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  1. who did you ask to interview for you?
  2. Opening a store in HH as a foreigner

    You said you work in retail.  In Germany?  Are you fluent in German? Do you have a business plan including all the financial and marketing details? what is HH?   Why do you think there are few (if any) "upscale boutiques" in the suburbs?
  3. How to prevent shower curtain from being clingy

    " Do you prefer plane without prints? "
  4. Colleagues tell me that my German sucks

    you have to wonder what fault they will find next after your german improves.
  5. So what is it with gyms here?

    I saw a man who danced with his wife, in Chicago.
  6. Buying flat - balcony problem

    I own a condo in Phoenix where the balconies needed resurfacing (not rebuilding like yours).  The condo board hired an engineer to inspect each of the balconies and come up with a statement of work.  That SOW was sent to three contractors for bids.  The winning contractor published a schedule for construction and, so far, is on time.  The total cost was taken from reserves so there was no special assessment or increase in HOA.  Our balconies are considered "common".  I don't think you would want such a basic building component to be the individual owner's responsibility/liability.
  7. The reserve will have to be replenished either thru a special assessment or an increase in HOA... I've seen both.  The board could have considered taking out a loan or line of credit instead of spending the entire reserve and paid it back with an increase in HOA.  In your case, they did not do this.  As mentioned, there may be other, high cost work to be done and you must find out if that is the case, before making an offer. How many units are in the building? Is there any limits on the number of rentals? Are any owners "past due" in their payments? 40% is "major", but not "majority".  Depending on the minutes' detail, you may get an insight into this owner's comments/interests.  Is he/she for/against proposals?  Joining a condo is like marrying into a family...sometimes (rarely) it's ok, sometimes(mostly) it can get crazy.  You should try to keep your emotions in check and be willing to back out if the bad stories outweigh the good ones. It's easier to stay out than get out.
  8. installing cabinet leg

    "montage"? depending on the cabinet's material. simple wood screws would work, but because you are asking, you might get a friend to help you.  Go to a hardware store, show them your picture or take the leg and ask them...they'll know.  Take a pic of the cabinet too.  
  9. 1 can diced tomatoes 1 diced jalapeño pepper 2 diced green onions Juice of 1 lime salt 3.7 minutes of your time
  10. On the upper right of this page is a "search" box.  Enter a word like "streaming" or "torrent" and you may find your question has been asked, discussed and answered.
  11. 2B_orNot2B Your reply is a perfect example of germans confusing precision with perfection.  Given your lengthy scenario, a claim of 1e could result in someone being and that would be after all your aforementioned efforts costing hundreds, if not thousands of euros of efforts.  You should look up the difference between Laws and Enforcement, Facts and Realities, Costs and Returns, et. al.  For all we know, the OP is in Katmandu, living in a hut, quaking in a corner waiting for the creditor to come knocking on his door....2B, I think you've found your heimat.  You fit right in.  
  12. Let me see if I have this right: After 14 months, you get an email from your ex-landlord claiming a bill for 88e The landlord has no idea where you live now You have no plans to live in Germany again You might visit the eu and maybe germany in the future Someone here thinks that every bill, no matter the amount, will find its way to the german customs system for an unlimited time, waiting for you to embark in germany (not france and then drive across the "border") where they'll nab you and force you to pay the bill with they're set up for this Additionally, again not knowing where you now live, this landlord will enlist a global bill collector who will scour the world's records, searching for your whereabouts If found, they'll send you a new bill (including penalties) along with some threatening letter in the language of your new country. All of this for 88e.   I'll tell you what, if any of the above comes about, I'll send you 88e.  
  13. Suspected Migrant Crime increased by 52.7% in 2016

    "RF.  Can you hear me?  I'm down in the cellar.  I'm running low on rations.  I thought this immigrant thing would have passed by now.  My family is down here too.  Of course, we're home schooling the kids and now they're just as afraid as we are, thank god.  We'll wait for you to give us the 'all clear', but in the meantime, could you leave us more k-rations on the third plank in the kitchen floor?  Oh, and a few more candles please.  Wait. I hear foreign voices upstairs.  Christ, I think the immigrants have taken over the house!  The horror of it."
  14. not sure how they'd collect, not knowing your physical address.  any plans on returning to DL?