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  1. is there a country we can all agree on that if it's bombed into oblivion and families are blow apart, children killed and houses gone; that when those people come streaming into OUR COUNTRY that they'd be welcome?  better yet, let's list two columns: one for the GOOD countries and people and another for the BAD countries and people.   GOOD                               BAD Britain                                Syria Christian                            Muslim Us                                       Them         There, now i feel better.
  2. Where to find plastic bag for posting the mattress

    maybe contact the vendor and ask?  might be a FAQ
  3. What?  No moral outrage?  Oh wait, it wasn't a refugee who killed the cop, it was one of those far-right GERMAN guys.  Maybe the German government should expel the Germans.   (all you multi-account people can start hitting the red arrow)
  4. Sam... TT is the restaurant people go to and then complain about the high prices.
  5.   and Breitbart is your source?  the same Breitbart that's running Trump's campaign?  if you read it on the internet it must be true... Darwin loses again.
  6. Buying a flat off plan in Dresden.

    what happens when The Refugees move in next door?
  7. Maybe they could be told their rights, charged and tried Before being "thrown into prison and deported afterwards.".?  I know, I know, but I'm just a stickler for details...
  8. Windows 10 update seems to last forever

    actually, there are other OS you could use.  Unlike the company you work for, MSFT is a profit-making company.  My WIN10 upgrade was squeeze...even back to DOS which I freely purchased was no squeeze.  I also remember a few articles in the world press about the WIN10 release, so it wasn't sneaky either.
  9. you continue to prove my case: 1. extrapolate individual behavior onto the group and 2. know what others are thinking.   which ones go to the right?  which ones go to the left?  conquist will decide.  he knows.  
  10. the renegades and the jeremys and the cons, add one more comrade to your fight: “When _________________ (any country that's not mine)"sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”
  11.   My father is a British Lord and my great great grandmother worked with Madame Curie.  
  12. it gives him the pseudo moral high ground to look down on others.
  13. the renegades and the jeremys and the cons would be happy to send them off onto the trains...we've seen their kind before.  They like to call themselves "expats" cause that sounds better and much more superior to "refugees".  Pass out the white hoods boys, we're going out tonight.  They add nothing; they only subtract.    
  14. Windows 10 update seems to last forever

    you do realize the updates will continue?  and that some are prerequisites to others?  maybe you should search for issues on the update you're having problem with or see if you can download to your machine before installing.