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  1. About the employment situation in the city

      1.  It happened in the US where not everyone is a amateur lawyer. 2.  Facts are not against the law. 3.  What I did was a PSA ...professional service announcement. 4.  mako1...are you trying to get back at me for your failed, but corrupt, career?
  2. About the employment situation in the city

      I had one candidate who put my exact project at Toyota on his resume.  Everything was correct except He Wasn't There....I Was.  I revealed this to him after the interview finished and then blackballed him with an email blast to everyone I knew in the industry....not to mention his recruiter.  Talk about coincidence.
  3. About the employment situation in the city

    Berlin is so overcrowded that no one goes there anymore...Yogi Berra
  4. Considering your other two posts:  Neighbour complaining about height of bushes in our garden  and  Legal status of sapling growing in front of window, I'd keep the cat out of the garden....aka fertilizer.
  5. Unconstitutional Visitor Parking in Essen

      I was reading through the History of the Basic Law the other day where the Founding Fathers were going to meet and discuss this very topic.  It came up because the Allies (being the victors and all) took up most of the spaces and the Germans were pissed so they wanted it codified.   Footnote: Essen wasn't included until after the move to Berlin.
  6. This and your topic: Legal status of sapling growing in front of window has to be some of the nuttiest I've read on TT...and that says a lot.  You should get a degree in horticulture law.
  7.   Cases like this are almost always handled in the Hague and then, depending on jurisdiction, branch out to other courts that are better equipped to get to the root of such matters.  This doesn't mean the Hague will leave it alone; it's just that their bark is worse than their bite, so they pass it on to state courts rather than throwing shade on the matter themselves.  See "Plants vs Vegetables" a TED talk in Davos for more ways to stick it to the one with Alzheimer's.
  8. Plastic packaging at Grocery stores

      Probably has to do with bulk shipping and safety precautions (tylenol tampering case of 1982).  Even slight packaging redesigns are expensive.
  9. Unacceptable noise from construction work

    They drill caissons, insert forms and fill with concrete.  Currently, there are 37 cranes in Chicago.  When they drill, you really only hear the auger engine and that's not very loud, plus they finish fairly quickly. The sooner they get the tenant in, the sooner the money comes in.
  10. Plastic packaging at Grocery stores

    Of course there's a law for this.  The Package-Left-Behind-Police usually work undercover in the grocery stores throughout Germany.  They themselves won't pick up any trash, but the do record the infraction and write the ticket.  If the owner does not show up in court, the bailiff goes to their home and empties their cabinets...removing products from the package and leaving the trash on the floor.  It's a german thing.
  11. Unacceptable noise from construction work

    I watched this 50 story apartment building going up in Chicago.  They built a floor/week.  As construction went on in the upper floors, residents were moving into the lower floors.  A block away and I never heard a sound.  In Chicago (the US actually), time is money...germany uses a different currency.    
  12. 1. Take your excellent pic to the hardware store so they can see the dilemma and recommend the proper tool. 2.  If you know the mfg you could email them the pic and ask for their help. 3.  Do the wedge suggested by f-fruit...was going to say the same...just be careful not to force and crack the sink.
  13. Is it a good moment to buy an apartment ?

      Maybe because they are ALL EU capitals?  See: apples to apples.