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  1. How to quit your job in Germany

        Surprised you weren't fired....              
  2. Done that in Phoenix...
  3. Do you believe in telepathy

      You and others do realize that the process of thinking is not the process of writing?  It is impossible to maintain a single thought without the brain also keeping track of all the other stimuli simultaneously.  Even the very process of repeating a mantra is the effort to keep out extraneous tangents. When you see the simulations of brain activity, it's far from linear and cannot (yet) be interpreted.  Telepathy is fiction.
  4.   It's you who doesn't grasp the basic premise which is: Ownership.  It's a foreign concept to you and others who own nothing and invest nothing and risk nothing.  If the market went the other way, South, you'd show no concern for the loss incurred by the owner and because it went North, you like others begrudge their good fortune and expect them to share it with a non-invested renter who risked nothing.  You live in a bubble. Berlin wants to put a moratorium on rent because of the hardship of those who won't be able to live wherever they want.  Why doesn't the gov put a moratorium on car prices?  Airline tickets?  et. al.?  Hey, how about a single wage for all people?  No more lisa13's, just 13's.  Grow up.  
  5. This topic is so bizarre to me.  What if the OP or any tenant decides to leave a rental?  Should the renter pay the landlord 10-30k for the costs incurred by the landlord to find a new tenant? Wasn't there a scam in Berlin where "tenants" would rent apartments they knew to be renovated in the future just to get the move-out-money? Instead of having simple contracts, Germans love to complicate things with added ambiguity just so they can sue each other.  It's the German pastime.   To the OP extortionist:  where did you come up with 30k?  why not 35k or 40k?  Shit, since you know the landlord "will" get 100k more, why not take 60%?  I love your fortune telling ability.
  6. Munich outskirts for family

    are you sure that's all you need to know?  who raises your kids?  who typed your question?
  7. the horror of I'm going to lay awake letting your poignant question slosh around inside my head.   tattletale 
  8. Anmeldung options

    I'm guessing a PO Box is out of the question.  Does your company have a German office?  If so, could you use that address?
  9. Gastric bypass surgery

    I was watching a documentary on haircuts.  Actually, it was "Haircuts Around the World".  Specifically, "Bad Haircuts Around the World".  I think I have a pretty good haircut, but when I see other haircuts I wonder if these people were raised with bad haircuts or they just have bad taste or vision or lack of style. I've been thinking about this (and other things which I've posted) for a long time.
  10. Tax Returns

      So you've Never filed a tax return anywhere in the world?  This is your first?
  11. Tax Returns

      did you file anywhere last year?
  12. Salary ranges Web Developer in Munich

      and so getting a work visa is no issue...right?
  13.   My guess is that Rib's suitcase was mistakenly (or not) picked up by someone else at the airport.   Rib makes a claim and is sent the wrong suitcase.  He informs them of this mistake and, since they still do not have his suitcase, they say it was destroyed.  By now, the person with Rib's suitcase knows it's not theirs, but have decided to keep it.  For all we know, that person has also made a claim for the suitcase they didn't pick up.   I'm also guessing KLM has some sort of policy that 1. proves the luggage had illegal contents.  2.  That it was destroyed.  and most importantly 3.  It was Rib's.   If all three are true, then what is the KLM liability?
  14. Buying and running a holiday home

    Before you find a manager, you'd better brush up on local laws which seem to be fluid.  On a government whim you might find yourself with some real "hassles".
  15. Data protection act and CV

    The company you work for has the right to bid on contracts based on their current included...because you work for them. The client knows the bidding process is a fluid one.  The scope can change as well as the workforce.  You (or anyone else for that matter) could die, resign or retire. In your case, you don't mention a non-compete.  Given that, you apparently can work for your competitor, but you can only work for one company at a time. As long as you work for company A, they have a right to tell a client who works for them...because you work there.  If you've told them you plan on leaving and they still present you, that's their right and risk....but they can't guarantee it anyway. You might change your mind and so might the new employer or your current employer.  Should everyone put their business on hold until you firm up your plans?