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  1. I don't know of a sensor that can detect low compression in one cylinder and then turn on an idiot light.  If, in fact, the mechanic did connect to an engine analyzer (not even sure your car can be) and somehow was directed to check compression (doubtful) and determined one cylinder was low, the reason could be either a leaking valve (most likely) or piston rings (not likely for a single cylinder).  Whew! Take the car to another mechanic.  Don't tell them what the other mechanic concluded and see what they have to say.   If it is just a bad valve, then a valve job would be in order.  That's not a "rebuilt" or "replaced" job. Did you search online for " 1.2 Seat Ibiza engine light comes on"?  When I did the replies were "time for service...aka oil change" or "coolant sensor needs replacement".  Not "replace engine".
  2. My company's lost or stolen keys penalty

    if it isn't a "special" key, I'd have a duplicate made.
  3. sounds like you work for a law firm; whereas, therefore and heretofore, the aforementioned.
  4. Experience with fake advert on ImmoScout24

      they should be verified before appearing on the site.
  5. Experience with fake advert on ImmoScout24

    a bit hypocritical for germany to put pressure on american internet companies to eliminate fake news, hate speech, etc., but when it comes to cleaning up Immoscout24.DE, nothing can be done.
  6. 4th of July Party Berlin 2017

      three weeks, sure; three months, maybe; but three years?  ever been to Potsdamer Platz? 
  7. Now Landlord refuses my dog

    maybe ask the office what the size/weight limit is?
  8. Doctors refuse to give X-Ray copy

    In a related story, my dog was micro-chipped and the data resides at tasso.  When I went to their homepage to update my address, the tag ID, dog's name and my name are entered to access the profile.  For some reason, entering the three pieces were rejected without indicting which one(s) was incorrect.  I emailed the vet who inserted the chip and asked for their help...they said they couldn't because of "privacy laws".  For a dog!  Welcome to DL.
  9. Son refuses to go home to the US for summer vacation

    one question, so many answers...
  10. Taco Bell restaurants in Germany

    if only there was some way to get a news alert (  or if there was some way to contact taco bell and see their locations..( )  
  11. How to prepare my German MIL for her first visit to the US

    sometimes it's hard to know if She has issues or You do. 
  12. Van attack on people leaving London Mosque

    OOOooo, there they are.  thank-you so very much.  my guess is that if all the "off topic" comments were deleted, there'd be nothing but headlines....including the comments about being off topic in a topic on a van attack. again, thanks for pointing out the RULES.  nothing like structure and obedience.
  13. maybe get a second-third opinion? not sure how many experts there are here, but everyone has an opinion.  given that it's only your life you're concerned with, coming to TT might not be your first stop.
  14. Legal ramifications for being moved within company

    "Legal ramifications "?  Why not hire a contracts lawyer and see if you can file a lawsuit against your employer?  There's probably a real good chance you'll get that client job back again.  While you're at it, get all your future jobs and responsibilities in writing and signed by your employers.  Of course, they might also have you sign a contract stating that if you complain on a chat site, they can fire you.  
  15. Van attack on people leaving London Mosque

    just where might they be?