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  1. Renovations before moving in

    Buy a rug or look for another apartment.  My guess is that if you find one to your liking it will cost more.
  2. How long to wait after making an offer on a house?

    You can add a time limit to your offer to focus the seller's attention and limit your waiting period.
  3. Judaism in Germany

      I think you are looking for justification, not answers.
  4. Aschaffenburg 1945

    or you could stop a Dachau where members of the 45th were accused of massacring German soldiers who were surrendering at the Dachau concentration camp in 1945. Some of the German troops were camp guards; the others were sick and wounded troops from a nearby hospital.   Or travel to Italy....  During and after the war, courts-martial were convened to investigate possible war crimes by members of the division. In the first two cases, dubbed the Biscari massacre, occurred on 14 July 1943, American troops from C Company, 180th Infantry Regiment, were alleged to have shot 74 Italian and two German prisoners in Acate following the capture of an airfield in the area.    a well-rounded history tour.
  5. Judaism in Germany

      You can take out the word "Jewish" and replace it with Blacks, Arabs, Turks, Gays et. al. and your observations would be the same.  Germans and non-Germans have bias' and prejudices like every human on the earth.  You can find examples of both kindness and bigotry if you look for it no matter where.
  6. started a new job and have not much to do

    Working for an audit company sounds seasonal to me.  you may be experiencing a lull in the workload.  maybe ask a co-worker if that's the case.
  7. self-isolation rules, bathroom!

      this crosses the border into nuttyville.  covid is an airborne virus.  the chances of it spreading on surface contact  is miniscule although you and others will find examples if you search enough.  OP, the chances are probably higher that you and other family members will bring the virus home to her. if you're that worried, tell your mil to stay home until the virus is completely eliminated from the planet.  only then will you be statistically 100% safe...maybe.    
  8. self-isolation rules, bathroom!

    who does the checking?  with thousands of similar travelers, he/she must be busy.
  9. Recognition of divorce

      Feel free to answer my questions...
  10. Recognition of divorce

      So says the man waiting at the corner at 4am for the light to change on a country road so he can cross to the other side.   Oh, please.  Ok, I indemnify him.  Feel better?   People like you know the price of everything and the value of nothing.    
  11. Recognition of divorce

      I knew when I wrote my comment that someone would reply with the letter of the law and wag their finger at the extremes of german justice, so thanks.  Your "serious consequences" and "tens hundreds of thousands" are projections not based in any reality.  Can you point to two real situations where these occurred? My god, the guy wants to get married, let him.  When he gets divorced, his ex will "tell on him", but since he can't find documentation, neither will she and if they can't how much time do you think the Finanzamt will spend tracking it down?  Answer: zero.
  12. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      who pay the lion's share of taxes...certainly not you.  ECON 101.  
  13. Recognition of divorce

    if you can't prove you're divorced how will the germans prove it?  if someone asks if you're divorced, just say "no, never married", then get married.
  14. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Which countries have rich people and large corporations that have no influence on their government?
  15. Radiation hardening and SpaceX

      NASA is a US government agency, not a private enterprise.  So is the US military, which is a space-based weapons/intelligence platform.  Cross pollination of technology is crucial.  Sputnik was not seen as a tech marvel, but as a military threat and thus the US response..  The line between the two is fine if not invisible.