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  1.     I've never sold anything larger than my car trunk because I never meet the buyer at my home address...always a public place.
  2. Trying to diagnose washing machine problem

      Top loading machines can get out of balance with clothes distribution going to one side.  That can cause the basket to bang against the sides during the spin cycle.  Both top and side are sold in DL. If the OP experiences the noise without any clothes (as a test), then it might be any of many issues (bearings, gears).
  3. Trying to diagnose washing machine problem

    I assume it's a side-loader?
  4. Dr. Martens ...started by a "real" doctor.
  5.   are you simply saying there will be no mortgage?  if not, there will still be a paper trail?  if the money is eminent (days), then the mou might not be needed.  if you have a concern that the property could be sold to another party, the mou would clarify intentions.  the seller might simply want you to show you are serious.
  6. if the contract is for a completed flat for an agreed price, you should be happy with the upgrades, since they were included in the cost.  without knowing the contract, we can only speculate as to what your options might be.
  7. what did he say when you shifted gears?
  8. " a lawyer's time is his only stock in trade"  a. lincoln.
  9. Pronunciation of router

    if you're an american, you'd pronounce router with spout because these guys ingrained the other pronunciation
  10. Contractor Quote (very general!)

    You don't say what the pit will be used for, but below grade it might require drainage too. € cha-ching.
  11. Contractor Quote (very general!)

    warehouses usually have thicker reinforced floors than a simple basement.  just to remove the concrete/rebar will take time, expertise and equipment.  the subsoil may be compressed dirt or a shelf of shale.  because of these and other variables, no one will give you an accurate quote without testing the foundation and geology.  in this regard, you may have to pay an engineering company to do the testing and then take those results to excavation companies for quotes and then concrete contractors for the walls and floor.  leave out any of these steps and you may find yourself with (always) expensive surprises.
  12. can you wait a few more days + airfare?  Go West.
  13. job searching advice in Berlin

    well, if you fear getting fired for looking for a job, you'll never look for a job and thus, never find one.  if your skills are in high demand, there's little downside, if not then you might add a note to your CV saying something like, "My current employer is unaware of my job search, please do not contact without my permission" or change the name of your employer from "Oracle" to "A Global I.T. Company".
  14. job searching advice in Berlin

    did you sign a non-compete?  any other contract?
  15. Troublemaker Makler - Work around possible?

    I understand the emotional aspect of home buying, but to protect yourself, you should always prepare yourself for failure.  Too many things can and do go wrong regardless of location.  I would contact your lawyer and have him write up an offer including the purchase price, closing date, accept by date and makler fee.  Present the offer to the makler, the makler's manager and homeowner.  If they accept, fine, if not; walk away.