or EU authorities, not TT.  When/if  you come out of that morass with an answer, please report it here.  If you think supermarkets collude, you're in for a surprise.
  15. you should see what the TV shows do about Christmas.  It's a nightmare.