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  1. hello!   I know there has been a lot of posts around the topic of health insurance already, but i still dont find an answer to my question, but actually got scared stiff from the things i read in the other posts. so heres my dilemma:   I've been in Berlin for 5 years now, 4 of them being self-emplyed as an artist. I registered my adress the first time 5 years ago. But I'm also still living in Norway, i have an adress there and are also self-emplyed there. I "pay" taxes to both countries (except i dont pay any taxes cause i make very little money, but at least i "pay" MwSt/VAT in Germany)   Because the health-insurance in Norway is "free" (=included in the taxes you pay), I have kept the norwegian insurance and as I have been back in Norway every month, I think I have been entitled to. (OR?)   But now, i would like to quit my norwegian"membership" and move fully to germany, and get a german insurance. but then it's the thing with the german insurances that i have been reading about on this forum: BACK PAYMENTS -will I have to pay for the last FIVE YEARS? that would of course totally ruin me, as I make about 350euro a month, with free housing.   I also read about the insurance-prices, with about 310 euro a month as a minimum. I dont know how i should be able to pay this.. I'm an artist so i might get some help from Kunstler Sozial Kasse but still? I do not want to register as an unemployed as i have loads of work with my own company, I just dont make any money on it.   i would really like to get everything straight with the paperwork, but i'm afraid that as soon as i contact any insurance they will make loads of problems for me and so this is the reason why i'm still avoiding them...   i would love some advise on this topic!   Jeanette