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  1.   The vaccinations are free to all those who qualify.  Qualifications, on the other hand, can vary quite a bit.  Some states require residency, some cities do too.  Some states, like Arizona and Nevada have a large presence of "snow birds" people who stay for the winter months.  These people cannot show a "residency" in the strictest sense (they may be renting or staying in an RV), but are not refused registration nor turned away on their appointment date.  These two states give the Pfizer, but as JNJ comes into the supply chain, it too might be available.  It's too early to say what the future vaccine will be. One friend showed a driver's license ID in Las Vegas to verify his appointment confirmation letter; another in Phoenix just showed the confirmation ID. Most places just want you to get vaccinated and the fewer roadblocks, the better.   My guess, as supplies grow and age limits reduce, you'll just show up at a pharmacy and get the shot like a flu shot.
  2. germany is the only country I've lived in where it's common to have legal insurance.  Never heard of it beforehand.  But obviously there's a reason for it and everyone here is expert in the Law....the Letter; not the Spirit. In some places, there is a presumption of innocence, not guilt.  @robinson100 you should stick that idea where the sun doesn't shine.  
  3.   Stealing: take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.   See the difference here?  Just another german judge/jury.
  4. Rust around wheel on car repair

    You don't show the severity of the rust so it's hard to judge the solution.  If it's just some minor chips around the fender openings, you could just buy some touchup paint, lightly sand the spots and paint.  If it's more extensive it will be much more expensive.  Stop by a shop and ask them for an estimate, then decide.
  5. you must be a german. the OP said they made a mistake.  accusing someone of 'stealing' is typical of a superiority complex.
  6. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      It gained, but until you sell, You didn't.  A distinction with a difference.
  7. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    You run faster when a bear is chasing you... Why Apple will build a car
  8.   Sounds like the facility is saying, "we are not breaking any laws by requiring tests".  In fact, the law seems to be saying  "the law no longer requires tests,,,,,,,,, but as a private enterprise, you may do as you wish".     Companies can 'require' many things that are not illegal and this seems to be one of them. 
  9. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    This is a segue, but a pertinent segue in this thread.  The article below describes events and technologies at Turntide, a high-tech motor monitoring and optimization company.  They make some high-claims as well, which may or may not come to fruition.  Nevertheless, the topic shows that all the components in an EV are also being revolutionized which will contribute to automobile optimization. The accompanying videos will appeal to the electro-freaks.  Feel free to post to other germane TT topics.
  10. Can't say how much of this applies to German registration sites, but might be helpful....   Three Tech Tips for Booking a Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment | WSJ
  11. Relocating nearby to Munich

      There's always a story of some sort about some thing; that's why it becomes a story.
  12. answer:
  13. Relocating nearby to Munich

      I've heard that many times, but never really know what it means.  Do you get to sleep with them? Eat with them?  Do they get discounts? Likewise, it would be interesting to hear the other side.  "There's this 70 year old who's been living here for 35 years and he just can't get along with anyone.  He's the town hermit."
  14. Corona hearing in fine proceedings.

    But, not you.  You're above all those idiots.  Must be hard to breathe rarefied air.
  15. Corona hearing in fine proceedings.

       You make it sound as if leaving things to everyone's own judgement is a bad thing.  Heaven forbid people being self-reliant and not state-reliant.