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  1. Travel expenses for a job interview

    Is there a situation (any situation), combination/permutation in Germany that does NOT have a law?
  2. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

    I recall a post regarding a disagreement between two owners of an apartment.  One wanted to sell, the other did not.  An attorney said that if a settlement could not be reached, the issue could be brought before a judge who would decide.  They resolved the problem.
  3. Mobile roaming charges on the Channel ferry

    If you live by the phone, you will die by the phone.
  4. How to date without tinder

      Or, you could put a salt lick in an open field....and wait.
  5. Vacation threat

    Everybody knows: Section III, subparagraph 7, second line from bottom of the Employer's Omniscient Penal Code by heart.
  6. My friend's mother, Janet, had a sister whose husband's name is Chet.  The sisters called each other daily and were getting up in age.  One morning Janet called her sister and asked, "How are you?" The sister replied, "I'm fine, Chet's dead". Chet had died in his sleep that night.
  7. Really?  How do you determine that?
  8. Difference when you dress up and down

    Men size up/evaluate every woman that passes by and then make an instantaneous judgement to turn around and look or not bother.  It's genetics. 
  9. Extendable limited rentals - is it not unfair for tenants?

      if Germans behaved as you insist that they should, TT would vanish.
  10. Schadenfreude

    and just what is your synonymical contribution?   
  11. Schadenfreude

  12. Extendable limited rentals - is it not unfair for tenants?

    Sounds like the landlord is keeping his end of the contract, but you don't want to keep yours. "irrational" to whom?  You?  The landlord?  Just because you disagree with someone, it doesn't make them irrational.
  13. Why is it so hard to buy a flat in Munich?

        I paid 500k for this old house....disadvantage is strangers going in and out all day
  14. Alcohol and cancer

    In today's DW a series of cancer videos...
  15. PHP developer salary

    You do realize you are responding to a 2014 post?