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  1. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      You didn't mention the largest cost incentive...manufacturing.  That's really why the EVs are here.
  2. 2019, an espresso odyssey

    @lisa The video in your post shows putting the correct amount of hot water into the basket then putting the basket into the holder.     This video shows putting the basket into the holder, then adding hot water, removing the hot water, then adding the correct amount of hot water.  Could you try this method and see if it's better since it shortcuts a step and  pre-moists the coffee?
  3. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      The naysayers always have a problem with arithmetic: they cannot add and only subtract.
  4. Interesting spam e-mails received

    Talk about timing.  Just got this.  Can't believe my luck!  Looks like I'll be spending a lot of time at ATMs.   ATTENTION BENEFICIARY   Be inform that We have been authorized by the United Nations Debt Reconciliation Unit,to release your approved compensation and Award of US$1,500,000.00.However, for security reasons, your compensation funds of $1.500,000.00 USD has been loaded in ATM VISA CARD and this will enable only you to have direct control over your funds. You are advice to contact our director of ATM CARD Payment Center Dr.Jimmy Harrison and request him to send your ATM CARD to you. Contact him through the below stated information and forward your personal details to him.   Contact Person:Dr.Jimmy Harrison Phone Number: +299 90411776 Email   REMEMBER TO SEND HIM YOUR FULL INFORMATION AS REQUIRED BELOW TO AVOID WRONGFUL DELIVERY, 1. Your Full Name:____ 2. Address:____ 3. Telephone Numbers:____ 4. Country:____ NOTE: that the amount to be paid to you is ($1.5million USD) we expect your urgent response to this email to enable us monitor the payment effectively.   Best Regards Maria Ben
  5. Inheritance of a joint account

    as per his legal wishes
  6. real estate

    Insofar as the Berlin real estate market is concerned (and perhaps Munich) 10-15 years ago the cost per square meter compared to other EU capitals was far lower, even though the quality of construction was better.  That was the reason I bought. My thinking was that it was more likely that Berlin would catch up to the other capitals rather than them dropping.  Also, the wall had come down and the move from Bonn would open up new inventory and demand.  All of that has happened, while at the same time prices in general have gone up in the EU.  I don't know if the german cities are on par with the rest of the EU, but until they are, prices will go up....unless they don't. For example, Paris has become a highly speculative market.  Many apartments have been sold to large investors who do rentals (long and short term).  If these investors are no longer happy with returns and start to divest, it could cause a run which could drive down prices.  Those same investment companies might find the Berlin or Hamburg market more attractive and move their money there which would drive up prices.   Anyone who claims to know where any market is going is a fool.
  7. real estate

      Neither of these statement is true.
  8. real estate

      Actually, that's not true.  Not all brokers charge a fee for ETFs.
  9. Inheritance of a joint account

      Just to be clear, a trust is a legality that has no limits in size or age.  Your portfolio account can be in a trust as can your home, both of which can be funded.  I urge you, or anyone, to investigate and understand before excluding.
  10. Inheritance of a joint account

    Just as an addendum: all my assets are in trusts.  The trustees are also my beneficiaries.  Trusts trump Wills.  I don't know if trusts in DL operate the same as in U.S.
  11. Pipe repair in self-owned apartment

    Generally speaking, but not always, association plumbing ends as it enters your unit and your ownership begins there.  The concept is that you, the owner, have no access to common areas and the association does not have access to private areas.
  12. Inheritance of a joint account

    After my father died, I joined my mother on all her accounts.  When she passed, as per her wishes,  I sold all the equities and transferred half to myself and half to my brother.  Done.  She also had a will stating the same.  While there were no contests or claims, they would have been denied.  If either myself or my brother felt that someone should have been included, it would have been out of generosity on our part.
  13. Inheritance of a joint account

    Two points: 1. I don't get (my ignorance of german law) the entire "inheritance" discussion.  You are the spouse and you have a joint account.  Who is to say that the entire account was or was not funded by you?  In America, if your spouse dies (unless a legal contract to the contrary eg.  Prenuptial, separate wills)  the surviving spouse gets control of the funds and the liabilities.  The money in your account is yours.    2.  From what you've said, I would do two things:      a.  Contact a Canadian broker (, and ask them if your DL account can be transferred.  If so, do so.      b.  If not, contact a DL broker and tell them you want to open an account and transfer.  If they place restrictions, then sell per panda. In any case, I would not divulge the death of your husband to anyone and treat it like any other transfer or sale.  The same with contacting a consulate or any other governmental body.  To do so may trigger a whole series of events that you may live to regret.      
  14. real estate

    If it's just purely an investment, why bother with all the hassle?  You'd probably be just as likely (if not more so) to make gains in index funds, plus be more liquid in case of emergency needs.  Also, you're not paying 1.3% as an investment penalty. This whole notion of "no money down, someone else pays my mortgage and I sell it at a profit" is a tale told by the few who succeeded and not by the many who failed.