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  1. camlough is a photo fanatic and likes to make accusations without the facts using terms like "stole", "steal" and "fault".  He's judge and jury.  Perhaps he's the one who sent the letter, hence the threatening tone. Germany is a country of threats and bullies like I've never seen elsewhere.  Where else do you buy "legal insurance" but in germany?
  2. Deutsche Bank soon to collapse?

    because the sky is falling and we're all doomed.  head for the shelters and dig into the rations.  DB will bring down DL and DL will bring down the world.  my god, can't you see that?
  3. you're probably new to TT and DL.  If you weren't you would rethink offering a year's rent in advance.  doing so might bring you back here "Paid a year's rent, had to leave early and landlord won't refund balance" or "Paid a year's rent and guy turned out not to be landlord...all my money is gone"
  4. Who and how - Fix metal hallway letterboxes

    call me crazy, but maybe, just maybe a locksmith?
  5. Converting flats to house

    I had a commercial office space zoning converted to residential in berlin and it took 12 months.  My friend, a top real estate lawyer did the work and he was flummoxed.  Good luck.
  6. Advice on opening a cafe in Berlin

    I'd like to make a lot of money.  Can someone figure it out for me?
  7. New BBQ Joint

    sounds like an investor pitch...
  8. Somebody locked my bicycle at the U-Bahn station

    is this becoming a Hugh Grant movie?
  9. Berlin, The graveyard of Friendships

    But you are the OP, not me.
  10. Berlin, The graveyard of Friendships

    sounds like you want immediate friends for life. what kind of friend have you been?
  11. Somebody locked my bicycle at the U-Bahn station

    Close your eyes and picture the Swiss alps....I'd go back and put my lock on.  When the other person returns and sees the mistake they won't be able to take your bike.
  12. Maniac tried to push me off my bike

      Be careful with conclusions.  You read about these instances because they were "news" and probably exceptions which is why they were reported.
  13. RULES are an abdication of judgement.