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  1. and you're giving advice. I've been investing for 40 years and doing it the way I suggested earlier.  It's not just "luck".  That's the thinking of people who do not know better.
  2.   If you're going to criticize my statements, at least read and (try) understand them first.  
  3. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    Not bad for being not great.   Forbes: Here are the Top 50 U.S. breweries, ranked by volume of beer produced last year, according to the Brewers Association: 18)        Stone Brewing, Escondido, California 2017: 388,000 bbls (9.3% increase)
  4. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

      You should google "ownership vs production".  My guess: consumers of the EU brands don't know and don't care where the corporate headquarters is located.
  5. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    2018  Total U.S. Breweries 7,450 Germany- " There are now 1,492 breweries across the nation "     I'd say so.
  6. For me a bank selling shares (of anything) is an inherent conflict of interest (no pun).  Use your bank for savings and checking...period.   Do research on fund management companies and ask them what they would recommend given your modest amount and expectations and goals.  Compare their responses to each other and determine which suggestions come closest to your needs.  Remember, past history is no guarantee of future performance, but if you do end up investing in an index fund, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are not alone in its ups and downs.   In any case, if you buy now, you are buying near all time highs.  I would be inclined to wait for a substantial drop in whatever fund you plan to invest in.  You state you plan on needing these funds 3 years from now....that may be about the time for a market low.  Buy high-Sell low is not a profitable strategy.
  7. Future of Germany

    Yeah, they just don't have the german corruption ethic to keep themselves viable.
  8. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    And the market is anti-American products.   I remember talking with an older WWII german vet...never forget his take, "We lost the war, the Americans didn't win it".
  9. Private surveillance of community property areas

    for the cost of your surveillance and recording equipment (could be happening at night, so infrared required), legal fees, court costs, wages lost, witness protection relocation, reselling fees on ebay (resulting in a loss) you could easily hire one of the many jobless to stop by and pick up the trash...perhaps for as long as you live there.  "problem solved" and you're helping someone in need.    is it friday yet?
  10. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    Germans have a bias against almost anything American.  They'll use the old canard about "quality" as if their products are superior (they're not) or complain about price or just because it wasn't invented here.  Almost always, in the end, whatever was started in the U.S. eventually (10 years later) becomes mainstream in the EU, not the other way around and it just irks them to no end.  What happened to Stone is a cautionary tale for any other startup in Germany and a warning to stay away with new ideas, products and businesses...and that's the way they like it.
  11. Buying first car up to 7000€

    maybe, ask that person?  apparently, it's lasted 14 years.
  12. Cost estimate bill

    ask them for the contract you signed for the estimate?  any email exchange?  anything in writing at all?
  13. I was thinking that thought about this entire posting.  The dialog puts  David Mamet  to shame.
  14. planning permission Garden Centre and workshop

    What does that mean?